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150352020-01-16List of Integrity Award Winners of 2018-2019.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
150332020-01-16National Integrity Strategy Working Plan & Implementation Report (Oct-December/19).BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
149942020-01-14BCBD-3(3)/909: Dhatob Mudra Sonrokhon na kora prosonge.BCBDPDF
149612020-01-12BCBD-895: Vacation at election area for Union Parishad election in 13 January, 2020.BCBDPDF
149042020-01-08Keeping scheduled bank branches closed in the election area on 13th January 2020 Monday for the occasion of National Parliament Election in 285 Chattogram-8 ConstituencyBCBDPDF
148982020-01-08General leave announcement for the 11th Election 285 chattogram-8 in Chattogram.BCBDPDF
148202020-01-05BCBD-867: Cadet, Midshipman and flight cadets monthly retirement allowance, medical allowance etc related.BCBDPDF
148082020-01-05Minutes of Integrity Committee Meeting from oct'19 to dec'19.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
148062020-01-05Annual Procurement Plan 2019-2020.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
147472019-12-30Notice about branch opening in Dhaka city for city corporation election purposeBCBDPDF
146492019-12-26BCBD-814: Vacation at election area for Union Parishad election in 30 dec, 2019.BCBDPDF
145702019-12-23Regarding Name Changing of Baburhat Branch, Narsingdi to Madhabdi Branch, Narsingdi..BCBDPDF
144622019-12-17Regarding Sending Personal Information of Bangladesh Navy Pensioners.BCBDPDF
143882019-12-15Regarding Sending Military Pensioner's Personal Information.BCBDPDF
143362019-12-11Holiday due to Union Parishad Election at Shaplapur Union of Moheshkhali Upzilla Cox's Bazar DistrictBCBDPDF
142522019-12-04BCBD-757: Regarding Required Actions of Bank Officiates & Visitors while Entering Vault & Cash CounterBCBDPDF
142152019-12-03Regarding Air Force Pensioner InformationBCBDPDF
140942019-11-24Circulation of Defaulting Borrowers & Its Directors/ Guarantors.BCBDPDF
140712019-11-21BCBD Circular No- 01/2018: Rules Regarding Integrity Award.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
140732019-11-20Regarding BKB Integrity Award 2018-19.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
139412019-11-11Regarding Sending Daily Statement/Voucher/Pay-order/Bank draft/DD of BTCL Bill.BCBDPDF
138532019-10-31BCBD-613: Responsibility of Bank Regarding False Note.BCBDPDF
137482019-10-23BCBD 570- Instructions Regarding Managing Bank Accounts.BCBDPDF
137452019-10-23BCBD-569: Regarding Implementation of Upgraded version of BACH.BCBDPDF
137402019-10-22Planning & Operation Circular No-24/2019: Regarding Correction on BKB Millionaire Scheme, BKB Monthly Deposit Scheme & BKB Double Profit Scheme.BCBDPDF
137382019-10-22Planning & Operation Circular No-23/2019: Regarding Launching Monthly Profit Scheme.BCBDPDF
137122019-10-21BCBD-577: Allocated Office Code & Uniform Class for E-filing System.BCBDPDF
136012019-10-13Branch Close Due to ElectionBCBDPDF
135512019-10-07BCBD-461: Regarding Losing Debit Cash Book & Voucher.BCBDPDF
135252019-10-03BCBD-447: Promoters List for Regular Monitoring of All Business Activities of Region/Branches.BCBDPDF
134922019-10-01Regarding Proper Implementation of Bangladesh Bank's Instruction on Prevention of Fake Note Spreading Prevention.BCBDPDF
