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120282019-06-16Planning & Operation Circular No.-06: Recordnotes of BB AD Forum 22th Meeting.ITD
120222019-06-16HRMD 1- 6955: Seniority List Senior Officer, Assistant Engineer, Assistant Programmer (31.05.2019 Based).HRMD1
120202019-06-16HRMD 1 - 3520: Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD1
120172019-06-13Regarding Collecting Deposit & Foreign Remittance.TMD
120082019-06-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ruhul Amin (R-1245).HRMD1, Personal Letters
120052019-06-13Regarding Sending Report for Claiming Subsidy Against Losses for Interests of Closed Crop Loan Accounts(Disbursed on 4% Interest) on 2018-19 FY.CREDIT1
120032019-06-13Accounts Circular No: 17/2019 - Annual Closing-2019Central Accounts Department, Latest News
119982019-06-12Passport Approval of Dayananda Bishwas (D-518).Khulna Division
119962019-06-12Instructions for Annual Closing-2019 to Computerized BranchesICT (Operation)
119942019-06-12Passport Approval of Jubayer Alam (J-439).Faridpur Division
119912019-06-12Passport Approval of Mosiur Rahman (M-3000).Faridpur Division
119872019-06-11Tender for Renting Two Staff Buses on Monthly Basis for Transportation of Employees.Dhaka Division
119832019-06-11Tour Schedule of Honorable MD Sir for June/2019.MD Secretariat
119812019-06-10Annual Closing Circular for Online Branches,2019ICT (System)
119772019-06-10HRMD 2- 3550(3): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119752019-06-10HRMD 2- 3550(2): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119732019-06-10HRMD 2- 3550(1): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119712019-06-10HRMD 2- 3476: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119692019-06-10HRMD 2- 3675: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119672019-06-10HRMD 2- 3474: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119652019-06-10HRMD 2- 3433 & 3434: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119632019-06-10HRMD 2- 3428: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119612019-06-10HRMD 2- 3426: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119592019-06-09Passport Approval of A S M Golam Shahid Akondo (G-469).Faridpur Division
119562019-06-09HRMD 1-3460: Recruitment of ICT Consultant.Career, HRMD1, Latest News
119512019-06-09PRL Order of Sirajul Islam Siddiqui (S-1228).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119492019-06-03Tour Schedule of Honorable MD SirMD Secretariat
119452019-06-03Supply & Installation of Petrol Generator for Several Branches Under Mymensingh Division.EED
119392019-06-03Regarding Taking Precautionary Steps to Ensure Security on Bank.BCBD
119372019-06-03Regarding Ensuring Security for Eid-Ul-Fitr.BCBD
119352019-06-03Passport Approval of Umme Kulsum (U-99).Dhaka Division
119332019-06-03Passport Approval of Md. Ibrahim Gazi (I-456).Cumilla Division
119312019-06-03Passport Approval of Ruhidas Malo (R-1426).Dhaka Division
119282019-06-03HRMD1-3457: Charge of DGM to A.H.M Mahabubul Baset Bhuiyan.HRMD1
119262019-06-03e-Tender Notice(LTM)-Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 500 nos Exchange Online Protection EOP User CSS License for E-mail Exchange Server-2013ICT (System)
119242019-06-03e-Tender Notice(LTM)-Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Online UPS for 12(Twelve) branches.ICT (System)
119212019-06-03e-Tender Notice(LTM)-Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Network Equipments (Router, Network Rack, Network Accessories & Related Serivces) for 12(Twelve) branches.ICT (System)
119142019-05-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abu Bakar Saiduzzaman (A-7437).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119122019-05-30PRL Order of Gobinda lal Roy(G-170).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119102019-05-30PRL Order of Mohammad Enamul Haq Mia (E-74).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119082019-05-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of A H M Kamruzzaman (K-896).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119062019-05-29PRL Order of DGM Md. Nur Sayed(N-1158)HRMD1, Latest News, Personal Letters
119042019-05-29PRL Order of Kazi Robiul Haque(R-335).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119022019-05-28Passport Approval of Bikash Chandra Deb Roy (B-315).HRMD1
118992019-05-28PRL Order of Subrata Kumar Dey (S-1255), AGM, DAO, Sylhet.HRMD1, Personal Letters
119172019-05-28Regarding May'2019 Salary & Retirement allowance of Non Gadget-ed Employee, Non-commissioned Officer/Staff of the military.HRMD1
118972019-05-28Regarding Keeping Branches Open on 1 & 2 June, 2019 for Payment of Readymade Garments workers on Nearby Branches.BCBD, Latest News
118942019-05-27Passport Approval of Golam Mohammod Arif (G-563), AGM, TMD.HRMD1
118912019-05-27Regarding Implementation of Pension Providing through EFTN.BCBD
118892019-05-27Regarding Sending ACR of 2018-19 Fiscal YearHRMD1
118842019-05-26Passport Approval of Meherunnesa (M-2909).Khulna Division
118822019-05-26PRL Order of Mohammad Ali (M-2106), DGM (Implementation).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118802019-05-26Regarding Keeping Money from Annual Development Program(ADP) & Funds from Govt., Semi-Govt., Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous Organization's Own Fund as Deposit.TMD
118772019-05-26Joining Letter of Md Shaha Alam (S-1201), AGM (In Charge of DGM).LPO(GB), Personal Letters
118752019-05-23Ensure Security During Eid-Ul-FitrBCBD
118732019-05-23CAD-2776: Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts Department
118712019-05-23Passport Approval of Abu Ahammod (A-7007).Mymensingh Division
118692019-05-23Passport Approval of Khaleda Akter (K-1025).HRMD1
118672019-05-23Regarding Opening New Loan Head for Inland Bill Purchase (IBP).Central Accounts Department
118652019-05-23Regarding Remission of Interest at Branch Level.Central Accounts Department
118632019-05-23Passport Approval of Jahanara Yasmin (J-603).Dhaka Division
118602019-05-23Passport Approval of Taslima Akter (T-364).Dhaka Division
118582019-05-23Rules Regarding Loan Reschedule & One-time Exit.CREDIT1
118562019-05-23Passport Apporval of Tushar Kanti Debnath (T-547).Khulna Division
118532019-05-23Regarding Providing Agricultural Loan Facility to Rehabilitate Farmers Affected by Cyclone Fani.LRD
118512019-05-22PRL Order of MD Shahidul Haque (S-1152).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118492019-05-22Regarding Sending Information about Sanchaypatra Transaction on Branches & National Savings Scheme Online Management System's User Registration Form.BCBD
118442019-05-22According to Information Right Act-2009, Updated List of Information Officers & Appellate AuthorityBCBD
118422019-05-22Joining Letter of Mohammad Mainul Islam Khan (M-3509), AGM (In Charge of DGM).LPO(FOREX), Personal Letters
118402019-05-22Regarding Keeping Fund from Annual Development Program(ADP) & Funds from Govt., Semi-Govt., Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous Organization's Own Fund as DepositTMD
118372019-05-22Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Aparesh Chandra Das (A-3642), AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118302019-05-21PRL Order of Rasheda Akhter (R-521).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118282019-05-21PRL Order of Rajendra Chandra Ray (R-364).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118252019-05-21Regarding Income Tax Deduction on Salary for the fiscal year 2018-2019.Central Accounts Department
118232019-05-21Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman (A-3294).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118202019-05-21Regarding Calling Preparatory Meeting to Determine Needful Actions to Follow Loan Reschedule & One Time exit Related Regulations.CREDIT1
118182019-05-21Passport Approval of Motiur Rahman (M-4108).Cumilla Division
118162019-05-21Passport Approval of Mohammad Altaf Hossain (A-7669).Cumilla Division
118142019-05-20HRMD-1(3371): Charges of DGMs to AGMsHRMD1
118112019-05-20Joining Letter of Narayan Chandra Mondol (M-819), Honorable GM.HRMD1
118092019-05-20Passport Approval of Masum Ahmed Sharif (M-3826).HRMD1
118072019-05-20PRL Order of Sree Nironjon Chandra Nath (N-419), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
118052019-05-20Passport Approval of Md. Mosharrof Hossain (M-1721).HRMD1
118032019-05-19Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khalekuzzaman Yeamin (K-888).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118012019-05-19Operation & Planning Circular No-12, 2019: Rules Regarding Loan Reschedule & One-time Exit.CREDIT1
117992019-05-19Circular Letter No-02/2019 : Regarding Withhold of Advance Installment Deduction in May, 2019 Due to Upcoming Eid-Ul-Fitr.HRMD1, Latest News
117972019-05-19PRL Order of Anima Rani Mistri (A-2213).HRMD1, Personal Letters
117942019-05-19PRL Order of Abu Bakkar Siddique (A-2941).HRMD1, Personal Letters
117912019-05-19Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammed Nazrul Islam (N-1407).HRMD1, Personal Letters
117892019-05-16Passport Approval of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-2063).Mymensingh Division
117872019-05-16Passport Approval of Kamalendu Bikas Dey(K-739).Chattogram Division
117852019-05-16Passport Approval of Mukti Debnath (M-1577).Khulna Division
117822019-05-16PRL Order of A.H.M. Mahabubul Alam(M-3084), AGM (ICT Operation).HRMD1, Personal Letters
117802019-05-16Tour Schedule of Honorable MD Sir for the Month of May/2019.BOARD
117782019-05-16Regarding Losing A Cheque Book of Savings Account from Barishal Branch.BCBD
117762019-05-16Regarding Participating on the Meeting about 100th Birthday Celebration Related Planning & Program Fixing of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.EWTD
117742019-05-16Regarding Regularization of Errors Found-out While Inspecting Branch by Internal Control Team.Implementation
117672019-05-14Regarding Opening National Savings Scheme Online Management System & Sending Interest & Principal Amount Directly through BEFTN on Customer's Account.BCBD
117682019-05-14Seniority List of Principal Officer(PO)/Equivalent & Programmer based on 30.04.2019HRMD1
117562019-05-14Passport Approval of Dayanondo Bishwas (D-518).Khulna Division
117542019-05-14Passport Approval of Sushanta Kumar Mondol (S-4440).Khulna Division
117522019-05-14Passport Approval of Sheikh Abu Taher (A-6056).Khulna Division
117502019-05-14Passport Approval of Antora Shishir (A-7886).Khulna Division
117452019-05-13Recruitment of Assistant Engineer(Civil)HRMD1, Latest News
117412019-05-13Regarding Helding "Modhumela" on 20-06-2019.Latest News, LRD
117392019-05-13Transfer Order of Narayan Chandra Mondol(N-819), Honorable GM.HRMD1
117372019-05-13HRMD 1- 3305:Transfer Order of DGM & AGM (13.05.19)HRMD1, Latest News
117352019-05-13Regarding Not Exchanging Tk 2 (Two) & Tk 5(Five) New Notes During the Month of Holy Ramadan/2019.BCBD, Latest News
117332019-05-13Regarding Sending Information about Sanchaypatra Transaction on Branches & National Savings Scheme Online Management System's User Registration Form.BCBD
117292019-05-13Regarding Compliance of Loan Classification & Provisioning Regulations.LCD
117272019-05-13Passport Approval of Mahmudul Karim (M-3927).Chattogram Division
117252019-05-13Passport Approval of Salma Begum (S-3620).HRMD1
117232019-05-13Passport Approval of Shaila Binte Chowdhury(S-3725).HRMD1
117202019-05-13Supply & Installation of 21(Twenty-One) NoS. of Single Phase Petrol Engine Generator Set Each Capacity 2 KVA for Dhaka Division.Dhaka Division, EED
117172019-05-12Supply & Installation of 97 Unit CCTV Camera & Other Related Items With Necessary Services.Dhaka Division, EED
117152019-05-12Regarding Nomination for "Branch Management & Professional Development" Training.STAFF COLLEGE
117132019-05-12Regarding Re-fixation of RTGS Transaction(Outward) Charges.TMD
117092019-05-12Regarding Price Fixing of Combine Harvester Supplied by The Metal(Pvt) Ltd.CREDIT1
117112019-05-12Regarding Accomplishment of Annual Loan Disbursement Target Under SME for FYI 2018-19.CREDIT2
117072019-05-12Office Memorandum of Md. Abu Mahmud, AGM for Attending Second International ADR Conference in Thailand.HRMD2, Personal Letters
117032019-05-12Passport Approval of Gazi Md. Didarul Islam (D-522).Khulna Division
117012019-05-12Passport Approval of Gopal Das (G-594).Khulna Division
116992019-05-12Passport Approval of Sanjay Kanti Halder (S-4542).Khulna Division
116972019-05-12Regarding Exchange of Torn & Worn Out Notes & Metal Coins of Any Value by Branches.BCBD
116952019-05-09HRMD 1- 3290: Regarding Leaving Workstation by Getting. Approval of AuthorityHRMD1
116922019-05-09PRL Order of Md. Lutfor Rahman(L-102).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116902019-05-09Passport Approval Rupon Tewary (R-1501)Mymensingh Division
116872019-05-09HRMD 2- 3415: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
116852019-05-09Passport Approval of Badrunnesa Rubi (B-727).Mymensingh Division
116832019-05-09Supply & Installation of 13(Thirteen) NoS. Single Phase Petrol Engine Generator Set Each Capacity 2 KVA for Dhaka Division.Dhaka Division, EED
116802019-05-08Passport Approval of Rayhan Prodhan (R-1406).HRMD1
116772019-05-08PRL Order of Samir Chakma (S-3375), AGM, RAO, Chittagong.HRMD1, Personal Letters
116752019-05-08BCBD-1662- Minutes of 3rd Quarterly Integrity Committee Meeting (January,2019- March,2019)BCBD, National Integrity Strategy
116722019-05-07Regarding Implementation of Risk Management Committee's 19 Meeting Decisions.Implementation
116702019-05-07HRMD 1-3261: Transfer Order of AGM.HRMD1
116672019-05-07Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer Hardware for BranchesFaridpur Division
