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Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) Account

Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) Account
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For opening a Fixed Deposit Account, any individual or a group of individuals can step into any Branch of BKB.

  • Fill out a form.
  • Deposit cash or easily cashable instrument of any amount.
  • Finally receive a Fixed Deposit Receipt.

Customer Benefit

  • very quick & easy processing.
  • Interest Rate :
  • From 3(three) months and above but less than 6(six) months – 5.75%
  • From 6(six) months and above but less than 1(one) year – 5.85%
  • From 1(one) year and above and above but less than 2(Two) years – 6.00%
  • From 2(Two) year and above Maximum 3(three) years – 6.25%


  • Minimum Age : 18
  • Citizen of Bangladesh

Document Required

  • Duly filled Fixed Deposit Receipt(FDR) Account Opening Form.
  • Two passport sized copies of the applicant’s recent photograph duly attested by an introducer who must have an account in any Branch of BKB.
  • Attested copy of Valid NID/Bangladesh Passport/ Driving License of the applicant.
  • One copy Photograph of Nominee.
  • All required information as per terms mentioned in the Account Opening Form.


**For any further query please contact your nearest Krishi Bank Branch.

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