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141112019-11-26Regarding Providing Settlement/Granting Power to Field Level for the Implementation of Rules of Loan Reschedule & One-time Exit (As per as BRPD Circular No-05).CREDIT1PDF
140332019-11-19Circular No: Credit-1/3(7)/2019-20/290: Credit Reschedule Regulations.CREDIT1PDF
139932019-11-18Planning Circular-28/2019: Regarding BRPD Circular No-05CREDIT1PDF
139672019-11-14Operation & Planning Circular No :27/2019- Regarding Providing Agriculture Loan to BADC Enlisted Potato Cultivators for FY 2019-20.CREDIT1PDF
138492019-10-31Operation & Planning Circular No -26/2019: Regarding Taking CRO Approvak on Guidelines on Internal Credit Risk Rating System for BankCREDIT1PDF
138042019-10-28Circular Letter No-251: Rules for Loan Reschedule & One-time Exit.CREDIT1PDF
131332019-09-12Operation & Planning Circular No-201/2019: Regarding Loan Disbursement from Re-finance Scheme Fund Allocated by Bangladesh Bank to Provide Aid on Jute Sector.CREDIT1PDF
130532019-09-05Regarding Complete Achievement of Credit Distribution to 10tk account Holders Under Refinance Scheme.CREDIT1PDF
130152019-09-04Credit 1 Cicrcular Letter No-135: Rules & Regulations Regarding Loan Reschedule & One-time Exit.CREDIT1PDF
127682019-08-14Credit 1 Cicrcular Letter No-92: Rules & Regulations Regarding Loan Reschedule & One-time Exit.CREDIT1PDF
125472019-07-21Circular Letter No-56: Rules for Loan Reschedule & One-time ExitCREDIT1PDF
124732019-07-14Regarding Sending Report Claiming Subsidy Against Interest of Closed Crop Loans Accounts (Disbursed on 4% Interest)CREDIT1PDF
124692019-07-14Credit 1-38: Regarding Return of Security Mortgage Money.CREDIT1PDF
124672019-07-14Circular Letter No.-37: Rules for Loan Reschedule & One-time ExitCREDIT1PDF
122732019-07-01Credit 1 Cicrcular Letter No-01: Rules & Regulations Regarding Loan Reschedule & One-time Exit.CREDIT1PDF
121952019-06-27Circular Letter No-770(1200): Refinance Scheme for Jute Sector.CREDIT1
121852019-06-26Planning & Operation Circular No:13/2019- Guidelines on Internal Credit Risk Rating System for Banks.CREDIT1PDF
120512019-06-18Regarding Partial Correction on Circular No-28/2018 About Determination of Price of Mortgage Property Against Bank Loan.CREDIT1PDF
120052019-06-13Regarding Sending Report for Claiming Subsidy Against Losses for Interests of Closed Crop Loan Accounts(Disbursed on 4% Interest) on 2018-19 FY.CREDIT1PDF
118582019-05-23Rules Regarding Loan Reschedule & One-time Exit.CREDIT1PDF
118202019-05-21Regarding Calling Preparatory Meeting to Determine Needful Actions to Follow Loan Reschedule & One Time exit Related Regulations.CREDIT1PDF
118012019-05-19Operation & Planning Circular No-12, 2019: Rules Regarding Loan Reschedule & One-time Exit.CREDIT1PDF
117092019-05-12Regarding Price Fixing of Combine Harvester Supplied by The Metal(Pvt) Ltd.CREDIT1PDF
115372019-04-24Regarding Classifying & Rescheduling Loans on Due Time After Getting Approval from Bangladesh BankCREDIT1PDF
108552019-02-18Pricing of Tractor (Model' ACE') Sobhan Trading Company Limited.CREDIT1PDF
102262019-01-03Charge Handover of Monir Uddin, DGM, Credit 1.CREDIT1PDF
101472018-12-27Credit-1/06(2018)/18-19/399: Regarding Bangladesh Bank's 32nd detail inspection report implementation.CREDIT1PDF
100802018-12-20Rescheduling of Agri LoanCREDIT1PDF
100762018-12-20Credit 1- Circular Letter No-388(1100).CREDIT1PDF
100662018-12-19Operation & Planning Circular No-28: Regarding Price Determination Method of Mortgage Property against Bank Loan.CREDIT1PDF
97932018-11-26Planning & Operation Circular No-26/2018: Guidelines on Internal Credit Risk Rating System for Banks.CREDIT1PDF
96292018-11-11Loan Disbursement Program for Potato Seed Production among Contracted Farmers of BADC.CREDIT1PDF
95772018-11-06Credit 1- 306(1100): Regarding Fixing Prize of Tractor.CREDIT1PDF
95272018-11-04Circular Letter No- 294: Regarding Compliance of Previously Imposed Rules on Loan Renewal Proposals.CREDIT1PDF
95252018-11-04Planning & Operation Circular No:23/2018- Credit Policy & Guideline for Farm Mechanization.CREDIT1PDF
