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117872019-05-16Passport Approval of Kamalendu Bikas Dey(K-739).Chattogram Division
117272019-05-13Passport Approval of Mahmudul Karim (M-3927).Chattogram Division
116652019-05-07Painting Works of BKB's Own Building at Soloshahar, Chittagong.Chattogram Division, EED
116402019-05-05Supply & Installation of 13(Thirteen) NoS. Single Phase Petrol Engine Generator Set Each Capacity 2 KVA.Chattogram Division, EED
112312019-03-25Passpport Approval of Shimul Chakraborty(S-4140).Chattogram Division
108372019-02-17Passport Approval of Kiran Chandra Chakma (K-838).Chattogram Division
106442019-02-03Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Chattogram Division.Chattogram Division
100622018-12-19Passport Approval of Uttam Kumar Nath Majumder (U-74).Chattogram Division
98792018-12-02Passport Approval of Sirajul Islam(S-3367).Chattogram Division
98772018-12-02Passport Approval of Binay Kanti Chakma(B-606).Chattogram Division
98212018-11-27Passport Approval of Dhurrubajoti Chakma(D-229).Chattogram Division
98042018-11-26Passport Approval of Santosh Kumar Dewan(S-1970).Chattogram Division
97582018-11-22Passport Approval of Md. Baktiar Uddin(B-267).Chattogram Division
97552018-11-22Passport Approval of Darshak Barua(D-451).Chattogram Division
97532018-11-22Passport Approval of Paritosh Barua(P-152).Chattogram Division
97512018-11-22Passport Approval of Khamesh Barua(K-401).Chattogram Division
96822018-11-15Passport(Renewal) Approval of Mohammad Jahangir Alam(J-789).Chattogram Division
94952018-10-31Passport Approval of Md. Selim Uddin (S-3363).Chattogram Division
92392018-10-10Passport Approval of Rifat Nasrin(R-1317).Chattogram Division
92362018-10-10Passport Approval of Md. Hasan(H-985).Chattogram Division
92252018-10-09Passport Approval of Kamal Kanti Chakma (K-405).Chattogram Division
90852018-09-27Passport Approval of Pronoy Chowdhury (P-303).Chattogram Division
90612018-09-25Passport Approval of Asim Barua (A-7246).Chattogram Division
90592018-09-25Passport Approval of Minu Maya Dey (M-3194).Chattogram Division
88942018-09-12Passport Approval of Nirmal Kanti Das (N-1221).Chattogram Division
80092018-07-05Passport Approval of Abdus Sobhan(A-6646).Chattogram Division
79852018-07-04Passport Approval of Shakhawat Ali(S-3943).Chattogram Division
79092018-06-28Passport Approval of Md. Mosharaf Hossain(M-3794).Chattogram Division
79052018-06-28Passport Approval of Safrin Nahar (S-4367)Chattogram Division
70682018-04-17Passport approval of Debashish Tripura(D-516).Chattogram Division
68952018-04-03Passport Approval of Md. Salah Uddin (S-3374), DGM, DAO, Chittagong.Chattogram Division
68642018-04-01Passport Approval of Sheikh Md. Nure Kazi Rahman (N-1577).Chattogram Division
64152018-02-19Passport Approval of Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-3976).Chattogram Division
64132018-02-19Passport Approval of Md. Saidul Haque (S-2996).Chattogram Division
64092018-02-19Passport Approval of Subash Chandra Ghosh (S-3520).Chattogram Division
64062018-02-19Passport Approval of Rakibul Islam (R-1523).Chattogram Division
62742018-02-13Passport Approval of Suniti Khisa (S-3391)Chattogram Division
60082018-01-24Passport Approval of Mohammad Mir Kashem(M-1249)Chattogram Division
57932018-01-15Passport Approval of Md. Gias Uddin(G-501)Chattogram Division
57782018-01-15Passport Approval of Swakatun Nahar (S-1595)Chattogram Division
55682018-01-02Passport Approval of Swapan Kanti Acharja (S-3491)Chattogram Division
55582018-01-02Passport Approval of Policy Chakma ( P-150)Chattogram Division
55392018-01-02Passport approval of Tomal Kanti Das (T-383).Chattogram Division
55182018-01-01Passport Approval of Md. Shahed Bin Sharif (S-4475).Chattogram Division
54232017-12-28Passport Approval of M. Sayedul Alam Sikder(S-1700).Chattogram Division
52062017-12-07Passport Approval of A T M Masud Chowdhury (M-1557).Chattogram Division
51882017-12-04Passport Approval of Md. Zahurul Islam (Z-145).Chattogram Division
50102017-11-16Passport Approval of Mohammad Hasan (H-985).Chattogram Division
50082017-11-16Passport Approval of Amanul Haque (A-6808). .Chattogram Division
49972017-11-16Passport Approval of Md. Shahjahan (S-3748).Chattogram Division
49862017-11-15Passport Approval of Santosh Kumar Barua (S-1958).Chattogram Division
46212017-10-10Passport Approval of Sangadesh Barua (S-3360).Chattogram Division
46192017-10-10Passport Approval of Nani Gopal Dey (N-1375).Chattogram Division
46172017-10-10Passport Approval of Neuton Acharya (N-1309).Chattogram Division
45942017-10-08Passport Approval of Mr. Avoy Kumar Tanchayanga (A-7043)Chattogram Division
45922017-10-08Passport Approval of Mr.Rupayan Barua (R-1514)Chattogram Division
44792017-09-27Passport Approval of Mr.Ronmitra Barua (R-550)Chattogram Division
43972017-09-21Passport Approval of Sukriti Chakma (S-1955).Chattogram Division
40972017-08-21Passport Approval of Mukul Bikash Chakma (M-1874).Chattogram Division
40232017-08-09Passport Approval of Md. Nazrul Islam(N-1275).Chattogram Division
39972017-08-07Passport Approval of Syed Md. Imam Hossain (I-319).Chattogram Division
38672017-07-23Passport Approval of Mohammad Azizul Haque (A-7456).Chattogram Division
35472017-06-19Passport approval of Milon Kanti Chowdhury (M-3198).Chattogram Division
35392017-06-18Passport approval of Md. Zafor Alam (Z-370).Chattogram Division
33752017-05-25Passport approval of Mohammad Azizul Haque (A-7456).Chattogram Division
32972017-05-16Passport Approval of Subimal Das (S-3384).Chattogram Division
32852017-05-15Passport Approval of Umme Kulsum (U-30).Chattogram Division
31302017-04-24Passport Approval of Zahir Ahmed (Z-167).Chattogram Division
30812017-04-19Passport Approval of Utpal Kanti Das (U-62).Chattogram Division
30782017-04-19Passport Approval of Pradip Talukder (P-158), Rangamati.Chattogram Division
30472017-04-16Passport Approval of Md. Shafiqur Rahman (S-1589)Chattogram Division
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