116652019-05-07Painting Works of BKB's Own Building at Soloshahar, Chittagong.Chattogram Division, EED
116632019-05-073rd Quarterly Meeting Minutes of CCC Held on 28-04-2019 to Prevent Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing.RMD
116612019-05-06Regarding Opening New Sub-heads for Daytona Capital Management Limited.Central Accounts Department
116582019-05-06Planning & Operation Circular No-10/2019: Regarding Correction on Double Profit Scheme, Millionaire Scheme, Monthly Deposit Scheme.BCBD
116562019-05-06Planning & Operation Circular No-09/2019: Regarding Launching Lakhapati Scheme.BCBD
116532019-05-06Passport Approval of Joynal Abedin Khan (J-589).Barishal Division
116512019-05-06Charge Handover of Dinesh Chandra Bishwas, DGM, LCD.LCD
116482019-05-05Office Schedule during RamadanBCBD
116462019-05-05Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sultan Ahmed(S-3818).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116442019-05-05Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Solaiman (S-3941).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116422019-05-05PRL Order of Shibdah Roy (S-3032).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116402019-05-05Supply & Installation of 13(Thirteen) NoS. Single Phase Petrol Engine Generator Set Each Capacity 2 KVA.Chattogram Division, EED
116352019-05-05Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Alauddin (A-6683), AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116302019-05-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ram Chandra Sarker (R-1082), DGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116282019-05-02Release Order Of Md. Jahir Iqbal (J-353), Honorable GM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
116262019-05-02Regarding Keeping Corresponding Branches Close for Mymensingh City Corporation Election on 5 May, 2019.BCBD
116242019-05-02Passport Approval of Md. Foysal Hasan (F-726).Cumilla Division
116222019-05-02Passport Approval of Md. Ali Hossain (A-7598).Sylhet Division
116202019-05-02Passport Approval of Md. Jahangir Hossain (J-587).Barishal Division
115882019-05-02Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Personal Computer, Offline UPS, Inkjet Printer, Scanner & Generator for Branches/ Offices.Kushtia Division
116132019-04-30Transfer order of AGM and SPOHRMD1
116102019-04-30Painting works at Stair, Landing & Lift Lobby(West Side) of 85 no. Building, BKB H.O.EED
116082019-04-30Supply & Installation of Petrol Generator for Branches.EED
116062019-04-30Passport Approval of Md. Habibullah Khan (H-784).Dhaka Division
116042019-04-30Passport Approval of Ahmed Shamsul Arefin Siddiqui (A-7281).HRMD1
116022019-04-30Passport Approval of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-1231).HRMD1
116002019-04-30Passport Approval of Debashish Roy (D-534).Barishal Division
115982019-04-30Passport Approval of Abul Bashar (A-6248).Faridpur Division
115962019-04-30Passport Approval of Ibrahim Mia (I-287).Faridpur Division
115942019-04-30Passport Approval of Md. Arifuzzaman (A-7772)Faridpur Division
115922019-04-30Passport Approval of Md. Anowar Hossain (A-6392).Dhaka Division
115902019-04-30Passport Approval of Md. Sirajul Islam (S-2029).Dhaka Division
115842019-04-29Passport Approval of Biproboron Sheuli (B-669).Khulna Division
115822019-04-29Passport Approval of Jahanara Rayhanul Ferdousi (J-741).HRMD1
115812019-04-29List of Ten Years or Above Unclaimed Deposit Transferred to Bangladesh Bank.Central Accounts Department
115762019-04-29Redistribution of HO Departments, Staff College & LPO & Charges of ICD to Sheikh Mahmud Kamal, Honorable, GM.MPD
115742019-04-29Regarding Collection of Police Verification Report of Officer & Officer(Cash)HRMD1
115722019-04-29Passport Approval of Sadia Sharmin (S-3979).Dhaka Division
115702019-04-29Passport Approval of Nasim Ahmed Chowdhury (N-1251).Dhaka Division
115682019-04-29Passport Approval of Salma Akter (S-2968).Dhaka Division
115662019-04-29Passport Approval of Nurul Amin (N-1618).Dhaka Division
115642019-04-28Passport Approval of Ajay Bose (A-7783).Dhaka Division
115622019-04-28Passport Approval of Nurun Nahar(N-1409).Dhaka Division
115552019-04-28Regarding Declaration of May/2019 as Deposit Collection & Loan Recovery Month.BCBD, Latest News
115542019-04-28Regarding Filing Artha Rin Case Under Artha Rin Adalat Ain, 2003 & Quick Dismissal to Accomplish Target of Reducing Classified Loan.LAW
115472019-04-24Regarding Opening New Sub-heads for Remitix Limited (Mukuru), UK & Aftab Currency Exchange Limited, UK.Central Accounts Department
115452019-04-24Passport Approval of Md. Munsur Rahman (M-3532), AGM.HRMD1
115432019-04-24Passport Approval of Md. Rezaul Karim Akond (R-1247).HRMD1
115412019-04-24Passport Approval of Khalekuzzaman Yamin (K-888).HRMD1
115392019-04-24Passport Approval of Md. Kamal Uddin (K-729).Cumilla Division
115372019-04-24Regarding Classifying & Rescheduling Loans on Due Time After Getting Approval from Bangladesh BankCREDIT1
115342019-04-24Regarding Issuing PF Index of Newly Recruited Drivers.Central Accounts Department
115302019-04-23Regarding Informing about Lost MT (No- 1042087/1, Date- 31.08.18).BCBD
115282019-04-21Viva-voce date change for the post of Senior Officer(IT/ICT) for 4 BanksCareer, HRMD1
115262019-04-21Passport Approval of Md. Masud Karim (M-3611).Barishal Division
115232019-04-18Appreciation letterBCBD
115212019-04-18Changing of holiday dateBCBD
115102019-04-18PRL Order of Farid Ahmed (F-615), DGM, RMD.HRMD1, Personal Letters
115082019-04-18PRL Order of Dinesh Chandra Bishwas (D-417), DGM,LCD.HRMD1, Personal Letters
115062019-04-18Passport Approval of Md. Ibrahim Hossain (I-274).Khulna Division
115042019-04-18Regarding Including all Debtor Information on CIB Database.RSD
114952019-04-18Viva Schedule for the post of Senior Officer (IT/ICT) of 4 Banks.Career, HRMD1, Latest News
114922019-04-18Promotion Order Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1
114902019-04-18Promotion Order Peon to Doptori.HRMD1
114882019-04-18Promotion Order Doptori to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1
114862019-04-17Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO (3171)HRMD1
114842019-04-17Dismantling of Existing Thai Aluminium Structure & Refitting in 9th Floor, Research & Statistics Department of Head Office.EED
114792019-04-16HRMD 1- 3163: Charge of DGMHRMD1
114752019-04-16Regarding Nomination for "Guidelines on Internal Credit Risk Rating Systems for Banks" Training.STAFF COLLEGE
114732019-04-16Passport Approval of Raunak Jahan (R-1486).HRMD1
114702019-04-16Regarding Providing Extra Money Exceeding Pension Providing Order's(PPO) Amount while Payment of Military Pension.BCBD
114662019-04-16Regarding Sending Scheduled Banks Branch-wise Monthly Balance Statement of Metal Coins Reserve.BCBD
114612019-04-15Release Order of Md. Billal Hossain Bhuyan (3148), AGM, HRMD 1HRMD1, Personal Letters
114582019-04-15Passport Approval of Lubna Yasmin (L-275).Khulna Division
114562019-04-15Passport Approval of Mst. Fatema Khanam (F-552).Khulna Division
114542019-04-15Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Barik (A-6958).Mymensingh Division
114472019-04-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rajib Saha (R-1404).HRMD1, Personal Letters
114452019-04-11Regarding Discontinuation of BKB Double Profit Scheme, Monthly Profit Scheme, Monthly Sanchay Scheme(MSS), BKB Savings Scheme, Monthly/Quarterly Profit Scheme.BCBD, Latest News
114422019-04-10Time Extension for New Deposit SchemeBCBD
114402019-04-10Passport Approval of Md. Helal Uddin (H-562).Barishal Division
114382019-04-10Passport Approval of Md. Moniruzzaman (M-4010).Cumilla Division
114352019-04-10Passport Approval of Shekh Abdur Rahman (A-3553).HRMD1
114302019-04-10Passport Approval of Mohammada Nurunnabi (N-1278).HRMD1
114282019-04-10ICT (Operation)- Enlistment of Vendors for Computer, Software Purchasing/Servicing, Data/Internet Connectivity.ICT (Operation)
114252019-04-10PRL Order of Kazi Ruhul Hossain (R-296).HRMD1, Personal Letters
114222019-04-09Regarding Sending Basic Information of Customers for Maintaining Database.RMD
114172019-04-09Passport Approval of Md. Jamal Uddin (J-293).Sylhet Division
114132019-04-08Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Bijon Biswas (B-663).HRMD1, Personal Letters
114112019-04-08Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Raihana Begum(R-1261).HRMD1, Personal Letters
114092019-04-07Passport Approval of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-2238).Faridpur Division
114072019-04-07Passport Approval of Md. Moksed Ali Chowdhury (M-2999).Faridpur Division
114052019-04-07Passport Approval of Md. Hafizur Rahman (H-943).Faridpur Division
114032019-04-07Passport Approval of Shamsun Nahar (S-4380).Barishal Division
114002019-04-07Passport Approval of Mohammad Anisur Rahman (A-7470).Cumilla Division
113912019-04-07CAD- Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts Department
113892019-04-04Passport Approval of Mst. Razia Parvin Banu (R-1023).HRMD1
113872019-04-04Regarding Sending User Registration Form for National Saving Scheme Online Management System.BCBD
113452019-04-03Passport Approval of Md. Faruq (F-531).HRMD1
113392019-04-02PRL Order of Santosh Kumar Dakua (S-3041), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
113372019-04-02PRL Order of Md. Nazim Uddin Bhiuyan (N-550).HRMD1, Personal Letters
113342019-04-01HRMD 1- 3049: Transfer Order & Charge of DGM.HRMD1
113322019-04-01Passport Approval of Md. Tofazzol Hossain (T-116).HRMD1
113242019-04-01Supply & Installation of Petrol Generator for Branches of Faridpur DivisionFaridpur Division
113222019-04-01Instuctions for Sending March/2019 SBS -2,3 ReportRSD
113202019-04-01Planning & Operation Circular No-05/2019: Regarding Launching Millioniare Scheme.BCBD
113172019-04-01Planning & Operation Circular No-07/2019: Regarding Launching Double Profit Scheme.BCBD
113152019-04-01Planning & Operation Circular No-06/2019: Regarding Launching Monthly Deposit Scheme.BCBD
113122019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abu Bakker Siddique (A-7333).HRMD1, Personal Letters
113102019-03-31PRL Order of Shekh Abul Khoyer Mostafa (A-3297), AGMHRMD1, Personal Letters
113082019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Shah Alam (S-3760), AGM, ICT Systems.HRMD1, Personal Letters
113062019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ram Proshad Ghosh (R-629), AGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, Personal Letters
113042019-03-31Passport Approval of Kazi Shahjada (S-1717).Dhaka Division
113022019-03-31Passport Approval of Sanjay Kumar Pal (S-3884).HRMD1
113002019-03-31Passport Approval of Moha. Abdul Wahab (A-6143).HRMD1
112972019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Tuhin Ikram (T-449).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112952019-03-31Passport Approval of Mst. Shahnaz Parvin (S-4707).Kushtia Division
112922019-03-28Quarterly Benefit SchemeBCBD
112902019-03-28Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khurshed Alam (K-905).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112882019-03-28Passport Approval of Muhammad Mazharul Islam(M-3510).HRMD1
112862019-03-28Transfer Order of Honorable GMs.HRMD1
112842019-03-28Regarding Declaration of General Holiday on 31 March,2019 for Upazila Parishad Election(4th Phase) on Concerned Branches.BCBD
112812019-03-28Tender for Motorcar SellingPROCUREMENT & EWTD
112792019-03-28BCBD-1467: Regarding Increasing Time for Professor(Dr.) Obayedullah-Ferdousi Foundation Cancer Hospital Lottery-2019.BCBD
112772019-03-28Passport Approval of Mohammad Fazlul Haq(F-204).HRMD1
112752019-03-28Passport Approval of Sattya Bikash Chakma (S-3377), AGM.HRMD1
112732019-03-28Joining Letter of Md. Mokter Hossain (M-1784), Honorable GM.HRMD1
112712019-03-28Joining Letter of Narayan Chandra Mondol (N-819), Honorable GM.HRMD1
112692019-03-28Joining Letter of Md. Tofayel Ahmed, Honorable GM.HRMD1
112672019-03-28Regarding Nomination for Foundation Training (07/04/19-14/05/19).STAFF COLLEGE
112652019-03-28Passport Approval of Sufol Kumar Bain(S-3882).HRMD1
112632019-03-27Joining Letter of Md. Jahir Iqbal, Honorable GM.HRMD1
112612019-03-27HRMD 1- 3004: Transfer Order SPO.HRMD1
112592019-03-27HRMD 1: 5506- Transfer Order PO.HRMD1
112562019-03-27Transfer Order of Honorable GMs.HRMD1
112542019-03-27Passport Approval of Md. Abul Hashem Mia (H-887), AGM.HRMD1
112522019-03-27PRL Order of Golam Mohammad Hawlader (G-468).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112492019-03-27Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Awal (A-3936).HRMD1
112472019-03-27PRL Order of Md. Shahid Ullah Bhuiyan(S-1138).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112452019-03-25Supply, Installation of 25(Twenty Five) Nos. of 2 K.V.A Single Phase Petrol Engine GeneratorBarishal Division
112432019-03-25PRL Order of Md. Abu Jafar Hawlader (A-4625), DGM, PRD.HRMD1, Personal Letters
112402019-03-25FRMD Letter No-1742.FRMD
112382019-03-25Regarding Nomination for Foundation Training (07/04/19-14/05/19).STAFF COLLEGE
112362019-03-25Regarding Issuing PF Index of Newly Recruited Assistant Engineers(Civil).Central Accounts Department
112332019-03-25২৬ মার্চ,২০১৯ মহান স্বাধীনতা ও জাতীয় দিবস উপলক্ষে জাতির জনক বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবুর রহমান এর প্রতিকৃতি এবং জাতীয় স্মৃতিসৌধে শ্রদ্ধাঞ্জলি অ পুষ্পার্ঘ্য অর্পণ প্রসঙ্গে।PROCUREMENT & EWTD
112312019-03-25Passpport Approval of Shimul Chakraborty(S-4140).Chattogram Division
112292019-03-25Passport Approval of Md. Jaglul Haque(J-382).Sylhet Division
112262019-03-24Passport Approval of Tapan Kumar Bol(T-285).Barishal Division
