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237662021-09-28RMD- 887: Regarding CIF Related Instruction for Online CTR Posting.RMDPDF
237512021-09-28SC-139: Regarding Training Nomination for operation procedure of BACH (BACPS & BEFTN) & RTGS.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
237412021-09-27HRMD 1-87: Seniority List of Deputy General Manager (DGM) (As on 27.09.2021).HRMD1, Latest NewsPDF
237392021-09-27HRMD 1-205: Seniority List of Assistant General Manager (AGM) & Senior System Analyst (As on 29.09.2021).HRMD1, Latest NewsPDF
237352021-09-27HRMD 1-525: Seniority List of Senior Principal Officer & System Analyst (As on 27.09.2021).HRMD1, Latest NewsPDF
237312021-09-27PRL Order of Ajay Kumar Ray (A-6763), RAO (AGM), B.Baria.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
237282021-09-27Regarding Postponement of Viva Schedule for promotion from AGM to DGM & SPO to AGM (27-09-21).HRMD1PDF
236732021-09-23Credit-534: Regarding Participation on "9th SME Fair-2021" to be held on 20-27 November,2021.CREDIT1PDF
236582021-09-23Tour Schedule of Honorable Managing Director on Barishal & Khulna Division (24.09.2021-25.09.2021).MD SecretariatPDF
236152021-09-22Credit-427: Regarding Implementation of Meeting Minutes on Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing Held for Chief Executives of All Scheduled Banks.CREDIT1PDF
236132021-09-22RMD-825: Regarding CIF Related Instruction for Online CTR Posting.RMDPDF
236032021-09-22SC-120:Regarding Nomination for Cash Management Training.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
235992021-09-22Passport Approval of Mr. Habiba Akter (H-1003).HRMD1PDF
235882021-09-22Planning & Operation Circular No -11/2021: Publcity of Information about Bangladesh Krishi Bank's Agricultural & Rural Loan Programs.BCBDPDF
235842021-09-21PRL Order of Rupak Kumar Bishwangri (R-1131).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
235832021-09-21HRMD 1: Viva Schedule SPO to AGM to (28.09.2021- 30.09.2021).HRMD1
235792021-09-21HRMD 1: Viva Schedule AGM to DGM (27.09.2021).HRMD1PDF
235772021-09-21Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Forkan Ali (F-339), AGM, HRMD-2HRMD1PDF
235682021-09-21ব্যাংকের উপমহাব্যবস্থাপক ও সহকারী মহাব্যবস্থাপকগণের অফিসে আনা-নেয়ার জন্য দৈনিক ভিত্তিতে ০২রুটে ২টি মাইক্রোবাস এবং কর্মকর্তা/কর্মচারীদের অফিসে আনা নেয়ার জন্য দৈনিক ভিত্তিতে ৪রুটে ৪টি স্টাফবাস ২বছরের জন্য ভাড়া গ্রহণের নিমিত্ত দরপত্র বিজ্ঞপ্তি।PROCUREMENT & EWTD, UncategorizedPDF
235522021-09-20Credit-494: Regarding Annual Loan Recovery Target Determination & Achievement under SME for 2021-2022 FY.CREDIT1PDF
235332021-09-19Rearranging of Siting Arrangement by Work Stations of Loan Classification Department at 5th Floor of BKB Head Office, Dhaka.EED, UncategorizedPDF
235292021-09-19BCBD-344:Regarding Keeping scheduled bank branches closed to facilitate casting of vote by the voter employees of the related areas on 20 September, 2021 for Election of 9 Municipalities and 161 Union Parishads.BCBDPDF
235222021-09-18Tour Schedule of Honorable MD Sir at Tungipara, GopalganjLatest News, MD Secretariat, UncategorizedPDF
235242021-09-16Credit-472:Regarding Implementation of 793th Board Meeting's Decision.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
234952021-09-16Credit-466: Regarding Refinance Scheme of Taka 3000 Crore for Agriculture Sector to Combat Financial Crisis due to Covid-19 Pandemic (ACD Circular No. 02).CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
235982021-09-16ICD Circular No-01/2021: Regarding Statement About Managers Branch Inspection Report, Quarterly Operation Report, Self-assessment of Anti Fraud Internal Controls, DCFCL & LDCL Report.MonitoringPDF
234872021-09-15Tour Schedule of Honorable Managing Director on Sylhet & Chattogram Division (16.09.2021-18.09.2021).MD Secretariat, UncategorizedPDF
234852021-09-15ICT Circular No-06/2021: Operation Guideline Regarding Bangladesh Krishi Bank's ATM Booth & ATM Debit Card.ICT (System), ICT Guidelines, UncategorizedPDF
234832021-09-15DO Letter from Honorable Managing DirectorMD SecretariatPDF
234782021-09-15RSD-130: Regarding Change in Telephone Numbers of RSD.RSD, UncategorizedPDF
234762021-09-15Invitation of Tenders for Printing Wall Calendar-2022.PROCUREMENT & EWTD, UncategorizedPDF
234672021-09-14Earth Filling Works at Existing Ditches at North Side & Extension of Drain Work behind Dormatory Building, Uttara, Dhaka.EED, UncategorizedPDF
234652021-09-14Joining Letter of Mr. Shirin Akhter, Honorable Managing Director.MD Secretariat, UncategorizedPDF
234602021-09-14Admin Circular No- 08/2021 : Regarding Correction on Admin Circular No-08/2020 About Re-formation of Tender Committee.HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
234402021-09-13Credit-448: Regarding Implementation of Instructions to Implement Special Loan/Investment Facilities on CMSME Sector For COVID-19 Pandemic .CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
234312021-09-13HRMD 1-789: Seniority List of Senior Officer / Assistant Engineer, Senior Officer (ICT), Assistant Maintenance Engineer, & Assistant Programmer & Security Officer As on 31.08.2021).HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
234292021-09-12Rearranging & Extension Works of BACH Room of 1st Floor of LPO, BKB, HO Building.EED, UncategorizedPDF
234272021-09-12Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mosammat Hoseneara (H-599).HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
234252021-09-12Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Masudur Rashid (M-3451).HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
234232021-09-12HRMD 1-776: Seniority List of Principal Officer & Programmer (As on 31.08.2021).HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
234192021-09-12PRL Order of Shekh Alaudding (A-6222), DGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
234152021-09-09e-Tender Notice (OTM)ICT (Operation), UncategorizedPDF
233992021-09-09Credit-434: Refinance scheme for 10/50/100 tk account holder.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
233952021-09-09Credit-433 : Regarding Division-wise Loan Disbursement Target Achievement on SME Loan Program for 2021-2022 FY.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
233912021-09-09Procurement- Invitation for Enlistment.PROCUREMENT & EWTD, UncategorizedPDF
233892021-09-09HRMD 1-695: Regarding New Time Table for 92th Banking Diploma.HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
233792021-09-09BCBD 267: Regarding Displaying Poster Including Security Features of Original Bank Notes.BCBD, UncategorizedPDF
233772021-09-08HRMD 1-726: Appointment of Senior Officer IT/ICT.Career, HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
233722021-09-08Credit-405: Regarding Target-wise Achievement on Government Declared Stimulus Packages( in CMSME & BRPD-8 Sector) Initiated to Overcome Financial Crisis after COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
233682021-09-07Earth Filling Works at Existing Ditches Besides of East, West & North Side Boundary Wall Along With Construction of Drain at West side of Pond, BKB Staff College Complex.EED, UncategorizedPDF
233642021-09-07Construction of 110 Feet Boundary Wall Works With All Accessories at South Side of BKB, Khulna Divisional Own Building.EED, UncategorizedPDF
233612021-09-07PRL Order of Md. Nurul Haq (N-1206).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
233592021-09-06Credit-384: Regarding Re-fixation of Division wise Allotment of Target for 2021-2022 FY to Provide Loan/Investment Facilities as Working Capital for Industries & Service Sector Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
233562021-09-06Passport Approval of Mr. Mohammad Mamataz Uddin Ahmed (M-3524), DGM.HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
233532021-09-06Planning & Operation Circular-09/2021: Regarding Using Monogram of Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.BCBDPDF
233502021-09-06PRL Order of Mohammad Abdur Rashid (A-6065), RAO (AGM), Jhenaidah.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
233462021-09-05Admin Circular No- 03/2021: Regarding Compulsory Quarantine for Corona Patients or Came in Close Contact with Corona Patients & Leave Sanctioning of Pregnant Officers/ Employees.HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
233432021-09-02Tour Schedule of Honorable Managing Director(Current Charge) of BKBMD Secretariat, UncategorizedPDF
233382021-09-02Treasury-140: Renewal of TT Discounting facilities through Bangladesh Bank & Sonali Bank.TMDPDF
233342021-09-02Reconciliation-123 : Regarding Change in Telephone No of Reconciliation Department.RECONCILIATION, UncategorizedPDF
233312021-09-02BCBD-250: Promoters List for Regular Monitoring of All Business Activities of Region/Branches.BCBD, UncategorizedPDF
233292021-09-02HRMD 1- 352: Regarding Sending ACR of 2020-2021 FY.HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
233272021-09-02Passport Approval of Mst. Saima Akter (S-4365).HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
233112021-09-01LCD-73: Regarding Loan Classification.LCD, UncategorizedPDF
233062021-09-01PRL Order of Shamal Kumar Bhattacharjya (S-1834).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
233042021-09-01VSD-74: Joining Letter of Md. Tauhidur Rashid (T-444), AGM (Department In Charge), VSD.Uncategorized, VSDPDF
233022021-09-01Accounts Circular No- 07/2021: Regarding Target Determination & Achievement of Loan Interest Income, Deposit Interest Cost, Ancillary Business Income & Operational Profit for 2021-2022 FY.Central Accounts Department, UncategorizedPDF
232992021-09-01HRMD 1-327: Joining Letter of Md. Khorshed Anower (K-879), DGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
232972021-09-01Accounts Circular No-06/2021: Regarding Revised FDR & SND Interest Rate Effective from 01-09-2021.TMDPDF
232952021-08-31Operation & Planning Circular No-08/2021: Regarding Revised Interest Rate of BKB Different Deposit Schemes.BCBDPDF
232922021-08-31Passport Permission of Mr. Kazi Rehana Happy (R-1477).HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
232862021-08-31RMD-493: Regarding BAMLCO, CTR & STR Monitoring.RMDPDF
232842021-08-31VSD-67: Changed Telephone no of Vigilance Squad Department.VSDPDF
232812021-08-29HRMD-1-319: Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO (29-08-2021).HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
232792021-08-29Passport approval of Sadiqul Alam (S-3819).HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
232762021-08-29Credit-351: Entry of CMSME Loan information in digital dashboard.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
232732021-08-29Planning & Operation Circular-07/2021: Regarding fixation of Loan Fee according to BRPD Circular no-11.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
232702021-08-29SC-55: Foundation Training of Newly recruited Senior Officer and Officer (31-08-2021 to 04-10-2021).STAFF COLLEGEPDF
232642021-08-29Risk-480: Regarding Customer acceptence policy download.RMDPDF
232612021-08-29Recovery-1(59)-136: Regarding arranging Mohacamp in all Branches at 29 September, 2021.LRDPDF
232512021-08-26Regarding KYC collection of Walk in Customer/Non Face to Face Customer issueRMD, UncategorizedPDF
232442021-08-26PRL Order of Sheikh Shamsur Rahman(S-3043)HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
232172021-08-26Passport Approval of B M Afroza (A-3184).HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
232152021-08-26Passport Approval of Zia Muhammad Rashed (Z-474).HRMD1PDF
231682021-08-25Passport Approval of Md. Kauser Pathan (K-974).HRMD1PDF
231662021-08-25Repair & Renovation Work of 1st floor(East side) and Ground floor(West side) Common Bathroom of LPO of BKB,Head Office,Motijheel C/A,Dhaka-1000EEDPDF
231642021-08-25Acc2-121: Regarding Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.CAD2, Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
231612021-08-25Regarding Target Distribution on Disbursement of SME Woman Entrepreneur Loan for Fiscal Year 2021-2022CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
231592021-08-25Cluster wise SME Target Distribution for the Fiscal year 2021-22CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
231502021-08-241(59)-126: Loan Recovery Camp for FY 2021-2022.LRDPDF
231472021-08-24SC-49: Foundation Training for newly recruited 'Senior Officer & Officer'.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
231082021-08-24Credit-294: Regarding Innovative Loan Product Idea.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
230992021-08-23Loan Recovery-03/2021: determination of CL target.LCDPDF
230792021-08-22Credit-278: Regarding 'Women Entrepreneurs' Dedicated Desk/SME Help Desk.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
230762021-08-22Recovery-1(59): Important activities to do for field level.LRDPDF
230732021-08-22Law-101: Implementation of Board Decision taken on 28th Meeting.LAWPDF
230652021-08-22Recovery Circular-02/2021: Regarding setting target for transferring loan recovery amount into Income.LRDPDF
230612021-08-19Credit-267: SME Loan regarding Pronodona.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
230582021-08-19Credit-271: SME loan disbursement target setting & achievement for FY 2021-2022.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
230562021-08-19Credit-270: Regarding regularization of 5000 crore tk loan disbursement pronodona packages.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
230512021-08-19SC-41: Nomination of trainee for training on 'Cash Management'.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
230452021-08-19Credit-265: List of Loan Installment defaulter NGO.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
230332021-08-18Passport Approval of Ferdousi Jahan (F-805).HRMD1PDF
230212021-08-17Planning & Operation Circular-04/2021: Annual loan disbursement target for FY 2021-2022.BCBDPDF
230182021-08-17Planning & Operation Circular-03/2021: Annual Deposit collection target for FY 2021-2022.BCBDPDF
230162021-08-17Passport Approval of Rozina Khatun (R-1352).HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
230052021-08-16Procurement-36: Regarding providing compensation when employee dead for Covid-19.PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
230032021-08-16BCBD-184: Re-fixation of holiday for Ashura.BCBDPDF
230002021-08-16Risk-348: minutes of 4th CCC meeting in 2020-21.RMDPDF
229962021-08-16Credit-245: Regarding imposing Interest under ACD circular no-1 loans.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
229942021-08-16PRL Order of Jhosna Begum(J-418).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
229642021-08-12HRMD(MPD)-03: Regarding Assigning Charge of Chief Risk Officer to Md. Didarul Islam Mazumder ,Honorable GM (ICT).HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
229622021-08-12Procurement-112: Schedule of 15 August `National Mourning Day' Program.PROCUREMENT & EWTD, UncategorizedPDF
229142021-08-11Procurement-99: Regarding Holding Virtual Meeting for 46th Death Anniversary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Shekh Mujibur Rahman.PROCUREMENT & EWTD, UncategorizedPDF
229112021-08-11Credit-231 : Regarding Change in Telephone No.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
229092021-08-11PRL Order of Md. Qayum Khan (Q-26).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
229072021-08-11PRL Order of Md. Mahbubur Rahman Bhuiyan (M-3247), RAO(AGM), Chandpur.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
229052021-08-11Passport Approval of Khandaker Mobarra Halim (M-2938), AGM.HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
228942021-08-11Credit-208: Regarding Credit Gurantee Scheme Policy for CMS Sector.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
228712021-08-10BCBD-176:Continuation of Uninterrupted Banking and Payment Services in COVID-19.BCBD, UncategorizedPDF
