Foreign Remittance

Bangladesh Krishi Bank begins Foreign Remittance payment service in 2001.  At first, its International Department, later International Department (Remittance) and now Foreign Remittance Management Department exclusively conducts and manages foreign remittance activities.

BKB makes its foreign remittance service online on 02.02.2014 introducing web based software named Automation of International Remittance System for BKB. Now foreign remittances reach instantly to 1031 BKB branches from Head Office. Remittances of other bank beneficiaries are sent to respective bank branch through EFTN in the same day.







Bangladeshi expatriates will choose Bangladesh Krishi Bank on priority to send home money. Because –

  • Country wide 1031 BKB branches offer computerized foreign remittance service.
  • All of the BKB branches have internet connectivity and use web based software.
  • Expatriates of any country across the globe can easily send money to Bangladesh Krishi Bank.
  • Beneficiaries can easily get money in their account from abroad or receive money for Pin Code number instantly over the cash counter without any account.
  • Only valid photo ID is needed to receive money over the cash counter for spot cash payment.
  • For TT remittances, beneficiaries get SMS confirmation when the remittance reaches the branch online.
  • Expatriates can send foreign currency to 1031 BKB branches through 225 correspondent bank across the globe using BKB Swift Code (BKBABDDH).


List of Exchange Companies having agreement with Bangladesh Krishi Bank for TT Remittance


SL. NO. Name of Exchange Company Country
1. Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau UAE
2. Al Ansari Exchange UAE
3. Al Falah Exchange UAE
4. Al Rostamani International Exchange UAE
5. Cash Express UAE
6. Index Exchange UAE
7. Lari Exchange Establishment UAE
8. Lulu International Exchange UAE
9. Orient Exchange UAE
10. UAE Exchange Centre UAE
11. Wall Street Exchange Centre UAE
12. Zenj Exchange Bahrain
13. Prabhu Money Transfer USA
14. Trans-Fast Remittance USA
15. Al Mulla International Exchange Kuwait
16. Al Muzaini Exchange Kuwait
17. Bahrain Exchange Kuwait
18. Dollarco Exchange Kuwait
19. CBL Money Transfer Malaysia
20. IME Malaysia
21. NBL Money Transfer Malaysia
22. Oman International Exchange Oman
23. Oman UAE Exchange Oman
24. Habib Qatar International Exchange Qatar
25. Trust Exchange Qatar
26. Alamoudi Exchange Saudi Arabia

People working abroad can easily send money home through our following partner Foreign exchange companies by spot cash facilities to our 1031 branches.

SL. No Name of Spot Cash Company Number of Pin Digit Mobile number of Head Office Help Desk
01. Western Union 10 01730-708996, 01730-708997, 01730-708998
02. IME 11 01755-586901, 01755-586902
03. Xpress Money 16 01755-586903, 01755-586904
04. Trans-Fast Remittance 13 01790-121152, 01790-121153
05. Merchantrade – Malaysia 14 01777-743967, 01777-743968
06. Prabhu Money Transfer 12 01787-662518, 01787-662519
07. CBL Money Transfer – Malaysia 09 01709-656603, 01709-656604
08. Cash Express 09 01709-673790, 01709-673791
09. NBL Money Transfer – Malaysia 11 01730-476909, 01730-476910
10. RIA Money Transfer 11 01709-643298, 01709-643299
11. Instant Cash 16 Upcoming
12. NBL Money Transfer -Singapore 11 01730-476909, 01730-476910


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