112242019-03-24Ex- Bangladesh Leave Permission of Kazi Ruhul Hasan(R-296).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112202019-03-24Transfer Order of Md. Jahir Iqbal(J-353), DGM (GM in Charge).HRMD1
112182019-03-24HRMD-1:2948(6)-Transfer Order of AGM & SPO.HRMD1
112162019-03-24Appointment of Assistant Engineer(Civil).Career, HRMD1
112132019-03-24Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Taslim Uddin (T-387), DGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112112019-03-24PRL Order of B. M. Waliar Rahman (W-56).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112082019-03-24Planning & Operation Circular No-03/2019: Regarding Increasing Loan Ceiling & Payment Duration for Primary Teachers.CREDIT2
112052019-03-24PRL Order of Md. Billal Hossain Bhuiyan(B-164), AGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, Personal Letters
112002019-03-21Regarding Declaration of General Holiday on 24 March,2019 for Upazila Parishad Election(3rd Phase) on Concerned Branches.BCBD
111972019-03-21Ex-Bangladesh Leave of Sheikh Mahmood Kamal, Honorable GM, Accounts & International Division.HRMD1, Personal Letters
111952019-03-21PRL Order of Md. Abdur Rouf Bhuiyan (A-6681), DGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, Personal Letters
111912019-03-21Regarding Assigning Liaison/Protocol Officer.HRMD1, Latest News
111842019-03-20Regarding Trainee Nomination for Guidelines on Internal Credit Risk Rating System for BanksSTAFF COLLEGE
111822019-03-20PRL Order of Sorojit Kumar Chowdhury (S-3016).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111802019-03-20Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khondker Mobarra Halim (M-2938).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111742019-03-19Circular Regarding Military PensionersBCBD
111692019-03-19Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sheikh Mizanur Rahman (M-2935), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
111652019-03-19Charge of Protocol/Liaison Officer to Kazi Mohammad Nazre Main(K-883), AGM (Joint Secretary).HRMD1
111632019-03-19HRMD 1- 2945: Transfer Order AGM & SPO.HRMD1
111592019-03-19Regarding Difficulty on Transaction of Tk 1000 (Red Note) & Tk 500 (Pink Note).BCBD
111572019-03-19Passport Approval of Shamima Akter (S-3616).HRMD1
111552019-03-19Tour Schedule of Honorable MD Sir for March/2019.MD Secretariat
111512019-03-18Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Shamim Uddin(S-3817).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111492019-03-18Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Syed Md. Rafiq Uddin (R-1105).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111472019-03-18Regarding Sending Military Pensioner Information Directly on LPO.BCBD
111452019-03-18Joining Letter of Md. Billal Hossain Bhuiyan (B-164), AGM, HRMD-1HRMD1
111432019-03-18Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 60 Branches for 24 Months.ICT (System)
111412019-03-18Passport Approval of Md. Faruq Bahadur (F-689).Khulna Division
111392019-03-18Passport Approval of Golam Mostafa (G-509).Sylhet Division
111362019-03-14Regarding Ensuring Overall Security of Bank Regarding Holiday.BCBD
111332019-03-14Passport Approval of Md. Abu Raihan (R-1396).Cumilla Division
111312019-03-14Accounts Circular Letter 16/2019: Monthly Closing CircularCentral Accounts Department
111292019-03-14Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Monika Biswas (M-3913).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111232019-03-13Transfer order of AGM (2922)HRMD1, HRMD2
111212019-03-13PRL Order of Himangshu Shekhar Pal (H-233).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111192019-03-13Passport Approval of Khan Shahana Jasmine (S-3502).Khulna Division
111172019-03-13Passport Approval of Md. Humayun Kabir (H-454).Khulna Division
111152019-03-13Charge Handover of Md. Shariat Hossain(S-2076).LPO(GB)
111112019-03-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Keshab Bhattacharjee (K-422).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111082019-03-13Regarding Inclusion of Debtors' Information on CIB Database .RSD
111062019-03-13PRL Order of Md. Hamidur Rahman(H-732).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111042019-03-13Passport Approval of Md. Mominul Islam Talukder (M-3256), AGM(Divsional In Charge), PEWTD.HRMD1
111022019-03-13Disciplinary ActionHRMD3, Personal Letters
111002019-03-13Passport Approval of Hasina Khanam (H-452).HRMD1
110982019-03-13PRL Order of Md. Moazzem Hossain(M-947).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110962019-03-13Disciplinary ActionHRMD2, Personal Letters
110942019-03-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sweta Pal (S-1530).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110842019-03-12Anti Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing Manual-2018Policy & Guideline, RMD
110822019-03-12Passport Approval of Md. Badrul Islam (B-754).Barishal Division
110792019-03-12Regarding Implementation of 33 Meeting Minutes' Decision Held on 07-03-2019.Implementation
110762019-03-12Regarding Nomination for Guidelines on Internal Credit Risk Rating System for Banks.STAFF COLLEGE
110742019-03-11Passport Approval of Parvez Ahmed (P-93).HRMD1
110682019-03-11PRL Order of Md. Anowar Hossain(A-2955).HRMD2, Personal Letters
110662019-03-10Regarding Opening Sub-head for Money Gram & First Security Islami Exchange Italy s.r.I.Central Accounts Department
110642019-03-10PRL Order of Chaina Rani Kundu(C-113), AGM, Implementation Department.HRMD1, Personal Letters
110632019-03-10PRL Order of Hajari Lal De(H-715), AGMHRMD1, Personal Letters
110592019-03-10Passport Approval of Shekh Md. Faruq(F-326, AGM, Audit.HRMD1
110572019-03-07Training Regarding SWIFT OperationITD
110552019-03-07Abroad Leave Permission of Manjuman Ara (M-3701).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110502019-03-07Abroad Leave Permission of Syed Shakil Ahmad Alamgir (S-3960).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110482019-03-07Passport Approval of Md. Nurul Amin (N-1445)HRMD1
110462019-03-07PRL Order of Md. Shariyat Hossain (S-2076), DGM, LPO, DhakaHRMD1, Personal Letters
110442019-03-07PRL Order of Kamalesh Chandra Sardar (K-653), DGM, Khulna Divisional Office.HRMD1, Personal Letters
110402019-03-07PRL Order of Md. Abdul Matin Bhuiyan (A-6701), DGM, BKB Staff College, DhakaHRMD1, Personal Letters
110382019-03-07Regarding VAT Collection: Services Taken From Out Side Of BangladeshCentral Accounts Department
110362019-03-07Invitation of Tender for Civil, electrical & other necessary works at Locker Room in Local Principal Office. BKBEED
110332019-03-07HRMD-1: Transfer Order of AGM (2855(4))HRMD1
110312019-03-07Charge Handover Of Golam Hossein Majumder (G-505), AGM, Procurement & EWTD, To Md. Khursed Rashid (K-715), SPO. & Release LetterEWTD, PROCUREMENT & EWTD
110292019-03-07Passport Approval of Md. Golam Forhad (F-806)Mymensingh Division
110242019-03-06Regarding Correct and Complete Information Based CTR/STR .RMD
110212019-03-06Passport Approval of Md. Mostafizur Rahman (M-3500)HRMD1
110192019-03-05Banking Diploma July/2019 Exam Notice & Schedule.HRMD1
110172019-03-05Passport Approval of Debdas Sarker (D-507).HRMD1
110122019-03-05Passport Approval of Md. Nuruzzaman (N-1398)Cumilla Division
110142019-03-05Passport Renewal Permission of Kabita Debi(K-703).HRMD1
110112019-03-05Participation on Online Reporting Foreign Exchange TrainingSTAFF COLLEGE
110092019-03-04Charge Handover to & Joining of Md. Abu Jafar Hawladar (A-4625), DGM, PRD.PRD
110072019-03-04Regarding Issuing PF Index to Recently Recruited Data Entry/ Control Operator & Officer(Cash)Central Accounts Department
110052019-03-04Passport Approval of Bijon Kumar Sarker(B-609).Mymensingh Division
110032019-03-04HRMD-1: Transfer Order of DGM,AGM & SPOHRMD1
110002019-03-04Regarding Implementation of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act-2010TMD
109982019-03-03Tour Plan of Honorable Managing Director of Bangladesh Krishi Bank for the month of March/2019.MD Secretariat
109962019-03-03Accounts Circular No- 15/2019: Determination of Revised Rate form BKB Locker Service.Central Accounts Department
109942019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Anowar Hossain (A-2995).HRMD1, Personal Letters
109922019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Monir Ahammed.HRMD1, Personal Letters
109892019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mahbuba Khatun (M-3692).HRMD1, Personal Letters
109862019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-3710).HRMD1, Personal Letters
109842019-03-03Regarding Customer Harassment by Imposing Additional Interest on Loan Accounts.VSD
109822019-03-03Passport Approval of Md. Firoz Zaman Chowdhury (F-703).Mymensingh Division
109792019-03-03Passport Approval of Md. Hafizur Rahman(H-781).Mymensingh Division
109772019-03-03Passport Approval of Md. Nazrul Islam(N-920).Mymensingh Division
109752019-03-03Passport Approval of Shekh Jinnat Ali(J-350).Khulna Division
109732019-03-03Passport Approval of Sapan Kumar Saha(S-1823).Khulna Division
109712019-03-03Passport Approval of S.K. Delowar Hossain(S-3900).Khulna Division
109692019-02-27HRMD 3: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
109672019-02-27Regarding Sending User Information of All Branches to Conduct Holy Hajj Related Activities.ITD
109642019-02-27Keeping Branches Closed on 28th February, 2019 Thursday in DNCC, DSCC, Different Pourashavas & Union Parishads.BCBD
109622019-02-27Passport Approval of Shangkhanil De Shuvo(S-4574).Dhaka Division
109602019-02-27Revised date of viva for the post of Officer-cash (Combined) of to be held on 16 April, 2019 instead of 28th February,2019.HRMD1
109582019-02-27Planning & Operation Circular No-29/2019: Regarding Considering Remittance Cash Payment Voucher as System Generated Cash Payment Voucher.FRMD
109552019-02-27Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Sylhet Division.Sylhet Division
109522019-02-26HRMD 2- 2767: Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD1
109502019-02-26Admin(MPD) Circular No- 09/2019: Reallocation of Different Divisions/Departments, Staff College & LPO.Latest News, MPD
109472019-02-26HRMD 1- 2766: Charge of DGM to Mahmud Ahmed Chowdhury(M-3207).HRMD1
109442019-02-26HRMD 1- 2766: Charge of AGM to Tariqul Islam(T-409).HRMD1
109412019-02-26Passport Approval of Md. Shahid Ullah (M-3682).Dhaka Division
109332019-02-25Admin (MPD) Circular No- 08/2019: Regarding Name Changing & Work Re-allocation of Different Departments.MPD
109302019-02-25Passport Approval of Prohlad Kumar Hor (P-354).Kushtia Division
109282019-02-25RMD: Credit Risk Management Guideline-2018Policy & Guideline, RMD
109262019-02-25Passport Approval of Md. Mobarak Ulla (M-3260).HRMD1
109232019-02-25Joining Letter & Charge Handover to Shahabuddin Ahmed (S-3358), DGM, Reconciliation.Personal Letters, RECONCILIATION
109202019-02-24ITD-1210:Regarding Receiving Money for Holy Hajj-2019 Purpose under Government Management.ITD
109182019-02-24Passport Approval of Md. Mosharrof Hossain(M-3898).Mymensingh Division
109142019-02-24PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1072),HRMD2, Personal Letters
109102019-02-24Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Hybrid IP PABX Exchange with Necessary Accesories at Head Office.PROCUREMENT & EWTD
109082019-02-24PRL Order of Ram Chandra Sarker(R-1082), DGM, Dhaka Division.HRMD1, Personal Letters
109052019-02-24Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Faridpur Division.Faridpur Division
109022019-02-24Passport Approval of Md. Shamsur Rahman(S-4026).Kushtia Division
109002019-02-24Passport Approval of Md. Bablur Rahman(B-766).Kushtia Division
108962019-02-24CAD 1: Account Sub-head Opening for Instant Cash FZE to launch Remittance Service on EFT System.CAD1
108932019-02-20HRMD 2-2648(27): Transfer/Reshuffling Order of DGMs of HO.HRMD1, Latest News
108912019-02-20Passport Approval of Md. Golam Farhad (F-806).Mymensingh Division
108892019-02-20Passport Approval of Md. Toufiqul Alam (T-427).Dhaka Division
108852019-02-20Passport Approval of Md. Raihan Munsi(R-1284).HRMD1
108832019-02-20Admin Circular No-07/2019: Temporary Merging of Different Departments of Head Office.Latest News, MPD
108812019-02-19PRL & Release Order of Md. Solaiman(S-1748), Honorable GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
108792019-02-19RMCD-647: Disbursed Loan Recovery Given Under Swanirvar Bangladesh.RMCD
108742019-02-19২১ ফেব্রুয়ারি মহান শহীদ দিবস ও আন্তর্জাতিক মাতৃভাষা দিবস উপলক্ষে কেন্দ্রীয় শহীদ মিনারে পুষ্পার্ঘ্য অর্পণ র‌্যালীতে অংশগ্রহণের আহবানDepartment/Division
108722019-02-19PRL Order 0f Md. Shah Alam Sarkar(S-3514).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108692019-02-19Accounts Circular No- 14/2019: Interest Rate Re-fixation of General Accounts.CAD1
108672019-02-19Regarding Selling Ticket of Professor(Dr) Obayedullah Ferdousi Foundation Cancer Hospital & Research Institute Lottery-2019.BCBD
108632019-02-18HRMD 1: 4503- Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
108602019-02-18Passport Approval of Md. Abdus Satter(A-6810), DGM, EED.HRMD2
108572019-02-18PRL Order of S.M. Bashir Uddin(B-195).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108552019-02-18Pricing of Tractor (Model' ACE') Sobhan Trading Company Limited.CREDIT1
108532019-02-18HRMD 2: 2622(08)- Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD2
108502019-02-18Regarding Case Related Information Entry & Correction on DCMS SoftwareLAW
108452019-02-18Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Mymensingh Division.Mymensingh Division
108432019-02-17Passport Approval of Mozibur Rahman(M-3520).Cumilla Division
108412019-02-17Passport Approval of Md. Mosharrof Hossain(M-1891).Cumilla Division
