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115282019-04-21Viva-voce date change for the post of Senior Officer(IT/ICT) for 4 BanksCareer, HRMD1
115102019-04-18PRL Order of Farid Ahmed (F-615), DGM, RMD.HRMD1, Personal Letters
115082019-04-18PRL Order of Dinesh Chandra Bishwas (D-417), DGM,LCD.HRMD1, Personal Letters
114952019-04-18Viva Schedule for the post of Senior Officer (IT/ICT) of 4 Banks.Career, HRMD1, Latest News
114922019-04-18Promotion Order Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1, Latest News
114902019-04-18Promotion Order Peon to Doptori.HRMD1
114882019-04-18Promotion Order Doptori to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1
114862019-04-17Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO (3171)HRMD1, Latest News
114792019-04-16HRMD 1- 3163: Charge of DGMHRMD1
114732019-04-16Passport Approval of Raunak Jahan (R-1486).HRMD1
114612019-04-15Release Order of Md. Billal Hossain Bhuyan (3148), AGM, HRMD 1HRMD1, Personal Letters
114472019-04-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rajib Saha (R-1404).HRMD1, Personal Letters
114352019-04-10Passport Approval of Shekh Abdur Rahman (A-3553).HRMD1
114302019-04-10Passport Approval of Mohammada Nurunnabi (N-1278).HRMD1
114252019-04-10PRL Order of Kazi Ruhul Hossain (R-296).HRMD1, Personal Letters
114132019-04-08Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Bijon Biswas (B-663).HRMD1, Personal Letters
114112019-04-08Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Raihana Begum(R-1261).HRMD1, Personal Letters
113892019-04-04Passport Approval of Mst. Razia Parvin Banu (R-1023).HRMD1
113452019-04-03Passport Approval of Md. Faruq (F-531).HRMD1
113392019-04-02PRL Order of Santosh Kumar Dakua (S-3041), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
113372019-04-02PRL Order of Md. Nazim Uddin Bhiuyan (N-550).HRMD1, Personal Letters
113342019-04-01HRMD 1- 3049: Transfer Order & Charge of DGM.HRMD1
113322019-04-01Passport Approval of Md. Tofazzol Hossain (T-116).HRMD1
113122019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abu Bakker Siddique (A-7333).HRMD1, Personal Letters
113102019-03-31PRL Order of Shekh Abul Khoyer Mostafa (A-3297), AGMHRMD1, Personal Letters
113082019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Shah Alam (S-3760), AGM, ICT Systems.HRMD1, Personal Letters
113062019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ram Proshad Ghosh (R-629), AGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, Personal Letters
113022019-03-31Passport Approval of Sanjay Kumar Pal (S-3884).HRMD1
113002019-03-31Passport Approval of Moha. Abdul Wahab (A-6143).HRMD1
112972019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Tuhin Ikram (T-449).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112902019-03-28Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khurshed Alam (K-905).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112882019-03-28Passport Approval of Muhammad Mazharul Islam(M-3510).HRMD1
112862019-03-28Transfer Order of Honorable GMs.HRMD1
112772019-03-28Passport Approval of Mohammad Fazlul Haq(F-204).HRMD1
112752019-03-28Passport Approval of Sattya Bikash Chakma (S-3377), AGM.HRMD1
112732019-03-28Joining Letter of Md. Mokter Hossain (M-1784), Honorable GM.HRMD1
112712019-03-28Joining Letter of Narayan Chandra Mondol (N-819), Honorable GM.HRMD1
112692019-03-28Joining Letter of Md. Tofayel Ahmed, Honorable GM.HRMD1
112652019-03-28Passport Approval of Sufol Kumar Bain(S-3882).HRMD1
112632019-03-27Joining Letter of Md. Jahir Iqbal, Honorable GM.HRMD1
112612019-03-27HRMD 1- 3004: Transfer Order SPO.HRMD1
112592019-03-27HRMD 1: 5506- Transfer Order PO.HRMD1
112562019-03-27Transfer Order of Honorable GMs.HRMD1
112542019-03-27Passport Approval of Md. Abul Hashem Mia (H-887), AGM.HRMD1