134802019-09-30Regarding Sending Military Pay-1 Pensioner's Personal Information.BCBDPDF
133432019-09-26Integrity Award Winners of 2017-2018.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
132032019-09-17BCBD-379: Deduction of Source Tax from profit of National Savings Scheme.BCBDPDF
131582019-09-15Branch Close Due to ElectionBCBDPDF
131512019-09-15Regarding Seal, Signature & Writings on Fresh and Re-Issue-able Note and Stapling on Note Packet.BCBDPDF
131472019-09-15Regarding Lost Instrument of Social Islami Bank Ltd & Habib Bank Ltd.BCBDPDF
130972019-09-09Regarding Closing Account Transaction Due to Death of Account Holder.BCBDPDF
130742019-09-08Regarding Sending Monthly Statement of Exchanging Torn & Worn Out Notes by Branches.BCBDPDF
129182019-08-28Regarding Sending Personal Information of Pensioners.BCBDPDF
128872019-08-26Regarding Lost IO SlipBCBDPDF
128712019-08-25Regarding Lost Pages of FDR SlipBCBD
128362019-08-21Regarding Return of Unexpended Funds Under Old Age Allowances, Allowances for Widows & Disable People to Central Accounts fpr FY 2018-19BCBDPDF
128242019-08-20Integrity Award Winners of 2016-17.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
128162019-08-20Regarding Lost Instrument of Social Islami Bank Ltd.BCBDPDF
128032019-08-19Agri Credit Policy for the FY 2019-2020BCBD, Policy & GuidelinePDF
127962019-08-19Agriculture & Rural Credit Policy for FY 2019-20.BCBD, Policy & GuidelinePDF
127502019-08-08Regarding Monitoring Dengue Prevention Activities on the Vacation of Holy Eid-Ul-Azha.BCBDPDF
127422019-08-08Regarding Keeping All Schedule Bank Branches/Booths open 24/7 at all Port Areas of the CountryBCBDPDF
127392019-08-08Regarding Extension of Banking Hour as well as Keeping the Bank Branches Open in the Dhaka Metropolitan City on the Days before Eid-ul-Adha and Strengthening of Safety of Business Centers of the BankBCBDPDF
127102019-08-06Regarding Keeping Branches Open on 9 & 10 August, 2019 for Payment of Readymade Garments workers on Nearby Branches.BCBDPDF
126112019-07-28BCBD-162: Regarding Lost Instrument of SIBL.BCBDPDF
125922019-07-25Regarding Go live Operation of BACH II.BCBDPDF
125882019-07-24Branch close due to election-153BCBDPDF
125862019-07-24Branch close due to election-152BCBDPDF
125842019-07-24Branch close due to election-151BCBDPDF
125692019-07-23Regarding Preservation of Metal Coin According to Bangladesh Bank's Instruction.BCBDPDF
125212019-07-16Instruction letter for Branch SecurityBCBDPDF
124902019-07-15Regarding Implementation of 34th Meeting Minutes of ICD (Held on 27.06.19).BCBDPDF
124602019-07-14Regarding Money Deposit on Government Fund Collected by Selling Sanchaypatra Under "National Savings Scheme Online Management System"BCBDPDF
124302019-07-10List of Branches which will be closed at 11/07/2019 due to Union Parishad ElectionBCBDPDF
124212019-07-10BCBD:35-Regarding Lose of IO Receipt Pages.BCBDPDF
123822019-07-08Regarding Implementation of Bangladesh Bank's Guideline through Internal Audit on Commercial Cash Service Management & Note Sorting.BCBDPDF
123792019-07-07Regarding Sending NIS Work-plan 2019-20.BCBDPDF
121982019-06-27Branch open on Saturday (Corrected)BCBDPDF
121472019-06-24Congratulations Message from Honorable MD SirBCBD, Latest NewsPDF
120762019-06-19Issuance of Directive to All Governement Officials for Monitoring Children's Issues During Their Programme Visit in Field.BCBDPDF