108372019-02-17Passport Approval of Kiran Chandra Chakma (K-838).Chattogram Division
108352019-02-17Admin(MPD) Circular No-06/2019: Correction on Admin(MPD) Circular No-04/2019.MPD
108332019-02-17Release Order of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, Honorable GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
108312019-02-17HRMD 1: 4473- Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
108292019-02-17Passport Approval of Shahana Nasrin(S-3998).Dhaka Division
108262019-02-17SME Loan Recovery Target Division-wise in 2018-2019 Fiscal YearSME
108222019-02-14Office Memorandum for Mohammad Afzal Karim(Honorable DMD), K.M. Nuruddin Sarawar(AGM), Md. Farid Hasan(AGM).HRMD4, Personal Letters
108202019-02-14PRL Order of Md. Afsar Uddin(A-6398).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108182019-02-13Passport Apporval of Mukta Abedin (A-3483).HRMD1
108162019-02-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Aminul Islam(A-7435).HRMD1, Personal Letters
108142019-02-13PRL Order of Bishwanath Das(B-512).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108122019-02-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mst. Anguri Parvin (A-7558).HRMD1, Personal Letters
108082019-02-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Afruza Jahan (A-7340).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108062019-02-13PRL Order of Pradip Kumar Pal (P-78).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108042019-02-13PRL Order of Md. Tipu Sultan(T-352), DGM, CRM Khulna.HRMD2, Personal Letters
108002019-02-13Viva Schedule for the post of Officer(Cash) of Combined 3 Banks.Career, HRMD1
107962019-02-12Invitation of Tender for Printing & Supply of Two Different Printable Items.PROCUREMENT & EWTD
107922019-02-12Joining Letter of Md. Lokman Hossain (L-208), DGM (In Charge), Credit-2CREDIT2, Personal Letters
107902019-02-12PRL Order of Dulal Chandra Ray(D-420).HRMD2, Personal Letters
107882019-02-12Passport Approval of Rajon Chandra Biswas(R-1375).Sylhet Division
107862019-02-12Passport Approval of Md. Farid Hasan (F-708), Senior System Analyst.HRMD2, ICT (Operation)
107842019-02-12Passport Approval of K. M. Nuruddin Sarawar(N-1638), Senior System Analyst.HRMD2, ICT (System)
107812019-02-12Nomination For Foundation Training -Officer(Revised).STAFF COLLEGE
107792019-02-12BCBD-1253: Promoters List for Regular Monitoring of All Business Activities of Region/Branches.BCBD
107752019-02-12Passport Approval of Md. Abu Bakkar Siddique(A-6896).HRMD1
107732019-02-12Passport Approval of Narayan Chandra Mondol(N-1144).Faridpur Division
107672019-02-12PRL Order of Md. Abul Kashem(A-2286).HRMD2, Personal Letters
107642019-02-12Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Khulna Division.Khulna Division
107572019-02-11HRMD 2- 2505: Charge of DGM, Credit-2 to Md. Lokman Hossain(L-208).HRMD2
107542019-02-11HRMD 2-2474: Regarding Sending ACR within Scheduled Time.HRMD2
107522019-02-11Charge of DGM, Barishal Divisional Office to Bishwas Md. Ruhul Amin (R-1145).Barishal Division, HRMD2
107502019-02-11HRMD 2- 2496: Transfer Order of SPO.HRMD2
107482019-02-11Nomination For Foundation Training (Officer).STAFF COLLEGE
107452019-02-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rowshon Ara Akhter Mobashera(R-1092).HRMD2, Personal Letters
107432019-02-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Mosharraf Hossain (M-2937), DGM(PRL).HRMD2, Personal Letters
107402019-02-11Passport Approval of Maksuda Begum(M-1284).HRMD2
107382019-02-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Shamim Ara Tania(S-3738).HRMD1, Personal Letters
107362019-02-10Regarding Fixing Amount of BKB Monthly Savings Scheme after Maturity.BCBD
107342019-02-10Passport Approval of Khorshed Alam(K-996).Dhaka Division
107322019-02-10Admin Circular No-05/2019(ICC Manual): Internal Control & Compliance Manual-2018.MPD
107302019-02-10BCBD-1238: Regarding Sending Army Pension Adjustment Bills Without Proper Checking.BCBD
107282019-02-10Circular Letter No- 01/2019: Regarding Nomination for Public Administration Award-2019.HRMD2
107262019-02-10Finally Selected Candidates for the Post of Driver.Career, HRMD1
107222019-02-07Nomination For Foundation Training (Officer).STAFF COLLEGE
107202019-02-07Joining Letter & Charge Taken Over By Md. Shariat Hossain(S-2076).LPO(GB)
107182019-02-07Joining Letter & Charge Taken Over By Md. Zahirul Islam Bhuiyan(Z-371).LPO(GB)
107162019-02-07Passport Approval of Md. Abu Bakkar Saiduzzaman(A-7437).HRMD1
107132019-02-07Regarding Taking Prevention to Avoid Phishing Attack while Using E-mail System.ICT (System), ICT Guidelines
107112019-02-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Arifur Rahman(A-7319).HRMD2, Personal Letters
107082019-02-07Regarding Sending Information of Honorable GMs for Promotion on the Post of DMD.HRMD2
107062019-02-07Passport Approval of Md. Feroz Khan(F-575).Faridpur Division
107032019-02-06Regarding participating on the viva voce for the post of General ManagerHRMD2
106992019-02-06Passport Approval of Ahmed Mostafa(M-4115).HRMD1
106972019-02-06Invitation for EnlistmentPROCUREMENT & EWTD
106952019-02-06Passport Approval of Lutfun Nahar Naz (L-229), DGM, ICD.HRMD2
106932019-02-06Regarding Sending Monthly Statement of Exchanging Damaged Notes.BCBD
106902019-02-05HRMD 2- 2466(07): Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD2
106862019-02-05BCBD-1231: Promoters List for Regular Monitoring of All Business Activities of Region/Branches.BCBD
106832019-02-05CAD 2-1651: Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.CAD2
106812019-02-05HRMD 2-2458: Recruitment of ICT Consultant(Full-time).Career, HRMD2
106792019-02-05Passport Approval of Farhana Mohit Bithi (F-793).Dhaka Division
106772019-02-05Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khondker Rafiqul Islam (K-894).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106752019-02-05Construction of Boundary Wall at Sonotia Bazar Branch, Jamalpur, Mymensingh.EED
106722019-02-05HRMD 3- 2368(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106702019-02-05HRMD 3- 2369(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106682019-02-05Regarding Nomination of Participants for Branch Management & Professional Development Training.STAFF COLLEGE
106652019-02-05Passport Approval of Md. Mahbubul Alam(M-4300).Cumilla Division
106632019-02-04Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Aheaul Islam(A-7302).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106602019-02-04PRL Order of Md. Mozammel Haque(M-1382).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106582019-02-04PRL Order of Tapan Kumar Deb(T-227).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106552019-02-03Passport Approval of Md. Shah Alam(S-3760), AGM, ICT (Systems).HRMD2
106532019-02-03ICD- 738: Regarding Implementation of 32 Meeting Minutes' Decision Held on 17-01-2019.ICD
106512019-02-03PRL Order of Md. Amez Uddin(A-6517), DGM, CRM, Tangail(North).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106492019-02-03HRMD 1- 3305: Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
106462019-02-03Passport Approval of Tahera Chowdhury(T-291).HRMD1
106442019-02-03Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Chattogram Division.Chattogram Division
106422019-01-31PRL Order of Md. Amjad Hossain(A-6121).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106412019-01-31PRL Order of Nikhil Kumar Ghosh(N-1110).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106352019-01-31Passport Approval of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1037).Barishal Division
106332019-01-31Passport Approval of Kamal Ahammod Khan(K-416).Cumilla Division
106312019-01-31Passport Approval of Md. Sayedur Rahman(S-3238).Dhaka Division
106282019-01-31Passport Approval of Md. Abu Bakkar Siddique(A-7333).HRMD2
106262019-01-31Passport Approval of Rayhana Begum(R-1261).HRMD2
106232019-01-31Board Circular No-01/2019: Regarding Foreign Trade Related Business Power.BOARD
106202019-01-30HRMD 2:2420-Transfer Order-AGM & SPO.HRMD2
106182019-01-30HRMD 3-2216(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106162019-01-30HRMD 3-2262(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106142019-01-30HRMD 3-2212(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106122019-01-30HRMD 3-2211(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106102019-01-30HRMD 3-1944(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106072019-01-30HRMD2- 2403:Charge of DGM, Dhaka Division to Md. Shahid Ullah (S-1380).HRMD2
106052019-01-30Assignment of Additional Charge of Principal(GM), Staff College to Honorable GM Md. Azizul Bari.HRMD2, STAFF COLLEGE
106012019-01-29Passport Approval of Amir Mohammad Abdul Ali (A-6569).Cumilla Division
105982019-01-29Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Bikash Dominic Costa(B-680).HRMD1, Personal Letters
105962019-01-29Assignment of Additional Charge of Audit & Internal Control Division to Honorable GM Md. Shahidul Islam.HRMD2
105942019-01-29PRL Order of Nirmal Kumar Saha(N-1103).HRMD2, Personal Letters
105912019-01-29Repair & Renovation Works with All Accessories at Common Bathoom of 6th Floor(East Side), HO.EED
105892019-01-29Passport Approval of Sikder Touhidul Islam(T-360).HRMD2
105872019-01-28HRMD 3-2251(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105852019-01-28HRMD 3-2250(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105832019-01-28HRMD 3-2249(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105812019-01-28HRMD 3-2248(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105792019-01-28HRMD 3-2247(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105772019-01-28HRMD 3-2238(07): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105752019-01-28HRMD 3-2237(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105732019-01-28HRMD 3-2235(10): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105712019-01-28HRMD 3- 2252(6):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105692019-01-28Passport Approval of Bisnu Saha(B-702).Dhaka Division
105672019-01-28HRMD 2-2379(2): Transfer Order of DGM.HRMD2
105642019-01-28PRL Order of Kamal Uddin (K-335), DGM, Credit-2.HRMD2, Personal Letters
105612019-01-28Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Somit Sarker(S-4013).Faridpur Division, HRMD1, Personal Letters
105592019-01-28Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Barishal Division.Barishal Division
105572019-01-28Transfer order of DGM (27-01-19).HRMD2
105542019-01-27Information Related to Current Employee, Pensioner and DependentHRMD1
105512019-01-27International and Accounts Division DistributionMPD
105452019-01-27Acceptance of Issued Letters Through E-Nothi System on Audit & Other Activities.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy
105432019-01-27RMD-1436(1250): Honorable Managing Director's Commitment Regarding Implementation of Money Laundering & Anti Terrorism Activities Financing Prevention Activities.RMD
105412019-01-27PRL Order of Mohang Ezharul Haque Bhuiyan(E-327), DGM, LRD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
105392019-01-27ICD-708 : Regarding Implementation of 32 Meeting Minutes Held on 17.01.2018.ICD
105312019-01-27PRL Order of Mahmud Ahmed Chowdhury(M-3207).HRMD2, Personal Letters
105292019-01-27PRL Order of Golam Hossain Mojumder(G-505).HRMD2, Personal Letters
105262019-01-27Passport Approval of Md. Mostafizur Rahman Khan(M-2957).Khulna Division
105242019-01-24Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mahtab Al Rashedi(M-3272), DGM, CRM, Narayangonj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
105222019-01-24HRMD 1- 4091: Regarding Salary Fixation of BKB Drivers(Light Class License Holders) on 11th Grade.HRMD1
105202019-01-24Passport Approval of Shah Alam(S-1654).Barishal Division
105152019-01-24Charge Handover of Raunak Sad Ferdousi(R-628), DGM, RMD to Md. Amjad Hossain.RMD
105132019-01-24PRL Order of Bishwanath Das(B-216).HRMD2, Personal Letters
105102019-01-24PRL Order of M. D. Mofez Ali Hawlader(M-3016).HRMD2, Personal Letters
105082019-01-23HRMD 1-4071:Urgency Letter-Information About All Current & Retired Officers/ Empolyees.HRMD1
105062019-01-23PRL Order of Sunil Kumar Mondol(S-1251).HRMD2, Personal Letters
105012019-01-22Passport Approval of Md. Harunur Rashid(H-601).Barishal Division
104992019-01-22Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Shamal Kanti Chowdhury(S-1618).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104962019-01-22Passport Approval of Md. Amzad Hossain(A-6121), AGM, RMD.HRMD2
104942019-01-22Passport Approval of Md. Mozibur Rahman(M-3270), DGM(PRL), Audit-1.HRMD2
104922019-01-22Passport Approval of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM, Audit & Internal Control Division.HRMD2
104892019-01-22Passport Approval of Md. Ziaul Hasan(Z-501).HRMD1
104852019-01-22Passport Approval of Md. Masum Parvez(M-3571).HRMD2
104822019-01-21List of Primarily Selected Candidates & Viva Schedule for Driver Recruitment.Career, HRMD1
104772019-01-21HRMD 1-4022: Regarding Providing Information About All Pensioner Officers/ Empolyees.HRMD1
104752019-01-21PRL Order of Sahab Uddin Bhuiyan(S-939).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104732019-01-21Admin(MPD) Circular No-04/2019: Partial Reformation of Tender Opening & Evaluation Committee According to Public Procurement Rules-2008.MPD
104712019-01-21PRL Order of Md. Shahedul Alam(S-3425).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104662019-01-20Transfer order of AGM & SPO (2310(05)HRMD2
104642019-01-20Passport Approval of Mirza Hasanuzzaman(M-1322).Kushtia Division
104612019-01-17Regarding Name Changing of Zianagar Branch, Pirojpur to Indurkani Branch, Pirojpur.BCBD
104592019-01-17Passport Approval of Md. Abu Mahmud(M-3531).HRMD2