112522019-03-27PRL Order of Golam Mohammad Hawlader (G-468).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112492019-03-27Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Awal (A-3936).HRMD1
112472019-03-27PRL Order of Md. Shahid Ullah Bhuiyan(S-1138).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112432019-03-25PRL Order of Md. Abu Jafar Hawlader (A-4625), DGM, PRD.HRMD1, Personal Letters
112242019-03-24Ex- Bangladesh Leave Permission of Kazi Ruhul Hasan(R-296).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112202019-03-24Transfer Order of Md. Jahir Iqbal(J-353), DGM (GM in Charge).HRMD1
112182019-03-24HRMD-1:2948(6)-Transfer Order of AGM & SPO.HRMD1
112162019-03-24Appointment of Assistant Engineer(Civil).Career, HRMD1
112132019-03-24Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Taslim Uddin (T-387), DGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112112019-03-24PRL Order of B. M. Waliar Rahman (W-56).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112052019-03-24PRL Order of Md. Billal Hossain Bhuiyan(B-164), AGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, Personal Letters
111972019-03-21Ex-Bangladesh Leave of Sheikh Mahmood Kamal, Honorable GM, Accounts & International Division.HRMD1, Personal Letters
111952019-03-21PRL Order of Md. Abdur Rouf Bhuiyan (A-6681), DGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, Personal Letters
111912019-03-21Regarding Assigning Liaison/Protocol Officer.HRMD1, Latest News
111822019-03-20PRL Order of Sorojit Kumar Chowdhury (S-3016).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111802019-03-20Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khondker Mobarra Halim (M-2938).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111692019-03-19Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sheikh Mizanur Rahman (M-2935), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
111652019-03-19Charge of Protocol/Liaison Officer to Kazi Mohammad Nazre Main(K-883), AGM (Joint Secretary).HRMD1
111632019-03-19HRMD 1- 2945: Transfer Order AGM & SPO.HRMD1
111572019-03-19Passport Approval of Shamima Akter (S-3616).HRMD1
111512019-03-18Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Shamim Uddin(S-3817).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111492019-03-18Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Syed Md. Rafiq Uddin (R-1105).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111452019-03-18Joining Letter of Md. Billal Hossain Bhuiyan (B-164), AGM, HRMD-1HRMD1
111292019-03-14Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Monika Biswas (M-3913).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111232019-03-13Transfer order of AGM (2922)HRMD1, HRMD2
111212019-03-13PRL Order of Himangshu Shekhar Pal (H-233).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111112019-03-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Keshab Bhattacharjee (K-422).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111062019-03-13PRL Order of Md. Hamidur Rahman(H-732).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111042019-03-13Passport Approval of Md. Mominul Islam Talukder (M-3256), AGM(Divsional In Charge), PEWTD.HRMD1
111002019-03-13Passport Approval of Hasina Khanam (H-452).HRMD1
110982019-03-13PRL Order of Md. Moazzem Hossain(M-947).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110942019-03-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sweta Pal (S-1530).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110742019-03-11Passport Approval of Parvez Ahmed (P-93).HRMD1
110642019-03-10PRL Order of Chaina Rani Kundu(C-113), AGM, Implementation Department.HRMD1, Personal Letters
110632019-03-10PRL Order of Hajari Lal De(H-715), AGMHRMD1, Personal Letters
110592019-03-10Passport Approval of Shekh Md. Faruq(F-326, AGM, Audit.HRMD1