120592019-06-18Regarding Sending Subject-wise Name for Inclusion on Uniform File No. from All Offices.BCBDPDF
120322019-06-16Regarding Keeping Branches Closed for Upazilla Parishad Election (5th Phase).BCBDPDF
119392019-06-03Regarding Taking Precautionary Steps to Ensure Security on Bank.BCBDPDF
119372019-06-03Regarding Ensuring Security for Eid-Ul-Fitr.BCBDPDF
118972019-05-28Regarding Keeping Branches Open on 1 & 2 June, 2019 for Payment of Readymade Garments workers on Nearby Branches.BCBDPDF
118912019-05-27Regarding Implementation of Pension Providing through EFTN.BCBDPDF
118752019-05-23Ensure Security During Eid-Ul-FitrBCBDPDF
118492019-05-22Regarding Sending Information about Sanchaypatra Transaction on Branches & National Savings Scheme Online Management System's User Registration Form.BCBDPDF
118442019-05-22According to Information Right Act-2009, Updated List of Information Officers & Appellate AuthorityBCBDPDF
117782019-05-16Regarding Losing A Cheque Book of Savings Account from Barishal Branch.BCBDPDF
117672019-05-14Regarding Opening National Savings Scheme Online Management System & Sending Interest & Principal Amount Directly through BEFTN on Customer's Account.BCBDPDF
117352019-05-13Regarding Not Exchanging Tk 2 (Two) & Tk 5(Five) New Notes During the Month of Holy Ramadan/2019.BCBDPDF
117332019-05-13Regarding Sending Information about Sanchaypatra Transaction on Branches & National Savings Scheme Online Management System's User Registration Form.BCBDPDF
116972019-05-12Regarding Exchange of Torn & Worn Out Notes & Metal Coins of Any Value by Branches.BCBDPDF
116752019-05-08BCBD-1662- Minutes of 3rd Quarterly Integrity Committee Meeting (January,2019- March,2019)BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
116582019-05-06Planning & Operation Circular No-10/2019: Regarding Correction on Double Profit Scheme, Millionaire Scheme, Monthly Deposit Scheme.BCBDPDF
116562019-05-06Planning & Operation Circular No-09/2019: Regarding Launching Lakhapati Scheme.BCBDPDF
116482019-05-05Office Schedule during RamadanBCBDPDF
116262019-05-02Regarding Keeping Corresponding Branches Close for Mymensingh City Corporation Election on 5 May, 2019.BCBDPDF
115552019-04-28Regarding Declaration of May/2019 as Deposit Collection & Loan Recovery Month.BCBDPDF
115302019-04-23Regarding Informing about Lost MT (No- 1042087/1, Date- 31.08.18).BCBDPDF
115232019-04-18Appreciation letterBCBDPDF
115212019-04-18Changing of holiday dateBCBDPDF
114702019-04-16Regarding Providing Extra Money Exceeding Pension Providing Order's(PPO) Amount while Payment of Military Pension.BCBDPDF
114662019-04-16Regarding Sending Scheduled Banks Branch-wise Monthly Balance Statement of Metal Coins Reserve.BCBDPDF
114452019-04-11Regarding Discontinuation of BKB Double Profit Scheme, Monthly Profit Scheme, Monthly Sanchay Scheme(MSS), BKB Savings Scheme, Monthly/Quarterly Profit Scheme.BCBDPDF
114422019-04-10Time Extension for New Deposit SchemeBCBDPDF
113872019-04-04Regarding Sending User Registration Form for National Saving Scheme Online Management System.BCBDPDF
113202019-04-01Planning & Operation Circular No-05/2019: Regarding Launching Millioniare Scheme.BCBDPDF
113172019-04-01Planning & Operation Circular No-07/2019: Regarding Launching Double Profit Scheme.BCBDPDF
113152019-04-01Planning & Operation Circular No-06/2019: Regarding Launching Monthly Deposit Scheme.BCBDPDF