104572019-01-17Passport Approval of Md. Joynal Abedin(J-225).HRMD2
104552019-01-17HRMD 2- 2298(11): Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD2
104532019-01-17PRL Order of Shankar Chandra Roy(S-1464).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104502019-01-17Passport Approval of Bissojit roy(B-634).Sylhet Division
104482019-01-17Passport Approval of Sottendra Kishor Deb(S-2023).Sylhet Division
104462019-01-17ICT Division Circular No-01/2019: Regarding Increasing Price of MICR/ Non MICR Cheque Books.PROCUREMENT & EWTD
104442019-01-17Tour Schedule of Honorable Managing Director Md. Ali Hossain Prodhania for the Month of January/2019.MD Secretariat
104412019-01-17CAD 1-609: Regarding Sending Letter About Unclaimed Deposit According to Bank Company Act-1995 & BRPD Circular No-10/2018.CAD1
104382019-01-16Passport Approval of Sonjiban Sarkar(S-3223).Mymensingh Division
104362019-01-16Passport Approval of A.K.M Khalilur Rahman(K-700).Mymensingh Division
104312019-01-15Passport Approval of Jharna Rani Das(J-151).HRMD2
104292019-01-15Joining Letter of Rowshon Ara Akter Mobashera(R-1092),DGM, FRMD.FRMD, Personal Letters
104222019-01-15Joining Letter of Mohammad Monirul Islam(M-3200), DGM, BCBD.BCBD, Personal Letters
104252019-01-15Passport Approval of Md. Fazlul Haque(F-399).Khulna Division
104232019-01-15Passport Approval of Jhorna Parvin(J-678).Khulna Division
104202019-01-15Passport Approval of Ram Prasad Bishwas (R-1403).Khulna Division
104152019-01-15Passport Approval of Shishir Mondol (S-4398).Khulna Division
104162019-01-15Passport Approval of Bindaban Kumar Bishwas(B-660)HRMD2
104132019-01-15Passport Approval of Tapos Bos(T-492).Faridpur Division
104052019-01-15PRL Order of Md. Alauddin(A-6815).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104032019-01-15PRL Order of Raunak Sad Ferdousi(R-628).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104012019-01-14HRMD 2- 2251(7): Transfer Order of DGM & AGM.HRMD2
103992019-01-14Charge Handover to Mohammad Mainul Islam Khan(M-3509) & Joining as DGM(In Charge), ITDITD
103972019-01-14SME-182:Regarding Simplification of SME Loan Disbursement Process.SME
103952019-01-14PRL Order of Masuda Begum(M-946).HRMD2, Personal Letters
103932019-01-14Joining Letter of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM, Audit & Internal Control Division.HRMD2
103902019-01-13Joining Letter of Jafrul Hasan(J-621), DGM, SME.SME
103852019-01-13HRMD 2- 2236(02): Transfer Order, DGM.HRMD2
103832019-01-13PRL Order of Arbinda Kumar Sarker(A-6220).HRMD2, Personal Letters
103812019-01-13ICD-648(68)- Regarding Verification of Quarterly Operations Report(DCFCL) on 24 Articles.ICD
103792019-01-13PRL Order of Uttam Datta Chowdhury(U-58).HRMD2, Personal Letters
103772019-01-13HRMD2- 2231:Charge of DGM, Staff College to Muhammad Mazharul Islam (M-3510).HRMD2
103742019-01-13PRL Order of Md. Abdul Jabbar(A-3474).HRMD2, Personal Letters
103712019-01-13HRMD2- 2221:Additional Charge of DGM, SME to Jafrul Hasan (J-621), DGM,PCD.HRMD2
103692019-01-13Passport Approval of Md. Nurul Islam(N-1516).Dhaka Division
103662019-01-10Rumabi- 505: Determination of Loan Disbursement Target for January-December'2019 to Tk 10 Account Holders Under Financial Inclusion Scheme.RMCD
103642019-01-10Joining Letter of Lutfun Nahar Naz(L-229), DGM, HRMD 3.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103622019-01-10Charge Handover of Md. Mozibur Rahman Chowdhury(M-1671), DGM,SME to Sandha Rani Pal(S-3259).SME
103602019-01-10Charge Handover of Ahsan-Al-Rashid (A-4663), DGM, ITD to Jinat Shafin Wadud(J-472).ITD
103582019-01-10Appointment of Assistant Engineer(Civil).Career, HRMD1
103542019-01-10Admin Circular No-03/2019: Regarding Gazette for Change of 5 Districts English Names Spelling.HRMD2
103502019-01-10HRMD 2- 2213: Assignment of Additional Charge of DGM, FRMD to Rowshon Ara Akter Mobassera(R-1092), DGM, HRMD 4.HRMD2
103462019-01-09HRMD2-2201(10): Transfer Order AGM, SPO.HRMD2
103432019-01-09Passport Approval of Mohammad Kamrul Hossain(K-952).Cumilla Division
103412019-01-09PRL Order of Md. Mobarak Hossain(M-1246).HRMD2, Personal Letters
103392019-01-09PRL Order of Ahsan-Al-Rashid (A-4663), DGM, ITD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
103352019-01-09Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Dhaka Division.Dhaka Division
103332019-01-09Invitaion fo Tender for Printing & Supply of 8 Different Printable Items,PROCUREMENT & EWTD
103312019-01-09Invitation for Enlistment.ICT (Operation)
103272019-01-09Passport Approval of Mir Md. Rafi Uddin(R-1258).HRMD2
103252019-01-09HRMD3-1958(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103232019-01-09HRMD3-1957(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103212019-01-09HRMD3-1955(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103192019-01-09HRMD3-1941(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103172019-01-09HRMD3-1938(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103152019-01-09HRMD3-1937(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103132019-01-09HRMD3-1937(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103112019-01-09HRMD3-1929(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103092019-01-09HRMD3-1928(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103072019-01-09HRMD3-1927(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103052019-01-09HRMD3-1926(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103032019-01-09HRMD3-1925(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
102982019-01-09HRMD3-1930(9): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
102962019-01-08PRL Order of Md. Taslim Uddin(T-387), DGM, Cumilla Divison.HRMD2, Personal Letters
102942019-01-08Regarding Opening & Operating Non-Operation Current Collection Account of Prime Islami Life Insurance Limited.BCBD
102922019-01-08Joining Letter of Md. Mominul Islam Talukder (M-3256), DGM(In Charge), EWTD.EWTD, Personal Letters
102902019-01-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mostarin Khanam(M-3515).HRMD1, Personal Letters
102882019-01-07ICD-612(68)- Regarding Sending Quarterly Operations Report(DCFCL) on 24 Articles.ICD
102862019-01-07BCBD-1084- Minutes of 2nd Quarterly Integrity Committee Meeting (October,2018- December,2018)BCBD, National Integrity Strategy
102842019-01-07Joioning Letter of Md. Khorshed Anwar, DGM(In Charge), Procurement.Personal Letters, PROCUREMENT & EWTD
102812019-01-07Charge Handover of Md. Zahir Iqbal to Lutfun Nahar Naz, DGM, HRMD 3.HRMD2
102772019-01-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Moinul Islam(M-3508).HRMD2, Personal Letters
102752019-01-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Ahad Khan(A-7242).HRMD2, Personal Letters
102732019-01-07PRL Order of Md. Mozibur Rahman Chowdhury(M-1671), DGM, SME.HRMD2, Personal Letters
102702019-01-06PRL Order of Badal Krisna Kundu(B-84), DGM, Divisional Office, Barisal.HRMD2, Personal Letters
102672019-01-06RMCD-496: Disbursed Loan Recovery Given Under Swanirvar Bangladesh.RMCD
102652019-01-06PRL Order of Aporesh Chandra Das (A-3642).HRMD2, Personal Letters
102632019-01-06Charge Handover of Md. Liakat Ali,GM,LPO.LPO(GB)
102612019-01-06Joining Letter of Belal Uddin(B-595), DGM(Additional Duty), Reconciliation Department.RECONCILIATION
102592019-01-06Regarding Sending December/2018 Based Half-yearly Self Assessment of Anti Fraud Internal Controls Report.ICD
102552019-01-06MPD-106: Correction Distribution of Divisions/Offices for Honorable DMDs.MPD
102522019-01-06Regarding Changing School Banking Account Type into General Savings Account Type.BCBD
102502019-01-06HRMD 2: 2142- Transfer order of AGM and SPO(03.01.2019)HRMD2
102402019-01-03Transfer Order of GM & DGM /2141HRMD2
102382019-01-03Passport Approval of Sultan Ahmed(S-3546).Cumilla Division
102362019-01-03MPD-105: Regarding Distribution of Divisions/Offices for Honorable DMDs.Latest News, MPD
102342019-01-03Nomination For Foundation Training (Officer).STAFF COLLEGE
102322019-01-03PRL Order of Ferdous Ara Begum(F-271).HRMD2, Personal Letters
102302019-01-03Passport Approval of Ranjit Kumar Mondol(R-1212).HRMD1
102262019-01-03Charge Handover of Monir Uddin, DGM, Credit 1.CREDIT1
102232019-01-03Joining Letter of Monir Uddin (M-3158), DGM, LPO.LPO(GB), Personal Letters
102202019-01-02Passport Approval of Reboti Ray(R-1213).HRMD1
102182019-01-02Appointment notice for Assistant Engineer (Civil) 02-01-19.HRMD1
102162019-01-022nd Quarterly Meeting Minutes of CCC Held on 27-12-2018 to Prevent Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing.RMD
102142019-01-02Schedule for Participating on Driving Test for Selected Candidates.Career, HRMD1
102122019-01-02Admin Circular No-02/2019- Correction on Article 19(4th Line) of Service(Bank, Insurance, FI's) (Salary Allowances) Order, 2015.HRMD2
102102019-01-02Admin Circular No-01/2019- List of Admin Circulars & Circular Letters Issued by HRMD-2.HRMD2
102082019-01-02PRL Order of Md. Abul Kashem(A-6855).HRMD2, Personal Letters
102062019-01-02PRL Order of Manoz Kanti Acharjee(M-1445).HRMD2, Personal Letters
102042019-01-02Passport Approval of Utpal Ranjan Bhattachrja(U-64).Sylhet Division
102022019-01-02Passport Approval of Riti Bhowmick(R-561).Sylhet Division
101992019-01-02Advertisement for Downloading Admit Card for the Post of 'Senior officer (General) ' of 6 Banks Combined Recruitment.Career, HRMD1
101972019-01-02Regarding Sending December2018 Based Half-yearly Self Assessment of Anti Fraud Internal Controls Report to prevent Fraud-forgery.ICD
101952019-01-02Passport Approval of A. H. M. Mahabubul Alam, AGM, ICT(OP).HRMD2
101932019-01-01Joining Letter of Legal Adviser.LAW, Personal Letters
101912019-01-01PRL Order of Md. Sofi Uddin(S-3304).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101892019-01-01Passport Approval of Nadia Zaman Sruti(N-1694).HRMD1
101872019-01-01Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Kadir(A-6713).Sylhet Division
101822018-12-31PRL Order of Honorable GM Md. Liakat AliHRMD2, Personal Letters
101802018-12-31PRL Order of Honorable GM A.R.M. Salar-E JahanHRMD2, Personal Letters
101782018-12-31PRL Order of SPO Kanij Rasul(K-248)HRMD2, Personal Letters
101762018-12-31Transfer Order of DGM (2096)HRMD2
101732018-12-31PRL & Release Order of Honorable DMD Dr. Md. Liakat Hossain Moral.HRMD2, Personal Letters
101712018-12-31PRL Order of Honorable GM Nani Gopal DattaHRMD2, Personal Letters
101692018-12-31PRL Order of SPO Md. Bodi Uzzaman(B-339)HRMD2, Personal Letters
101672018-12-31Release Order of DGM Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-3213)BCBD, Personal Letters
101652018-12-31Promotion Order Officer to Senior Officer 3545HRMD1
101612018-12-27Branch security in holidaysBCBD
101592018-12-27Passport Approval of Nurun Nahar Shimul(N-1413).Dhaka Division
101572018-12-27Passport Approval of Sharmin Akter Shila (S-4081).Dhaka Division
101552018-12-27Regarding Refund of Military Pension Bill Without Proper Checking.LPO(GB)
101532018-12-27Supply, Installation & Implementation of Computer Hardware for Several Branches of Cumilla DivsionCumilla Division
101502018-12-27Joining Letter of Salara Jahan, GM, Loan Recovery Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
101472018-12-27Credit-1/06(2018)/18-19/399: Regarding Bangladesh Bank's 32nd detail inspection report implementation.CREDIT1
101452018-12-27Nomination for Foundation Training of Newly Recruited Officers.STAFF COLLEGE
101372018-12-26Regarding Declaration of Holiday on 30 December, 2018 for 11 National Parliament Election on Scheduled Banks.BCBD
101352018-12-26PRL Order of Md. Habibur Rahman(H-323).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101282018-12-24Passport Approval of Zinia Afrin(Z-467).HRMD1
101262018-12-24Regarding Selling of Bangladesh Cancer Society Hospital & Welfare Home Lottery Ticket-2018.BCBD
101242018-12-24HRMD 2-2047: Recruitment of ICT Consultant.Career, HRMD2
101222018-12-24Regarding Half Yearly Closing of Scheduled Banks on 27/12/2018.BCBD
101192018-12-24PRL Order of Md. Yunus Ali Akon(Y-81).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101172018-12-24Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 114 Branches.ICT (System)
101152018-12-24PRL Order of Irin Nasim(I-97).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101132018-12-24PRL Order of Gayanath Karmoker(G-163).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101112018-12-24PRL Order of Nazma Salam(N-1232).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101092018-12-24HRMD 2: 2041- Transfrer Order of GM.HRMD2
101072018-12-24HRMD 3: 1818(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
101052018-12-24HRMD 2- 2036: Regarding Assigning Charge of DGM, Sylhet Corporate Branch to Tapati Purkayosto(T-224).HRMD2
101032018-12-24Passport Approval of Sati Prasanna Datta(S-3775).HRMD2
101012018-12-24Passport Approval of Tarun Das Kundu(T-412).HRMD2
100972018-12-23Passport Approval of Ashfaqur Rahman(A-7308).HRMD2
100952018-12-23Passport Approval of Mansura Akter(M-3575)HRMD2
100932018-12-23HRMD 1-3490: Regarding Sending Interest Remission Application of House Building Advance.HRMD1
100912018-12-23Passport Approval of Shamim Rashid(S-4526).Cumilla Division
100892018-12-23Passport Approval of Md. Al Amin(A-7615).Khulna Division
100862018-12-23Passport Approval of Mohammad Ibrahim(I-294).HRMD2
100842018-12-23Passport Approval of Al Kamal Abdul Wahab(A-4150).Cumilla Division
100822018-12-23Passport Approval of Md. Shamsul Haque(S-3518).Cumilla Division
100802018-12-20Rescheduling of Agri LoanCREDIT1
100782018-12-20Passport Approval of Md. Monirul Hasan Bhuiyan (M-3864).Sylhet Division
100762018-12-20Credit 1- Circular Letter No-388(1100).CREDIT1