91272018-10-03Planning & Operation Circular No-22/2018: Regulations for Loan Sanction & Extension over Tk 2 Crore.CREDIT1PDF
90942018-09-30Credtit Circular- 211: Regarding Loan Processing/Recommendation/Sanction/ Time on Different LevelsCREDIT1PDF
89902018-09-18Credit Circular No- 201(1250) : Regarding Taking Effective Initiative for Increasing Loans on Field Levels.CREDIT1PDF
86992018-08-27Regarding Mentioning CIB Report wise Loan Related Information of other Bank on All Loan Proposals.CREDIT1PDF
86832018-08-26Planning Circular- 21/2018: Regarding Increasing Recommendation Power of Supervisors.CREDIT1PDF
86812018-08-26Planning Circular- 20/2018: Credit policy and Guideline for Bagda Shrimp Culture.CREDIT1PDF
86792018-08-26Planning Circular- 19/2018: Credit policy and Guideline for Crab Culture.CREDIT1PDF
86772018-08-26Planning Circular- 18/2018: Credit policy and Guideline for Poultry Broiler Farm.CREDIT1PDF
86752018-08-26Planning Circular- 17/2018: Credit policy and Guideline for Poultry Layer Farm.CREDIT1PDF
83272018-07-24Joining Letter of Monir Uddin (M-3158), DGM, Credit 1CREDIT1, Personal LettersPDF
82922018-07-22Credit 1 -Release order of Khairunnesa Ahmed(K-354), DGM.CREDIT1, Personal LettersPDF
82642018-07-19Credit 1: 53- Charge HandoverCREDIT1PDF
82612018-07-19Credit 1 : Circular Letter No: 51 - Regarding bringing Mobility on Banking Activities.CREDIT1PDF
81192018-07-12Credit 1 : 604 : Regarding Sending 4% Loan Statement Claiming Subsidy Against Closed Loan AccountCREDIT1PDF
71332018-04-22Circular No. Credit-1/9(41)/2017-18/528: Loan proposal in due time.CREDIT1PDF
66502018-03-12Regarding Compliance & Implementation 31st Detailed Inspection Report of Bangladesh Bank regarding BKB.CREDIT1PDF
62062018-02-07Joining Letter of Khairunnesa Ahmed (K-354), DGM, Credit Division-1.CREDIT1PDF
59322018-01-21Regarding Re-determination of Interest rates for DepositsCREDIT1PDF
54902018-01-01Operation Circular No. 01/2018: Regarding rules & regulation for loanCREDIT1PDF
54882018-01-01Operation Circular No. 02/2018: Regarding rules & regulation for PiscicultureCREDIT1PDF
54842018-01-01Operation Circular No. 03/2018: Regarding mortage value determination.CREDIT1PDF
54822018-01-01Circular Letter No: c-1/3(7)/2017-18/335: Regarding Loan Proposal.CREDIT1PDF
54802018-01-01Circular Letter No: c-1/3(7)/2017-18/334: Regarding deduction of renewal fees for Current Capital.CREDIT1PDF
52522017-12-12Credit-1/15(45)/part-4/2017-18/285: Regarding amendment at Circular No- 15/2017.CREDIT1, UncategorizedPDF
49072017-11-08পরিকল্পনা ও পরিচালন পরিপত্র নং-১৫/২০১৭ : আলু বীজ উৎপাদনের জন্য কৃষি ঋণ প্রদান কর্মসূচী ।CREDIT1PDF
48592017-11-01প্রকা/হিসাব-১১৭(৪৯)/২০১৭-১৮/৫০৪ঃ ২০১৭-১৮ অর্থবছরে ব্যাংকের মুনাফা অর্জনের ক্ষেত্রে ০১-০৭-২০১৭ হতে................মাস পর্যন্ত ক্রমপুঞ্জিভুত বিবরনী ।CREDIT1PDF
48532017-11-01সার্কুলার লেটার নং-প্রকা/ক্রেঃবিঃ-১/৯(৪১)/২০১৭-১৮/২২১(১২৫০): নির্ধারিত সময়ের মধ্যে চলতি মূলধন/ নগদ ঋণ নবায়ন/ বর্ধিতকরণ প্রস্তাব প্রেরণ প্রসঙ্গে।CREDIT1PDF
44262017-09-24সাম্প্রতিক বন্যার ক্ষতিগ্রস্থ স্বল্প মেয়াদী কৃষি ও ক্ষুদ্র ঋণ এবং এসএমই খাতের কুটির ও মাইক্রো ঋণ পুনঃতফসিলকরণ প্রসঙ্গে।CREDIT1PDF
39312017-07-27Regarding moratorium time sanction.CREDIT1PDF
37182017-07-05Planning Circular-10/2017: Refixation of Interest Rate of Agriculture and Rural Credit.CREDIT1PDF
33552017-05-22Regarding Tea Loan application fee & Interest Rate.CREDIT1PDF
30672017-04-18Planning Circular-04/2017: Regarding Moratorium time granted for frozen shrimp factory.CREDIT1PDF
30602017-04-18Valuation method of mortgage property against Bank Loan.CREDIT1PDF
24662017-02-07Circular No-HO/Cre:B:-1/3(7)/2016-17/442: Fee reduction in renewal of Working Capital/Cash Credit/Continous Loan.CREDIT1
24032017-01-31Planning Circular-22/2017: Redetermination of Deposit Interest Rate.CREDIT1PDF
17672016-11-29Circular No- 309/2016-2017 : Regarding Renewable Current Capital Loan.CREDIT1PDF
15052016-11-08Credit Circular-1/15(87)/2016-17/264: Consumer Credit Related Circular Letter.CREDIT1PDF
14992016-11-08Planning Circular-19/2016: Regarding Loan Ceiling Increased.CREDIT1PDF
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