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CRM Offices under Khulna

CRM Offices under Khulna
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SRLOffice NameDivisionAddressContact Details
01Chief Regional Office, JessoreKhulnaChief Regional Office

Bangladesh Krishi Bank
VolaTrank Road, In front of Fire Service, Jessore.

Phone: 042167116

E-mail:crmjessore@krishibank org.bd


02Chief Regional Office, BagerhatKhulnaChief Regional Office

Bangladesh Krishi Bank
Pourosava Road, Bagerhat.

Phone: 046862566

E-mail: crmbagerhat@krishibank.org.bd

03Chief Regional Office, SatkhiraKhulnaMahadi super market (2nd Floor)
Ward No-4, Satkhira-9400
Phone:047163564, 047165681


04Chief Regional Office, KhulnaKhulnaKrishi Bank Bhaban (1st  Floor), Shebbari,  KhulnaPhone: 041720696

E-mail: crmkhulna@krishibank org.bd


05Regional Office, NarailKhulnaRegional Office

Bangladesh Krishi Bank

Aladadpur, NarailSadar,



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Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) is a 100% government owned specialized Bank in Bangladesh.