110552019-03-07Abroad Leave Permission of Manjuman Ara (M-3701).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110502019-03-07Abroad Leave Permission of Syed Shakil Ahmad Alamgir (S-3960).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110482019-03-07Passport Approval of Md. Nurul Amin (N-1445)HRMD1
110462019-03-07PRL Order of Md. Shariyat Hossain (S-2076), DGM, LPO, DhakaHRMD1, Personal Letters
110442019-03-07PRL Order of Kamalesh Chandra Sardar (K-653), DGM, Khulna Divisional Office.HRMD1, Personal Letters
110402019-03-07PRL Order of Md. Abdul Matin Bhuiyan (A-6701), DGM, BKB Staff College, DhakaHRMD1, Personal Letters
110332019-03-07HRMD-1: Transfer Order of AGM (2855(4))HRMD1
110212019-03-06Passport Approval of Md. Mostafizur Rahman (M-3500)HRMD1
110192019-03-05Banking Diploma July/2019 Exam Notice & Schedule.HRMD1
110172019-03-05Passport Approval of Debdas Sarker (D-507).HRMD1
110142019-03-05Passport Renewal Permission of Kabita Debi(K-703).HRMD1
110032019-03-04HRMD-1: Transfer Order of DGM,AGM & SPOHRMD1
109942019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Anowar Hossain (A-2995).HRMD1, Personal Letters
109922019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Monir Ahammed.HRMD1, Personal Letters
109892019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mahbuba Khatun (M-3692).HRMD1, Personal Letters
109862019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-3710).HRMD1, Personal Letters
109602019-02-27Revised date of viva for the post of Officer-cash (Combined) of to be held on 16 April, 2019 instead of 28th February,2019.HRMD1
109522019-02-26HRMD 2- 2767: Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD1
109472019-02-26HRMD 1- 2766: Charge of DGM to Mahmud Ahmed Chowdhury(M-3207).HRMD1
109442019-02-26HRMD 1- 2766: Charge of AGM to Tariqul Islam(T-409).HRMD1
109262019-02-25Passport Approval of Md. Mobarak Ulla (M-3260).HRMD1
109082019-02-24PRL Order of Ram Chandra Sarker(R-1082), DGM, Dhaka Division.HRMD1, Personal Letters
108932019-02-20HRMD 2-2648(27): Transfer/Reshuffling Order of DGMs of HO.HRMD1, Latest News
108852019-02-20Passport Approval of Md. Raihan Munsi(R-1284).HRMD1
108632019-02-18HRMD 1: 4503- Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
108312019-02-17HRMD 1: 4473- Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
108182019-02-13Passport Apporval of Mukta Abedin (A-3483).HRMD1
108162019-02-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Aminul Islam(A-7435).HRMD1, Personal Letters
108122019-02-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mst. Anguri Parvin (A-7558).HRMD1, Personal Letters
108002019-02-13Viva Schedule for the post of Officer(Cash) of Combined 3 Banks.Career, HRMD1
107752019-02-12Passport Approval of Md. Abu Bakkar Siddique(A-6896).HRMD1
107382019-02-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Shamim Ara Tania(S-3738).HRMD1, Personal Letters
107262019-02-10Finally Selected Candidates for the Post of Driver.Career, HRMD1
107162019-02-07Passport Approval of Md. Abu Bakkar Saiduzzaman(A-7437).HRMD1
106992019-02-06Passport Approval of Ahmed Mostafa(M-4115).HRMD1
106492019-02-03HRMD 1- 3305: Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
106462019-02-03Passport Approval of Tahera Chowdhury(T-291).HRMD1
105982019-01-29Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Bikash Dominic Costa(B-680).HRMD1, Personal Letters
105612019-01-28Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Somit Sarker(S-4013).Faridpur Division, HRMD1, Personal Letters
105542019-01-27Information Related to Current Employee, Pensioner and DependentHRMD1
105222019-01-24HRMD 1- 4091: Regarding Salary Fixation of BKB Drivers(Light Class License Holders) on 11th Grade.HRMD1
105082019-01-23HRMD 1-4071:Urgency Letter-Information About All Current & Retired Officers/ Empolyees.HRMD1
104892019-01-22Passport Approval of Md. Ziaul Hasan(Z-501).HRMD1