100742018-12-20PRL Order of Md. Abdus Sobhan(A-3865).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100722018-12-20PRL Order of Md. Mahbubur Rahman(M-3258), DGM, Procurement.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100692018-12-19PRL Order of Abu Bakar Siddique(A-2314).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100662018-12-19Operation & Planning Circular No-28: Regarding Price Determination Method of Mortgage Property against Bank Loan.CREDIT1
100642018-12-19Renovation Work of Shifting DAO & RAO office at GM & CRM Office, Sylhet.EED
100622018-12-19Passport Approval of Uttam Kumar Nath Majumder (U-74).Chattogram Division
100552018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Abul Kalam Bhuiyan(A-6725), DGM,VAD-2.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100532018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Abdul Malek(A-6722), DGM(Reconciliation).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100512018-12-18PRL Order of Suresh Chandra Pal(S-1447).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100492018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Rezauddoula Khan(R-1022).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100472018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1125), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100452018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Nazib-Ud-doula(N-1236), DAO(DGM), Comilla.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100432018-12-18PRL Order of Mohang Ali Ashraf, DAO(DGM), Dhaka.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100412018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Anwarul Islam(A-6101), DAO(DGM), Khulna.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100392018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Ainul Haque(A-3931).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100372018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Anwar Hossain(A-2955).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100352018-12-18Regarding Caution & Observation on Transaction for Upcoming National Parliament Election.RMD
100272018-12-17PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman(H-319).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100252018-12-17PRL Order of Kazi Omar Faruq(O-31).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100202018-12-17Regarding Preparation of 46th 31.12.2018 based Loan Classification List.LCD
100172018-12-17Passport Approval of Shahnaz Parvin(S-3632).Dhaka Division
100102018-12-13PRL Order of Md. Shahidul Islam (S-3395).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100082018-12-13Passport Approval of Ferdousi Rahman (F-754).HRMD1
100062018-12-13Passport Approval of Mahbuba Khatun (M-3692).HRMD1
100042018-12-13PRL Order of Syamol Kumar Khan (S-3186), Mohang Golam Sobhan (G-500), Khaleda Khanom(K-688).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100012018-12-13PRL Order of Tipu Sultan Gazi (T-359).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99992018-12-13PRL Order of Md. Murad Ali (M-1248).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99922018-12-12Regarding observing victory day on 16th December , 2018EWTD
99872018-12-12Passport Approval of Md. Abu Jafor Hawlader(A-4625), DGM, Acc-1.HRMD2
99852018-12-12PRL Order of Ratan Kumar Devnath (R-441).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99832018-12-12Rmd-1135: Sending information of customer for making central database.RMD
99762018-12-12BCBD-984: Preservation of Metal Coin According to DCM Circular No-12/2015.BCBD
99742018-12-12RMD-1128: Satisfactory Improvement of Branches Rating on Implementing Instructions to Prevent Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing.RMD
99702018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Jahangir Hossain(J-576).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99682018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Abdul Halim(A-6816).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99662018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Nuruzzaman Hawlader(N-867).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99642018-12-11PRL Order of Mir Bahauddin Ahmed(B-228).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99622018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam(A-6525).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99582018-12-11Planning & Operation Circular No-27: Inauguration of Remittance Transaction through EFT with Agrani Remittance House Pte. Ltd.FRMD
99552018-12-10Regarding Necessary Initiative Taking for Increasing Inter-bank Transaction through RTGS.TMD
99522018-12-09RMCD-390: Disbursed Loan Recovery Given Under Swanirvar Bangladesh.RMCD
99502018-12-09PRL Order of Md. Mofizul Islam(M-1507).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99482018-12-09Half Yearly Closing Circular-2018CAD1
99462018-12-09Passport Approval of Yasmin Akter(Y-185).HRMD1
99442018-12-09PRL Order of Md. Tofayel Ahommod(T-143).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99412018-12-06Passport Approval of Md. Amjad Hossain(A-3837).Khulna Division
99392018-12-06HRMD 3-1666(11): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
99372018-12-06HRMD 3-1667(10): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
99352018-12-06HRMD 3-1668(10): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
99312018-12-05Passport Approval of Shahnaz Parvin(S-4188).Kushtia Division
99292018-12-05PRL Order of Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-3213), DGM, BCBD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
99272018-12-05PRL Order of Md. Samsuddin(S-1435), DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
99252018-12-05Passport Approval of Rabeya Khatun(R-1385).Dhaka Division
99232018-12-05PRL Order of Diba Roy(D-155).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99212018-12-05PRL Order of Md. Mofizur Rahman Patwary(M-958).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99192018-12-05PRL Order of Taslim Uddin (T-165).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99172018-12-05Charge Handover & Release of Md. Mofizur Rahman(M-3099), DGM,PRD.PRD
99142018-12-04Tender Invitation for 5 Lac Saving Check Book Printing in 70 GSM Offset Papers.PROCUREMENT & EWTD
99112018-12-04BCBD:505-Regarding Lose of IO Receipt Pages.BCBD
99092018-12-04Regarding Adjustment of All Unbalanced Entries of Recoverable Head(131).CAD1
99062018-12-04HRMD 3-1310(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
99022018-12-04HRMD 3-1309(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
99032018-12-04HRMD 3-1326(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
98992018-12-04HRMD 3-1329(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
98982018-12-04HRMD 3-1330(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
98962018-12-04HRMD 3-1307(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
98942018-12-03HRMD2-1837 :Assignment of Additional Duty to A.K.M. Amirul Manzur (DGM, Secretariat) as DGM In charge of PRD.HRMD2
98922018-12-03CAD 2:1212-Special Student Scholarship (S.S.C-2018 & H.S.C-2018)CAD2
98902018-12-03CAD 2: 1211- Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.CAD2
98882018-12-03Regarding Sending Job Duration & Seniority List Related Papers of DGM's for Promotion on the Post of GM.HRMD2
98852018-12-02PRL Order of Md. Siddikur Rahman(S-1558).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98832018-12-02ICT(Systems)-776:Necessary Acts of Online Branches Regarding Half Yearly Closing-2018.ICT (System)
98812018-12-02HRMD 1: 3141-Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
98792018-12-02Passport Approval of Sirajul Islam(S-3367).Chattogram Division
98772018-12-02Passport Approval of Binay Kanti Chakma(B-606).Chattogram Division
98752018-12-02Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Bari(A-4046).Mymensingh Division
98732018-12-02Passport Approval of Md. Salah Uddin Ahmed Prodhan(S-3264).Dhaka Division
98712018-12-02Passport Approval of Md. Ali Arshad (A-4597).Dhaka Division
98682018-12-02ICD-509 : Regarding Implementation of 31 Meeting Minutes Held on 20.11.2018.ICD
98662018-12-02HRMD1:3231-Driver Recruitment: List of Primarily Selected Candidates on Written Test & Driving Test Schedule.Career, HRMD1
98642018-11-29PRL Order of Mohammad Alauddin(A-6683).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98602018-11-29PRL Order of Md. Nurul Amin(n-575).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98582018-11-29PRL Order of Md. Taslim Hossain(T-396).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98562018-11-29PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan Jomaddar(S-3114).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98502018-11-29PRL Order of Mohammad Jamal Uddin(J-634), DGM, Divisional Office, Chittagong.HRMD2, Personal Letters
98482018-11-29PRL Order of Ranjit Kumar Mondol(R-356).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98462018-11-28Supply & Installation Thai Glass Partition & Tempered Door with at Treasury Management Department.EED
98442018-11-28PRL Order of Obayed Ullah(O-44).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98422018-11-28PRL Order of Din Mohammad(D-110).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98402018-11-28PRL Order of MD. Shahidul Islam(S-3254).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98352018-11-28Appointment of Officer(Cash).Career, HRMD1
98332018-11-28Promotion Order Peon to Daptori.HRMD1
98312018-11-28Promotion Order Daptori to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1
98292018-11-28Promotion Order Data Entry/Control Operator to Data Entry Supervisor.HRMD1
98272018-11-27Regarding Compliance of Firearms License Supply, Renewal & Use Policy-2016.PROCUREMENT & EWTD
98252018-11-27Regarding Postponing Foundation Training of Newly Recruited Data Entry/ Control Operator.STAFF COLLEGE
98232018-11-27PRL Order of Farida Siddika(F-631), DGM, Dhaka Divisional Office.HRMD2, Personal Letters
98212018-11-27Passport Approval of Dhurrubajoti Chakma(D-229).Chattogram Division
98192018-11-27Passport Approval of Dilip Kumar Datta(D-448).Cumilla Division
98172018-11-27Passport Approval of Md. Jahangir Hossain(J-576).HRMD2
98152018-11-27Passport Approval of Md. Abdullah (A-6410).HRMD2
98122018-11-26Passport Approval of Md. Harunur Rashid(H-835).HRMD2
98102018-11-26Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Zabbar(A-3474).HRMD2
98082018-11-26PRL Order of Abdul Qaiyum(A-6568).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98062018-11-26PRL Order of Md. Mofizur Rahman,DGM, PRD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
98042018-11-26Passport Approval of Santosh Kumar Dewan(S-1970).Chattogram Division
98022018-11-26Tender for Renting Micro-bus(Duel AC) on Monthly Basis for DGMs' & AGMs'.EWTD
97992018-11-26Regarding Taking Necessary Steps to Prevent Circulation of Fake Notes.BCBD
97972018-11-26Regarding Sending Scheduled Banks Branch-wise Monthly Balance Statement of Metal Coins.BCBD
97952018-11-26Regarding Submission of November/18 & December/18 CTR.RMD
97932018-11-26Planning & Operation Circular No-26/2018: Guidelines on Internal Credit Risk Rating System for Banks.CREDIT1
97902018-11-26Passport Approval of Rita Dhar(R-1000).HRMD2, Uncategorized
97832018-11-26Regarding Providing Loan-Defaulter Related Information for 11th National Parliament Election.BCBD
97812018-11-26Regarding Implementation & Compliance on Improvement of CAMELS Rating & Risk Management Rating Values up to Satisfactory Level According to Board Risk Management Meeting.RMD
97782018-11-26Regarding Recommencement of Pension.HRMD4
97762018-11-26Passport Approval of Masuda Akter Khanam(M-1709).Mymensingh Division
97742018-11-25Nomination for Foundation Training (Data Entry/Control Operator).STAFF COLLEGE
97692018-11-22BCBD: 886(1250): Regarding Losing Debit & Transfer Voucher.BCBD
97672018-11-22Advertisement for downloading admit card for the post of 'Assistant Maintenance Engineer/Hardware Engineer/Assistant Engineer (IT)' of 5 Banks.Career, HRMD1
97652018-11-22PRL Order of Mohammad Shahadat Hossain Akhon(S-1367).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97632018-11-22HRMD 1: 3005-Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
97612018-11-22PRL Order of Imtiaz Khan(I-301).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97582018-11-22Passport Approval of Md. Baktiar Uddin(B-267).Chattogram Division
97552018-11-22Passport Approval of Darshak Barua(D-451).Chattogram Division
97532018-11-22Passport Approval of Paritosh Barua(P-152).Chattogram Division
97512018-11-22Passport Approval of Khamesh Barua(K-401).Chattogram Division
97472018-11-20Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Ahad Khan(A-7242).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97452018-11-20PRL Order of Marufa Banu(M-725).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97432018-11-20PRL Order of Md. Humayun Kabir(H-487).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97412018-11-20PRL Order of Arun Kanti Talukder(A-2370).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97372018-11-20BCBD-864: Regarding Print & Supply of Specimen Signatures of BKB Officers.BCBD
97342018-11-20HRMD2-1641 :Assignment of Additional Duty to Dinesh Chandra Biswas (DGM, LCD) as DGM In charge of RSD.HRMD2
97242018-11-19PRL Order of A.K.M. Samsul Alam(S-805).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97222018-11-19PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-1001), DGM, RSD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
97192018-11-18Passport Approval of Ajay Kumar Ray(A-6763).HRMD2
97172018-11-18Passport Approval of Md. Zahirul Alam(Z-135).HRMD2
97152018-11-18HRMD 3-1390(10): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