228662021-08-09Regarding Normal Banking Operation from 11th August,2021BCBD, UncategorizedPDF
228592021-08-09PRL Order of Al Mamun Harunur Rashid (A-3013).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
228572021-08-09BCBD 165: Regarding Change in Telephone No.BCBD, UncategorizedPDF
228542021-08-09PRL Order of Md. Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan (A-3248).HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
228512021-08-09PRL Order of Md. Faruk Hossain Khan (F-219).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
228492021-08-09PRL Order of Amal Chandra Debnath (A-3000).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
228452021-08-09PRL Order of Md. Mostafizur Rahman (M-1155), CRM(DGM), Cumilla.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
228402021-08-05Passport Approval of Sutpa Deb (S-3431).HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
228382021-08-05Credit-188: Regarding Target Achievement on Disbursement of CMSME Women Entrepreneur Loan/Investment.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
228362021-08-05BCBD 161: Regarding Conducting Banking Service from 06 August 2021 to 10 August 2021.BCBD, UncategorizedPDF
228312021-08-05BCBD-141: Regarding Sending Agriculture & Rural Loan Policy & Programs for 2021-2022 FY.BCBDPDF
228332021-08-05PRL Order of Khandaker Moshiur Rahman (M-2914), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
228292021-08-05Credit-183: Regarding Sending Monthly Statement.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
228152021-08-03Credit-180: Regarding Financial Stimulus Package to Mitigate Probable Economic Impact Due to Breakout of COVID-19.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
228022021-08-02Regarding Submitting ACRHRMD1, Latest News, UncategorizedPDF
227912021-08-02Supply & Installation of 74pcs 48 Watt LED Panel Light (2'x2') for Board Room & Managing Director Secretariat at BKB, HO.EED, UncategorizedPDF
227882021-08-02Credit-164: Regarding Ensuring Proper Utilization of Sanctioned Loan Money Under Government Declared Stimulus Packages & Speeding Up Disbursement.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
227822021-08-02BCVD-139: Regarding Continuation of Uninterrupted Banking & Payment Related Activities During COVID-19 Pandemic Situation.BCBD, UncategorizedPDF
227802021-08-02MD Secretariat-07: Joining Letter of Mr. Shirin Akhter, Honorable Managing Director (Current Charge).MD Secretariat, UncategorizedPDF
227782021-08-02MD Secretariat-06: Regarding Charge Abandonment of Mr. Md. Ali Hossain Prodhania as Managing Director of BKB.MD Secretariat, UncategorizedPDF
227552021-07-31BCBD-136: Regarding Keeping AD Branches Open on 31 July & 4 August for Continuation of Export-Import Through Chittagong Port.BCBD, UncategorizedPDF
227472021-07-31স্বাধীনতার মহান স্থপতি জাতির পিতা বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবুর রহমানের 46তম মৃত্যু বার্ষিকীতে ‘জাতীয় শোক দিবস 2021‘ পালন উপলক্ষ্যে 29-07-2021 তারিখে অনুষ্ঠিত বাংলাদেশ কৃষি ব্যাংকের প্রস্তুতিমুলক সভার কার্য বিবরণীPROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
227412021-07-29Credit-152: Regarding Without Mortgage Loan/ Investment Under Credit Guarantee Scheme on CMS Sector.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
227402021-07-29PRL Order of A.K.M. Zakir Hossain (Z-138), RAO (AGM).HRMD1, Personal Letters
227332021-07-29BCBD 125- Regarding Conducting Banking Activities During Government Declared Lockdown Period.BCBD, UncategorizedPDF
227212021-07-28Changing of Water Pipe Line, Several Sewerage Line, Cleaning of Septic Tank & Reservoir Tank with All Accessory Works of BKB, Uttara Dormitory Bhaban, Dhaka.EED, UncategorizedPDF
227142021-07-28Accounts-43: Regarding Change in Income Tax Rebate.Central Accounts Department, UncategorizedPDF
226622021-07-27Credit-144: Regarding Providing Tk 1,000 Crore Working Capital Loan/Investment Facilities on 4% Interest on Tourism Sector.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
226602021-07-27Credit-148: Regarding Sending Interest Remission Report Claiming Recovery for June/2021 Quarterly as per SMESPD Circular No-01/2020 .CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
226582021-07-27PRL Order of Md. Abu Sadek Mia (A-6662), DGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
226462021-07-25Accounts-39: Letter About Rate of Source Tax Deduction for the Financial Year 2021-2022.Central Accounts Department, UncategorizedPDF
226312021-07-19BCBD-68: Regarding Extension of Banking Hour as well as Keeping the Bank Branches/Sub Branches Open adjacent to Qurbani Cattle HaatBCBD, UncategorizedPDF
226232021-07-18EED-40: Repair & Renovation works of BKB Longgodu Branch Under Rangamati Region of Chittagong Division.EEDPDF
226212021-07-18EED-41: Repair & Renovation work of common toilet with all accessory works at 5th floor of BKB, Head Office, Motijheel, Dhaka.EEDPDF
226152021-07-18BCBD-65: Ensure Banking security during Eid-ul-Azha vacation.BCBDPDF
226132021-07-18Rmd-145: BKB Customer acceptance Policy.Policy & Guideline, RMDPDF
226072021-07-18HRMD-1(Section-2)/60: PRL Order of Durga Prashad Kar (D-419).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
226052021-07-18HRMD-1(Section-2)/61: PRL Order of Md. Amzed Hossain (A-3348).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
225902021-07-15BCBD 59: Regarding Continuation of Uninterrupted Banking and Payment Services in Response to COVID-19.BCBD, UncategorizedPDF
225882021-07-15PRL Order of Haradhon Chandra Das (H-423).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
225852021-07-15PRL Order of Md. Dulal Mia (D-182), AGM, Audit Department.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
225702021-07-15Procurement 27 : Rent of Staff Bus for Transportation of Officers/Employees of LPO & Head Office.EWTD, PROCUREMENT & EWTD, UncategorizedPDF
225672021-07-15Leave Encashment of Mahtab Al Rashedi (M-3272), Honorable GM.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
225602021-07-14BCBD-54: Continuation of Uninterrupted Banking Services in COVID-19 situation.BCBDPDF
225582021-07-14EED-28: Construction of Two nos. Full Height Wall Cabinet & one book shelf of Risk Management Department at 5th floor of BKB, Head Office, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000.EEDPDF
225562021-07-14HRMD1(Section-2)-47: ছুটি নগদায়ন বাবদ প্রাপ্ত টাকা মঞ্জুর প্রসঙ্গে।HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
225522021-07-14Accounts1-30: Regarding Income Tax Return for fiscal year 2020-2021.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
225492021-07-14Accounts1-31: Regarding Income Tax information sending for fiscal year 2020-2021.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
225442021-07-13Credit-74: Regarding Division wise Allotment of Target for 2021-2022 FY to Provide Loan/Investment Facilities as Working Capital for Industries & Service Sector Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
225392021-07-12Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Khorshed Anwar (K-879), DGM, VSD.HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
223402021-07-08OP-1513: Regarding Following & Implementation of Information & Communication(ICT) Security Policy-2021ICT (Operation)PDF
225332021-07-08Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Solar Energy Sysytem (SES) of Capacity 3000 Watt for BKB, Char Ishwar, Jahajamara & Shahebalir Bazar Branch, Noakhali.EEDPDF
225282021-07-08PRL Order of Mohammad Abdul Mazid (A-6528), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
225252021-07-08PRL Order of Md. Abdul Kader (A-2781).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
225222021-07-08Supply & Installation of 74 Pcs 48 Watt LED Panel Light (2'x 2') for Board Room & Managing Director Secretaiat at BKB HO, Dhaka.EEDPDF
225152021-07-08Accounts Circular No- 05/2021 : Regarding Starting Automated Challan System on BKB.TMDPDF
225132021-07-07Regarding Change in the Telephone No. of CRM Office, Chattagram (West).CREDIT1PDF
224972021-07-07BCBD-14: Regarding Conducting Banking Activities from 08.07.2021 to 14.07.2021.BCBDPDF
224822021-07-07Credit-34 : Regarding Upkeeping Audited Financial Statement About Loan Approval/Renewal & Loan Case Files.CREDIT1PDF
224782021-07-07Credit-33: Regarding Providing Special Loan/Investment Facilities Under CMSME Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak.CREDIT1PDF
224442021-07-06Credit-30: Regarding Determination of Division-wise Loan Disbursement Target on CMSME Sector Under Tk.20,000 Crore Re-finance Scheme( From July/2021 to June/2022).CREDIT1PDF
224202021-07-05Credit-25: Regarding Providing Without Mortgage Loan Facilities Under SME Upto BDT 10 Lac to Women Entrepreneurs In Case of Non-permanent Resident of a Project/Business Area.CREDIT1PDF
224182021-07-05Credit-24: Regarding Continuation of Loan Disbursement For Mango Storage Under Agriculture & Rural Loan Policy.CREDIT1PDF
224102021-07-05Release Order of Mr. Md. Mahtab Al Rashedi (M-3172), Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
224082021-07-05Release Order of Mr. Shree Satya Narayan Das (S-1961), Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
223822021-07-01Accounts-03: Letter About Deduction and Collection of Source TaxCentral Accounts DepartmentPDF
223752021-07-01Supply of 50pcs Personel Computer for BKB.ICT (Operation)PDF
223732021-07-01BCBD-1710: Letter About Banking Activities During Government Imposed Restriction for Covid-19.BCBDPDF
223312021-06-30Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps (512 Kbps Internet & 512 Kbps Data) Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 89 Branches of BKB for 24 Months.ICT (System)PDF
223262021-06-30BCBD-1706: Integrity 4th Meeting Minutes (from January'21 to March'21).BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
223222021-06-30RMD-4562: Regarding Required Actions for Audit Officers While Sending Internal Credit Risk Rating Systems (ICRRS) Report Related Proposals from Branches to Approve & Sign by Chief Risk Officer.RMDPDF
223202021-06-30HRMD 1- 5819 : Promotion Order from Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1PDF
223182021-06-30HRMD 1- 5820: Promotion Order from Peon to Daptari.HRMD1PDF
222762021-06-29Credit-2851: Regarding Sending Compensation Claiming Report (01.07.20 to 30.06.21 Based) on 5% Interest Rate to Bangladesh Bank Against Disbursed Loan Provided on Concessional interest rate for Milk Production & Artificial Insemination.CREDIT1PDF
222772021-06-29BCBD-1696: Regarding BKB Integrity Award for 2020-2021.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
222692021-06-29Credit-2848: Regarding Ensuring Disbursement of Loan/Investment from Start-up Fund for Start-up Enterprise/Projects.CREDIT1PDF
222662021-06-29Credit-2849: Regarding Issuance of Amended Entrepreneurship Support Fund (ESF) Policy-2018.CREDIT1PDF
222222021-06-28LCD-348: Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
222202021-06-28Engineering-948: Supply & Installation of 7 Nos. Air Cooler Machine for Different department at BKB HO.EEDPDF
222132021-06-28Accounts Circular No- 04/2021: Regarding Combined (General Banking & Foreign Exchange Banking) Schedule of Charges 2021.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
222082021-06-28Accounts-3877: Regarding Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
222062021-06-28Accounts-3877: Regarding Special Student Scholarship-2021 (Exam-H.S.C 2020).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
221932021-06-27Credit-2820: Regarding Master Circular on Schedule of Charges.CREDIT1PDF
221872021-06-27RMD-4517: Regarding Implementation of Board Meeting Decision to Prevent Money Laundering & Financing of Terrorism .RMDPDF
221842021-06-27Credit-2803: Regarding Sending Information About Progress on Implementation of Tk 5,000 Crore Stimulus Packages to Provide Current Capital on Agriculture Sector.CREDIT1PDF
221792021-06-27Accounts-1031: Regarding Opening Sub-Head Account for BFC Bank Limited (EzRemit).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
221722021-06-2730-06-2021 সূত্র তারিখ ভিত্তিক 51তম ঋণ শ্রেণীবিন্যাস বিবরণী প্রস্তুতকরণ প্রসঙ্গে।LCDPDF
221522021-06-24Repair & Renovation Works with All Accessories at Common Bathroom of 4th Floor (West Side), BKB, HO.EEDPDF
221432021-06-24Credit-2779: Regarding Sending Updated Information of Swanirvar Loan Program.CREDIT1PDF
221342021-06-24Credit-2777: Regarding Implementation of Risk Management Committee's 28th Meeting Decision.CREDIT1PDF
220962021-06-23BCBD-1661: Regarding Lost FDR Issued by National Bank of Pakistan (Ctg Branch).BCBDPDF
220932021-06-23Credit-2774: Regarding 100% Determined Target Achievement on Government Declared Stimulus Packages (ACD-01 & SME) within 30.06.2021CREDIT1PDF
220112021-06-22Joining Letter of Md. Latifur Rahman (L-204), DAO (In Charge), Kushtia.AuditPDF
219682021-06-21HRMD 1: Regarding Distribution of "Environment & Social Risk Management Guideline" on Field Level.HRMD1PDF
219642021-06-21BCBD-1635: Regarding Taking Necessary Initiatives to Facilitate Vote Casting by The Voter Employees of the Election Areas on 21.06.21.BCBDPDF
219452021-06-21Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Mojibur Rahman Sarkar (M-1483).HRMD1PDF
218272021-06-20Recovery-1712: Regarding Arranging Mohacamp on 24 June,2021 & Special Programs for Loan disbursement, Recovery & Deposit Collection.LRDPDF
217902021-06-17BCBD-1624: BCBD-1573:Regarding Conducting Banking Activities During Lockdown (17June To 15 July).BCBDPDF
217832021-06-16গণ শুনানী নোটিশBCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
217682021-06-16Release Letter of Mr. M M Mahbub Alam, Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
217602021-06-15RSD-764: Regarding Submitting Information as per SBS-2, SBS-3 Returns Changed Format.RSDPDF
217702021-06-15BCBD: National Integrity Strategy Work Plan 2021-2022.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
217532021-06-15Credit-2701: Regarding Implementation of Decisions Made on GM Coference-2021 for Proper Implementaion of Stimulus Packages.CREDIT1PDF
217472021-06-15Credit-2704: Regarding Allocation of TK 3,000 Crore Fund of the Refinance Scheme Formed Vide FID Circular No-01/2020.CREDIT1PDF
217442021-06-14Circular Letter No-02-2021- Regarding Withholding Deduction of Monthly Advance Installment Deduction in June, 2021 Due to Upcoming Holy Eid-Ul-Adha.HRMD1PDF
217412021-06-14Admin Circular No- 02/2021: Regarding Taking Pre-approval from Authorities for Running Business by Government Employees & Their Dependents.HRMD1PDF
217322021-06-13Repair & Renovation Works with All Accessories at Common Bathroom of 8th Floor (West Side), of BKB Head Office.EEDPDF
217302021-06-13HRMD 1- 2296: Regarding Sending ACR of 2020-2021 FY.HRMD1PDF
217272021-06-10Accounts Circular No: 03/2021 - Annual Closing Circular-2021.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
217182021-06-10Credit-2681: Credit-1380: Regarding Proper Implementation of Government Declared Stimulus Packages to Overcome Financial Crisis after COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
216732021-06-10Joining Letter of Md. Imam Hossain (I-289), DAO (In Charge), Barishal.AuditPDF
216702021-06-10Leave Encashment of Md. Mosharraf Hossain (M-3298), Honorable GM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
216552021-06-09Credit-2674: Regarding Strengthening Loan Disbursement Activities Under 300 Crore Re-finance Scheme On Jute Sector As Per Allotment for BKB.CREDIT1PDF
216362021-06-08ICT(Systems)-3913: Annual Closing Circular-June,2021 for Branches.ICT (System)
216322021-06-08Accounts-982: Regarding Up-keeping & Displaying 30.06.2020 Based Balance-sheet, Profit Loss Account & Highlights on Overall Banking Activities Related Information on Branches.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
216262021-06-07BCBD-1573:Regarding Conducting Banking Activities During Lockdown (7June To 16 June).BCBDPDF