104822019-01-21List of Primarily Selected Candidates & Viva Schedule for Driver Recruitment.Career, HRMD1
104772019-01-21HRMD 1-4022: Regarding Providing Information About All Pensioner Officers/ Empolyees.HRMD1
103582019-01-10Appointment of Assistant Engineer(Civil).Career, HRMD1
102902019-01-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mostarin Khanam(M-3515).HRMD1, Personal Letters
102302019-01-03Passport Approval of Ranjit Kumar Mondol(R-1212).HRMD1
102202019-01-02Passport Approval of Reboti Ray(R-1213).HRMD1
102182019-01-02Appointment notice for Assistant Engineer (Civil) 02-01-19.HRMD1
102142019-01-02Schedule for Participating on Driving Test for Selected Candidates.Career, HRMD1
101992019-01-02Advertisement for Downloading Admit Card for the Post of 'Senior officer (General) ' of 6 Banks Combined Recruitment.Career, HRMD1
101892019-01-01Passport Approval of Nadia Zaman Sruti(N-1694).HRMD1
101652018-12-31Promotion Order Officer to Senior Officer 3545HRMD1
101282018-12-24Passport Approval of Zinia Afrin(Z-467).HRMD1
100932018-12-23HRMD 1-3490: Regarding Sending Interest Remission Application of House Building Advance.HRMD1
100082018-12-13Passport Approval of Ferdousi Rahman (F-754).HRMD1
100062018-12-13Passport Approval of Mahbuba Khatun (M-3692).HRMD1
99462018-12-09Passport Approval of Yasmin Akter(Y-185).HRMD1
98812018-12-02HRMD 1: 3141-Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
98662018-12-02HRMD1:3231-Driver Recruitment: List of Primarily Selected Candidates on Written Test & Driving Test Schedule.Career, HRMD1
98352018-11-28Appointment of Officer(Cash).Career, HRMD1
98332018-11-28Promotion Order Peon to Daptori.HRMD1
98312018-11-28Promotion Order Daptori to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1
98292018-11-28Promotion Order Data Entry/Control Operator to Data Entry Supervisor.HRMD1
97672018-11-22Advertisement for downloading admit card for the post of 'Assistant Maintenance Engineer/Hardware Engineer/Assistant Engineer (IT)' of 5 Banks.Career, HRMD1
97632018-11-22HRMD 1: 3005-Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
96952018-11-15Advertisement for Downloading Admit Card for the Post of 'Assistant Programmer' of 3 Banks (SBL, RBL & BKB) .Career, HRMD1
96682018-11-15Ex- Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Nazrul Islam (N-1426).HRMD1, Personal Letters
96652018-11-15Officer to Senior Officer Promotion Order.HRMD1
96552018-11-14Passport Approval of Rokeya Parvin(R-1206).HRMD1
96172018-11-08Ex Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rajib Saha(R-1404).HRMD1, Personal Letters
95982018-11-08Passport Approval of Md. Hanif Mia(H-888).HRMD1
95822018-11-07Written Exam schedule & Seat Plan for the Post of Officer (Cash) Combined of 3 Banks(Corrected).Career, HRMD1
95582018-11-05Written Exam schedule for the Post of Officer (Cash) Combined of 3 BanksCareer, HRMD1
95452018-11-04Passport Approval of Umma Aklima (U-100).HRMD1
95412018-11-04Written Exam Schedule & Center for Recruitment on the Post of Driver.Career, HRMD1
95312018-11-04Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammed Nazrul Islam(N-1407).HRMD1, Personal Letters
94972018-11-01Promotion Order Supervisor/Cashier to Officer.HRMD1
94932018-10-31Circular regarding downloading the admit card for the post of Officer (Cash) of 5 Banks.Career, HRMD1
94712018-10-30Passport Approval of Sheikh Md. Masudur Rahman (M-1598).HRMD1
94672018-10-30Passport Approval of A.H.M. Mahbubul Baset Bhuyan (M-3528).HRMD1
94632018-10-30Passport Approval of Md. Modacher Hossain (M-1650).HRMD1
94642018-10-30Appointment of Civil EngineersHRMD1
94432018-10-28Abroad Leave Permission of Tasif Tanha Chowdhury (T-468).HRMD1, Personal Letters
94352018-10-28HRMD 1: 2640(371)- Viva Schedule for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1
94102018-10-24Passport Approval of Z.M. Golam Motakabber Jahangir(M-3063).HRMD1