112922019-03-28Planning & Operation Circular No-04/2019: Regarding Quarterly Benefit SchemeBCBDPDF
112842019-03-28Regarding Declaration of General Holiday on 31 March,2019 for Upazila Parishad Election(4th Phase) on Concerned Branches.BCBDPDF
112792019-03-28BCBD-1467: Regarding Increasing Time for Professor(Dr.) Obayedullah-Ferdousi Foundation Cancer Hospital Lottery-2019.BCBDPDF
112002019-03-21Regarding Declaration of General Holiday on 24 March,2019 for Upazila Parishad Election(3rd Phase) on Concerned Branches.BCBDPDF
111742019-03-19Circular Regarding Military PensionersBCBDPDF
111592019-03-19Regarding Difficulty on Transaction of Tk 1000 (Red Note) & Tk 500 (Pink Note).BCBDPDF
111472019-03-18Regarding Sending Military Pensioner Information Directly on LPO.BCBDPDF
111362019-03-14Regarding Ensuring Overall Security of Bank Regarding Holiday.BCBDPDF
109642019-02-27Keeping Branches Closed on 28th February, 2019 Thursday in DNCC, DSCC, Different Pourashavas & Union Parishads.BCBDPDF
108672019-02-19Regarding Selling Ticket of Professor(Dr) Obayedullah Ferdousi Foundation Cancer Hospital & Research Institute Lottery-2019.BCBDPDF
107792019-02-12BCBD-1253: Promoters List for Regular Monitoring of All Business Activities of Region/Branches.BCBDPDF
107362019-02-10Regarding Fixing Amount of BKB Monthly Savings Scheme after Maturity.BCBDPDF
107302019-02-10BCBD-1238: Regarding Sending Army Pension Adjustment Bills Without Proper Checking.BCBDPDF
106932019-02-06Regarding Sending Monthly Statement of Exchanging Damaged Notes.BCBDPDF
106862019-02-05BCBD-1231: Promoters List for Regular Monitoring of All Business Activities of Region/Branches.BCBDPDF
105452019-01-27Acceptance of Issued Letters Through E-Nothi System on Audit & Other Activities.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
104612019-01-17Regarding Name Changing of Zianagar Branch, Pirojpur to Indurkani Branch, Pirojpur.BCBDPDF
104222019-01-15Joining Letter of Mohammad Monirul Islam(M-3200), DGM, BCBD.BCBD, Personal LettersPDF
102942019-01-08Regarding Opening & Operating Non-Operation Current Collection Account of Prime Islami Life Insurance Limited.BCBDPDF
102862019-01-07BCBD-1084- Minutes of 2nd Quarterly Integrity Committee Meeting (October,2018- December,2018)BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
102522019-01-06Regarding Changing School Banking Account Type into General Savings Account Type.BCBDPDF
101672018-12-31Release Order of DGM Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-3213)BCBD, Personal LettersPDF
101612018-12-27Branch security in holidaysBCBDPDF
101372018-12-26Regarding Declaration of Holiday on 30 December, 2018 for 11 National Parliament Election on Scheduled Banks.BCBDPDF
101262018-12-24Regarding Selling of Bangladesh Cancer Society Hospital & Welfare Home Lottery Ticket-2018.BCBDPDF
101222018-12-24Regarding Half Yearly Closing of Scheduled Banks on 27/12/2018.BCBDPDF
99762018-12-12BCBD-984: Preservation of Metal Coin According to DCM Circular No-12/2015.BCBDPDF
99112018-12-04BCBD:505-Regarding Lose of IO Receipt Pages.BCBDPDF
97992018-11-26Regarding Taking Necessary Steps to Prevent Circulation of Fake Notes.BCBDPDF
97972018-11-26Regarding Sending Scheduled Banks Branch-wise Monthly Balance Statement of Metal Coins.BCBDPDF
97832018-11-26Regarding Providing Loan-Defaulter Related Information for 11th National Parliament Election.BCBDPDF