216222021-06-07Accounts-898: Regarding Interest Remission Account Adjustments Process for COVID-19 on May & April, 2020Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
216172021-06-06Credit-2654: Regarding Recovery of Default Loan Disbursed Under Swanirvar Loan SectorCREDIT1PDF
216092021-06-06Passport Approval of Mr. Sharif Mahmud (S-4090).HRMD1PDF
216052021-06-03PRL Order of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-1543), CRM(DGM), Khulna.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
216032021-06-03Credit-2642: Regarding Rescheduling of Short-term Agricultural Credit.CREDIT1PDF
216012021-06-03Credit-2647: Regarding Giving Without Mortgage Loan Under CMSME to Entrepreneurs Considering Business & Present Address in Case of Non-permanent Residence of a Locality.CREDIT1PDF
215962021-06-02Credit-2643: Regarding Fixing Price of Tractor Determined by Agro Machinery Industry.CREDIT1PDF
215942021-06-02Credit-2641: Implementation of Pronodona Package under 20,000 crore loan facilities.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
215922021-06-02PRL Order of Abul Kalam Azad (A-3062), SPO.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
215882021-06-01এমডি মহোদয়ের সচিবালয়ের টেলিফোন নম্বর পরিবর্তনPROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
215832021-05-31HRMD 1- Promotion Order Peon to Daptari.HRMD1PDF
215812021-05-31HRMD 1- Promotion Order from Officer to SO.HRMD1PDF
215692021-05-31CAD-3686: Regarding Issuing PF Index of Senior Officer , Officer (Cash) & Assistant Engineer(Civil).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
215672021-05-31Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Petrol Generator for Branches of BKB Under Dhaka Division.EEDPDF
215652021-05-31Passport Approval of Md. Hafizul Islam (H-901), AGM.HRMD1PDF
215622021-05-31HRMD 1- 5439: Recruitment on the Post of "Assistant Librarian".Career, HRMD1PDF
215552021-05-31BCBD-1543: Regarding Conducting Banking Activities During Area-wise Lockdown Imposed by Local Authority.BCBDPDF
215532021-05-31BCBD-1544: Regarding Conducting Banking Activities During Lockdown.BCBDPDF
215502021-05-30Recovery-1644: Regarding Arranging Mohacamp on 16 June,2021 & Special Programs for Loan disbursement, Recovery & Deposit Collection.LRDPDF
215452021-05-30HRMD 2- 3206: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
215402021-05-27Passport Permission of Faisal Al Fahad (F-742).HRMD1PDF
215382021-05-27PRL Order of Pushpal Barua (P-305).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
215302021-05-25Credit-2588:Regarding Sending Report of Completely Closed Subsidy Claimed Crop Loan Cases on FY 2020-2021, Disbursed on 4% Interest Rate Under ACD Circular No-02.CREDIT1PDF
215292021-05-25PRL Order of Md. Abdul Malek (A-6176), DAO(DGM), Kushtia.HRMD1, Personal Letters
215242021-05-24PRL Order of Sushil Kumar Bishwas (S-1965), RAO(AGM), Rangamati.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
215142021-05-23BCBD-1537:Regarding Conducting Banking Activities During Lockdown (24 MAY TO 30 MAY).BCBDPDF
215122021-05-23Credit-2588:Regarding Sending Report of Completely Closed Subsidy Claimed Loan Cases on FY 2020-2021, Disbursed on 4% Interest Rate.CREDIT1PDF
215102021-05-23Release Letter of Md. Mosharraf Hossain, Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
215072021-05-23Accounts-3632: Regarding Proper Implantation of Instructions on Different Advises Sent from Branches.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
215032021-05-20PRL Order of Tarok Chandra Mondol (T-353).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
215002021-05-20Credit-2581: Regarding Re-determination of Loan Disbursement Target as per Bangladesh Bank's ACD Circular No.-01, Date-13.04.2020.CREDIT1PDF
214972021-05-19Credit-2582: Regarding Implementation of Stimulus Packages to Provide Government Declared Tk 20,000 Crore Working Capital Loan Facilities for Affected Small & Medium Industries.CREDIT1PDF
214952021-05-19Passport Approval of Sutpa Deb (S-3431).HRMD1PDF
214902021-05-19Monitoring-759: Regarding Change in Telephone Number.MonitoringPDF
214832021-05-18Credit-2572:Regarding Sending Report of Completely Closed Subsidy Claimed Loan Cases on FY 2020-2021, Disbursed on 4% Interest Rate.CREDIT1PDF
214802021-05-17BCBD-1516:Regarding Conducting Banking Activities During Lockdown.BCBDPDF
214782021-05-17বিকেবি এমডি মহোদয়ের সচিবালয়ের নম্বর পরিবর্তনPROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
214712021-05-16Joining Letter of Md. Abdul Hamid Gazi (A-3207), DAO (In Charge), Cumilla.AuditPDF
214682021-05-13বিকেবি’র পক্ষ থেকে সকল ধর্মপ্রাণ মুসলমানদের জানাই পবিত্র ঈদ-উল-ফিতর এর শুভেচ্ছা।ICT (System)
214642021-05-12Accounts-885:Letter on deducting Accounts Maintenance fee on December'21 except on June'21(For 2021 Calender year)Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
214532021-05-11Credit- 2546: Regarding Divsion-wise SME Loan Disbursement target for FY 2020-2021.CREDIT1PDF
214512021-05-11BCBD-1502: Regarding Ensuring Security During Holiday of Holy Eid-Ul-Fitr.BCBDPDF
214482021-05-11Credit-2544: Regarding Recovery of Swanirvar Loan.CREDIT1PDF
214462021-05-11HRMD 1-5243: Humanitarian Help.HRMD1PDF
214442021-05-11RMD-4024: Regarding Providing Correct Information of Customers for Remittance Transaction.RMDPDF
214412021-05-11Credit-2538: Regarding Timely & Proper Utilization of Govt. Declared Stimulus Packages for COVID-19 .CREDIT1PDF
214392021-05-11Accounts-878: Regarding Opening New Sub-heads for NEC Money Transfer Limited, UK.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
214332021-05-09Accounts-876: Regarding Deduction of Income Tax for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 (Tax Year 2021-2022).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
214292021-05-09PRL Order of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-3005), CRM (DGM), Kishorganj.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
214272021-05-09PRL Order of Shilu Deb (S-944).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
214252021-05-06Credit-2528: Regarding Sending Information of Tk. 10 Lac or Above Amount Default Loans.CREDIT1PDF
214202021-05-06Passport Approval of Shafiq Ullah(S-1237).HRMD1PDF
214172021-05-06BCBD-1463: Regarding Conducting Banking Activities During Lockdown Period.BCBDPDF
214142021-05-06LRD-1580: Regarding Arranging "Modhumela" at All Branches on 24.05.2021.LRDPDF
214042021-05-04PRL Order of Md. A. Salam (A-6330), CRM(DGM), Jhalakathi.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
213982021-05-04Credit-2482: Regarding Determining Consumer Level Interest as per Changed Bank Rate.CREDIT1PDF
213942021-05-03E-Passport Approval of Md. Farid Hasan (F-708).HRMD1PDF
214022021-05-03BCBD-1448: ব্যবসা সহজীকরণ সূচকে বাংলাদেশের অবস্থান উন্নীতকরণসহ অধিকতর বিনিয়োগ আবর্ষনের লক্ষ্যে কোম্পানীর কমন (গোল) সিলের আবশ্যকতা রহিতকরন প্রসংগে।BCBDPDF
213812021-05-02HRMD 1- 5138: Promotion Order Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1PDF
213472021-04-29PRL Order of Md. Jasim Uddin (J-244).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
213412021-04-28Accounts Circular No-02/2021: Regrading Re-determination of Agri & Rural Loan Interest Rate.TMDPDF
213342021-04-28Accounts-865: Requste for EOI (Expression of Interest)- Selection of External Auditors for Auditing BKB Annual Accounts for the year Ended 30.06.21,2020-21).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
213262021-04-27PRL Order of Bikash Chandra Mazumder (B-521), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
213242021-04-27Joining Letter (After COVID 19) of Md. Nazmul Hossain, Honorable GM, Sylhet Division.HRMD1PDF
213222021-04-27Joining Letter (After COVID 19) of Chanu Gopal Ghosh, Honorable GM, Kushtia Division.HRMD1PDF
213002021-04-26Accounts-3458: Karmachari Kalyan (Bodanno) Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
212982021-04-26PRL Order of Anath Smriti Chakma (A+6682), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
212882021-04-25Credit-2431: Sending information according to SBS-2 & SBS-3 Format.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
212622021-04-22Acc1-859: Unclaimed Deposit List upto 30/06/2018.CAD1, Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
212602021-04-22PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam (A-6496).HRMD1, HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
212582021-04-22Passport renewal approval of Munmun Saha(M-3785).HRMD1PDF
212552021-04-22BCBD-1420: Banking Service upto 28 April for covid-19.BCBDPDF
212522021-04-21Credit-2428: Regarding Formation of Re-financing Fund of Tk 500 Crore As "Start Up Fund" by Bangladesh Bank.CREDIT1PDF
212512021-04-21Repairing of Work Stations & Installation of One Full Height Wall Cabinet of FRMD at 5th Floor of BKB, Head Office.EED
212392021-04-20RMD-3896: Minutes of 3rd Quarterly CCC Meeting of 2020-2021.RMDPDF
212372021-04-20Circular Letter No-01/2021 : Regarding Withholding Deduction of Monthly Advance Installment Deduction in April, 2021 Due to Upcoming Holy Eid-Ul-Fitr.HRMD1PDF
212282021-04-19e-Tender Notice (OTM) for Repair & Renovation Works of Kawkhali Branch under Rangamati Region of Chittagong Division.EEDPDF
212232021-04-19Credit-2415: Regarding Stimulus Package to Face Probable Economic Impact of Bangladesh due to COVID-19.CREDIT1PDF
211942021-04-18Hrmd-2-2960: Disciplinary action for MD. Shipon Mia(S-4450).HRMD2, HRMD3, Personal LettersPDF
211852021-04-15BCBD-1411: Regarding Ensuring Security.BCBDPDF
211832021-04-15LPO-6639: Regarding Providing Clearing Transaction(BACPS & BEFTN) Related Information to BACH Branches.LPO(GB)PDF
211732021-04-13Instruction about banking activities during Lockdown periodBCBDPDF
211702021-04-13Passport Approval of Moshiur Rahman (M-3805).HRMD1PDF
211682021-04-13PRL Order of Bebi Rani Sen (B-290).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
211662021-04-13PRL Order of Sukesh Mukharrji (S-3125).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
211642021-04-13Credit-2398: Regarding Sending Monthly Statement.CREDIT1PDF
211622021-04-13Credit-2993: Regarding Tk 20,000 Crore Special Loan/ Investment Facilities to CMSME Sector Due To COVID-19 Epidemic.CREDIT1PDF
211602021-04-13Joining Letter of Kazi Kawser Ahmed (K-418), DAO (DGM), Dhaka.AuditPDF
211562021-04-13BCBD-1402: Regarding Banking service time in 13 April.BCBDPDF
211452021-04-13Joining Letter of Md. Abdur Rahim, Honorable GM, Dhaka Division.HRMD1PDF
211432021-04-13Joining Letter of M M Mahbub Alam, Honorable GM, Loan Recovery Division.HRMD1PDF
211412021-04-13Joining Letter of Mir Mofazzal Hossain, Honorable GM, LPO.HRMD1PDF
211392021-04-13Joining Letter of Md. Didarul Islam Mazumder, Honorable GM, ICT Division.HRMD1PDF
211372021-04-13Joining Letter of Md. Shafiul Azam, Honorable GM, Chittagong Division.HRMD1PDF
211352021-04-13Joining Letter of Chanu Gopal Ghosh, Honorable GM, Kushtia Division.HRMD1PDF
211332021-04-13Joining Letter of Md. Nazmul Hossain, Honorable GM, Sylhet Division.HRMD1PDF
211312021-04-13Joining Letter of Md. Khaleduzzaman, Honorable GM, Faridpur Division.HRMD1PDF
211292021-04-13Joining Letter of Ashrafuzzaman Khan, Honorable GM, Khulna Division.HRMD1PDF
211272021-04-12Credit-2387: Refinance scheme "Start-up fund" formation.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
211252021-04-12BCBD-1397: Regarding 12 & 13 April Banking service time.BCBDPDF
211232021-04-12Joining Letter of Divisional Audit Officer, Faridpur.AuditPDF
211212021-04-12Joining Letter of Divisional Audit Officer, Cumilla.AuditPDF
211182021-04-12Credit-2379: Providing new Innovative Loan Product Idea for expansion of business.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
211152021-04-11BCBD-1396: Regarding taking necessary steps to prevent Jal Note.BCBDPDF
211122021-04-11PRL Order of Md. Alauddin Al-Azad (A-2668), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
211032021-04-08HRMD 1- 2578: Regarding Sending Information of COVID Infected Officers/ Employees Information on Urgent Basis.HRMD1PDF
210982021-04-08BCBD-1347: National Integrity implementation Report (from Jan'21 to Mar'21).BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
210872021-04-07HRMD 1- 4809: Appointment Notice for Joining as "Assistant Engineer (Civil)" on 25-04-2021.Career, HRMD1PDF
210852021-04-07SC-504: Regarding New Telephone No. of Staff College.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
210422021-04-05HRMD 1-4781 : Regarding Posting of 57 Officers of ICT Operation.HRMD1PDF
210362021-04-05Credit-2312: Regarding Regulations on Refinance scheme of 5000 crore taka for providing working capital in agriculture sector due to break-out of Novel Corona Virus.CREDIT1PDF
210342021-04-05Monitoring-683: Regarding New E-mail Address for Monitoring Department.MonitoringPDF
210322021-04-05Audit-2002: Regarding New E-mail Address for Audit Department.AuditPDF
210292021-04-05BCBD-1356 : Regarding Conducting Banking Activities in Limited Extent.BCBDPDF
210172021-04-04ICT (System)- 3306 : Regarding Back Month Provision of All Loan & Deposit Accounts of Migrated Online Branches.ICT (System)PDF
210132021-04-04Passport Permission of A K M Fazlul Haque (F-281).HRMD1PDF
210102021-04-04LCD-273: Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
210082021-04-04Credit-2314: Regarding Providing Defaulter NGO List.CREDIT1PDF
209522021-04-01Passport Approval of Imamul Hasan Akand (I-422).HRMD1PDF
208192021-03-31SC-500: Regarding Postponement of Foundation Training (03-04-21 to 09-05-21) due to Covid-19 situation.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
207682021-03-31Passport Approval of Al Mamun Harunur Rashid (A-3013).HRMD1PDF
207662021-03-31PRL Order of Md. Motiar Rahman (M-2949), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
207602021-03-31HRMD 1- 4701: Promotion Order Peon to Daptari.HRMD1PDF
207582021-03-31HRMD 1- 4700: Promotion Order Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1PDF
207492021-03-31Passport Approval of Md. Nazrul Islam (N-1341).HRMD1PDF
207472021-03-31Passport Approval of Morsheda Begum (M-3480).HRMD1PDF
207392021-03-31Credit-2305: Regarding Sending Information of Tk. 10 Lac or Above Amount Disbursed Loans.CREDIT1PDF
206772021-03-29Joining Letter of Sattya Narayan Das, Honorable GM, Internal Control & Compliance Department.HRMD1PDF
206752021-03-29Joining Letter of Razzakul Haider Chowdhury (R-1228), Honorable GM, Cumilla Division..HRMD1PDF
206732021-03-29Joining Letter of Md. Didarul Islam Mazumder (D-450), Honorable GM, Kushtia Division.HRMD1PDF
206542021-03-29Compliance-5026: Regarding New E-mail Address for Compliance Department.CompliancePDF
206462021-03-29SC-497: Regarding Foundation training nomination (Extension).STAFF COLLEGEPDF
206232021-03-29HRMD 1- 2494: Transfer Order of GM's.HRMD1PDF
206102021-03-29Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Manishita Biswas (M-3788).HRMD1PDF
205562021-03-28Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Shamim Uddin (S-3817), AGM.HRMD1PDF
205492021-03-28LRD-1435: Regarding Organizing "Shuvo Halkhata" Program at All Branches on 13.04.2021 in Mujib Borsho.LRDPDF
205452021-03-28Credit-2289:Regarding Reporting of Disbursed Loan Information Under CMSME.CREDIT1PDF
205432021-03-28Joining Letter of Chanu Gopal Ghosh, Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
205412021-03-28Joining Letter of Md. Nazmul Hossain, Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
203602021-03-25Credit-2245: Proper Implementation of Covid-19 Pronodona Packages.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
203582021-03-25LPO-6236: Regarding Samorik Pension Bill sending.LPO(GB)PDF
203562021-03-25Joining Letter of Md. Mosharraf Hossain (M-3218), Honorable GM at International Accounts Division.HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