93892018-10-22HRMD 1: 2546- Transfer Order(Officer).HRMD1
93672018-10-18HRMD1 : 2504- Officer's Performance for Promotion Purpose.HRMD1
93472018-10-18HRMD 1: 2476(26)- Promotion Order SO to PO.HRMD1
93432018-10-17Passport Approval of Md. Abul Bashar (A-2061).HRMD1
93112018-10-15Recruitment for the post of Senior Officer(General) of Combined (8 Banks).Career, HRMD1
93052018-10-15HRMD 1- 2432: Promotion Order PO to SPO.HRMD1
92652018-10-11Supervisor/cashier's performance statement for promotion purposeHRMD1
92492018-10-10HRMD 1: 2367- Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
92042018-10-08promotion VIVA schedule for SO to POHRMD1
91982018-10-08Promotion VIVA schedule for PO to SPOHRMD1
91472018-10-03MCQ Test Time Schedule & Center List for the Post of Officer (Cash) Combined of 3 Banks.Career, HRMD1
91362018-10-03Passport Approval of Bikash Dominic Costa (B-680).HRMD1
89292018-09-16Passport Approval of Shahinur Suktana (S-4539).HRMD1
89272018-09-16Passport Approval of Anowara Begum (A-7835).HRMD1
89132018-09-13Passport Approval of A. H. M. Kamal Uddin (K-428).HRMD1
88662018-09-10Seniority List of Officer(Equivalent) based on 30.06.2018.HRMD1
88642018-09-10Seniority List of Supervisor(Equivalent) based on 30.06.2018.HRMD1
88162018-09-06Appointment of Data Entry Control Operator (2nd Phase).Career, HRMD1
87832018-09-04Passport Approval of Nasima Akter (N-832).HRMD1
87662018-09-03HRMD 1: Humanitarian HelpHRMD1
87202018-08-29Appointment of Officer(2nd Phase)-2017 (29.08.2018)Career, HRMD1
86602018-08-20Regarding Verification of Educational & Freedom Fighter Certificate of Newly Recruited Officers/Employees.HRMD1
86472018-08-20Appointment of Officer(Cash)-2017 (20.08.2018)Career, HRMD1
86402018-08-19List of primarily selected candidates (2nd phase) for the post of Officer of BKBCareer, HRMD1
85802018-08-09Recruitment on the Post of Assistant Maintenance Engineer/Assistant Hardware Engineer/Assistant Engineer(IT).Career, HRMD1
85582018-08-08Nomination for Training-Data Entry/ Control Operators.HRMD1
85562018-08-08Passport Approval of Shangkar Bala Debi (S-3330)HRMD1
84892018-08-02HRMD 1- 670(60):Transfer Order Officer.HRMD1
84752018-08-02HRMD 1-654: Recruitment for the Post of Senior Officer(IT/ICT).Career, HRMD1
84732018-08-02HRMD 1-655: Recruitment for the Post of Assistant Programmer.Career, HRMD1
84342018-08-01Advertisement Regarding Recruitment of Driver.Career, HRMD1
83632018-07-25List of primarily selected candidates for the post of Officer (cash) of BKBCareer, HRMD1
83042018-07-23HRMD 1: 406- Appointment of Senior Officer, Officer, Officer(Cash).Career, HRMD1
82512018-07-19Recruitment Notice for the post of Officer (Cash) of Sonali Bank Limited(SBL), Rupali Bank Limited(RBL), Bangladesh Krishi Bank(BKB), Bangladesh Development Bank Limited(BDBL) and Probashi Kollyan Bank Apply OnlineCareer, HRMD1
81822018-07-15Regarding Sending ACR of 2017-18 Fiscal Year.HRMD1
81532018-07-15Release Order of Md. Nazrul Islam(N-1341) for Performing Holy Hajj.HRMD1, Personal Letters
81392018-07-12Abroad Leave Permission of Md. Jahangir Alam (J-746).HRMD1, Personal Letters
80912018-07-11Abroad Leave Permission of Morsheda Begum (M-3480) for Performing Holy HajjHRMD1, Personal Letters
80572018-07-09HRMD-1/9(2)/2018-19: MCQ test schedule for the post of Officer (General) of 5 Banks & Financial Institutions.Career, HRMD1
80432018-07-09Appointment of Data Entry Control Operator, Electrician.Career, HRMD1
80412018-07-09Abroad Leave Permission of Anjan Kumar Saha (A-7623).HRMD1, Personal Letters
80162018-07-05Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Shahidullah Khan(S-3737).HRMD1, Personal Letters
80042018-07-05Passport Approval of Mamataz Begum(M-3938).HRMD1
79682018-07-03Appointment of Senior Officer from Waiting List.Career, HRMD1
79252018-07-01Passport Approval of Mst. Zinia Azad (Z-466).HRMD1
