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180492020-10-22Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Router, Network Switch, 9U Network Rack for 445 Branches of BKB for 3 Years.ICT (System)PDF
179712020-10-19Tender Notice for Service of BKB Apps for Digital Banking of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.ICT (System)PDF
178502020-10-12Invitation of Tender(e-GP) for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 457 Online UPS for 457 Different Branches of Bangladesh Krishi Bank for 03 years.ICT (System)PDF
178262020-10-11Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps (512 Kbps Internet & 512 Kbps Data) Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity as Primary & Secondary Connectivity for 425 BKB Branches for 24 Months.ICT (System)PDF
172742020-09-17ICT(System)-755: Regarding Ensuring Safety While Using Computer, E-mail Account, Internet, Network on All Branches & Offices to Prevent Cyber Attack & Proper Protection of Data.Announcement, ICT (System), Latest NewsPDF
166042020-07-28ICT System-276: Regarding Uploading confidential Notice/Circular in private zone of BKB official Website.ICT (System)PDF
165532020-07-22Directions to prevent Covid-19 ( "Prevention is better than cure" ).Announcement, ICT (System)PDF
165452020-07-22Special Instructions Regarding Prevention of COVID-19.ICT (System)PDF
163212020-06-24Annual Closing Circular for Online Branches,2020ICT (System)PDF
159902020-04-29Maintaining High Level Security in case of Using EmailICT (System)PDF
159102020-04-06BKB Corona (COVID-19) LeafletICT (System)PDF
159032020-03-30About opening of 29 more online branches to continue BACH services (From 30.03.2020 to 02.04.2020)ICT (System)PDF
159012020-03-30About Opening of BACHICT (System)PDF
158992020-03-25About Cyber Security awareness during Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)ICT (System)PDF
158372020-03-22ICT System-21(1)/1949: কোভিড-১৯ বা নভেল করোনাভাইরাস প্রতিরোধে করনীয় সম্পর্কে বিশেষ নিদেশনা।ICT (System)PDF
155632020-02-26Invitation for Annual Maintenance Including Parts and Labour of Cooling System(PAC & Comfort AC), UPS & AVR System, TVSS, EMS, Intelligent/Static Transfer Switch, Automatic Fire Suppression System & Necessaries Electrical Cabling, Circuit Breaker and Materials for Data Centre (DC)’s of BKB.ICT (System)PDF
152452020-01-28Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Minimum 1Mbps (512 Kbps Internet & 512 Kbps Data) Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity in 03(three) Differnet Lots for 61 Branches for 24 MonthsICT (System)PDF
151392020-01-23ICT(Systems)-1405: Instructions Regarding Proper Implementation of Social Media Guideline-2016.ICT (System)PDF
146472019-12-24ICT Circular-01/2019: Regarding maintain user ID of CBS.ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
145572019-12-23Work-plan Regarding Half-Yearly Closing-2019.ICT (System)PDF
145042019-12-19Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Database Sever, SSD Storage, SAN Switch, Back up Solution for Tape Library, MS Windows (OS), MS SQL Sever Enterprise License, Training with Necessary Related Services for DC & DRS of BKB.ICT (System)PDF
145022019-12-19Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity as Primary Connectivity for 161 Branches of BKB for 24 Months.ICT (System)PDF
143742019-12-15Re-Tender Notice for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 200 Online UPS for 200 Branches of BKB.ICT (System)PDF
143382019-12-12ICT(Systems)-776:Necessary Acts of Online Branches Regarding Half Yearly Closing-2019.ICT (System)PDF
143192019-12-10Annual Maintenance Including Parts & Labor for Disaster Recovery Site (DRS)'s Database Servers, SAN Storage & Switch of BKB.ICT (System)PDF
143042019-12-09Regarding User ID Block & Create.ICT (System)PDF
135532019-10-07Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)ICT (System)PDF
124062019-07-09ICT (Systems)- Precautionary Instructions to Ensure Cyber Security .ICT (System)PDF
120552019-06-18e-Tender Notice (329865)- Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 200 Router, 200 Network Switch, 200 9U Network Rack with Necessary Network Accessories and Related Services for 200 (Two Hundred) Different Branches of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.ICT (System)PDF
120532019-06-18e-Tender Notice (331193):Supply Installation & Commissioning of 200 Online UPS for 200 Branches.ICT (System)PDF