203542021-03-25Procurement-1066: ২৬ মার্চ মহান স্বাধীনতা ও বিজয় দিবস ২০২১ উদযাপন উপলক্ষ্যে ব্যাংকের প্রধান কার্যালয়ে জাতীয় পতাকা উত্তোলন এবং জাতীয় স্মৃতিশৌধে শ্রদ্ধাঞ্জলি ও পুষ্পার্ঘ অর্পন প্রসঙ্গে।PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
203522021-03-25BCBD-1305: Regarding Phone No. Change of CRM Office, Dhaka.BCBDPDF
203462021-03-24BCBD-1302: Regarding Sab-e-Barat.BCBDPDF
203282021-03-24Credit-2279: Regarding Sustainable Finance Policy.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
203252021-03-24Credit-2275: Bank's contribution in to promote women entrepreneurs.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
203162021-03-24Joining Letter of Sattya Naryan Das (S-1961), Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
203142021-03-24Joining Letter of Md. Mosharraf Hossain (M-3218), Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
203122021-03-24Joining Letter of Md. Khaleduzzaman, Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
203102021-03-24Joining Letter of Md. Mahtab Ali Rashedi (M-3272), Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
203082021-03-24Joining Letter of Ashrafuzzaman Khan, Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
203062021-03-24Joining Letter of Didarul Islam Mazumder (D-450), Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
203042021-03-24Joining Letter of Razzakul Haider Chowdhury (R-1128), Honorable GM.HRMD1PDF
203022021-03-23Credit-2249: Regarding Strengthening Loan Disbursement Activities Under Crop Reservation & Management Sector.CREDIT1PDF
203002021-03-23Release Order of Mr. Md. Tofayel Ahmed, GM.HRMD1PDF
202972021-03-23Minutes of 6 March,2021 Meeting of CRMs, RMs & Corporate Branch Managers.BCBDPDF
202952021-03-23HRMD 1- 2398: Transfer Order of GM.HRMD1PDF
202832021-03-23Credit-1247: Regarding Recovery of Swanirvar Loan.CREDIT1PDF
202562021-03-21Credit-2233: Regarding Implementation of Bangladesh Banks 34 Inspection Report (30.06.2020 Based).CREDIT1PDF
202382021-03-18SC-472: About Foundation Training Of Newly Recruited OfficerSTAFF COLLEGEPDF
202332021-03-18Passport Approval of Mahumuda Begum (M-3024).HRMD1PDF
202312021-03-18Passport Approval of Nurul Islam (N-680), AGM, LRD.HRMD1PDF
202032021-03-18LRD-1389: Letter about Reconfirming Reschedule & WCL Loan Amount and Take Necessary Action to Recover These Loan.LRDPDF
202002021-03-18Credit-1592: Regarding Providing Money of Stimulus Packages to Flower Cultivator.CREDIT1PDF
201802021-03-16Passport Approval of Nantu Sarkar (N-1260).HRMD1PDF
201782021-03-16Passport Approval of Md. Redowan Hossain (R-1392).HRMD1PDF
201762021-03-16Invitation for Enlistment.EEDPDF
201742021-03-16Joining Letter of Sheikh Altap Hossain (A-6135), Honorable GM, Faridpur Division.HRMD1PDF
201722021-03-16Joining Letter of Md. Tofayel Ahmed, Honorable GM, International Accounts Division.HRMD1PDF
201662021-03-15Admin Circular No-01/2020- List of Admin Circulars & Circular Letters Issued within 01-01-2020 to 31-12-2020.HRMD1PDF
201602021-03-15Minutes of Preparatory Meeting (Held on 14.03.2021) Regarding The Celebration of Birth Centenary of Father of the Nation on 17.03.2021 & The Independence Day on 26.03.2021.PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
201522021-03-14Joining Letter of M M Mahbub Alam, Honorable GM (Additional Charge), Chattagram Division.HRMD1PDF
201492021-03-14Joining Letter (After Ex-Bangladesh Leave) & Charge Handover to Mr. Mohammod Ahad Khan (A-7242), DGM, Monitoring Department.MonitoringPDF
201432021-03-11PRL Order of Md. Mahtab Uddin (M-1455).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
201412021-03-11PRL Order of Sharif Abul Kalam (A-3461).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
201392021-03-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Kanij Fatema (F-769).HRMD1PDF
201372021-03-11PRL Order of Mst. Salma Akter (S-3399).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
201312021-03-11PRL Order of Mst. Kohinur Begum (K-689), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
201032021-03-08Credit-2146: Minutes of Meeting Regarding Complete Implementation of CMSME Special Stimulus Packages.CREDIT1PDF
201012021-03-08Recovery-1342: Regarding Arranging Mohacamp on 24 March,2021 & Special Programs for Loan disbursement, Recovery & Deposit Collection.LRDPDF
200992021-03-08BCBD 1219: Regarding Sanctioning Advance Against Rent of Bank's Branch/Office.BCBDPDF
200972021-03-08Repair Renovation Works of BKB Goshairhat Branch Building Shariatpur under Faridpur Division.EEDPDF
200922021-03-08HRMD 1- 4276: Regarding Re-assigning 59 Officers to ICT Operation.HRMD1, ICT (Operation)PDF
200892021-03-08LPO-2592: Provide Pension service through EFT for Bangladesh Biman Bahini.LPO(GB)PDF
200812021-03-07HRMD-1: Transfer Order (2203) of GM, DGM & AGM.HRMD1PDF
200612021-03-04Handover of Responsibility of International, Accounts, Internal Audit & Monitoring and ICT DivisionHRMD1PDF
200582021-03-04Credit-2135: Regarding Ensurig Proper Utilization of LoanCREDIT1PDF
200562021-03-04PRL Order of Mohammad Badiul Alam Chowdhury (B-278).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
200542021-03-04HRMD-1/4175: Appointment Notice for Joining as "Officer (Cash)" on 11-04-2021.Career, HRMD1PDF
200492021-03-04Credit-2120: Regarding Implementation of Special Loan Disbursement Program as Per Celebration of Hundred Birthday of Bangabandhu Shekh Mujibur Rahman.CREDIT1PDF
200472021-03-04Credit-2119: Regarding Guideline on Internal Credit Risk Rating System.CREDIT1PDF
200452021-03-03Repair & Renovation Works of Common Toilet with All Accessory Works at 2nd Floor (west side), BKB, HO.EEDPDF
200412021-03-03Passport Approval of Mosharof Hossain (M-3540), AGM.HRMD1PDF
200342021-03-03Passport Approval of Swarna Chakma (S-4364).HRMD1PDF
200322021-03-03Passport Approval of Ajit Kumar Dhali (A-7315).HRMD1PDF
200212021-03-02PRL Order of Md. Shah Jalal (S-3263), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
200162021-03-02Credit-2098: List of CMSME Related Circulars Published from January/2020.CREDIT1PDF
200142021-03-02Credit-2100: Regarding Technology Development/ Up-Gradation Fund for Export Oriented IndustriesCREDIT1PDF
200122021-03-01Appointment Letter of Officer(Cash)HRMD1PDF
200032021-03-01Passport Approval of Md. Mehedi Hasan (M-3549), AGM.HRMD1PDF
199992021-03-01Charge Handover of Mohammod Ahad Khan(A-7242), DGM, Monitoring Department to Jinat Shafin Wadud (J-742), DGM, Budget Department.MonitoringPDF
199962021-02-28HRMD 1-3654: Appointment of Senior Officer.Career, HRMD1
199942021-02-28Joining Letter & Charge Handover to Mohammad Azizur Rahman Fakir (A-7264), DGM, LRD.LRDPDF
199842021-02-28HRMD 1-3653: Promotion Order Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1PDF
199772021-02-28PRL Order of Mohammad Abul Kashem (A-6645), DGM, Divisional Office, CtgHRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
199712021-02-25HRMD 1- 2084: Regarding GM to DMD Promotion.HRMD1PDF
199622021-02-25Credit-2063: Regarding Re-determination of Loan Disbursement Target on CMSME Sector Under Tk.20,000 Crore Re-finance Scheme(Accoding to SMESPD Circular-01, 13.04.2020).CREDIT1PDF
199602021-02-24Loan Recovery Circular-01/2021: Clarification of 02/2018 circular.LRDPDF
199582021-02-24BCBD-1179: Regarding Displaying Security Feature Specified Poster of Original Banknote.BCBDPDF
199562021-02-24Construction of False Ceiling, Supply & Installation of Air Conditioner at Chairman's Secretaria of BKB.EEDPDF
199542021-02-24Joining Letter of Md. A. Rahim, Honorable GM at LPO.HRMD2PDF
199502021-02-24Risk-3181: Cancellation of Enlistment for Jabir survey and consultancy services.RMDPDF
199482021-02-24Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abul Fazal (F-686), AGM.HRMD1PDF
199462021-02-24PRL Order of Nurul Islam (N-680), AGM, LRD.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
199442021-02-24ICT(Operation)- Regarding Enlistment of Vendors to Purchase/Repair Computer Accessories, Data & Internet Connectivity, Software Etc.ICT (Operation)PDF
199422021-02-24Law-995: Formation of Monitoring cell for credit case.LAWPDF
199232021-02-23Credit-2044: Regarding Adjusting Loan Outstanding of CMSME Entrepreneurs Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
199162021-02-22CAD-2834: Regarding Issuing PF Index of Senior Officer , Security Officer (SO) & Officer (Cash).Central Accounts Department
199112021-02-22HRMD 1- 2443: Regarding Completing Vaccine Registration to Prevent COVID-19.HRMD1PDF
198982021-02-18HRMD 1-2034: Transfer Order of GM.HRMD1PDF
198942021-02-18Joining Letter of Md. A. Rahim, Honorable GM at Head Office.HRMD1PDF
198922021-02-18LPO-5923: Regarding Stopping Military Pension from 28.02.2021.LPO(GB)PDF
198902021-02-18Tour Schedule of Honorable Managing Director for February/2021.MD SecretariatPDF
198872021-02-18Recovery-1206: Regarding Arranging Mohacamp on 24 Feb,2021 & Special Programs for Loan disbursement, Recovery & Deposit Collection.LRDPDF
198782021-02-18Passport Approval of Munsi Shahidul Islam (S-2390).HRMD1PDF
198762021-02-17RMD-3106: Regarding Completing Credit Rating of Debtors (Tk. 1 Crore & Above).RMDPDF
198742021-02-17Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mr. Md. Tuhin Ikram (T-449), AGM.HRMD1PDF
198722021-02-17PRL Order of Kazi Faruk Uddin Ahmed (F-257).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
198622021-02-17Supply, Installation & Implementation of 64 Unit CCTV Camera & Other Related Items.EEDPDF
198602021-02-16Passport Approval of Ishrat Jahan Taposhi (I-371).HRMD1PDF
198582021-02-16Staff college-391: Regarding Foundation Training for newly appointed SO/Officer starting from 22/02/2021.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
198552021-02-16Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mr. Shah Jahan (S-2055).HRMD1PDF
198492021-02-15Credit-1994: Regarding Tightening Loan Disbursement Activities on Crop Preservation & Management Sector.CREDIT1PDF
198472021-02-15Passport Approval of Mosharraf Hossain (M-3540).HRMD1PDF
198372021-02-15Credit-1993: Regarding Target Achievement of CMSME Loan & Creating Awareness among Entrepreneurs.CREDIT1PDF
198352021-02-15HRMD 1- 3039 : Promotion Order Assistant Caretaker to Caretaker.HRMD1PDF
198332021-02-15HRMD 1- 3040 : Promotion Order Daptari to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1PDF
198312021-02-15HRMD 1- Promotion Order Peon to Daptari.HRMD1PDF
198282021-02-15HRMD 1- 3051: Appointment Notice for Joining as "Officer" on 07-03-2021.Career, HRMD1PDF
198252021-02-15LRD- Regarding Sending Interest Remission Proposal for Farmers.LRDPDF
198232021-02-14PRL Order of Mohammad Nur Ullah (N-538).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
198212021-02-14RSD-515: Regarding Providing Correct & Accurate Information on SBS-2,3 Report.RSDPDF
198142021-02-14Recovery-1167: Regarding Mohacamp at 24 Feb,2021 for Loan disbursement, Recovery, deposit collection.LRDPDF
198122021-02-14Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mr. Shah Jahan (S-2051).HRMD1PDF
198092021-02-14Credit-1976: Regarding Holding Discussion Meeting through Video Conferencing to Increase Awareness for Full Implementation of CMSME Sector's Special Incentive Packages.CREDIT1PDF
198052021-02-11Passport Permission of Afroza Sultana (A-7418).HRMD1PDF
198012021-02-11Credit-1975: Regarding Organizing BSCIC Fair on All Districts for Small Entrepreneurs.CREDIT1PDF
197932021-02-11Credit-1962: Regarding Re-finance Scheme on Eco Friendly Products/Projects.CREDIT1PDF
197852021-02-10Passport Approval of Mr. Foaz Ahamed (F-629).HRMD1PDF
197832021-02-10Credit 1952: Regarding Credit Guarantee Scheme Policy for CMS Sector.CREDIT1PDF
197812021-02-10Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mr. Mohammod Ahad Khan (A-7242), DGM, Monitoring Department.HRMD1PDF
197702021-02-09Credit-1947: Regarding Target Determination to Boost Up Loan Disbursement to Female Entrepreneur on SME Sector on FY 2020-2021.CREDIT1PDF
197642021-02-09SC-381: Regarding Nomination for Cash Management Training.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
197582021-02-08HRMD1-1830: Regarding Registration Link for preventing Covid-19.HRMD1PDF
197542021-02-08HRMD-1/2955: Appointment Notice for Joining as " Senior Officer" on dated 23-02-2021.Career, HRMD1PDF
197512021-02-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Azmal Hossain (A-7395).HRMD1PDF
197492021-02-07LCD-229: Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
197442021-02-04EED-550: Invitation for Tender of Repair, Renovation of RSD Dept.EEDPDF
197422021-02-04Hrmd1-1768: Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Abul Fazal (F-686).HRMD1PDF
197402021-02-04RMD-2949: Regarding Verifying Identity of Depositor Organization/ Person on SND Account of Housing Fund.RMDPDF
197322021-02-02PRL Order of Mohammad Kamal Uddin Patwari (K-268).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
197302021-02-02HRMD 1-1729: Viva Schedule for Promotion from DGM to GM.HRMD1PDF
197362021-02-01Joining Letter of Golam Muhammad Areef (G-563) as DGM (Additional Charge) of FRMD .FRMDPDF
197342021-02-01Joining Letter of Md. Sazzad Hossain (S-3781) as DGM of LRD.LRDPDF
197212021-02-01Credit-1841: Regarding Target Determination & Achievement for Eco Friendly & Sustainable FinancingCREDIT1PDF
197192021-02-01Joining of Mohammod Ahad Khan(A-7242) as DGM (Additional Charge) of Audit Department.AuditPDF
197142021-02-01Credit-1834: Regarding Sending Report After Loan Disbursement on Bangladesh Bank Declared Packages.CREDIT1PDF
197122021-02-01Charge Handover & Release Letter of Asim Bhusan Kundu (A-6333), DGM, LRD.LRDPDF
197062021-01-31Repair & Renovation Works of Rajoshtali Branch Under Rangamati Region of Chittagong Division.EEDPDF
197032021-01-31HRMD1-2808: Promotion Order from Officer to Senior Officer (31-01-2021).HRMD1PDF
196962021-01-31Acc2-2547: Karmachari Kalyan (Bodanno) Tahobil-(31-01-2021).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
197102021-01-31Charge Handover & Release Letter of Chowdhury Mohammad Shoyeb Reza (S-3423), DGM, Audit Department.AuditPDF
196902021-01-28Passport Approval of Mehnaj Afrin Khan (M-4126).HRMD1PDF
196882021-01-28Repair & Renovation Works of Boundary Wall at BKB, Staff College Complex.EEDPDF
196862021-01-28Accounts Circular No-01/2021: Regarding Re-fixation of FDR Interest Rate.TMDPDF
196842021-01-28PRL Order of Laskar Saidur Rahman (S-3140), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
196822021-01-28Credit-1823:Regarding Division-wise Target Determination of CMSME Nit Loan & Advance from January/2021 to December/2021 as per SMESPD Master Circular No-2CREDIT1PDF
196782021-01-28Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mrs. Safrin Nahar (S-4367).HRMD1PDF
196762021-01-28Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mr. Mohammad Mosharaf Hossain (M-3794).HRMD1PDF
196732021-01-27ICT (Operation)-925: About taking Necessary Precautions to Prevent Fraudulent ActivitiesICT (Operation)PDF
196692021-01-27Treasury-825: Regarding proper use of RTGS User ID & Password.TMDPDF
196642021-01-27Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mrs. Fahmida Tabassum (F-750).HRMD1PDF
196602021-01-27Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mr. Syed Shakil Ahmed Alamgir (S-3960).HRMD1PDF
196572021-01-26Credit-1820: Regarding SME Lead Bank Selection & Lead Bank Calendar Preparation.CREDIT1PDF
196552021-01-26Passport Apporval of K. M. Razibul Hasan (R-1410).HRMD1PDF
196532021-01-26PRL Order of Masuda Akter Khanam (M-1709).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
196512021-01-26LPO-2655: Regarding Sending Branch Based Information (DFS Pay 2 Office, Dhaka) of Army Pensioners.LPO(GB)PDF
196462021-01-26LPO-2629: Regarding Sending Complete Information of Army Pensioners.LPO(GB)PDF
196442021-01-26Passport Approval of K. M. Razibul Hasan (R-1410).HRMD1PDF
196412021-01-26Invitation for Re-Tender of Supply Installation & Commissioning of 457 Online UPS for 457 Different Branches of Bangladesh Krishi Bank for 03 years.ICT (System)PDF