78912018-06-27Appointment of Senior Officer, Officer, Officer(Cash) from Waiting List.Career, HRMD1
78742018-06-27Appointment of Officer-2018 (26-06-2018).Career, HRMD1
78702018-06-26Promotion Order Daptari To Assistant Caretaker (6323)Career, HRMD1
78662018-06-26Promotion Order Peon To Daptari (6324)HRMD1
78642018-06-26Promotion Order Officer To Senior Officer(6322)HRMD1
78612018-06-26Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Sakir Salehin (S-4476).HRMD1, Personal Letters
76782018-06-12List of primarily selected candidates for the post of Assistant Engineer (Civil).Career, HRMD1
76232018-06-05List of primarily selected candidates for the post of 'Officer' of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.Career, HRMD1
76172018-06-04Passport Approval of Anjan Kumar Saha(A-7623).HRMD1
73912018-05-20Downloading the Applicants Copy/Admit Card for the viva of DEO & Electrician.Career, HRMD1
73472018-05-14Notice No-76/2018: Viva Schedule for the post of Officer (Cash).Career, HRMD1
73412018-05-14Passport Approval of Shahinur Sultana (S-4539).HRMD1
71902018-04-24PRL Order of Md. Riaz Uddin (R-167).HRMD1, Personal Letters
71562018-04-22Passport Approval of rawshan Ara Khatun (R-1383).HRMD1
71372018-04-22Passport Approval of Md. Saidur Rahman khan(S-4106).HRMD1
71142018-04-19Promotion Order From Peon to Doptori.HRMD1
71102018-04-19Promotion Order from Doptori to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1
71082018-04-19Promotion Order from Data Entry Operator(DEO) to Data Entry Supervisor(DES).HRMD1
70712018-04-18Promotion Order From Supervisor To officer.HRMD1
69752018-04-09Result of the Written Test for Recruitment on the post of Data Entry, Control Operator, Electrician.Career, HRMD1
69062018-04-04Advertisement Regarding Written Exam Schedule & Center of the MCQ Passed Candidates for the Recruitment of Data Entry/Control Operator & Electrician of BKB.Career, HRMD1
68792018-04-01MCQ Test Result of Electrician RecruitmentCareer, HRMD1
68712018-04-01MCQ Test Result of Data Entry/Control Operator RecruitmentCareer, HRMD1
68082018-03-27Humanitarian HelpHRMD1
67492018-03-20Regarding Posting of Recruited Senior Officers, Officers on 2016-17 Session.HRMD1
67282018-03-18Abroad Earned Leave of Sharmila Palit (S-4057).HRMD1, Personal Letters
67262018-03-18Abroad Earned Leave of Md Habibur Rahman (H-953).HRMD1, Personal Letters
67112018-03-18Schedule & Seat Plan for the Recruitment on the Post of Data Entry/ Control Operator & Electrician of BKB.Career, HRMD1
66912018-03-14Recruitment for the post of Sr. Officer & Officer(Civil Engg) for Bangladesh Krishi Bank(BKB), Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank(RAKUB) and Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation(BHBFC).Career, HRMD1
66562018-03-12Interest Remission Format of HBL.HRMD1
66452018-03-12List of primarily selected candidates for the post of Senior Officer (Phase-2), Officer (Phase-3) and Officer-Cash (Phase-3) of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.​Career, HRMD1
65352018-03-02Code of ConductHRMD1
64172018-02-19Regarding Humanitarian Help-4444HRMD1
63152018-02-13Promotion Order of Officer to Senior Officer (13-02-18).HRMD1
61272018-02-01Viva Schedule for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1
57392018-01-10Promotion Order from PO to SPO (09-01-2018).HRMD1
57122018-01-09PO to SPO Viva Schedule for Promotion 09/01/2018HRMD1
56752018-01-07Viva Schedule for SO to PO (07-01-2018).HRMD1
56312018-01-04Viva Schedule for Promotion from PO to SPO (04-01-2018).HRMD1
56042018-01-03Seniority list of SO/Assistant Engineer/Asssistant Programmer (30-11-2017 wise).HRMD1
54012017-12-26Passport Approval of Aysha Akter (A-7504)HRMD1
53422017-12-20Passport Approval of Shova Rani Biswas (S-1615).HRMD1