97132018-11-18HRMD 3-1489(10): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
97112018-11-18HRMD 3-1488(9): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
97072018-11-18Passport Approval of S.M. Harun Mia(H-614).Kushtia Division
97052018-11-18Passport Approval of Md. Akhter Hossain (A-5031).Kushtia Division
97032018-11-18Passport Approval of Md. Anwar Hossain(A-3532).Barishal Division
96992018-11-15PRL Order of Sheikh Md. Delwar Hossain(D-406).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96972018-11-15Regarding Opening Sub-head for Carrying Out Service Charge Expenditure of Using Bangladesh Election Commission's Database Information.CAD1
96952018-11-15Advertisement for Downloading Admit Card for the Post of 'Assistant Programmer' of 3 Banks (SBL, RBL & BKB) .Career, HRMD1
96822018-11-15Passport(Renewal) Approval of Mohammad Jahangir Alam(J-789).Chattogram Division
96712018-11-15PRL Order of Md. Mosharrof Hossain Talukder(M-3152).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96682018-11-15Ex- Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Nazrul Islam (N-1426).HRMD1, Personal Letters
96652018-11-15Officer to Senior Officer Promotion Order.HRMD1
96632018-11-14PRL Order of Md. Ahidul Haq(A-6352), DGM, DAO, Mymensingh.HRMD2, Personal Letters
96612018-11-14PRL Order of Azaharul Islam Mia(A-4060), DGM, DAO, Sylhet.HRMD2, Personal Letters
96592018-11-14PRL Order of Md. Salah Uddin(S-3374), DGM, DAO, Chittagong.HRMD2, Personal Letters
96572018-11-14Passport Approval of Ahommod Aman(A-7299)HRMD2
96552018-11-14Passport Approval of Rokeya Parvin(R-1206).HRMD1
96532018-11-14Passport Approval of Delwara Begum(D-121).Cumilla Division
96492018-11-13Regarding Formation of Customer Serivce & Complain Cell at Regional & Branch Level.VSD
96452018-11-12Admin Circular No- 15/2018: Regarding Reinstatement of Pension.HRMD2
96432018-11-12Release Order of Shyamal Kanti Chowdhury (S-1618).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96372018-11-11Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Hai Jamali(A-6511).Mymensingh Division
96332018-11-11Circular Letter No: 01/457(1250): Deduction of Classified Loan according to Law of Ortho Rin Adalat, 2003LAW
96312018-11-11HRMD-1488 :Assignment of Additional Duty to Md. Azizul Bari(GM, Admin) as GM In charge of LPO.HRMD2
96292018-11-11Loan Disbursement Program for Potato Seed Production among Contracted Farmers of BADC.CREDIT1
96272018-11-11PRL Order of Engr. Md. Shahidul Islam(S-3515), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal Letters
96252018-11-11PRL Order of Nazir Ahmed(N-1270), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal Letters
96232018-11-11Passport Approval of Md. Hafizul Islam(H-472).Mymensingh Division
96192018-11-08Transfer Order SPO 1446HRMD2
96172018-11-08Ex Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rajib Saha(R-1404).HRMD1, Personal Letters
96152018-11-08Ex Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abdus Samad(S-3777).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96122018-11-08RMCD: Regarding Recovery of Disbursed Loan under Swanirvor Project Recommended by Swanirvor Bangladesh.RMCD
96102018-11-08PRL Order of Md. Amirul Islam(A-6151).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96082018-11-08PRL Order of Rakibul Hasan(R-1052).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96062018-11-08Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Taslim Uddin(T-387), DGM, Comilla Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
96042018-11-08Passport Approval of Ahammad Ali(A-7539).Dhaka Division
96002018-11-08Passport Approval of Mizanur Rahman(M-1135).Faridpur Division
95982018-11-08Passport Approval of Md. Hanif Mia(H-888).HRMD1
95962018-11-07HRMD3-1345: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95942018-11-07HRMD3-1344: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95922018-11-07HRMD3-1331: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95902018-11-07HRMD 3-1328: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95882018-11-07HRMD 3-1327:Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95862018-11-07HRMD3-1308: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95842018-11-07Division-wise SME Loan Disbursement & Recovery Achievement on FY 2018-19 Against Target.SME
95822018-11-07Written Exam schedule & Seat Plan for the Post of Officer (Cash) Combined of 3 Banks(Corrected).Career, HRMD1
95772018-11-06Credit 1- 306(1100): Regarding Fixing Prize of Tractor.CREDIT1
95622018-11-06HRMD 2- 1457: Regarding Assigning Charge of AGM to Juwela Khatun(J-233).HRMD2
95582018-11-05Written Exam schedule for the Post of Officer (Cash) Combined of 3 BanksCareer, HRMD1
95502018-11-04PRL Order of Mohammad Abdul Jabbar(A-6057).HRMD2, Personal Letters
95482018-11-04PRL Order of Mariam Khatun (M-1081).HRMD2, Personal Letters
95452018-11-04Passport Approval of Umma Aklima (U-100).HRMD1
95432018-11-04Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Bahram Sarnakar (B-306).HRMD2, Personal Letters
95412018-11-04Written Exam Schedule & Center for Recruitment on the Post of Driver.Career, HRMD1
95382018-11-04HRMD 3: 1312(7): Punishment Order .HRMD3, Personal Letters
95352018-11-04HRMD 3: 1293(7): Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95332018-11-04Passport Approval of Aparna Rani Nath Bhowmick(A-6974).Cumilla Division
95272018-11-04Circular Letter No- 294: Regarding Compliance of Previously Imposed Rules on Loan Renewal Proposals.CREDIT1
95252018-11-04Planning & Operation Circular No:23/2018- Credit Policy & Guideline for Farm Mechanization.CREDIT1
95202018-11-01Transfer Order of DGM , AGM & SPODepartment/Division, HRMD2
95132018-11-01PRL Order of Md. Abu Newaz Sarowar Siddiqui(S-3321), DGM, Comilla.HRMD2, Personal Letters
95112018-11-01Passport Approval of Md. Abul Kalam Azad (A-6983).Mymensingh Division
95092018-11-01Passport Approval of Tapan Kumar Ghosh (T-289).Khulna Division
95072018-11-01Passport Approval of Nironjon Kumar Ray(N-1126).Khulna Division
95052018-11-01Passport Approval of Md. Farid Mia (F-305).Khulna Division
95032018-11-01Passport Approval of Syed Insan Uddin(I-792).Khulna Division
95012018-11-01Passport Approval of Muhammod Alamgir Hossain (A-7514).Khulna Division
94972018-11-01Promotion Order Supervisor/Cashier to Officer.HRMD1
94952018-10-31Passport Approval of Md. Selim Uddin (S-3363).Chattogram Division
94932018-10-31Circular regarding downloading the admit card for the post of Officer (Cash) of 5 Banks.Career, HRMD1
94912018-10-31CL-24/18-18/214: Regarding Deposit Collection, Loan Disbursement & target achievement.LCD
94892018-10-31CL-1/2018-19/213: Regarding Loan Classification & Provisioning regulations.LCD
94872018-10-31Passport Approval of Md. Mozaffor Molla (M-1396).Faridpur Division
94852018-10-31Passport Approval of Ram Prashad Ghose (R-629).HRMD2
94832018-10-31PRL Order of Shyamol Kanti Chowdhury (S-1618).HRMD2, Personal Letters
94802018-10-31Passport Approval of Md. Nazmul Alam (N-1567).Mymensingh Division
94742018-10-30Office Memorandum-1480.HRMD4
94712018-10-30Passport Approval of Sheikh Md. Masudur Rahman (M-1598).HRMD1
94692018-10-30Passport Approval of Uttam Kumar Pal (U-102).Barishal Division
94672018-10-30Passport Approval of A.H.M. Mahbubul Baset Bhuyan (M-3528).HRMD1
94632018-10-30Passport Approval of Md. Modacher Hossain (M-1650).HRMD1
94642018-10-30Appointment of Civil EngineersHRMD1
94612018-10-30Passport Approval of Md. A. Aziz Shikder (A-4290).Barishal Division
94592018-10-30Passport Approval of Md. Yunus Mia (Y-73).Barishal Division
94572018-10-30Passport Approval of Shahida Begum (S-3120).Barishal Division
94552018-10-30PRL Order of Md. Shafiqul Islam (S-1619).HRMD2, Personal Letters
94532018-10-29Invitation for auction of Motorgari.EWTD
94512018-10-29Regarding Generator purchase for branches of BKB.EED
94492018-10-29Invitation for Tender for Motorgari.EWTD
94472018-10-29Passport Approval of Jebun Nesa (J-415).Mymensingh Division
94452018-10-28BCBD-718: Regarding Issuing Permission Letter for Noakhali Bazar Branch, Sunamganj.BCBD
94432018-10-28Abroad Leave Permission of Tasif Tanha Chowdhury (T-468).HRMD1, Personal Letters
94412018-10-28PRL Order of Milan Kanti Bishwas (M-3278), DGM, Chittagong Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
94372018-10-28Tour Schedule of Honorable Managing Director Mr. Md. Ali Hossain Prodhania for the month of October-December/2018.MD Secretariat
94352018-10-28HRMD 1: 2640(371)- Viva Schedule for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1
94322018-10-28Passport Approval of Honorable DMD, Liakat Hossain Moral (L-101).HRMD2
94302018-10-28Passport Approval of Md. Abdus Salam (A-3820).Barishal Division
94282018-10-25Joining Letter of Md. Monir Uddin (M-3158), DGM, Credit 2 (Additional Duty).CREDIT2
94262018-10-25Passport Approval of Prodyut Kumar Das (P-365).Kushtia Division
94242018-10-25Passport Approval of Md. Farid Mia (F-305).Sylhet Division
94222018-10-25Passport Approval of Md. Sazidur Rahman (S-3012).Sylhet Division
94192018-10-25HRMD 2 - 1144: Transfer order of AGM, SPO (24-10-18).HRMD2
94162018-10-24Assignment of Additional Duty to Paresh Chandra Sarker & Monir Uddin, DGM.HRMD2
94102018-10-24Passport Approval of Z.M. Golam Motakabber Jahangir(M-3063).HRMD1
94062018-10-24PRL Order of Ramesh Chandra Baral (R-1036).HRMD2, Personal Letters
94042018-10-24Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Jasim Uddin (J-637).HRMD2, Personal Letters
94002018-10-23Nomination for Foundation Training(12 Officers).STAFF COLLEGE
93982018-10-23Regarding Following Proper Instructions on Forwarding Government/ Personal Purpose Abroad Tour Proposals. .HRMD2
93942018-10-22Passport Approval of Md. Abdur Rezzak (A-4172).Cumilla Division
93922018-10-22HRMD 2- 1123: Pay Fixation of Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-1543), DGM.HRMD2
93892018-10-22HRMD 1: 2546- Transfer Order(Officer).HRMD1
93872018-10-22Recruitment of Legal Adviser (Full-time).Career, HRMD2
93842018-10-22PRL Order of Md. Nuruzzaman, DMD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
93822018-10-22Passport Approval of Debasish Mitra (D-561).Sylhet Division
93772018-10-21PRL Order of S.M. Mushfiqur Rahman (M-852).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93742018-10-21BCBD : FPAB Lottery Ticket-2018.BCBD
93712018-10-18Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1 Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 84 Branches for 24 Months.ICT (System)
93672018-10-18HRMD1 : 2504- Officer's Performance for Promotion Purpose.HRMD1
93652018-10-18Passport Approval of A.F.M. Shahidul Islam (S-3868).Sylhet Division
93632018-10-18PRL Order of Md. Mohiuddin Chowdhury (M-1151).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93612018-10-18PRL Order of Md. Iskandar Ali Shikder (I-286).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93592018-10-18Passport Approval of Shamal Kanti Chowdhury (S-1618).HRMD2
93572018-10-18BCBD: 674(1250)- Regarding Change of Telephone No. of Shamoli Branch.BCBD
93542018-10-18Passport Approval of Bibi Rahima (R-1462)Dhaka Division
93522018-10-18Charge Handover & Release Order of Md. Mamunur Rashid (M-3665), DGM, ICT Systems, Card & Mobile Banking Department.ICT (System)
93492018-10-18Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Enamul Hossain (E-347).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93472018-10-18HRMD 1: 2476(26)- Promotion Order SO to PO.HRMD1
93452018-10-17CAD 1: 374(1250)- Regarding Sending Information about Dormant Accounts according to Bank Company Act-1991 & BRPD Circular-10/2018.CAD1
93432018-10-17Passport Approval of Md. Abul Bashar (A-2061).HRMD1
93412018-10-17PRL Order of Md. Wahid Murad(W-52).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93392018-10-17CAD 1: 377(1250)- Letter about new Source tax Information.CAD1
93372018-10-17HRMD 3: 1005(7)- Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
93352018-10-17HRMD 3: 1006(8): Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
93322018-10-17HRMD 2- 1078: Humanitarian Help.HRMD2
93302018-10-17CAD 2: PF Index of Officer(Cash)CAD2
93272018-10-16Nomination for Foundation Training (Officer)STAFF COLLEGE
93242018-10-16HRMD 2-1070: Pay Fixation of DGM.HRMD2
93192018-10-16Passport Approval of Shahana Nasrin (S-3998).Dhaka Division
93172018-10-16Passport Approval of Ashik Ahmed Siddiqui(A-7607).Kushtia Division
93152018-10-16Passport Approval of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-1079) (updated).Mymensingh Division
93112018-10-15Recruitment for the post of Senior Officer(General) of Combined (8 Banks).Career, HRMD1
93092018-10-15PRL Order of Ramesh Chandra Halder(R-490).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93072018-10-15ICT/Cyber/2(63)/2018-19/480: Regarding Implementation of Honorable MD Sir's Instructions on Facing Emerging Cyber Security Risk on Banking Sector.ICT (System), ICT Guidelines
93052018-10-15HRMD 1- 2432: Promotion Order PO to SPO.HRMD1
93032018-10-15PRL Order of Amirul Hasan(A-5963).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93012018-10-15PRL Order of Md. Abdur Rashid Akand (A-2698).HRMD2, Personal Letters
92982018-10-15HRMD 2- 1051: Regarding Assigning Charge of DGM, ICT(Systems) Department.HRMD2, ICT (System)
92962018-10-15Joining Letter of Engr. Shahidul Islam ,DGM, Staff College.Personal Letters, STAFF COLLEGE
92922018-10-14Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Mofizul Islam (M-3209), DGM(PRL), Audit-2.HRMD2, Personal Letters
92882018-10-14PRL Order of Md. Shafiqul Islam(S-995).HRMD2, Personal Letters
92862018-10-14Passport Approval of Mohammad Ruhul Amin(R-1401).Dhaka Division
92842018-10-14Passport Approval of Ashik Ferdous(A-7828).Dhaka Division