196362021-01-24PRL Order of Maksuda Begum (M-1284).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
196342021-01-24PRL Order of Abul Kashem Sarkar (A-3519).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
196292021-01-24RMD-2757: Minutes of 2nd Quarterly CCC Meeting of 2020-2021.RMDPDF
196262021-01-24HRMD 1-2712: Appointment of Senior Officer IT/ICT.Career, HRMD1PDF
196242021-01-21Credit-1779:Regarding Implementation of 782 Meeting's Decision.CREDIT1PDF
196222021-01-21Passport Approval of Shekh Sazzad Hossain Shoyeb (S-4119).HRMD1PDF
196202021-01-21RMD-2711: Regarding Proper Keeping of Loan Case Files.RMDPDF
196172021-01-21Credit-1769: Master Circular about Cottage, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise(CMSME) Financing.CREDIT1PDF
196102021-01-20Credit-1764: 20,000 crore tk loan facilities in CMSME sector.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
196082021-01-20Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1 Mbps (512 Kbps Internet+512 Mbps Data) Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 300 BKB Branches.ICT (System)PDF
197982021-01-20Credit-1761: Regarding Target Determination of Loan Disbursement Under Re-finance Scheme for Tk.10 Account Holders.CREDIT1PDF
196012021-01-20Credit-1754: Regarding Providing Necessary Assistance on Cashew Nut Business Growth in Bangladesh.CREDIT1PDF
195932021-01-20SC-315: Regarding Nomination for Training on Money Laundering, CTR posting and CRMG.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
195892021-01-19SC-307: Regarding Nomination for Training on Risk based AuditSTAFF COLLEGEPDF
195872021-01-19FRMD-1045:Regarding Printing New Telephone/Mobile Index Book.FRMDPDF
195852021-01-19PRL Order of Md. Monir Uddin (M-2968), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
195812021-01-19PRL Order of Mahmuda Begum (M-3143), DGM, FRMD.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
195772021-01-19HRMD-2626: Advertisement Regarding Recruitment on the Post of Security Guard.Career, HRMD1PDF
195732021-01-18Passport Approval of Md. Palash Mia (P-372).HRMD1PDF
195712021-01-18PRL Order of Sydes Saida Akter (S-1140).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
195582021-01-17Passport Approval of Md. Shahnewas Mondol Sazib (S-4104).HRMD1PDF
195552021-01-17Passport Approval of Md. Ahsan Rakib Khan (A-7770).HRMD1PDF
195532021-01-17PRL Order of Selina Khanam (S-1382).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
195292021-01-13আরএমডি-৩০/২৫০৮: মানিলন্ডারিং ও সন্ত্রাসী কার্যে অর্থায়ন প্রতিরোধ কার্যক্রম বাস্তবায়নে অঙ্গীকার।RMDPDF
195202021-01-13Credit-1708: Regarding Guidelines on Internal Credit Risk Rating System.CREDIT1PDF
195172021-01-12Credit-1697: Regarding Sending BRPD Circular 17/2020 & 56/200 Related Information.CREDIT1PDF
195152021-01-12PRL Order of Nur Nahar (N-1292), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
195132021-01-12PRL Order of Md. Shamsul Alam (S-1204)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
195032021-01-12Recovery-1025: Regarding Accomplishment of Important Tasks at Field Level.LRDPDF
195012021-01-12Extension of Abroad Leave of Md. Aminul Islam (A-7496) for Higher Study in Japan.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
194982021-01-11HRMD 1-2532: Promotion Order Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1PDF
194932021-01-11Passport Approval of Md. Habibur Rahman (H-953).HRMD1PDF
194902021-01-10LPO-5058: Regarding Navy Pension Payment through EFT.LPO(FOREX), LPO(GB)PDF
194822021-01-07Recovery-1008: Regarding Arranging Special Deposit Collection & Loan Disbursement,Recovery Program & Holding Mohacamp on 27 January,2021 on all Branches.LRDPDF
194762021-01-07Credit-1648: Regarding Onion Cultivation Loan.CREDIT1PDF
194652021-01-06Credit-1644: 20,000 crore tk Special credit program in CMSME sector.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
194552021-01-06Joining Letter of Muhammad Taibur Rahman (T-429), DGM, Reconciliation Department.RECONCILIATIONPDF
194482021-01-06PRL Order of Md. Zillur Rahman (Z-105), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
194462021-01-06PRL Order of Subrata Tripura (S-3455), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
194442021-01-06PRL Order of Md. Amirul Islam Kotoyal (A-4322), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
194422021-01-06PRL Order of Md. Abul Bashar (A-6684), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
194392021-01-05BCBD-954: Charge Handover of Muhammad Taibur Rahman (T-429) to Zamil Hossain (Z-415).BCBDPDF
194362021-01-05Credit-1624: Regarding Providing Defaulter NGO List.CREDIT1PDF
194342021-01-05Passport Approval of Hafizunnesa Begum (H-815).HRMD1PDF
194302021-01-05SC-279: Regarding Nomination for Foundation Training of Senior Officer/ Equivalent & Officers (From 10.01.2021 to 13.02.2021).STAFF COLLEGEPDF
194272021-01-04BCBD-950: Promoters List for Regular Monitoring of All Business Activities of Region/Branches.BCBDPDF
194242021-01-04PRL Order of Chowdhury Md. Showeb Reza (S-3423), DGM, Audit Department.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
194222021-01-04PRL Order of Asim Bhushan Kundu (A-6333), DGM, LRD.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
194202021-01-04Bcbd-948: National Integrity Report Oct-Dec'20.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
194122021-01-04Joining Letter of Mst. Akhiara Khanam (A-7241), DGM, Staff College.HRMD1PDF
194092021-01-03HRMD 1- 2397: Regarding Re-assigning 64 Officers to ICT Operation.HRMD1, ICT (Operation)PDF
194072021-01-03Joining Letter of Md. Abdur Rouf (R-1218), DGM, HRMD 2.HRMD1PDF
194052021-01-03HRMD 2- 1991: Charge Handover of Md. Abu Sadek Mia(A-6662) to Md. Abdur Rouf(R-1218), DGM, HRMD-2.HRMD2PDF
193982021-01-03Joining Letter of Muhammad Taibur Rahman (T-429), DGM.BCBDPDF
193962021-01-03HRMD 1- 2366: Release Order & Charge Handover of Mohammed Salim Khan (S-3109), DGMHRMD1PDF
193942021-01-03Joining Letter of Md. Mostafizur Rahman (M-3512), DGM, International Trade Department.ITDPDF
193922021-01-03Joining Letter of DGM Muhammad Sazzad Hossain (S-3781), DGM, LCD.LCDPDF
193892021-01-03Joining Letter of Mohammad Mainul Islam (M-3508), DGM, Credit Department.CREDIT1PDF
193882021-01-03Joining Letter of Md. Golam Mahbub (G-564), DGM, Law DepartmentLAW
193742021-01-03HRMD 1- 1364: Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD1PDF
193682020-12-31Credit-1600: Regarding Refinance scheme of 5000 crore taka for providing working capital in agriculture sector due to break-out of Novel Corona Virus.CREDIT1PDF
193692020-12-31LCD-165: Regarding Loan Classification (BRPD Circular No-59).LCDPDF
193652020-12-31Release Order of Md. Amin (M-3842), SO.MD SecretariatPDF
193612020-12-31Joining Letter of A. H. M. Mahbubul Baset Bhuyan (M-3528), DGM, Compliance Dept.ICDPDF
193562020-12-31Joining letter of Golam Muhammad Areef (G-563), DGM.TMDPDF
193542020-12-31Joining Letter of Khan Tamjid Ahmed (T-437), DGM, AccountsCentral Accounts DepartmentPDF
193532020-12-31Joining Letter of Lovely Yeasmin (L-240), DGM, RSD.RSDPDF
193512020-12-31Joining letter of Jinat Shafin Wadud (J-742), DGM, BECD.BECDPDF
193492020-12-31Joining Letter of Md. Khorshed Anwar (K-879), DGM, VSD.VSDPDF
193472020-12-31Joining Letter of Kazi Mohammad Nozre Moin (K-883), Secretery(DGM).BOARDPDF
193402020-12-31HRMD 1-2363: Promotion Order Officer to SO.HRMD1PDF
193302020-12-31HRMD 1/1361 : Promotion Order from AGM to DGM.HRMD1PDF
193282020-12-31BCBD-935: Regarding Keeping Branches of Scheduled Banks of Municipal Areas Open for Submitting Nomination Papers of Election CandidatesBCBDPDF
193242020-12-30RMD- 1250: Half yearly statement on AML/CFT.RMDPDF
193222020-12-30Release Order & Charge Handover of Md. Shah Alam (S-1201), DGM, Reconciliation .RECONCILIATIONPDF
193202020-12-30BCBD-934: BKB Integrity Award 2019-2020.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
193142020-12-29Promotion Order Supervisor TO OfficerHRMD1PDF
193082020-12-28Repair & Renovation Works of Common Bathroom with All Accessory Works at 3rd Floor (West Side), BKB Head Office.EEDPDF
193042020-12-28Credit-1531: Regarding Improvement of Annual Loan Disbursement & Recovery Target Under SME for FYI 2020-2021.CREDIT1PDF
193022020-12-27Promotion Order Officer TO Senior OfficerHRMD1PDF
192992020-12-27BCBD-896: বিকেবি, ত্রৈমাসিক মুনাফা ভিত্তিক সঞ্চয় প্রকল্পের সংশোধনী প্রসঙ্গে।BCBDPDF
192982020-12-27LCD-161: 31-12-2020 সূত্র তারিখ ভিত্তিক 50তম ঋণ শ্রেণীবিন্যাস বিবরণী প্রস্তুতকরণ প্রসঙ্গে।LCD
192912020-12-27PRL Order of Shova Rani Bishwas (S-1615).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
192892020-12-27Passport Approval of Taslima Abed Toma (T-503).HRMD1PDF
192822020-12-24ICT (Systems)- Necessary Acts of Online Branches on Half-yearly Closing-2020 for Back Month Provision.ICT (System)PDF
192802020-12-24LPO-2118: Regarding Settlement of Bangladesh Bank's BACH charge on 1110-Online General Account instead of 1114-General Account Advice.LPO(GB)PDF
192622020-12-24EED-427: Repair & Renovation works of Kawkhali Branch, Rangamati.EEDPDF
192592020-12-23ICT (Operation)-694: ২৪.১২.২০২০ তারিখে ভিডিও কনফারেন্সিং এর মাধ্যমে শাখা ব্যবস্থাপক পর্যালোচনা সভা অনুষ্ঠানের লক্ষ্যে Zoom Webinar মিটিং সংক্রান্ত দিক নির্দেশনা।ICT (Operation)PDF
192552020-12-23PRL Order of Sweta Pal (S-1530).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
192522020-12-23Accounts-536: About sending Bangladesh Bank's BACH charge on 1110-Online General account instead of 1114-General account.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
192492020-12-23ICT Circular No-06/2020: Regarding Immediate CBS Posting & Authorization of Transactions on Online Branches.ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
192442020-12-22Credit-1501: Regarding Division of SME Loan.CREDIT1PDF
192422020-12-22PRL Order of Shibendra Kumar Karmakar (K-264).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
192402020-12-22Invitation for Enlistment of Computer & Accessories.ICT (Operation)PDF
192362020-12-22HRMD 1-2264: Regarding Sending Updated Information of Supervisor/Equivalent.HRMD1PDF
192342020-12-22PRL Order of Md. Jasim Uddin (J-308).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
192312020-12-21Passport Approval of Md. Khurshed Rashid (K-715).HRMD1PDF
192292020-12-21Recovery-846: Regarding Informing About Actual Amount of Classified Loan (Including Rescheduled) on 2020-21 FY.LRDPDF
192272020-12-21PRL Order of Juyela Khatun (J-233).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
192252020-12-21PRL Order of Md. Shah Alam (S-1201), DGM, Reconciliation.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
192232020-12-21PRL Order of Md. Abdul Karim Mia (A-6434), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191932020-12-21PRL Order of Md. Abdul Khalek (A-6742), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191892020-12-21PRL Order of Ferdousi Begum (F-286).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191852020-12-20PRL Order of A. Mazid Azad (A-3214).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191832020-12-20PRL Order of Md. Shahidul Alam (S-3265).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191772020-12-20PRL Order of Masudur Rouf Khan (M-1122).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191762020-12-20Invitation for Tender for Supply, Installation of Petrol Generator for Branches of BKB Sylhet Division.EEDPDF
191722020-12-20ICT(Operation)-665:Necessary Acts of Offline Branches Regarding Half Yearly Closing-2020ICT (Operation)PDF
191702020-12-20Passport Approval of Md. Karzon Ahmed Chowdhury (K-960).HRMD1PDF
191682020-12-20PRL Order of Md. Mostafizur Rahman (M-3300).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191662020-12-20PRL Order of Selina Khatun (S-1900).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191642020-12-20PRL Order of Mohammad Selim Khan (S-3109), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191622020-12-20CL-1/156(BRPD Circular-56): Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
191522020-12-17ICT(Systems)-1852:Necessary Acts of Online Branches Regarding Half Yearly Closing-2020ICT (System)PDF
191282020-12-15VIVA Schedule Change for Officer to Senior officerHRMD1PDF
191242020-12-15PRL Order of Alak Kumar Chakroborty (A-3651).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191222020-12-15PRL Order of Md. Salim Ullah Harun (S-1705).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191192020-12-15Joining Letter of Honorable Chairman Mr. MD. NASIRUZZAMAN.BOARD, Chairman OfcPDF
191142020-12-15১৬ ডিসেম্বর,২০২০ মহান বিজয় দিবস উপলক্ষে বাংলাদেশ কৃষি ব্যাংক ভবনে জাতীয় পতাকা উত্তোলন প্রসঙ্গে।PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
191122020-12-15PRL Order of Md. Shafiqur Rahman (S-3234), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191102020-12-15PRL Order of Mohammad Yunus Mia (Y-80), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
191032020-12-14Half Yearly Closing-2020 circularCentral Accounts DepartmentPDF
190982020-12-14PRL Order of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-3083).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
190822020-12-14PRL Order of Sekh Mizanur Rahman (M-2935), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
190752020-12-13বাংলাদেশ কৃষি ব্যাংকের বৈদেশিক রেমিট্যান্স ও আয় বৃদ্ধির পরিকল্পনা বাস্তবায়নের লক্ষ্যে ২০২০-২০২১ অর্থবছর হতে প্রতি অর্থ বছরে সর্বোচ্চ রেমিট্যান্স আহরণকারী শাখার রেমিট্যান্স কর্মকর্তা/কর্মচারীগণকে আর্থিক পুরষ্কার ও প্রশংসা পত্র/সার্টিফিকেট প্রদান প্রসঙ্গে।FRMDPDF
190722020-12-13Admin Circular-11/2020: Withdrawal of Non-Working Day.HRMD1PDF
190682020-12-13খামার, যান্ত্রিকীকরণের মাধ্যমে ফসল উৎপাদন বৃদ্ধির জন্য ব্যাংক ঋণের মাধ্যমে কম্বাইন হারভেস্টার, রাইস ট্রান্সপ্লান্টার, রিপার, পাওয়ার থ্রেসার, পাওয়ার টিলার চালিত বীজ বপন যন্ত্র এবং ট্রাক্টর প্রস্তুতকারক/আমদানিকারক/সরবরাহকারী হিসেবে তালিকাভুক্তির বিজ্ঞপ্তি।CREDIT1PDF
190652020-12-13Admin Circular-10/2020: বীর মুক্তিযোদ্ধার নামের পূর্বে সকল ক্ষেত্রে "বীর" শব্দ ব্যবহার প্রসঙ্গে।HRMD1PDF
190012020-12-09Recovery-760: Regarding Arranging Special Deposit Collection & Loan Disbursement,Recovery Program & Holding Mohacamp on 23 December,2020 on all Branches.LRDPDF
189792020-12-09Admin Circular No-08/2020: Re-formation of Tender Committee(09-12-20).HRMD1PDF
189752020-12-09Admin Circular 09-2020 (সরকারি চাকরি আইন, ২০১৮)HRMD1PDF
189212020-12-08RMD-2031: Regarding Sending Residual Risk Related Information.RMDPDF
189182020-12-08Release Letter of Md. Kaisul Haque, Honorable DMD.HRMD1PDF
187812020-12-07Credit-1418: Regarding various information publish in RJSC's Website.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
187642020-12-06Credit-1380: Regarding Proper Implementation of Government Declared Stimulus Packages to Overcome Financial Crisis after COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
187622020-12-06Credit-1389 : Regarding Loan Disbursement Under Re-finance Scheme,2020 for Low Income Professionals, Farmers & Businessmen Affected by Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
187602020-12-06Credit-1388: Regarding Recovery of Swanirvar Loan.CREDIT1PDF
187132020-12-03PRL Order of Mohammad Abdul Aziz (A-3524).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
186582020-12-02Viva schedule for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer (07-12-20 to 23-12-20).HRMD1PDF
186262020-12-01Credit-1361: Regarding Clarification of Interest Calculation of Loans Disbursed Against ACD Circular No-02, Date-27.04.2020.CREDIT1PDF
185282020-12-01Credit-1359: Special Loan/Investment Facility of BDT 20,000 Crore Provided to CMSME Sector Affected by Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
184472020-11-30PRL Order of Mohammad Golam Mostafa (G-180).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
184432020-11-30Credit-1350: Regarding Running Re-finance Scheme of Tk 5000 Crore to Supply Cash Capital on Agriculture Sector Due to COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