53272017-12-19Final Selection List for the post of "Officer" and "Officer(Cash)".Career, HRMD1
53132017-12-18Passport Approval of Syeda Fakera Mahjaben (F-679).HRMD1
52892017-12-17Passport Approval of Ambia Khatun Lipi (A-7593).HRMD1
52852017-12-14Newly Recruited "Officer (Cash)" (14-12-17).Career, HRMD1
52822017-12-14Newly Recruited "Officer" (14-12-17).Career, HRMD1
52742017-12-14Due to humanitarian aid appeal (13-12-2017).HRMD1
52702017-12-13HRMD-1/9(1)/2017-18/3212: Joining of newly Recruited "Senior Officer" (13-12-17).Career, HRMD1
52452017-12-11Passport Approval of Md. Sadir Uddin Shah (S-1479).HRMD1
52042017-12-06Passport Approval of Rausan Jahan (R-1486).HRMD1
51642017-12-04Passport Approval of Mehedi Hasan (M-4055).HRMD1
51622017-12-04Abroad Tour Permission letter of Kazi Mirjahan Begum (M-3146).HRMD1
51022017-11-27Passport Approval of Sujit Kumar Sarkar (S-3320).HRMD1
51002017-11-27Passport Approval of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-3345).HRMD1
50422017-11-21Passport Approval of Mohammad Azizul Haque (A-7446).HRMD1
50402017-11-21Passport Approval of Md. Nasir Uddin Akon (N-711).HRMD1
49362017-11-12Abroad Tour Permission letter of Monika Biswas (M-3913)HRMD1
48962017-11-07Charge Handover & Taken of Human Resource Management Department-1.HRMD1
47402017-10-23Passport Approval of Md. Shajedur Rahman (S-4044).HRMD1
47372017-10-23Passport Approval of Md. Deluwar Hossain (D-128).HRMD1
47212017-10-19Passport Approval of Md. Nurul Islam (N-1475).HRMD1
47192017-10-19Passport Approval of Mostarin Khanom (M-3515).HRMD1
46692017-10-16Passport Approval of Sobita Roy (S-3119).HRMD1
46572017-10-15Passport Approval of Khadiza Parvin (K-798).HRMD1
46542017-10-15Passport Approval of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-501).HRMD1
46392017-10-11Schedule of MCQ Test for the post of Officer (Cash) (10-10-2017).Career, HRMD1
45332017-10-03Passport Approval of Md. Mehnaz Kabir (M-3753)HRMD1
45252017-10-03Abroad Tour Permission letter of Manishita Biswas (M-3788)HRMD1
44932017-09-28Seniority List of Principal Officer(PO)/Equivalent based on 31.08.2017HRMD1
44322017-09-24Passport Approval of Mst. Morsheda Begum (M-3503).HRMD1
44242017-09-24Passport Approval of Mohammad Rabiul Awal (R-1215).HRMD1
44222017-09-24Passport Approval of Muhammad Kamaluddin(K-866).HRMD1
44202017-09-24Passport Approval of Md. Shamsur Rahman(S-3736).HRMD1
44102017-09-24List of primarily selected candidates for the post of 'Senior Officer'(3rd Phase) of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.Career, HRMD1
43952017-09-20Abroad Tour Permission letter of Taposh Kumar Mandal (T-463).HRMD1
43712017-09-19Passport Approval of Bibi Khadiza Shilpi (K-940).HRMD1
43682017-09-19Passport Approval of Salma Begum (S-3620).HRMD1
43282017-09-14Passport Approval of Rupom Kumar Roy (R-1384).HRMD1
43262017-09-14Passport Approval of Most Hosnayara (H-599).HRMD1
42992017-09-12Recruitment Circular for the post of "Officer (cash)" in 2017.Career, HRMD1
42852017-09-11Passport Approval of Tangiba Haque (T-500).HRMD1
42202017-08-31List of primarily selected candidates for the post of 'Senior Officer' of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.Career, HRMD1
41642017-08-28List of selected candidates for the post of "Officer"recruitment from panel.Career, HRMD1
41532017-08-27Recruitment Circular for the post of 'Senior Officer' of Bangladesh Krishi Bank(BKB).Career, HRMD1
41262017-08-23Passport Approval of Most Murshida Khatun (M-3849).HRMD1
41242017-08-23Passport Approval of Kaniz Fatema (F-769).HRMD1
41222017-08-23Passport Approval of Most Fatema Khatun (F-758).HRMD1
41152017-08-23MCQ test Results for the post of "Officer".Career, HRMD1
40542017-08-13Passport Approval of Razia Sultana (R-1171).HRMD1
40252017-08-09Abroad Tour Permission letter of Fahmida Tabassum (F-750).HRMD1
40162017-08-09Abroad Tour Permission letter of Tasif Tanha Chowdhury (T-468).HRMD1
