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156122020-03-01Issuing of PF Index No of newly recruited Assistant Programmer, AME & Officer.CAD1PDF
153532020-02-11Acc1-775: Regarding Bank information preserve & telecast in Branches.CAD1PDF
152382020-02-02Accounts-1/579: Account maintenance fee's schedule of charges.CAD1PDF
152362020-02-02Accounts-1/VAT-Tax-760: Source Tax deduction on various Deposit scheme Interest .CAD1PDF
147982020-01-02Charge handover of DGM, Central Accounts department.CAD1PDF
124622019-07-14Regarding Tax Deduction from the Profit of National Savings Scheme.CAD1PDF
108962019-02-24CAD 1: Account Sub-head Opening for Instant Cash FZE to launch Remittance Service on EFT System.CAD1PDF
108692019-02-19Accounts Circular No- 14/2019: Interest Rate Re-fixation of General Accounts.CAD1PDF
104412019-01-17CAD 1-609: Regarding Sending Letter About Unclaimed Deposit According to Bank Company Act-1995 & BRPD Circular No-10/2018.CAD1PDF
99482018-12-09Half Yearly Closing Circular-2018CAD1PDF
99092018-12-04Regarding Adjustment of All Unbalanced Entries of Recoverable Head(131).CAD1PDF
96972018-11-15Regarding Opening Sub-head for Carrying Out Service Charge Expenditure of Using Bangladesh Election Commission's Database Information.CAD1PDF
93452018-10-17CAD 1: 374(1250)- Regarding Sending Information about Dormant Accounts according to Bank Company Act-1991 & BRPD Circular-10/2018.CAD1PDF
93392018-10-17CAD 1: 377(1250)- Letter about new Source tax Information.CAD1PDF
91452018-10-03CAD 1-324: Regarding Opening Sub Head for Remittance Exchange with Agrani Remittance House Pte Ltd, Singapopre.CAD1PDF
91232018-10-02Adjustment of All Unadjusted Entry of Receivable Head (131).CAD1PDF
90322018-09-23CAD 1 : 274- Regarding Opening Sub-Heads.CAD1PDF
88812018-09-11Regarding Sending Copy of IBTA GL based on Annual Closing of 30.06.2017 & 30.06.2018.CAD1PDF
87782018-09-04Regarding Sending 30 June, 2017 based IBTA Statement of 2016-2017 FY.CAD1PDF
87262018-08-29Regarding Branch wise Providing Information of Interest Subsidy for Remission of Interest Rate on Agriculture Loan on FY 2016-2017.CAD1PDF
86322018-08-16Regarding Opening Sub-head for BKB Integrity Award.CAD1PDF
85042018-08-06Circular No- 10/2018 : Target LetterCAD1, CAD2PDF
82042018-07-17CAD 1- Regarding Sending Annual Account Closing Related Certificate according to CircularCAD1PDF
81912018-07-16Regarding NBR Certificate Collection for Abroad Transaction for Tax Deduction on Reduced Rate under Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.CAD1PDF
81862018-07-15Regarding Income Tax Return.CAD1PDF
80452018-07-09Regarding Instructuion on deduction of VAT from Source.CAD1PDF
77832018-06-24Regarding Income Tax Deduction on Salary for the fiscal year 2017-2018.CAD1PDF
76382018-06-07Regarding allocation of works to Treasury Mangement Department which was formerly performed by Central Accounts-1.CAD1, TMDPDF
75942018-06-03Circular No: 08/2018 - Annual Closing-2018CAD1
74972018-05-27Regarding Income Tax (Salary) Deduction for the fiscal year 2017-2018.CAD1PDF
72112018-04-25Regarding accurate provision of interest on fixed deposit & other schemes during half-yearly & yearly closing.CAD1PDF
70782018-04-18Minutes of meeting held on 05-04-2018 about commercial audit.CAD1PDF
70282018-04-12PF Index of Newly Recruited Senior Officer, Officer.CAD1PDF
69282018-04-05Regarding Opening Sub-Section on Personal Loan Scheme.CAD1PDF
69262018-04-05Regarding Opening Sub-Section for 2 Exchange Companies (Max Money Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia, Placid NK Corporation (Placid Express), USACAD1PDF
68042018-03-25Branch Information of fiscal year2016-2017CAD1PDF
68012018-03-25Auditor's Report and Audited Financial Statements of BKB(2016-2017)CAD1, Policy & GuidelinePDF