97692018-11-22BCBD: 886(1250): Regarding Losing Debit & Transfer Voucher.BCBDPDF
97372018-11-20BCBD-864: Regarding Print & Supply of Specimen Signatures of BKB Officers.BCBDPDF
94452018-10-28BCBD-718: Regarding Issuing Permission Letter for Noakhali Bazar Branch, Sunamganj.BCBDPDF
93742018-10-21BCBD : FPAB Lottery Ticket-2018.BCBDPDF
93572018-10-18BCBD: 674(1250)- Regarding Change of Telephone No. of Shamoli Branch.BCBDPDF
92112018-10-09Integrity Award Giving Ceremony 2017 & WorkshopBCBDPDF
89522018-09-17BCBD-540: Promoter's ListBCBDPDF
89372018-09-16BKB Integrity Award 2016-2017BCBD
89312018-09-16Regarding Name Changing of "Ichapura Bazar Branch, Narayanganj" to "Purbachol Branch, Narayanganj".BCBDPDF
89152018-09-13BCBD- 512(1250): Double Profit Scheme (6 Year) on 12.25% Rate.BCBDPDF
88372018-09-09Regarding Selling ENT & Head-Neck Cancer Hospital & Institute Lottery Ticket/ 2018.BCBDPDF
86942018-08-27Regarding Regular Branch Visit by CRM/RM.BCBD
86512018-08-20Regarding Implementation of 396 Meeting Minutes.BCBDPDF
86362018-08-16Regarding Keeping Readymade Garments Adjacent Branch open on 18-08-2018.BCBDPDF
85872018-08-12Agri Credit Policy for the FY 2018-2019BCBD, Policy & GuidelinePDF
83592018-07-25Regarding Declaration of General Holiday for Rajshahi, Barishal & Sylhet City Coporation Election on 30 July,2018.BCBDPDF
83252018-07-24Regarding Declaration of General Holiday for Upazila Parishad Election on 25July,2018.BCBDPDF
82452018-07-18Regarding Change of Branch name- Chesrakhali to Adarshanagar, Netrokona.BCBD, Mymensingh DivisionPDF
79792018-07-03Regarding Selling of Lottery Ticket(worth 20 Taka each) of Bangladesh Welfare Society of Disability.BCBDPDF
79042018-06-28BCBD-1-1136: Regarding Income Tax, VAT deposit related Branch be remained open in 30 June, 2018.BCBDPDF
78532018-06-26Regarding General Holiday Declaration For Tangail Basail Municipality Election.BCBDPDF
78402018-06-25Regarding Keeping Branches Closed for Gazipur City Corporation Election on 26 June, 2018.BCBDPDF
77752018-06-24Regarding BKB Integrity Award 2016-17.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
77642018-06-21Regarding Cancellation of Sample Signature (Serial No:- 4310, 4312, 7224).BCBDPDF
76842018-06-121184: Regarding Implementation of 14th Meeting Minutes of Secretariat Risk Management Unit Committee.BCBDPDF
76802018-06-12Regarding Keeping Readymade Garments related Branch Open on 13 June, 2018.BCBDPDF
75842018-05-31BKB Integriy Evaluation Form.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
75822018-05-31Regarding Clarification on giving Bangladesh Krishi Bank Integrity Award 2016-17.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
75612018-05-30Circular No: 01/2018 - Guidelines for giving Bangladesh Krishi Bank Integrity Award-2018BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS) , Policy & GuidelinePDF
75582018-05-30Regarding Ensuring Security of Bank on the Vacation of Upcoming Holy Eid-Ul-Fitr.BCBDPDF
73502018-05-15Office Time Schedule for Holy Ramadan.BCBDPDF
73432018-05-14General Leave for Electoral Area on 15th May,2018 .BCBDPDF
72982018-05-09Naming BKB "Jamalganj Branch,Sunamganj" in lieu of "Shachnabazar Branch,Sunamganj".BCBDPDF
71952018-04-24Letter no-959: Regarding necessary steps to prevent convection of fake-note.BCBDPDF
