Deposit Scheme

Deposit Scheme
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Name of AccountPeriodRate of Interest
Current Deposit Account0.00%
Special Notice Deposit (SND) Account
(a) For less than 100.00 Crore4.00%
(b) For 100.00 Crore and above5.00%
Savings Bank AccountUrban 4.00%
Rural 5.00%
Student Savings Account1.00% Higher than Savings Rate


Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) AccountFrom 3(three) months and above but less than 6(six) months5.00%
From 6(six) months and above but less than 1(one) year5.25%
From 1(one) year and above Maximum 3(three) years5.50%
Monthly Sonchoy Scheme (MSS)3 yrs10.00%
5 yrs9.50%
10 yrs9.00%
Time Deposits (BKB own products)* Deposit Pension Scheme10 yrs15.00%
20 yrs15.00%
* Savings Pension Scheme5 yrs10.00%
10 yrs12.00%
Teachers Savings Scheme5 yrs6.50%
BKB Savings Scheme7yrs9.00%
** Hajj Deposit Scheme1-12 yrs0.00%
Small Savings Scheme5 yrs6.00%
Krishan-Krishani Deposit Scheme1.00% Higher than Savings Rate
Education Savings SchemeMonthly Contributory Deposit5 yrs5.00%
7 yrs5.50%
10 yrs6.00%
Monthly Benefit Deposit7 yrs6.50%
10 yrs7.00%
15 yrs7.25%
BKB Monthly Profit Scheme3 yrs / 5 yrs10.80%
BKB Double Profit Scheme8 yrs9.25%
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