184242020-11-29Acc-2/1815: Issuing PF Index No.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
184082020-11-29HRMD 1- 1083: Regarding Sending State-owned Bank & Financial Institutions DGMs' (Eligible for Promotion to GM) List on Specific Format .HRMD1PDF
184052020-11-29Passport Approval of Mohammad Kamrul Islam(K-878), AGM.HRMD1PDF
184022020-11-29Credit-1341: Regarding Bangladesh Bank Declared Amendments Applicable for Existing "Small Enterprise Refinance Scheme", "Refinance Scheme for Setting up Agro Based Product Processing Industries in Rural Areas", & "Refinance Scheme for New Entrepreneurs in Cottage, Micro and Small Enterprise Sector" to Support CMSME.CREDIT1PDF
183962020-11-26Credit-1340: Regarding Recovery of CL Loan Disbursed Under Tk 200 Crore Re-finance Scheme for Tk10 Account Holders.CREDIT1PDF
183932020-11-26Credit-1339: Regarding Providing Special Loan/Investment & Re-finance Facility to CMSME Sector Affected by Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
183902020-11-26Credit-1337: Regarding Proper Implementation of Tk 5000 Crore Stimulus Package to Supply Cash Capital on Agriculture Sector Due to COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
183882020-11-26Planning & Operation Circular No-14/2020: Loan Disbursement Program for Potato Seed Production to Enlisted Farmers of BADC for 2020-21 FY.CREDIT1PDF
183772020-11-25Promotion Order SO TO POHRMD1PDF
183732020-11-25Law-567: Regarding Target achievement.LAWPDF
183662020-11-23Recovery-623: Regarding Arranging Special Deposit Collection & Loan Disbursement,Recovery Program from 16.11.2020 to 02.12.2020 & Helding Mohacamp on 02 December,2020 on all Branches for Nobanno.LRDPDF
183592020-11-22HRMD-1/23: Regarding Administrative power access for File processing and moving.HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
183552020-11-22SC-174: Regarding Nomination for Foundation Training of Senior Officer/ Equivalent (From 24.11.2020 to 29.12.2020).STAFF COLLEGEPDF
183532020-11-19PRL Order of Bakhtiar Uddin (B-267).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
183512020-11-19HRMD-1022: Additional Charges to DGM & Charge of DGM to AGMs.HRMD1PDF
183392020-11-17Invitation of Tender for Printing & Supply of 9(nine) Different Printable Items.PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
183362020-11-17PRL Order of Mohammad Golam Kibria (G-573).HRMD1PDF
183342020-11-17PRL Order of Md. Abdul Aziz (A-6407).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
183222020-11-17Law-546: Regarding Aternative Dispute Resolution target achievement.LAWPDF
183182020-11-16Credit-1229: Regarding Providing Loan Against Leasehold Interest Mortgage.CREDIT1PDF
183162020-11-16PRL Order of Bishwas Muhammad Ruhul Amin (R-1145), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
183142020-11-15Promotion Order PO to SPO (1967)HRMD1PDF
182952020-11-15Credit-1198: Refinance Scheme'20 for farmer/poor income Professionals.CREDIT1PDF
182902020-11-15Joining Letter & Charge Handover to Asim Bhushan Kundu (A-6333), DGM, LRD.LRDPDF
182842020-11-12HRMD 1- 1947: Viva Schedule for Promtion SO to PO (from 19.11.2020 to 25.11.2020).HRMD1PDF
182822020-11-12PRL Order of Md. Monjur Roshed(M-1816).HRMD1, HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
182792020-11-12Passport Approval of Shibliy Sadique (S-3806).HRMD1PDF
182762020-11-12Credit-1190: Regarding Manual of Credit Gurantee Scheme.CREDIT1PDF
182712020-11-11Credit-1188: Target determination of 20,000 crore Refinance scheme in CMSME.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
182692020-11-10PRL Order of Mohammad Manirul Islam (M-3200), DGM, BCBD.BCBD, Personal LettersPDF
182662020-11-10SC-141: Nomination for Training regarding CMSME.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
182492020-11-09Acc1-1536: Special Student Scholarship/2020 (S.S.C Ex-2020).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
182452020-11-09RMD 1612: Regarding Recovery of Unclassified Loan According to BRPD Circular No-13, 05.06.2020 to Mitigate COVID-19 Adverse Impact.RMDPDF
182412020-11-09Acc2-1537: Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
182332020-11-09ICT Circular No- 05/2020: Guideline Regarding Using InternetICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
182312020-11-09ICT Circular No- 04/2020: Guideline about Using E-mail.ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
182292020-11-09ICT Circular No-03/2020: Guideline for Declaration & Settlement of Computer, Computer Accessories & Other Equipment as Obsolete.ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
182272020-11-09ICT Circular No-02/2020: Backup & Restore Guidelines.ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
182252020-11-09Credit-1157: Regarding Quick Implementation of Financial Stimulus Packages to Retrieve Economy after COVID-19 Crisis.CREDIT1PDF
182222020-11-08PRL Order of Syed Mohammad Rafiq Uddin (R-1105), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
182202020-11-08LRD-564:Regarding Settlement of Filed Certificate Cases Within December-2020.LRDPDF
182172020-11-08Recovery-556: Regarding Nabanno ceremony arrangement on 16 november, 2020.LRDPDF
182142020-11-05Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO (950).HRMD1PDF
182122020-11-05Credit-1132: Regarding Allotment of Additional Tk. 120 Crore to Provide Loan Facilities on Tea Industry Under BRPD Circular No-08/2020(Corrected)..CREDIT1PDF
182082020-11-05Problem Loan Review Policy-2020Monitoring, Policy & GuidelinePDF
182062020-11-05Supply & Installation of Petrol Generator for Several Branches of BKB Under Mymensingh Division (2nd Re-Tender).EEDPDF
181992020-11-04Promotion Order SPO to AGMHRMD1PDF
181952020-11-04Credit-1114: Regarding Enhancement of Working Capital Facilities for Industries & Service Sector Affected by Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
181932020-11-04redit-1115: Regarding Providing Special Loan/Investment Facility to CMSME Sector Affected by Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
181912020-11-04Circular No-01/2020: Regarding Giving Financial Power to Field Level General Managers Similar to Head Office General Managers According to Board Circular No-01/2013 , Date-05.08.2013ICT (Operation)PDF
181862020-11-03Credit-1105: Regarding Providing Special Loan/Investment Facility to CMSME Sector Affected by Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
181842020-11-03Credit-1105: Regarding Allotment of Additional Tk. 120 Crore to Provide Loan Facilities on Tea Industry.CREDIT1PDF
181812020-11-02Credit-1103: Regarding Participation on "9th SME Fair-2021" to be held on 1-7 March,2021.CREDIT1PDF
181752020-11-02HRMD 1- 1838: Viva Schedule for Promtion PO to SPO (from 07.11.2020 to 15.11.2020).HRMD1PDF
181702020-11-02Joining Letter of Sheikh Altap Hossain (A-6135), GM (In Charge), LPO.LPO(GB)PDF
181672020-11-01Tender for Renting Micro-bus(Duel AC) on Monthly Basis for DGMs' & AGMs' for Motijheel-Uttara & Motiheel to Demra Route for 2(Two) Years..PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
181562020-11-01PRL Order of Md. Abu Jahidul Haq (A-6083).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
181542020-11-01Joining Letter of Mohammad Selim Khan (S-3109), DGM.HRMD1PDF
181482020-10-29Promotion Order AGM to DGM (928/8)HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
181442020-10-29Credit-1083: Regarding Financial Stimulus Package to Mitigate Probable Economic Impact Due to Breakout of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19).CREDIT1PDF
181402020-10-28Release Order of Md. Afzal Karim, Honorable DMD.HRMD1PDF
181192020-10-28Transfer order of DGM.HRMD1
181132020-10-27Joining Letter of Md. Afzal Karim, DMD after recreation leave.HRMD1PDF
181082020-10-27Credit-1067: Regarding Re-fixation of Loan Disbursement Target According to ACD Circular No-01 Under Tk 5,000 Crore Refinance Scheme.CREDIT1PDF
181022020-10-27Regarding Nomination for Training on Cash Management.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
181002020-10-27PRL Order of Bikash Chandra Deb (B-315).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
180952020-10-27SC-126: Regarding Nomination for Training.STAFF COLLEGEPDF
180962020-10-27Accounts Circular No- 08/2020: Regarding Re-determination of Special Notice Deposit (SND) Deposit Rate of BKB.TMDPDF
180902020-10-25LCD-125: Regarding Loan Classification and Provisioning.LCDPDF
180882020-10-25Credit-1019: Regarding Timely Implementation of Incentive Packages Announced by Government to Compensate Loses for COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
180702020-10-25BCBD-641: Regarding Integrity Award Nomination for 2019-2020.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
180492020-10-22Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Router, Network Switch, 9U Network Rack for 445 Branches of BKB for 3 Years.ICT (System)PDF
180252020-10-21HRMD 1-887: Viva Schedule for Promotion from SPO to AGM (From 31.10.2020 to 04.11.2020).HRMD1PDF
180222020-10-21Invitation for Open Tender to Recruit Private Security Guards on Dhaka, Faridpur & Mymensingh Division by Outsourcing.PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
180192020-10-21Passport Approval of Kana Rani Ghosh (K-782).HRMD1PDF
180152020-10-21PRL Order of Kazi Abdul Latif (A-6021), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
180132020-10-21বাংলাদেশ কৃষি ব্যাংকের বার্ষিক কর্মসম্পাদন চুক্তি (এপিএ) ১ম ত্রৈমাসিক (জুলাই-সেপ্টেম্বর ২০২০) অগ্রগতিBCBDPDF
180082020-10-21HRMD 1-886: Viva Schedule for Promotion from AGM & Equivalent to DGM (From 27.10.2020 to 29.10.2020).HRMD1PDF
180042020-10-20Credit-999: Regarding Re-determination of Loan Disbursement Target According to ACD Circular No-01.CREDIT1PDF
180012020-10-20Passport Approval of Md. Tazul Islam (T-1155).HRMD1PDF
179932020-10-19Regarding Sending State-owned Bank & Financial Institutions DGMs' (Eligible for Promotion to GM) List on Specific Format .HRMD1PDF
179912020-10-19BCBD-623:Regarding Keeping Branches Closed in the Election area on 20 October, 2020 (Tuesday) for General election of Upazila Parishad & Union Parishad..BCBDPDF
179832020-10-19PRL Order of Paresh Ranjan Das (P-82).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
179732020-10-19Credit-977: Regarding Agro machinery Industries Ltd.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
179712020-10-19Tender Notice for Service of BKB Apps for Digital Banking of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.ICT (System)PDF
179412020-10-18PRL Order of Md. Harun-Ur-Rashid Bhuiyan (H-808), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
179392020-10-18Passport Approval of Shekh Mohammad Faruq (F-326), AGM.HRMD1PDF
179372020-10-18Joning & Charge Handover to Md. Shah Alam (S-1201), DGM, Reconciliation .RECONCILIATIONPDF
179342020-10-18Credit-975:Regarding Fixing Limit to Provide Working Capital Loan/Investment Facilities in Large Industrial and Service SectorCREDIT1PDF
179232020-10-15Credit-950: Crop related loan implementation.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
179202020-10-15HRMD 1- 1674: Regarding Re-assigning 69 Officers to ICT Operation.ICT (Operation)PDF
179182020-10-15PRL Order of Khaled Hossain (K-746), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
179162020-10-15PRL Order of Md. Zahirul Islam Bhuiyan (Z-371), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
178952020-10-14Associated Annual Procurement Plan 2020-2021 of BKB.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
178932020-10-14Risk-1306: Regarding implementation of actions taken against Money laundering.RMDPDF
178912020-10-14Risk-1308: Minutes of 1st quarterly CCC meeting of 2020-21.RMDPDF
178882020-10-14Credit-946: Loan Recovery related.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
178862020-10-14HRMD 1-1650: Seniority List of Senior Officer , Senior Officer(IT), Assistant Programmer & Assistant Maintenance Engineer(30.09.2020 Based).HRMD1PDF
178582020-10-13PRL Order of Aradhan Chakraborty (A-3471).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
178562020-10-13PRL Order of Mosharraf Hossain (M-1554).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
178502020-10-12Invitation of Tender(e-GP) for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 457 Online UPS for 457 Different Branches of Bangladesh Krishi Bank for 03 years.ICT (System)PDF
178452020-10-12HRMD1-834: Viva Schedule for Promotion from SPO to AGM.HRMD1, HRMD2
178422020-10-12RMD-1257: Regarding Sending CTR/ STR with Complete & Accurate Information within Due Time.RMDPDF
178362020-10-11Passport Approval of Mst. Kohinur Begum (K-689), AGM.HRMD1PDF
178332020-10-11Staff College- 107: Regarding Nomination for Training on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effect on Agri. SectorSTAFF COLLEGEPDF
178302020-10-11Credit-894: Loan Disbursement & Recovery Achievement on FY 2020-21 Against Target Under SME..CREDIT1PDF
178262020-10-11Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps (512 Kbps Internet & 512 Kbps Data) Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity as Primary & Secondary Connectivity for 425 BKB Branches for 24 Months.ICT (System)PDF
178142020-10-11LCD: 119- Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
178092020-10-10ভিডিও কনফারেন্সিং এর মাধ্যমে শাখা ব্যবস্থাপক পর্যালোচনা সভা অনুষ্ঠানের লক্ষে Zoom Webinar মিটিং সংক্রান্ত দিক নির্দেশনা।BCBDPDF
178042020-10-08Revised Viva Schedule for Promotion from AGM to DGMHRMD1PDF
177992020-10-08Credit-873: Regarding Sending Necessary Information While Sending Proposal with No Objection on Cases of Loan/Investment ReschedulingCREDIT1PDF
177972020-10-08PRL Order of Sheikh Haider ALi (H-325).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
177732020-10-07Passport Approval of Md. Abul Kashem (K-870).HRMD1PDF
177632020-10-07LPO-1239: Regarding Implementation of Government Decision of Giving Pension to Navy Pensioner by EFT.LPO(GB)PDF
177172020-10-06Passport Approval of Md. Abdur Rashid (A-7251).HRMD1PDF
177152020-10-06Passport Approval of Mohammad Azmal Hossain (A-7395).HRMD1PDF
177132020-10-06PRL Order of Sheikh Mohammad Faruq (F-326), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
176812020-10-05Seniority List of Principal Officer & Programmer (Upto 30.09.2020).HRMD1PDF
176782020-10-05জাতীয় শুদ্ধাচার কৌশল কর্ম-পরিকল্পনা ২০২০-২১ অনুযায়ী গণশুনানির কার্যবিবরণী।BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
176762020-10-05জুলাই, ২০২০ হতে সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০২০ সময়কালের ১ম প্রান্তিকের শুদ্ধাচার কৌশল, কর্মপরিকল্পনা ও প্রতিবেদন দাখিল সংক্রান্ত সভার কার্যবিবরণীগ।BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head Office
176732020-10-05জুলাই, ২০২০ হতে সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০২০ সময়কালের ১ম প্রান্তিকের শুদ্ধাচার ও নৈতিকতা কমিটির সভার কার্যবিবরনী।BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
176712020-10-05Passport Approval of Mohammad Shamsul Alam (S-3815).HRMD1PDF
176692020-10-05Passport Approval of Foyez Ahammod (F-629).HRMD1PDF
176672020-10-05National Integrity Strategy Work Plan & Implementation Report (July-September/2020).BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
176652020-10-05Admin Circular No-04/2020: Regarding Transfer of Officers & Employees.HRMD1PDF
176492020-10-05Law-387: Security act for govt. employee.LAWPDF
176472020-10-05Credit-840: Regarding Continuous Loan & Demand Loan.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
176252020-10-04Invitation for Open Tender to Recruit Private Security Guards by Outsourcing.PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
176082020-10-01ভিডিও কনফারেন্সের মাধ্যমে সকল বিভাগের মহাব্যবস্থাপক, মুখ্য আঞ্চলিক/আঞ্চলিক ব্যবস্থাপক ও শাখা ব্যবস্থাপকদের পর্যালোচনা সভার কার্যবিবরণীরBCBDPDF
175802020-10-01Accounts Circular-07/2020: Clarification of Interest Rate for Loan & Advance.TMDPDF
174552020-09-30PRL Order of Md. Nurul Azad (N-843).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