119812019-06-10Annual Closing Circular for Online Branches,2019ICT (System)PDF
119262019-06-03e-Tender Notice(LTM)-Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 500 nos Exchange Online Protection EOP User CSS License for E-mail Exchange Server-2013ICT (System)PDF
119242019-06-03e-Tender Notice(LTM)-Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Online UPS for 12(Twelve) branches.ICT (System)PDF
119212019-06-03e-Tender Notice(LTM)-Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Network Equipments (Router, Network Rack, Network Accessories & Related Serivces) for 12(Twelve) branches.ICT (System)PDF
111432019-03-18Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 60 Branches for 24 Months.ICT (System)PDF
123942019-03-06ATM-02/2018-19/1443: ATM & POS Related Fraud Prevention.ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
107842019-02-12Passport Approval of K. M. Nuruddin Sarawar(N-1638), Senior System Analyst.HRMD2, ICT (System)PDF
107132019-02-07Regarding Taking Prevention to Avoid Phishing Attack while Using E-mail System.ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
101172018-12-24Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 114 Branches.ICT (System)PDF
98832018-12-02ICT(Systems)-776:Necessary Acts of Online Branches Regarding Half Yearly Closing-2018.ICT (System)PDF
93712018-10-18Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1 Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 84 Branches for 24 Months.ICT (System)PDF
93522018-10-18Charge Handover & Release Order of Md. Mamunur Rashid (M-3665), DGM, ICT Systems, Card & Mobile Banking Department.ICT (System)PDF
93072018-10-15ICT/Cyber/2(63)/2018-19/480: Regarding Implementation of Honorable MD Sir's Instructions on Facing Emerging Cyber Security Risk on Banking Sector.ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
92982018-10-15HRMD 2- 1051: Regarding Assigning Charge of DGM, ICT(Systems) Department.HRMD2, ICT (System)PDF
92062018-10-09Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Dedicated Broadband & Data Connectivity as Secondary Connectivity for 14 Branches.ICT (System)PDF
91252018-10-02ICT Circular No- 03/2018: Bangladesh Krishi Bank "Information Technology Property- User Manual".ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
124012018-08-30Cyber Attack AwarnessICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
87072018-08-28Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps Dedicated Connectivity of 360 Links of BKB for 24 Months.ICT (System)PDF
123962018-07-22ATM Use_Motivation and Security EnsureICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
77292018-06-19Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 103 Branches for 36 Months.ICT (System)PDF
71852018-04-24Regarding Salary Day for the online branches & the controlling offices of online branches.ICT (System)PDF
71642018-04-23ICT Circular-02/2018: Regarding SMS Service & SMS Transaction charge for the customers of Online Branches.ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
66542018-03-12Regarding List of Enlisted Vendor-2018.ICT (System)PDF
63702018-02-187(60)/2017-18/881: Regarding Online Activities for Branches.ICT (System)PDF
61612018-02-05Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Dedicated Internet Connectivity and Data Connectivity of 01 Mbps Bandwidth as Primary Connectivity and Secondary Connectivity for 50(Fifty) Branches of Bangladesh Krishi Bank for 36 Months.ICT (System)PDF
123982018-02-04ICT System(admin)-7(60)/2017-18/827: Online Fraud Through Phoning.ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
61402018-02-04জাল-জালিয়াতি/অর্থ আত্মসাৎ বিষয়ক সাবধানতা অবলম্বন প্রসঙ্গে।ICT (System)PDF
61082018-01-31Circular No- 01/2018: Bangladesh Krishi Bank Credit Card Policy-2018.ICT (System)PDF
56732018-01-07Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Online UPS for 126 Branches.ICT (System)PDF
40422017-08-10Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Network Equipments, Online UPS & Automatic voltage Regulator for 121 Branches of BKB.ICT (System)PDF
124002017-05-28Cyber Attack Ransomeware_2017ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
124042012-09-09IT/9(Back-up)/2012-13/82: Computerised Br Data Backup.ICT (System), ICT GuidelinesPDF
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