61732018-02-06Charge handover of MD. Mahtab Uddin, DGM, CAD-1.CAD1PDF
61422018-02-04Accounts-1/1(24)/2017-18/909: Regarding Outsourcing for Data Entry.CAD1PDF
58642018-01-18Accounts-1/1(24)/2017-18/845: Regarding distinct Account opening for Land & Building sector.CAD1PDF
55432018-01-02Sending Credit advise for VAT, Tax & Excise DutyCAD1PDF
54132017-12-27হিসাব-১/করশাখা-৩/২০১৭-২০১৮/৭৪৫(১২৫০):Income Tax Ordiance,1984(XXXVI of 1984) এর section 50 অনুযায়ী Salary Tax Deduction সম্পর্কিত বিবরনী ও 50(1B) অনুযায়ী বৈতনিক আয়কর কর্তন সম্পর্কিত সার্টিফিকেট প্রদান প্রসংগে।CAD1PDF
53042017-12-17Accounts-1/1(4)/2017-18/705: Half-Yearly Closing Circular 31 December, 2017.CAD1PDF
50572017-11-22Accounts-1/Tax-3/2017-18/580: Regarding 12 disit E-TIN taken Mandatory.CAD1PDF
48082017-10-26Accounts-1/VAT-Tax-6(48)/2017-18/464: Regarding Source Tax.CAD1PDF
45312017-10-03হিসাব-১/ভ্যাট-৬(৪৮)/২০১৭-১৮/৩৮২: কর্তনকৃত মূসক এর এডভাইস মাসিক ভিত্তিতে প্রধান কার্যালয়ে প্রেরণ প্রসঙ্গে।CAD1PDF
44302017-09-24কর্তনকৃত আবগারী শুল্কের এ্যাডভাইস মাসিক ভিত্তিতে প্রধান কার্যালয়ে প্রেরণ প্রসঙ্গে।CAD1PDF
42152017-08-31Charge Handover & Taken.CAD1PDF
41822017-08-29Annual Report 2010-2011CAD1PDF
41812017-08-29Annual Report 2014-2015CAD1
41792017-08-29Annual Report 2013-2014CAD1PDF
41702017-08-28Annual Report 2012-2013CAD1PDF
41622017-08-28Auditor's Report and Financial Statements as at and for the year ended 30 th june,2016.CAD1PDF
40372017-08-10২০১৭-২০১৮ অর্থবছরে ব্যাংকের মাঠ পর্যায়ে সুদ আয়, সুদ ব্যয়, Ancillary Business হতে আয় এবং মুনাফা লক্ষ্যমাত্রা নির্ধারণ প্রসঙ্গে।CAD1PDF
40322017-08-10শ্রান্তি বিনোদন ভাতা প্রদানের জন্য একটি হিসাব খাত খোলা প্রসংঙ্গ।CAD1PDF
37972017-07-17Reminder LetterCAD1PDF
37932017-07-17Regarding Vat Order & Excise DutyCAD1PDF
37632017-07-13Regarding Income Tax deduction related advice.CAD1PDF
37472017-07-11Regarding Challan no for submitting Income Tax return.CAD1PDF
35782017-06-20Amendment in Yearly Closing Circular -30th June, 2017.CAD1PDF
34842017-06-13Accounts Circular-06/2017: Profit Target determination & achievement for branch in the year 2017-18.CAD1PDF
34572017-06-08Regarding Income Tax (Salary) for the fiscal year 2016-2017.CAD1PDF
34162017-05-30Regarding Interest subsidy for the fiscal year 2013-14,2014-15 & 2015-16.CAD1PDF
34112017-05-30Accounts1 Circular-05/2017: Yearly Closing Circular-30th June, 2017.CAD1PDF
31212017-04-23Accounts-1/Kar Br.-05/2016-17/1088: Regarding E-BIN use.CAD1PDF
30322017-04-13Accounts-1/Tax-05/2016-17/1065: Regarding VAT, Excise Duty & Source Tax.CAD1PDF
26342017-02-23Suspension of 'Karmoprerona award policy for collecting deposit' (23-02-2017).CAD1PDF
25542017-02-16Suspension of 'Karmoprerona award policy for collecting deposit' (14-02-2017).CAD1PDF
21332017-01-08Regarding Income Tax Return.CAD1PDF
19522016-12-18Accounts-1 Circular No-27/2016: About Sending credit advice for centrally deposit Vat, Source Tax and Excise Duty.CAD1PDF
18892016-12-11Accounts1 Circular-26/2016: Half Yearly Closing Circular-31 December, 2016.CAD1PDF
17542016-11-28Regarding Income Tax regulation No: 52(R)(1).CAD1PDF
16392016-11-17About Deduction of Source Tax on profit for any kind of Savings scheme.CAD1PDF
13212016-10-20Source tax deduction/collection of FY-2016-2017 of LTU.CAD1PDF
8752016-09-19Prior approval of head office, bkb required for the deposit of Tk 10.00 crore above.CAD1PDF
8282016-09-08Regarding Income Tax return submission.CAD1PDF
8102016-09-06Sending information on Tax & Export value.CAD1PDF
8082016-09-06Imposing VAT on Civil organization service.CAD1PDF
7892016-09-05Regarding Income Tax return of FY 2015-2016(Income Tax year 2016-2017) (04-09-2016).CAD1PDF
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