175502020-09-30RSD-200: SBS-02,03 Reporting Guideline.RSDPDF
175452020-09-30BCBD-536: Regarding Accept Tore Note by Branch.BCBDPDF
175122020-09-30Regarding Sending Necessary Documents for Monthly Pension EFT of Air Force Pensioner.LPO(GB)PDF
173592020-09-27PRL Order of Md. Abdur Rob Shekh (A-2142).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
173142020-09-23Credit-740: Regarding Formation & Operation of Tk 5,000 Crore Re-finance Scheme to Supply Current Cash on Agriculture Sector Due to COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
173092020-09-23Acc1-257: Deduction of Source tax in fiscal year 2020-21.CAD1, Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
173012020-09-21BCBD-473: Regarding Auto Reinvestment in 5-years term Bangladesh Schanchyapatra.BCBDPDF
172742020-09-17ICT(System)-755: Regarding Ensuring Safety While Using Computer, E-mail Account, Internet, Network on All Branches & Offices to Prevent Cyber Attack & Proper Protection of Data.Announcement, ICT (System), Latest NewsPDF
172632020-09-17PRL Order of Md. Mobarak Hossain (M-3251), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
172462020-09-16Credit-678: Regarding Transferring Rescheduled Continuous Loan, Loan Against Deposit & Demand Loan on Specific Head/ Subhead by Changing Into Term Loan.CREDIT1PDF
172422020-09-15Credit-675: Regarding CMSME loan/investment for covid-19.CREDIT1, CREDIT2, SMEPDF
172372020-09-15Credit-669: Redetermination of Interest rate of 300 crore refinance scheme.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
172332020-09-14Credit-665: Regarding Tightening Loan Disbursement Activities on Crop Preservation & Management Sector.CREDIT1PDF
172312020-09-14HRMD 1- 571: Seniority List of Deputy General Manager (31.08.2020 Based).HRMD1PDF
172292020-09-14HRMD 1- 572: Seniority List of Assistant General Manager & Senior System Analyst (31.08.2020 Based).HRMD1PDF
172282020-09-14HRMD 1- 573: Seniority List of Senior Principal Officer & System Analyst (31.08.2020 Based).HRMD1
172102020-09-13Credit-659: Regarding CMSME sector loan/Investment.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
172072020-09-13Credit-655: Proper use of 5000 crore tk Pronodona package.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
172032020-09-10Charge Handover of Razzakual Haider Chowdhury (R-1128), DGM, LRD.LRDPDF
172002020-09-10Credit-612: Regarding Target Allocation on Cluster Based SME Financing for 2020-2021 FY.CREDIT1PDF
171972020-09-10Credit-610: Regarding Proper use of Loan.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
171822020-09-08Credit-559: Sending Dalil timely for filing in sub-registry office.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
171802020-09-08HRMD 1- 517: Transfer Order of DGM.HRMD1PDF
171702020-09-07Credit-452: Regarding CMSME sector Loan/Investment.CREDIT1, CREDIT2, SME
171542020-09-06Credit-524: According to ACD circular- 02, redetermination of loan disbursement target.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
171292020-09-03KKPB-237: Nilam tender invitation for Motor GariPROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
171172020-09-02Credit-516: Regarding Ensure CMSME sector Pronodona loan disbursement among 31 october, 2020.SMEPDF
170912020-09-01Credit-468: Regarding Implementation of FICSD Circular Letter No01, 12.02.2017.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
170872020-08-31Passport Approval of Md. Khalilur Rahman (K-721).HRMD1PDF
170782020-08-31HRMD 1- Regarding Distribution of Credit Policy & Operation Manual- 2019 on Field Level.HRMD1PDF
170762020-08-31HRMD 1- Regarding Sending Information about Employees Infected by /Died of COVID-19 Upto 31.08.2020.HRMD1, UncategorizedPDF
170702020-08-27PRL Order of Md. Golam Mawla (G-154).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
170682020-08-27Joining Letter of DGM, Administration division, HO.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
170532020-08-27PRL order of Md. Shafiqul Islam (S-1607).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
169942020-08-20PRL Order of Chowdhury Mohammad Manjur Morshed (M-3191).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
169922020-08-20PRL Order of Md. Aminul Bahar (A-6831), GM(In Charge), Cumilla Division.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
169902020-08-20BCBD-289: করোনা ভাইরাসের প্রাদুর্ভাব প্রতিরোধে ব্যাংকের করনীয়।BCBDPDF
169752020-08-20Recruitment of Lawer.Career, LAWPDF
169322020-08-18Acc2-376: কর্মচারী কল্যাণ(বদান্য) তহবিল থেকে "বিশেষ শিক্ষা বৃত্তি-২০২০" প্রদান প্রসঙ্গে (জে.এস.সি ও পি.ই.সি পরীক্ষা-২০১৯)।CAD2PDF
169302020-08-18Acc2-377: বিকেবি, কর্মচারী কল্যাণ(বদান্য) তহবিল থেকে ব্যাংকের অবসরপ্রাপ্ত কর্মকর্তা/কর্মচারীদের এককালীন অনুদানের অর্থ মঞ্জুরী প্রদান প্রসঙ্গে।CAD2, Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
168522020-08-16Work plan and time frame to settle the classified loans which are pending before Artha Rin AdalatLAW, UncategorizedPDF
168022020-08-13ককপবি-153: ১৫ আগস্ট, ২০২০ ”জাতীয় শোক দিবস” উপলক্ষ্যে বাংলাদেশ কৃষি ব্যাংক এর প্রতিটি শাখা ও কার্যালয় কর্তৃক ৫(পাঁচ)টি করে বৃক্ষরোপন কর্মসূচী গ্রহন এবং এর পরিচর্যা সংক্রান্ত কার্যক্রম গ্রহন প্রসঙ্গে।PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
168002020-08-13১৫ আগস্ট,২০২০ "জাতীয় শোক দিবস" যথাযোগ্য মর্যাদায় পালন উপলক্ষ্যে ০৯-০৮-২০২০ তারিখে অনুষ্ঠিত বাংলাদেশ কৃষি ব্যাংকের প্রস্তুতিমূলক সভার কার্যবিবরণী।PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
167972020-08-13১৫ আগস্ট,২০২০ "জাতীয় শোক দিবস" উপলক্ষ্যে শোক র‍্যালী ও ব্যাংক ভবনের কেন্দ্রীয় মসজিদে (১০ম তলা) অনুষ্ঠিত দোয়া মাহফিলে অংশগ্রহণের আহবান প্রসঙ্গে।PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
167502020-08-13Passport Approval of Zannatun Nuri (Z-494).HRMD1PDF
167422020-08-12PRL Order of Md. Lutfor Rahman (L-107).HRMD1, HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
167092020-08-06PRL Order of mohammad Nechar Uddin (N-694).HRMD1, HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
166902020-08-05RMD-265: According to BFIU Circular no-26, preparing Account opening form in regional section.RMDPDF
166532020-08-03Credit-247: Disburse of Krishi Loan under pronodona scheme.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
166522020-08-03PRL Order of Md. Moslem Uddin (M-1704).HRMD1, Personal Letters
166402020-07-30Credit/236: Sending information of disbursed loan in CMSME sector for achieving Refinance facility.SMEPDF
166382020-07-30BCBD-179: Providing Financial support to 50 lac covid-19 affected families in Mujib year.BCBDPDF
166362020-07-30BCBD-171 : Related branch will be remained open on 31 July, 2020 friday for paying salary of ready made germents employees.BCBDPDF
166302020-07-29Regarding Supply of Sample Signature & Sample Signature Book Volume-5 for BKB Officers.BCBDPDF
166282020-07-29Regarding Accomplishment of Important Work on Field Level During August 2020.LRDPDF
166262020-07-29Regarding Ensuring Adequate Security on Bank During the Vacation of the Holy Eid-ul-Adha & Weekend.BCBDPDF
166242020-07-29PRL Order of Sahana Khatun (S-1356).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
166222020-07-29PRL Order of Md. Fazlul Karim (F-573).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
166202020-07-29PRL Order of S.M. Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-1736), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
166182020-07-29PRL Order of Dipti Rani Deb Roy (D-133).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
166162020-07-29TMD-67: Regarding Renewal of TT Discounting Facility with Sonali Bank.TMDPDF
166132020-07-29Loan Recovery Circular No-02/2020: Regarding Target About Loan Recovery, Reschedule Loan , Written off Loans and 52 Interest for FY2020-21.LRDPDF
166062020-07-28Credit-217: Regarding Making Loan/Investment Application more Borrower Friendly for CMSME Entrepreneur.CREDIT1PDF
166042020-07-28ICT System-276: Regarding Uploading confidential Notice/Circular in private zone of BKB official Website.ICT (System)PDF
166022020-07-28PRL Order of Md. Ibrahim Molla (I-138).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
166002020-07-28Agricultural & Rural Credit Policy and Program for the FY 2020-2021BCBDPDF
165922020-07-28HRMD 1-208: Charge of DGM, Public Relations and Protocol Department to Mohammad Manirul Islam (M-3200), DGM, BCBD.HRMD1PDF
165902020-07-27Enlistment of Vendors for Computer, Software Purchasing/Servicing, Data/Internet Connectivity.ICT (Operation)PDF
165872020-07-27HRMD-1/280: Appointment Notice for Joining as "Officer (Cash)" (2nd Phase) on dated 02-09-2020.Career, HRMD1PDF
165852020-07-27HRMD-1/279: Appointment Notice for Joining as "Officer (Cash)" (2nd Phase) on dated 01-09-2020.Career, HRMD1PDF
165812020-07-26Credit-1/162: Regarding Loan disbursement related certificate & pronodona package implementation information sending.CREDIT1PDF
165772020-07-26Regarding Executing Normal Banking Activities.BCBDPDF
165722020-07-23National Integrity Strategy Working Plan for 2020-21.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
165692020-07-23Regarding Keeping Branches Open on 25 July, 2020 for Payment of Readymade Garments workers on Nearby Branches.BCBDPDF
165662020-07-23RMD-140: BFIU Circular No. 26: Instructions for prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing.RMDPDF
165452020-07-22Special Instructions Regarding Prevention of COVID-19.ICT (System)PDF
165432020-07-22Credit-1/139: Minutes of Covid-19 Pronodona Package implementation activities monitoring Committee's 1st meeting.CREDIT1, CREDIT2PDF
165412020-07-22RMD-140: BFIU Circular No. 26: Instructions for prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing.Policy & Guideline, RMDPDF
165392020-07-21PRL Order of Md. Sharikul Islam (S-3083).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
165362020-07-20Risk-125: CCC Quarterly meeting minutes for 2019-20.RMDPDF
165242020-07-16HRMD 1- 147: Regarding Sending ACR of 2019-2020 FY.HRMD1PDF
165222020-07-16HRMD 2- 148:Transfer order of Mohammad Salahuddin Razib, DGM as In Charge of GM,Barishal Division.HRMD1PDF
165092020-07-14RMD-72: Regarding Completion on storation of Information for loan case above tk 5.00 Lac.RMDPDF
165062020-07-14BCBD-41: Related Bank Branch has to be closed for election in 14th July, 2020.BCBDPDF
165002020-07-13RMD-67: Implementation of activities for improving CAMELS Rating & Risk Management Rating.RMDPDF
164962020-07-12Credit-1/90: ডাল, তেল, মসলা জাতীয় ফসল চাষের জন্য ৪% সুদে বিতরনকৃত ঋণের মধ্যে ২০১৯-২০ অর্থ বছরে সুদাসলে সম্পূর্ণ আদায়ের মাধ্যমে বন্ধ হওয়া ঋণ হিসাবসমূহের সুদ বাবদ ক্ষতির বিপরীতে ভর্তুকি প্রদানের দাবী সম্বলিত প্রতিবেদন প্রেরন।CREDIT1PDF
164922020-07-12Admin Circular-07/2020: পরিবেশ ও সামাজিক ঝুঁকি ব্যবস্থাপনা গাইডলাইনHRMD2, Policy & GuidelinePDF
164872020-07-09Credit-80 : Regarding Time Extension to Utilize Allocated Money in Favor of Bangladesh Krishi Bank Under Tk.300 Crore Re-finance Scheme to Assist on Jute Sector.CREDIT1PDF
164822020-07-08Regarding Implementation of Loan/Investment Schemes Formulated by Bangladesh Bank.CREDIT1PDF
164772020-07-08Joining Letter of Kazi Mohammad Nozre Moin (K-883), Secretary (Department in Charge), Board Secretariat.BOARDPDF
164762020-07-08Regarding Explanation Call due to Non-payment of Foreign Remittance by Aorakhali Branch, Gazipur.FRMDPDF
164712020-07-07Regarding Name Changing of Tazmahal Road Branch, Dhaka to Mohammadpur Branch, Dhaka.BCBDPDF
164682020-07-07National Integrity Strategy Work Plan & Implementation Report (January-March/2020) & (April-June/2020)..BCBD, National Integrity Strategy(NIS)_Head OfficePDF
164662020-07-06নভেল করোনা ভাইরাস (COVID-19) এর প্রাদুর্ভাবের কারণে বাংলাদেশের সম্ভ্যাব্য অর্থনৈতিক প্রভাব মোকাবেলায় আর্থিক প্রণোদনা প্রদান প্রসঙ্গে।CREDIT1PDF
164612020-07-06Charge Handover of A.K.M. Amirul Manzur(A-6939) to Kazi Mohammad Nozre Moin (K-883), Board Secretariat.BOARDPDF
164622020-07-06HRMD1-28: Charge of Manager, Cox'sbazar Branch to Mohammad Shahid Ullah (S-3488) During Leave of Nurul Islam(N-680),AGM.HRMD1PDF
164592020-07-06HRMD-1-27 : Charge of the Department (Secretary) to Kazi Mohammad Nozre Moin (K-883), AGM(Joint Secretary), Board Secretariat.HRMD1PDF
164552020-07-05BCBD Circular-12BCBDPDF
164532020-07-05Joining Letter of Md. Khorshed Anwar (K-879), AGM(Department in Charge), VSD.VSDPDF
164502020-07-05Joining Letter of Lavli Yasmin, AGM (DGM in charge), RSD.RSDPDF
164482020-07-05Charge Handover & Taken of DGM, RSD.RSDPDF
164462020-07-05RMD-19 : Regarding Approving & Signing ICRRS Report by CRO & Sending All Necessary Report & Documents.RMDPDF
164382020-07-05HRMD 1-8314: Appointment of Senior Officer.Career, HRMD1PDF
164362020-07-05HRMD 1-8315: Appointment of Senior Officer IT/ICT.Career, HRMD1PDF
164342020-07-05HRMD 1-8313: Appointment of Senior Officer(2nd Phase).Career, HRMD1PDF
164302020-07-02Charge Handover of DGM, RSD.RSDPDF
164272020-07-02RMD-2929: Regarding Enlistment of 16 Surveyor Companies for Valuation of Mortgage Property against 1.00 Crore & Above Loan.RMDPDF
164242020-07-02Charge of CRM, Moulvibazar to S.M. Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-1736) During Leave of Mr. Jyotish Chandra Roy(J-345).HRMD1PDF
164172020-07-01Regarding Sending Compensation Claiming Report (01.07.19 to 30.06.20 Based) on 5% Interest Rate to Bangladesh Bank Against Disbursed Loan Provided on Concessional interest rate for Milk Production & Artificial Insemination.CREDIT1PDF
164152020-07-01Regarding Launching Corrected RTGS User Update Form (30-06-20).TMDPDF
164102020-07-01HRMD1- 01 - Transfer Order of DGMHRMD1PDF
164082020-07-01Credit-1493:Regarding Poroviding Incentinve to Good Debtors & Investment Beneficiaries.CREDIT1PDF
164052020-06-30PRL Order of Md. Kashem Khan (A-2662).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
163952020-06-30BCBD-1457: Regarding Pronodona Bhata related information sending.BCBDPDF
164002020-06-30HRMD 1- 8308: Promotion Order Daptari to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1PDF
163982020-06-30HRMD 1- 8309: Promotion Order Peon to Daptari.HRMD1PDF
163962020-06-30HRMD 1- 8310: Promotion Order Officer to SO.HRMD1PDF
163932020-06-30HRMD 1-3079: Tramsfer Order of DGM.HRMD1PDF
163902020-06-30PRL Order of Swapan Kumar Singha (S-1299).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
163892020-06-30RMD-2715: CCC 3rd Meeting minutes for 2019-20.RMDPDF
163852020-06-30ACC-1/1044: নভেল করোনা ভাইরাস এর প্রাদুর্ভাবের কারনে কৃষি খাতে চলতি মূলধন সরবরাহের উদ্দেশ্যে ৫,০০০ কোটি টাকার পুনঃঅর্থায়ন স্কীম গঠন নীতিমালার আওতায় ঋণ বিতরনের লক্ষ্যে নতুন হিসাব উপ-খাত চালুকরন প্রসঙ্গে।CAD1PDF
163832020-06-29অর্থনীতিতে কোভিড-১৯ এর নেতিবাচক প্রভাব রোধকল্পে বাংলাদেশ সরকার কর্তৃক ঘোষিত ঋণ সহায়তা প্যাকেজসমূহ বাস্তবায়নে ব্যাংকসমূহ কর্তৃক করণীয় প্রসঙ্গে।CREDIT1PDF
163812020-06-29করোনা ভাইরাস সংক্রমণ রোধে সরকার ঘোষিত সাধারণ ছুটিকালীন সময়ে ব্যাংকে স্বশরীরে কর্মরত কর্মকর্তা/কর্মচারীগণের অনুকূলে প্রদত্ত বিশেষ প্রণোদনা ভাতা সংক্রান্ত তথ্য প্রদান প্রসঙ্গেগBCBDPDF
163792020-06-29HRMD-1/8298:Regarding Time Extension of Officers of ICT Operation Department for ComputerizationHRMD1PDF
163742020-06-29PRL Order of Mr. Sukomal Acharjee (S-1052).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
163712020-06-29Release Order of Md. Golam Mostafa (G-456), DGM.HRMD1PDF
163632020-06-29Joining Letter of Md. Golam Mostafa (G-456),DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
163682020-06-29Acc-1/1042: Regarding Submission of Income Tax Return for the FY 2019-20 (Tax Year 2020-21).CAD1PDF
163602020-06-29Charge Handover & Release of Md. Abdur Rahman Sarkar (A-6442), DGM, VSD.VSDPDF
163552020-06-28Charge Handover & Release of Md. Mominul Islam Talukder (M-3256), DGM, Procurement & EWTD.PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
163532020-06-28Credit-1457: Regarding Implementation of Special Loan Facilities for CMSME Sector Due to COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
163492020-06-28Credit-1448: স্বনির্ভর ঋণ আদায়করন প্রসঙ্গে।RMCDPDF