40012017-08-07Recruitment advertisement for the post of "Data Entry/Control Operator & Electrician".Career, HRMD1
39782017-08-02Regarding ACR of fiscal year 2016-2017.HRMD1
38232017-07-18Transfer Order of Newly recruited Officer(Cash).HRMD1
37892017-07-16Re-schedule of transfer orderHRMD1
37022017-07-05Passport Approval of Mohammad Shamsur Rahman(S-3736).HRMD1
37002017-07-05Passport Approval of Muhammad Kamal Uddin(K-866).HRMD1
36622017-07-03Newly recruited 'Officer(Cash)' detail List in July, 2017HRMD1
36372017-06-29Promotion order from Officer to SO (29-06-2017).HRMD1
36352017-06-29Promotion order from PO to SPO (29-06-2017).HRMD1
36332017-06-29Newly recruited 'Officer' detail List in June, 2017.Career, HRMD1
36122017-06-22Abroad Tour Permission letter of Rajib Saha (R-1404).HRMD1
35742017-06-20Passport Approval of Parul Akter (P-330).HRMD1
35552017-06-19Promotion Order from Doptary to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1
35532017-06-19Promotion Order from Pion to Doptary.HRMD1
34782017-06-12Promotion Order from Supervisor To Officer (12-06-2017)HRMD1
33822017-05-27Promotion Order from Officer to Senior Officer (27-05-2017).HRMD1
33802017-05-27Promotion Order from Officer to Senior Officer (27-05-2017).HRMD1
33622017-05-22Passport approval of Azizul Haque (A-7248).HRMD1
33342017-05-18Reschedule Viva for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer (18-05-2017).HRMD1
33082017-05-17Due to humanitarian aid appeal.HRMD1
32702017-05-11Regarding Viva Schedule for promotion of Omar Faruq Mesbah Uddin(M-3225).HRMD1
32362017-05-07Due to humanitarian aid appeal.HRMD1
32332017-05-07List of selected candidates for recruitment from reserved panel.HRMD1
32212017-05-04Reschedule Viva for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1
32122017-05-03Viva Schedule for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1
32102017-05-02Promotion order from PO to SPO (02/05/2017).HRMD1
31712017-04-26Passport Approval of Mahfuza Shamim (M-3698).HRMD1
31472017-04-25Passport Approval of Md. Shafiqul Islam (S-2978).HRMD1
30622017-04-18Passport Approval of Rahenuma Akther (R-1322)HRMD1
30412017-04-16Passport Approval of Tasif Tanha Chowdhury (T-468)HRMD1
30302017-04-13Revised Viva Schedule for promotion from SO to PO (13-04-2017).HRMD1
29432017-04-04Passport Approval of Md. Zakir Hossain Bhuiyan (Z-114).HRMD1
29002017-03-29Promotion viva withdrawal of Nahid Fatema(N-1546).HRMD1
27172017-03-05Passport Approval of Md. Yeahea Bhuiyan (E-337).HRMD1
27042017-03-02List of Primarily Selected Candidates for the post Officer (Cash).HRMD1
26272017-02-23Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Motaleb (M-3561).HRMD1
26242017-02-23Passport Approval of Afruza Jahan (A-7340).HRMD1
26052017-02-22Passport Approval of Md. Kamaluddin (K-866).HRMD1
25962017-02-22Manpower Distribution of ICT Department.HRMD1, HRMD2
25642017-02-16Passport Approval of Md. Sohel Rana(S-4161) Dhaka.HRMD1
25232017-02-14Viva Schedule for Promotion from PO to SPO for Uttam Datta Chowdhury(U-58) and Md. Mahfuzur Rahman.(M-3578).HRMD1
25092017-02-13Passport Approval of Anjuman Ara Begum (A-7062).HRMD1
24842017-02-09Revised Viva Schedule for promotion from PO to SPO (08-02-2017).HRMD1
24562017-02-06PRL related announcement of Monowarul Kabir Khandoker (M-1139).HRMD1
23382017-01-29Passport approval of S.M Bedarul Alam(B-598).HRMD1
23222017-01-26Passport Approval of Anjan Kumar Saha(A-7623)HRMD1
23202017-01-26Passport Approval of Md. Jahangir Hosen (J-732).HRMD1
23102017-01-25Due to humanitarian aid appealHRMD1
20812017-01-01Passport Approval of Shah Muhammad Mainul Hasan (S-3881).HRMD1
20652016-12-29Due to humanitarian aid appeal.HRMD1
8472016-09-08Supervisor Seniority list-2016HRMD1
8452016-09-08Officer Seniority list-2016HRMD1
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