70492018-04-15Regarding Non-operative current BM collection account & Non-operative current devoid BM collection account opening & managing.BCBDPDF
68502018-03-29Regarding Selling Lottery Ticket of Bangladesh Football Federation.BCBDPDF
67052018-03-18স্বল্পোন্নত দেশের স্ট্যাটাস হতে বাংলাদেশের উত্তরণের যোগ্যতা অর্জনের ঐতিহাসিক সাফল্য উদযাপন উপলক্ষ্যে কর্মপরিকল্পনা ও বাস্তবায়ন রূপরেখা।BCBDPDF
61792018-02-06Regarding Lost Payment orderBCBDPDF
61252018-02-01Regarding Lost I O ReceiptBCBDPDF
59722018-01-22BCBD Circular No:681- Regarding Promoters' Duty.BCBDPDF
59692018-01-22BCBD Circular No:682- Regarding Loan Monitoring.BCBDPDF
59212018-01-18BCBD-676: Regarding selling of Dhaka Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital Lottery-2018.BCBDPDF
58522018-01-17Operation Circular No: 06/2018: Regarding National Integrity Code of Conduct for Bangladesh Krishi Bank.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
54272017-12-28প্রধানমন্ত্রীর কার্যালয়ে আয়োজিত উন্নয়ন মেলা সংক্রান্ত আন্তঃমন্ত্রণালয় সভার সিদ্ধান্ত বাস্তবায়ন প্রসঙ্গে।BCBDPDF
52282017-12-10Bcbd-1(51)/2017-18/524(1200): Regarding reduction in use of tobacco in Bangladesh.BCBDPDF
51782017-12-04BCBD-3(10)Part-6/2017-18/502: Regarding Prize bond prize.BCBDPDF
51282017-11-29BCBD-1(33)/2017-18/480(1250): Branch will remain Open till 8.00 PM in 29th & 30th November, 2017.BCBDPDF
50312017-11-20BCBD-1(59)/2017-18/437: Regarding School Banking Account.BCBDPDF
49572017-11-13BCBD-1(21)/2017-18/411: Regarding 21st Red Crecent Lottary Ticket selling.BCBDPDF
49432017-11-12স্কুল ব্যাংকিং, আর্থিক সেবা ও আর্থিক স্বাক্ষরতা/শিক্ষা কর্মসূচীর বার্ষিক লক্ষ্যমাত্রা(২০১৮ সনের জানুয়ারী -ডিসেম্বর) প্রেরণ প্রসঙ্গে।BCBDPDF
48552017-11-0140 Days Working Plan From 12 th November to 21 th December for the fiscal year 2017-2018.BCBDPDF
43662017-09-19মানস-মাদকদ্রব্য ও নেশা নিরোধ সংস্থা লটারী/২০১৭ এর লটারীর টিকেট বিক্রয় প্রসঙ্গে।BCBDPDF
42732017-09-10Regarding Specimen Signature of officers.BCBDPDF
42222017-08-31Regarding Weekly Bulletin against 15 Business Target for FY 2017-2018.BCBDPDF
42002017-08-30Regarding Bank's Security during Eid-Ul-Adha vacation.BCBDPDF
40812017-08-20Agricultural and Rural Credit Policy and Program for the FY 2017-2018.BCBDPDF
40352017-08-10Regarding Deposit Collection target of Head Office for the fiscal year 2017-2018.BCBDPDF
40282017-08-09Promoter's List for monitoring Loss BranchesBCBDPDF
39902017-08-061st 100 Days working Plan for the fiscal year 2017-2018.BCBDPDF
39802017-08-02Working Plan of fiscal year 2017-2018.BCBDPDF
39322017-07-27Regarding "Crash Program" information collection.BCBDPDF
39272017-07-27Regarding "Crash Program Support Team".BCBDPDF
39202017-07-26Regarding Loan disbursement, Recovery related Monitoring.BCBDPDF
38992017-07-25Special Agricultural Credit at 4% concessional Interest Rate Loan Disbursement target for FY 2017-2018.BCBDPDF
38472017-07-20National Integrity Strategy: 2017-2018BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
37282017-07-06Bangladesh Thelasemia Samity Hospital Lottary/2017 ticket selling.BCBDPDF
36212017-06-28Related Branch Open on 30th June'2017 for yearly closing.BCBDPDF
36032017-06-22Regarding Bank's Security during Eid-ul-Fitr Vacation.BCBDPDF
35912017-06-21Custom House & Customs Station related branch open on 23-25 june'2017.BCBDPDF
35892017-06-21Readymade Garments related branch open on 23 & 24 june'2017.BCBDPDF