163462020-06-25Transfer OrderHRMD1PDF
163422020-06-25PRL Order of Md. A. Salam (A-6499).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
163432020-06-25CL-3/272: ৩০-০৬-২০২০ সূত্র তারিখ ভিত্তিক ৪৯তম ঋণ শ্রেণীবিন্যাস বিবরণী প্রস্তুতকরণ ।LCD
163402020-06-25Credit-1440: Regarding Implementation of Special Loan Facilities for CMSME Sector Due to COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
163272020-06-25Regarding Sending Final Income Tax Statement on Excel Format for the Fiscal Year 2019-2020.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
163232020-06-24Invitation for EnlistmentPROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
163212020-06-24Annual Closing Circular for Online Branches,2020ICT (System)PDF
163152020-06-23Accounts Circular-01/2020: বিআরপিডি সার্কুলার নং-১২/২০২০ এর আওতায় এপ্রিল ও মে ২০২০ মাসের সুদ/মুনাফা বাবদ ভর্তুকী প্রদান প্রসঙ্গে।CAD1PDF
163132020-06-23Leave Encashment of Late Abul Kashem (A-2244).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
163102020-06-22Charge Handover of DGM, Budget & Expenditure Control Department.BECDPDF
163082020-06-22PRL Order of Ghyanoshyam Mazumder (G-454), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
163062020-06-22PRL Order of A. K. M Amirul Monjur (A-6939), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
163042020-06-22PRL Order of Jagat Bijoy Chakma (J-633), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
163022020-06-22PRL Order of Mohammad Yusuf Ali (Y-157), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
163002020-06-22Transfer Order of Md. Didarul Islam Mazumder, DGM as GM in Charge, Kustia Division.HRMD1PDF
162972020-06-22Release Order of Mr. Gita Rani Saha(G-478), DGM, FRMD.FRMDPDF
162912020-06-21CL-1/269: Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
162882020-06-21HRMD1/1678: Charge Handover and Taken of DGM, FRMD.HRMD1PDF
162862020-06-21ACC1-979: ১০ বছর বা তদুর্ধ্ব সময়কাল যাবৎ অদাবীকৃত বা লেনদেনহীন টাকা আমানত সমূহ:- ৩১/১২/২০১৮ তারিখের স্থিতি ভিত্তিক।CAD1
162822020-06-18Excise dutyCentral Accounts DepartmentPDF
162802020-06-17Credit-1341: Regarding Providing Loan Facilities at 4% Interest to Farmers for Dealing Crisis of COVID-19 Pandemic.CREDIT1PDF
162782020-06-17PRL Order of Md. Alamgir (A-2170).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
162762020-06-17PRL Order of Md. Nazrul Islam (N-405), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
162722020-06-16Transfer Order of AGM & SPOHRMD1PDF
162692020-06-16Invitation for Enlistment.EEDPDF
162672020-06-16BCBD-1407: Regarding Banking Time Schedule on COVID-19 Affected Zones.BCBDPDF
162642020-06-16HRMD 1-2063: Charge of CRM, Patuakhali to Md. Abdul Kader (A-6434),AGM.HRMD1PDF
162592020-06-15Accounts Circular No-04/2020: About Accounting Procedure of 4% Interest Loan.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
162562020-06-15Accounts-974: About Vat deduction Rules, 2020Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
162612020-06-15Regarding Providing Special Allowance to Employees Worked on COVID-19 General Holiday.BCBDPDF
162542020-06-15PRL Order of Md. Mominul Islam Talukder (M-3256), DGM, Procurement & EWTD.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
162522020-06-15PRL Order of Md. Saifullah (S-3527), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
162502020-06-15PRL Order of Md. Amzad Ali (A-2873).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
162482020-06-15PRL Order of Md. Golam Mostafa (G-456), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
162462020-06-15PRL Order of Md. Abdur Rahman Sarkar (A-6442), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
162442020-06-15PRL Order of Milan Kumar Nandi (M-1317), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
162422020-06-15HRMD 1-2029: Charge of DGM, Procurement & EWTD to Md. Mamunur Rashid (M-3665), DGM,ICT Systems.HRMD1PDF
162372020-06-15Credit-1327: নভেল করোনা ভাইরাস এর প্রাদূর্ভাবের কারণে সৃষ্ট ব্যবসায়িক পরিস্থিতি বিবেচনায় ব্যাংক ঋণ/বিনিয়োগের ওপর আরোপিত সুদ/মুনাফা সুদবিহীন ব্লকড হিসাবে স্থানান্তর প্রসঙ্গে।CREDIT1PDF
162322020-06-14Circular-03/2020: Closing Circular-June, 2020.CAD1PDF
162282020-06-14Acc-1/967: Regarding Corrected Computation Sheet & Income Tax for the Fiscal Year 2019-20.CAD1PDF
162222020-06-11HRMD 1- 3634: Regarding Sending ACR of 2019-2020 FY.HRMD1PDF
162202020-06-11Supply & Installation 6(six)nos. Solar Panel each capacity 3000 Watt.EEDPDF
162172020-06-11Regarding annual closing of June/2020 for offline computerized branchesICT (Operation)PDF
162132020-06-10HRMD 1-1983 : Charge & Power of DGM & CRM.HRMD1PDF
162112020-06-10PRL Order of Monir Ahammad (M-1036).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
162012020-06-08Risk-2731: Enlistment of ECAI's for Risk Rating.RMDPDF
161972020-06-08Joining of Honorable GM Azizul BariHRMD1PDF
161952020-06-08Charge of DGM, Budget & Expenditure Control Department to Jinat Shafin Wadud(J-742).HRMD1PDF
161922020-06-07Office Order regarding responsibilities of High ExecutivesHRMD1PDF
161882020-06-07Credit Circular Letter No. -1239CREDIT1PDF
161862020-06-07PRL Order of AGM Md. Sakhawat Hossain(S-1458)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
161842020-06-07PRL Order of SPO Gobinda Gopal Ghosh (G-276)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
161822020-06-07PRL Order of DGM Gita Rani Saha (G-478)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
161802020-06-07PRL Order of SPO Md. Borhan Uddin (B-364)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
161782020-06-07Release Order of DGM Rozina Parveen (R-527)BECDPDF
161762020-06-07তপশিলভুক্ত সরকারি ও বেসরকারি ব্যাংকসমূহ কর্তৃক সামাজিক নিরাপত্তা বেষ্টনীর অধীন ভাতাসমূহ ভাতাভোগীদের মাঝে মাসিক ভিত্তিতে বিতরণ করা প্রসংগে ।BCBDPDF
161742020-06-07Transfer Order - 1960HRMD1PDF
161722020-06-06PRL Order of Md. Abdul Whab (A-6773)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
161602020-06-04কর্মী সংক্রান্ত ঘোষণা (জনাব মোঃ সাখাওয়াত হোসেন, এস-১৪৫৮)HRMD1PDF
161562020-06-04দায়িত্বভার হস্তান্তর ও গ্রহন প্রত্যয়নপত্র (বাজেট ব্যয় নিয়ন্ত্রণ বিভাগ)HRMD1PDF
161482020-06-01বিকেবি মাসিক স্কীমসমূহের বকেয়া কিস্তি প্রদান প্রসঙ্গে।BCBDPDF
161452020-05-31Promotion Order: Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1PDF
161432020-05-31Promotion Order: Daptari to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1PDF
161412020-05-31Promotion Order: Peon to Daptari.HRMD1PDF
161392020-05-31Circular Letter No-1188:Regarding Implementation of 33th Inspection Report of Bangladesh Bank (30.06.19 Balance Based)CREDIT1PDF
161372020-05-311936-Transfer Order of AGM & SPO.HRMD1PDF
161332020-05-31BCBD-1333: Regarding Normal Banking transaction.BCBDPDF
161302020-05-31PRL Order of Sankar Kumar Podder (S-3020).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
161262020-05-20করোনা ভাইরাস সংক্রমণ রোধে সরকার ঘোষিত সাধারণ ছুটিকালীন ব্যাংকে স্বশরীরে কর্মরত কর্মকর্তা/ কর্মচারীগণকে বিশেষ প্রণোদনা ভাতা প্রদান প্রসংগে।BCBDPDF
161242020-05-20Accounts Circular No-02/2020: নভেল করোনা ভাইরাস এর প্রাদূর্ভাবের কারণে সৃষ্ট ব্যবসায়িক পরিস্থিতি বিবেচনায় ব্যাংক ঋণ/বিনিয়োগের উপর আরোপিত/আরোপযোগ্য সুদ/মুনাফা সুদবিহীন ব্লকড হিসেবে স্থানান্তরের লক্ষ্যে এর হিসাবায়ন পদ্ধতি প্রসঙ্গে।Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
161182020-05-19BCBD-1330:তৈরি পোশাক শিল্পে কর্মরত শ্রমিক/কমর্চারী/কর্মকর্তাদের বেতন,বোনাস ও অন্যান্য ভাতাদি পরিশোধের সুবিধার্থে এবং রপ্তানি বিল ক্রয় লক্ষ্যে ব্যাংকের শাখাসমূহ ২২ ও ২৩ মে খোলা প্রসঙ্গে।BCBDPDF
161162020-05-19Regarding Ensuring Adequate Security on Bank During the Vacation of the Holy Eid-ul-Fitr & Weekend.BCBDPDF
161102020-05-19PRL Order of Md. Deluwar Hussain (D-128).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
161082020-05-19PRL Order of Md. Mobarak Ulla (M-3260), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
161062020-05-19Regarding Ensuring Additional Alertness & Precautions in Bank & Financial Institutions to Prevent Covid-19 Infection.BCBDPDF
161032020-05-18Credit-1169: Regarding Fixing Target of Loan Disbursement of Tk 15,000 Crore under Re-financing Scheme According to BRPD Circular No-08/2020.CREDIT1PDF
161012020-05-17নভেল করোনা ভাইরাস (COVID-19) এর প্রাদুর্ভাবের কারণে বাংলাদেশে সম্ভ্যাব্য অর্থনৈতিক প্রভাব মোকাবেলায় আর্থিক প্রণোদনা প্যাকেজ বাস্তবায়ন প্রসঙ্গে।CREDIT1PDF
160992020-05-17করোনা ভাইরাস (COVID-19) এর প্রাদুর্ভাবের কারণে সিএমএসএমই (CMSME) খাতের জন্য বিশেষ ঋণ/বিনিয়োগ সুবিধা প্রসঙ্গে।CREDIT1PDF
160972020-05-17Transfer Order of DGM ,AGM & SPOHRMD1PDF
160952020-05-17PRL Order of Md. Sanwar Hossain Khan (S-3070), DGMHRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160932020-05-17Special Loan/Investment at CMSME sector due to COVID-19 pandemicCREDIT1PDF
160862020-05-14Regarding Providing Incentive to Face Financial Crisis Due to COVID-19.CREDIT1PDF
160842020-05-14Leave Encashment of Md. Abdus Sattar (A-6810), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160822020-05-14PRL Order of Mst. Rozina Parvin (R-527), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160802020-05-14PRL Order of Muha. Shamsul Alam (S-3105), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160782020-05-14PRL Order of S.M. Delwar Hossain (D-415), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160762020-05-14PRL Order of A.K.M Hatem Ali (H-719), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160742020-05-14PRL Order of Anil Chandra Gop (A-2794), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160722020-05-13Charge Handover of Md. Abdus Sattar (A-6810), DGM, EED.EEDPDF
160672020-05-12Regarding deduction of salary tax (tax year 2020-2021, fiscal year 2019-2020)Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
160652020-05-11Admin Circular No- 06/2020: Regarding Providing Compensation to BKB Employees Working During Covid-19 Pandemic.PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
160602020-05-10About transfer the interest/profit in block accountCREDIT1PDF
160582020-05-10Loan distribution targets of refinancing scheme ( 5000 crore ) in Agri sector due to COVID-19 pandemicCREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
160492020-05-07সরকার ঘোষিত সাধারণ ছুটির মধ্যে ব্যাংকিং ব্যবস্থা চালু রাখা প্রসংগে।BCBDPDF
160462020-05-07করোনা ভাইরাস (COVID-19) এর প্রাদুর্ভাবের কারণে সিএমএসএমই(CMSME) খাতের উব্য বিশেষ ঋণ সুবিধা প্রসঙ্গে।CREDIT1PDF
160442020-05-07PRL Order of Mohang Ilias Bangali, AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160422020-05-07PRL Order of Md. Abdul Halim (A-3363).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160402020-05-07PRL Order of Md. Idris Ali Hawlader (I-288).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160212020-05-04সাধারণ ছুটিকালীন সময়ে জাতীয় সঞ্চয় স্কীমের যাবতীয় লেনদেন শুরু করা প্রসঙ্গে।BCBDPDF
160192020-05-04তপশিলভূক্ত সরকারি ও বেসরকারি ব্যাংকসমূহ কর্তৃক সামাজিক নিরাপত্তা বেষ্টনীর অধীন ভাতাসমূহ ভাতাভোগেীদের মাঝে মাসিক ভিত্তিতে বিতরণ করা প্রসঙ্গে।BCBDPDF
160172020-05-04Refinancing Scheme to provide loans in CMSME sectorCREDIT1PDF
160152020-05-04PRL Order of DGM Md. Abdus Sattar (A-6810)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160132020-05-04PRL Order of AGM Azaz Mohammad (E-305)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160112020-05-04PRL Order of AGM Utpal kumar Chakrabarti (EU-21)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
160092020-05-04About providing loans at 4% interest against crops & grains due to COVID19 pandemicCREDIT1PDF
160072020-05-04Circular later- 03/2020 (House Rent Allowance of Mymensingh City Corp.)HRMD1PDF
160042020-05-03Transfer Order of DGM & AGM 1893HRMD1PDF
160012020-05-03Refinancing Scheme,2020 for Farmers, People with low income & Small BusinessmanCREDIT1PDF
159992020-04-30Promotion Order of Officer to Senior Office 7934(19)HRMD1PDF
159972020-04-30Promotion Order of Peon to Caretaker 7936(7)HRMD1PDF
159952020-04-30Promotion Order of Daptari to Asst. Caretaker 7935(6)HRMD1PDF
159932020-04-30PRL Order of AGM Saha Sankar Prashed (S-3025)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
159852020-04-29Refinancing scheme about financial remuneration and investment of working capital in service sectorsCREDIT1PDF
159832020-04-29Special financing in CMSME sector due to COVID-19 pandemicCREDIT1PDF
159902020-04-29Maintaining High Level Security in case of Using EmailICT (System)PDF
159732020-04-28About cancellation of monthly installments for 4 months(April,20 to July,20)due to Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha and another two months for Covid-19CAD2, Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
159712020-04-28Policy to Operate & Construct Scheme for Refinancing Working Capital in Agricultural SectorCREDIT1PDF
159692020-04-27About DPSBCBDPDF
159672020-04-27About Covid-19 Special IncentiveBCBDPDF
159652020-04-26Regarding Operating Banking in Limited MannerBCBDPDF
159622020-04-26About statement sending of CTR/STR of March & April/2020RMDPDF
159542020-04-23BACH Operation Schedule during RamadanBCBDPDF
159522020-04-22Regarding the adoption of pre-cautionary measures regarding various fraudulent activities recently observed in connection with the worldwide CORONA virus (COVID-19)infection.RMDPDF
159502020-04-22PRL Order of AGM Ahmed Daiyan Khan Chowdhury(A-6821)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
159472020-04-21Suspension of Principal Officer Sharmila PalitHRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
159452020-04-19Special grant-in-aid and health insurance for the employees for attending office during the government declare general vacation to restrict the transmission of Coronavirus disease(COVID-19)PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
159422020-04-19Circular about Limited bankingBCBDPDF
159392020-04-15PRL Order of SPO Nur Mohammad Howlader (N-704)--1877HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
159372020-04-15Special Incentive for employees working under general leave due to Corona (COVID-19) effectBCBDPDF
159342020-04-13Regarding Submitting Regulatory Report to Banking Regulation & Policy Dept. of Bangladesh BankBCBDPDF
159322020-04-13Regarding Submitting Regulatory Report to Dept. of Off-Site Supervision of Bangladesh BankBCBDPDF
159302020-04-13PRL Order of AGM Ram Prasad Ghosh(R-629)--1874HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
159282020-04-13Transfer Order (1875)HRMD1PDF
159262020-04-13Office Order 1869(2)HRMD1PDF
159242020-04-12Circular about Limited bankingBCBDPDF
159192020-04-09Regarding Banking Operation in Limited MannerBCBDPDF
159172020-04-09Regarding Closing Branches in Locked Down AreaBCBDPDF
159152020-04-09Directions to Prevent Outbreak of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).BCBD, Latest NewsPDF
159132020-04-07Donation of one day salary to aid corona effectHRMD1PDF
159102020-04-06BKB Corona (COVID-19) LeafletICT (System)PDF
159082020-04-02Maintaining Banking Operation from 05/04/2020 to 09/04/2020 in Limited MannerBCBDPDF
159072020-03-31TMD-990: To ensure sufficient cash supply for corona virus affected situation.TMD
159032020-03-30About opening of 29 more online branches to continue BACH services (From 30.03.2020 to 02.04.2020)ICT (System)PDF
159012020-03-30About Opening of BACHICT (System)PDF
158992020-03-25About Cyber Security awareness during Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)ICT (System)PDF
158972020-03-25About Protection of CoronavirusBCBDPDF
158952020-03-25Regarding Keeping Banking Activities Ongoing in a Limited Scale (interpretation).BCBDPDF
158932020-03-25About Providing BEFTN Service at 01.04.2020 & 02.04.2020BCBDPDF
158912020-03-25BCBD 1270-:Regarding Running Banking Activities in a Limited Scale.BCBDPDF
158882020-03-25Law-1100: Amendment in Loan Recovery(Law) Circular-03/2019.LAWPDF
158862020-03-25Law-1099: Regarding Classified Loan target achievement.LAWPDF
158832020-03-25BCBD-1268: Regarding Bank Security in Covid-19 prevention situation.BCBDPDF
158802020-03-25HRMD-2/3148: Regarding limited Training program.HRMD2PDF