Kushtia Division

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115882019-05-02Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Personal Computer, Offline UPS, Inkjet Printer, Scanner & Generator for Branches/ Offices.Kushtia Division
112952019-03-31Passport Approval of Mst. Shahnaz Parvin (S-4707).Kushtia Division
109302019-02-25Passport Approval of Prohlad Kumar Hor (P-354).Kushtia Division
109022019-02-24Passport Approval of Md. Shamsur Rahman(S-4026).Kushtia Division
109002019-02-24Passport Approval of Md. Bablur Rahman(B-766).Kushtia Division
104642019-01-20Passport Approval of Mirza Hasanuzzaman(M-1322).Kushtia Division
99312018-12-05Passport Approval of Shahnaz Parvin(S-4188).Kushtia Division
97072018-11-18Passport Approval of S.M. Harun Mia(H-614).Kushtia Division
97052018-11-18Passport Approval of Md. Akhter Hossain (A-5031).Kushtia Division
94262018-10-25Passport Approval of Prodyut Kumar Das (P-365).Kushtia Division
93172018-10-16Passport Approval of Ashik Ahmed Siddiqui(A-7607).Kushtia Division
90552018-09-24Passport Approval of Fulchan Robidash (F-751).Kushtia Division
90532018-09-24Passport Approval of Rezaul Kabir Khan (R-718).Kushtia Division
90062018-09-19Passport Approval of Md. Masudur Rouf (M-2856).Kushtia Division
87852018-09-05Passport Approval of Md. Abu Sign (A-4561).Kushtia Division
82902018-07-22Passport Approval of Md. Abu Taleb(T-509).Kushtia Division
82882018-07-22Passport Approval of Mst. Nazrin Nahar(N-1550).Kushtia Division
82862018-07-22Passport Approval of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-1238).Kushtia Division
76102018-06-04Passport Approval of Md. Jinnat Ali (J-269).Kushtia Division
76002018-06-04Passport Approval of Md. Akter Uddin Shekh (A-4329).Kushtia Division
74102018-05-21Passport Approval of Abu Daud Md. Nur Uddin(A-1028).Kushtia Division
71352018-04-22Passport Approval of Md. Ariful Islam(A-7559).Kushtia Division
70342018-04-12Passport Approval of Abu Al Manmud ShamsuddohaKushtia Division
70322018-04-12Passport Approval of Md. Moniruzzaman (M-3958).Kushtia Division
69012018-04-03Passport Approval of Md. Moniruzzaman (M-3958).Kushtia Division
68992018-04-03Passport Approval of Abu Al Mahmud Shamsuddoha (A-3957).Kushtia Division
67952018-03-25Paasport Approval of Akhter Hossain(A-5031)Kushtia Division
65402018-03-04Passport Approval of Md. Ruhul Kuddus (R-1306).Kushtia Division
62232018-02-08Passport Approval of Ahmmad Ali (A-6181).Kushtia Division
51862017-12-04Passport Approval of Md. Arafat Rahman Chawdhury (A-7529).Kushtia Division
51842017-12-04Passport Approval of Md. Bablur Rahman (B-766).Kushtia Division
51822017-12-04Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Jobber (J-772).Kushtia Division
51802017-12-04Passport Approval of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-1238).Kushtia Division
41132017-08-23Passport Approval of Md. Motiur Rahman (M-3677).Kushtia Division
39512017-07-31Passport Approval of Md. Asaduzzaman (A-7779).Kushtia Division
35272017-06-15Passport approval of Samir Hari (S-3964).Kushtia Division
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