92812018-10-14Passport Approval of Pronobesh Bishwas(P-377)Khulna Division
92802018-10-14Charge Handover & Release of Mohammad Faruquzzaman (F-559), DGM, Staff College.STAFF COLLEGE
92752018-10-14Nomination fro Foundation Training.STAFF COLLEGE
92732018-10-14HRMD 2: 1027- Pay Fixation of DGM.HRMD2
92652018-10-11Supervisor/cashier's performance statement for promotion purposeHRMD1
92622018-10-11PF Index of Newly Recruited Senior Officer, Officer, Officer(Cash), Data Entry Control Operator & Electrician.CAD2
92592018-10-11PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman(H-735).HRMD2, Personal Letters
92572018-10-11PRL Order of Ajit Kumar Halder(A-6822).HRMD2, Personal Letters
92552018-10-11HRMD 2: 1018- Charge Handover of DGM, VSD.HRMD2
92522018-10-10HRMD 2:1010- Transfer Order DGM,AGM.HRMD2
92492018-10-10HRMD 1: 2367- Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
92472018-10-10Passport Approval of J.M. Fouzi (F-561).Khulna Division
92452018-10-10Passport Approval of Md. Johor Ali(J-798).Khulna Division
92432018-10-10Passport Approval of Jinia Afrin Liza(J-816).Khulna Division
92412018-10-10Passport Approval of Chayan Mondol(C-130).Khulna Division
92392018-10-10Passport Approval of Rifat Nasrin(R-1317).Chattogram Division
92362018-10-10Passport Approval of Md. Hasan(H-985).Chattogram Division
92342018-10-10Passport Approval of S.M.Aminul Islam(A-5047).Khulna Division
92322018-10-10Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ruhul Amin(R-1245).HRMD2, Personal Letters
92272018-10-09Regarding Nomination for Training on Collateral Information System.STAFF COLLEGE
92252018-10-09Passport Approval of Kamal Kanti Chakma (K-405).Chattogram Division
92232018-10-09Passport Approval of Md. Solaiman (S-1748).HRMD2
92212018-10-09Passport Approval of Md. Ahidul Haque(A-6352), DGM, Mymensingh Division.HRMD2
92192018-10-09Planning & Operation Circular No.-04: Recordnotes of BB AD Forum 19th Meeting.ITD
92172018-10-09Passport Approval of Md. Shamsul Alam(S-3329).Cumilla Division
92152018-10-09PRL Order of Md. Formuzol Haque (F-853).HRMD2, Personal Letters
92132018-10-09Passport Approval of Md. Iftekhar Hossain (I-82).Mymensingh Division
92112018-10-09Integrity Award Giving Ceremony 2017 & WorkshopBCBD
92062018-10-09Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Dedicated Broadband & Data Connectivity as Secondary Connectivity for 14 Branches.ICT (System)
92042018-10-08promotion VIVA schedule for SO to POHRMD1
91982018-10-08Promotion VIVA schedule for PO to SPOHRMD1
91942018-10-08HRMD 2-966: Transfer Order of AGM, SPO.HRMD2
91922018-10-08Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rita Dhar (R-1000).HRMD2, Personal Letters
91902018-10-08Regarding Formation of Committee for Tender Opening & Evaluation through E-tendering.MPD
91862018-10-08PRL Order of Mohammad Farukuzzaman (F-559), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal Letters
91842018-10-08HRMD 2-955:Transfer Order of SPO.HRMD2
91822018-10-08PRL Order of Md. Golam Mostafa Khan(G-224), DGM, EED.HRMD2, Personal Letters
91802018-10-08PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1007), DGM, Credit-2HRMD2, Personal Letters
91782018-10-08PRL Order of Mirza Arifuzzaman(A-6104), DGM, RMCD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
91762018-10-08Joining of Md. Shahidul Islam (S-1485), GM after Ex-Bangladesh Earned Leave.HRMD2, Personal Letters
91732018-10-07EED- 210(68): Regarding Purchase of Generator for Uninterrupted Power Supply to All Branches.EED
91712018-10-07HRMD 2- 937 : Pay Fixation of Newly Promoted DGMs'.HRMD2
91652018-10-07Passport Approval of Md. Rakibul Islam (R-1309).Khulna Division
91632018-10-07PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam (A-2108).HRMD2, Personal Letters
91602018-10-04Passport Approval of A.K.M. Jahangir (J-827).Mymensingh Division
91582018-10-04PRL Order of Syed Mohammad Jakir Hossain(S-1006), DGM, VSD.Personal Letters, VSD
91552018-10-04TMD-289: Regarding RTGS Transaction Increase.TMD
91532018-10-04RMCD-221: Disbursed Loan Recovery Under Recommendation of Swanirvar Bangladesh.RMCD
91472018-10-03MCQ Test Time Schedule & Center List for the Post of Officer (Cash) Combined of 3 Banks.Career, HRMD1
91452018-10-03CAD 1-324: Regarding Opening Sub Head for Remittance Exchange with Agrani Remittance House Pte Ltd, Singapopre.CAD1
91432018-10-03PRL Order of Ranjit Kumar Bhattacharya (R-309).HRMD2, Personal Letters
91402018-10-03Joining Letter of Ahsan-aL-Rashid, DGM, ITD.ITD, Personal Letters
91382018-10-03PRL Order of Md. Abdul Hai Bhiyan(A-4262).HRMD2, Personal Letters
91362018-10-03Passport Approval of Bikash Dominic Costa (B-680).HRMD1
91342018-10-03Passport Approval of Md. Salahuddin Ahmed Prodhan (S-3264).Dhaka Division
91322018-10-03Joining Letter of Mirza Arifuzzaman (A-6104), DGM, RMCDPersonal Letters, RMCD
91292018-10-03Relase Order of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharjee, GM, ICT.HRMD2, Personal Letters
91272018-10-03Planning & Operation Circular No-22/2018: Regulations for Loan Sanction & Extension over Tk 2 Crore.CREDIT1
91252018-10-02ICT Circular No- 03/2018: Bangladesh Krishi Bank "Information Technology Property- User Manual".ICT (System), ICT Guidelines
91232018-10-02Adjustment of All Unadjusted Entry of Receivable Head (131).CAD1
91212018-10-02Passport Approval of Md. Shahjahan Mia (S-4001).Dhaka Division
91192018-10-02Passport Approval of Mahbub Alam (M-3884).Dhaka Division
91172018-10-02Passport Approval of Pabitra Kumar Sarker (P-129).Faridpur Division
91142018-10-01HRMD 2- 894(2) : Transfer Order AGM & SPO.HRMD2
91122018-10-01CAD 2-743: Karmachari Kalyan TahobilCAD2
91102018-10-01SME: 72(1250)- DGM's Charge Handover.SME
91062018-09-30HRMD -02- 882(9): Transfer Order- DGM, AGM.HRMD2
91032018-09-30Passport Approval of Sadekur Rahman (S-1256).HRMD2
90982018-09-30Passport Approval of Md. Ali Hossain (A-2046).Dhaka Division
90962018-09-30Passport Approval of Monir Uddin (M-3158), DGM, Credit-1.HRMD2
90942018-09-30Credtit Circular- 211: Regarding Loan Processing/Recommendation/Sanction/ Time on Different LevelsCREDIT1
90922018-09-30Accounts Circular No-12/2018: FDR Interest Rate Re-fixation.TMD
90882018-09-27Promotion Order from SPO to AGM (866)HRMD2
90852018-09-27Passport Approval of Pronoy Chowdhury (P-303).Chattogram Division
90832018-09-27Passport Approval of Ramjan Ali Mia (R-972).Faridpur Division
90812018-09-27Passport Approval of Mohammod Nazmul Hasan (N-1495).Mymensingh Division
90782018-09-27Charge Handover of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharjee, (GM, ICT) to Md. Azizul Bari (GM, Admin).HRMD2
90752018-09-26Passport Approval of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharjee (D-217), GM(PRL), ICT.HRMD2
90732018-09-26ICD- 268(14) : Regarding Implementation of 30 Meeting Minutes Held on 11.09.2018.ICD
90712018-09-26ICD- 267(58) : Regarding Implementation of 30 Meeting Minutes Held on 11.09.2018.ICD
90702018-09-26Regarding Innovation Idea (Reminder-2).ICT (Operation)
90682018-09-26Passport Approval of Sanjib Kumar Saha (S-4416).Mymensingh Division
90642018-09-25Recruitment of Legal Adviser (Full-time).Career, HRMD2
90612018-09-25Passport Approval of Asim Barua (A-7246).Chattogram Division
90592018-09-25Passport Approval of Minu Maya Dey (M-3194).Chattogram Division
90552018-09-24Passport Approval of Fulchan Robidash (F-751).Kushtia Division
90532018-09-24Passport Approval of Rezaul Kabir Khan (R-718).Kushtia Division
90512018-09-24Ex- Bangladesh Leave Permission of Diba Roy (D-155).HRMD2, Personal Letters
90482018-09-24Ex Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ashim Bhushan Kundu(A-6333).HRMD2, Personal Letters
90402018-09-24Joining Letter of Md. Mojibur Rahman Chowdhury(M-1671), DGM, SME.SME
90372018-09-24VSD: 137- DGM's Charge Handover.VSD
90352018-09-23Promotion Order AGM to DGMHRMD2
90322018-09-23CAD 1 : 274- Regarding Opening Sub-Heads.CAD1
90302018-09-23Passport Approval of S.M. Mahmudul Haque (M-2263).Khulna Division
90262018-09-23HRMD 2: 826- Transfer Order (SPO).HRMD2
90232018-09-20Passport Approval of Debasish Kumar Datta (D-539).Dhaka Division
90212018-09-20Passport Approval of Mohammad Ali (M-1106).Dhaka Division
90192018-09-20Regarding Nomination for Independence Award- 2019HRMD2
90172018-09-20PRL Order of Md. Nurul Absar (N-541).HRMD2, Personal Letters
90152018-09-20Passport Approval of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-3213), DGM, BCBD.HRMD2
90112018-09-19PRL Order of Sultana Farida Khatun(S-3225), DGM, RMCD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
90082018-09-19Invitation of Tenders for Printing Wall Calendar 2019.PROCUREMENT & EWTD
90062018-09-19Passport Approval of Md. Masudur Rouf (M-2856).Kushtia Division
90042018-09-19Regarding Sending Branch wise Updated Cash Vault Limit.TMD
90012018-09-19Circular Letter No: 03/2018: Overdue Bill of Entry & EXP Information.ITD
89992018-09-19ICD-249: 30th Meeting Minutes Held on 11-09-2018.ICD
89962018-09-19HRMD 2 : 789- Regarding Interview for Promotion from the post of AGM to DGM & SPO to AGM .HRMD2
89942018-09-18Hand Over of Responsibilities(786)HRMD2
89922018-09-18Transfer Order of SPO(793)HRMD2
89902018-09-18Credit Circular No- 201(1250) : Regarding Taking Effective Initiative for Increasing Loans on Field Levels.CREDIT1
89882018-09-18PRL Order of Mohammad Abbas Ali (A-2390).HRMD3, Personal Letters
89862018-09-18Passpoprt Approval of Ahammad Ali (A-7539).Dhaka Division
89842018-09-18PRL Order of Md. Shamsul Haque(S-2009).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89822018-09-18PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1147).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89782018-09-18PRL Order of Muhammad Shamsul Islam (S-3417), DGM, Sylhet Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
89762018-09-18PRL Order of Md. Bahauddin Khan (B-234).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89742018-09-18HRMD 3: 4372(7)- Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
89722018-09-18HRMD 3: 23(7)- Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
89702018-09-18HRMD 3: 4369(7)- Punishment Order.HRMD3
89682018-09-18HRMD 3: 4370(8)- Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
89642018-09-18PRL Order of A.S.M. Abdul Ohab Akon (A-2863).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89602018-09-17Passport Approval of Md. Sirajul Islam (S-2029).Dhaka Division
89582018-09-17Passport Approval of Swarupa Das (S-4373).Dhaka Division
89562018-09-17Charge Handover to Md. Jahir Iqbal, DGM.HRMD3
89542018-09-17Passport Approval of Mohammad Mohsin(M-1873), AGM.HRMD2
89522018-09-17BCBD-540: Promoter's ListBCBD
89502018-09-17PRL Order of Sukomol Saha (S-1192).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89462018-09-17Tour Schedule of Honorable MD Sir September 2018MD Secretariat
89442018-09-16PRL Order of A.N.K. Nizam Uddin (N-599).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89422018-09-16HRMD 2: 767-Transfer Order (SPO).HRMD2
89402018-09-16Additional Duty Allotment to Md. Jahir Iqbal, DGM, HRMD-2.HRMD2
89382018-09-16Passport Approval of Md. Hafizur Rahman (H-319),HRMD2
89372018-09-16BKB Integrity Award 2016-2017BCBD
89312018-09-16Regarding Name Changing of "Ichapura Bazar Branch, Narayanganj" to "Purbachol Branch, Narayanganj".BCBD
89292018-09-16Passport Approval of Shahinur Suktana (S-4539).HRMD1
89272018-09-16Passport Approval of Anowara Begum (A-7835).HRMD1
89252018-09-13Viva Schedule for Promotion from SPO to AGM.HRMD2
89212018-09-13Viva Schedule for Promotion from AGM to DGM.HRMD2
89192018-09-13Construction of Gypsum Board Ceiling with LED Louver Shade with All Accessories at Ground Floor & 1st Floor(LPO) of BKB, HO.EED
89172018-09-13Ex Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Shahidul Islam(S-3515), DGM, Divisional Office, Khulna.HRMD2, Personal Letters
89152018-09-13BCBD- 512(1250): Double Profit Scheme (6 Year) on 12.25% Rate.BCBD
89132018-09-13Passport Approval of A. H. M. Kamal Uddin (K-428).HRMD1
89112018-09-13Passport Approval of Khairunnesa Ahmed(K-354), DGM(PRL).HRMD2
89092018-09-13Passport Approval of Md. Mahbubur Rahman (M-3258), DGM, Procurement.HRMD2
89062018-09-12Transfer Order of AGM & SPO-742(3)HRMD2
89032018-09-12Passport Approval of Mahbub Alam (M-3884).Dhaka Division
89002018-09-12Passport Approval of Md. Sirajul Islam (S-4134).HRMD2
88982018-09-12Passport Approval of Gulshan Ara Begum (G-471).Barishal Division
88962018-09-12Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Haque (A-4988)Barishal Division
88942018-09-12Passport Approval of Nirmal Kanti Das (N-1221).Chattogram Division
88912018-09-11Passport Approval of Rounak Shad Ferdousi (R-628).HRMD2
88892018-09-11Passport Approval of Nirmol Kumar Saha(N-1103).HRMD2
88872018-09-11Passport Approval of Md. Alamgir Kabir (A-6060).HRMD2
88842018-09-11Audit -2: 441(1250): Branch Audit.VAD1
88812018-09-11Regarding Sending Copy of IBTA GL based on Annual Closing of 30.06.2017 & 30.06.2018.CAD1
88792018-09-11Passport Approval of Md. Nurul Islam (N-1190).Mymensingh Division
88772018-09-11Passport Approval of Benzir Ahmed (B-499)Dhaka Division
88752018-09-10Passport Approval of Nishith Kanti Debnath (N-1439).HRMD2
88732018-09-10PRL Order of Tarun Kumar Kundu(T-365).HRMD2, Personal Letters
88662018-09-10Seniority List of Officer(Equivalent) based on 30.06.2018.HRMD1
88692018-09-10Passport Approval of Md. Mosharrof Hossain (M-2937).HRMD2
88672018-09-10PRL Order of Md. Kamarul Islam (K-247).HRMD2, Personal Letters
88642018-09-10Seniority List of Supervisor(Equivalent) based on 30.06.2018.HRMD1
88592018-09-10HRMD 3 : 575(7) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
88572018-09-10HRMD 3 : 574(7) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
88552018-09-10HRMD 2 : 714(03)- Transfer Order (AGM, SPO).HRMD2