35872017-06-21Foreign Remittance related branch open on 24 june'2017.BCBDPDF
34862017-06-13Operation CIrcular-06/2017: Annual Deposit Collection working plan for the year 2017-18.BCBDPDF
33682017-05-23Determination of Office schedule in Ramazan, 2017.BCBDPDF
31582017-04-25Regarding agricultural Loan facilities for the farmers of recently flood affected Haor Areas.BCBDPDF
29282017-04-02BCBD-1(102)mc-16/2016-17/1172: Regarding 75 Days Working Plan.BCBDPDF
25662017-02-16Planning Circular-01/2017: Revised Interest Rate of Various Savings Scheme.BCBDPDF
25422017-02-15Regarding distribution of Loan, Recovery & Profit related activities monitoring.BCBDPDF
25302017-02-14Regarding Annual Target of School Banking, Financial Service.BCBDPDF
23142017-01-25BCBD-1(56)/2016-17/895(1250): Regarding Deposit Collection.BCBDPDF
19982016-12-21Related Bank Branch will be closed for Narayangong City Corporation Election on 22 December, 2016.BCBDPDF
18912016-12-11BCBD-Office Order-617(270).BCBDPDF
18502016-12-06Planning Circular-20/2016 : Re-Rating of Interest Rate on "BKB Mashik Profit Scheme" and "BKB M.S.S"BCBDPDF
18102016-12-01Regarding Deposit Collection.BCBDPDF
17982016-11-3029th & 30th November All Branch Open Up to 8.00PMBCBDPDF
17962016-11-30120 Days Work Plan From December 2016 To March 2017BCBDPDF
16792016-11-22About Birthdate, PF index with Signature book volume-4 of Employees of BKB.BCBDPDF
16412016-11-17Lost of FDD, FTTBCBDPDF
14842016-11-07Implementation of decisions taken on Social Security Activities allowance related Meeting.BCBDPDF
14442016-11-02Lost of FDR & MTDR by Basic Bank Limited & Union Bank Limited.BCBDPDF
14172016-10-30Concerned Bank Branches of BKB will be Closed for Election.BCBDPDF
14022016-10-26Sending Report about Implementation of Social Security activities for fiscal year 2014-2015.BCBDPDF
14002016-10-26Monitoring of loan distribution, Loan Recovery and Profit achievement.BCBDPDF
13712016-10-24Regarding Implementation of instruction from Prime Minister.BCBDPDF
13292016-10-20Regarding Lost of Debit cash Voucher.BCBDPDF
12872016-10-18Revised list of promoters for monitoring activitiesBCBDPDF
12212016-10-09Planning Circular- 17/2016: Agriculture & Rural credit policy and Programme for the FY 2016-2017.BCBDPDF
11782016-10-04Compliance of Honorable Prime Minister's given instructionsBCBDPDF
11512016-10-03About Branch Supervision.BCBDPDF
11492016-10-03Lost of MDDS & MTDR.BCBDPDF
10932016-09-28Any kind of financial contract or transaction should be avoid with Mr. Kazi Faruk Ahammad of ProshikaBCBDPDF
10912016-09-28Retirement allowance card & PPO return to the combatant of Bangladesh Army retired after 02.07.2015BCBDPDF
10892016-09-28Lost FDR & FDD of BASIC Bank Ltd. & Al-Arafah Bank Ltd.BCBDPDF
10502016-09-27Nomination for IDB Prize in Islamic Economics for 1438H (2017).BCBDPDF
10222016-09-26Lost of FDR Receipt No-194046/854.BCBDPDF
9882016-09-24Formation of Innovation team in Divisions.BCBDPDF
9692016-09-22Loan Distribution target Achievement during fiscal year 2016-17.BCBDPDF
8352016-09-08Keeping branches of garments industry area open on 10th and 11th September 2016 for the payment of garment workers' wages, bonus and other allowances.BCBDPDF
8052016-09-07About using Bangla Unicode in Official work.BCBDPDF
8002016-09-07Providing couterfeit note detection service (06-09-2016).BCBDPDF
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