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122512019-07-01Passport Approval of Md. Minhaz Uddin (M-3216).Mymensingh Division
118712019-05-23Passport Approval of Abu Ahammod (A-7007).Mymensingh Division
117892019-05-16Passport Approval of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-2063).Mymensingh Division
116902019-05-09Passport Approval Rupon Tewary (R-1501)Mymensingh Division
116852019-05-09Passport Approval of Badrunnesa Rubi (B-727).Mymensingh Division
114542019-04-15Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Barik (A-6958).Mymensingh Division
110292019-03-07Passport Approval of Md. Golam Forhad (F-806)Mymensingh Division
110052019-03-04Passport Approval of Bijon Kumar Sarker(B-609).Mymensingh Division
109822019-03-03Passport Approval of Md. Firoz Zaman Chowdhury (F-703).Mymensingh Division
109792019-03-03Passport Approval of Md. Hafizur Rahman(H-781).Mymensingh Division
109772019-03-03Passport Approval of Md. Nazrul Islam(N-920).Mymensingh Division
109182019-02-24Passport Approval of Md. Mosharrof Hossain(M-3898).Mymensingh Division
108912019-02-20Passport Approval of Md. Golam Farhad (F-806).Mymensingh Division
108452019-02-18Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Mymensingh Division.Mymensingh Division
104382019-01-16Passport Approval of Sonjiban Sarkar(S-3223).Mymensingh Division
104362019-01-16Passport Approval of A.K.M Khalilur Rahman(K-700).Mymensingh Division
98752018-12-02Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Bari(A-4046).Mymensingh Division
97762018-11-26Passport Approval of Masuda Akter Khanam(M-1709).Mymensingh Division
96372018-11-11Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Hai Jamali(A-6511).Mymensingh Division
96232018-11-11Passport Approval of Md. Hafizul Islam(H-472).Mymensingh Division
95112018-11-01Passport Approval of Md. Abul Kalam Azad (A-6983).Mymensingh Division
94802018-10-31Passport Approval of Md. Nazmul Alam (N-1567).Mymensingh Division
94472018-10-29Passport Approval of Jebun Nesa (J-415).Mymensingh Division
93152018-10-16Passport Approval of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-1079) (updated).Mymensingh Division
92132018-10-09Passport Approval of Md. Iftekhar Hossain (I-82).Mymensingh Division
91602018-10-04Passport Approval of A.K.M. Jahangir (J-827).Mymensingh Division
90812018-09-27Passport Approval of Mohammod Nazmul Hasan (N-1495).Mymensingh Division
90682018-09-26Passport Approval of Sanjib Kumar Saha (S-4416).Mymensingh Division
88792018-09-11Passport Approval of Md. Nurul Islam (N-1190).Mymensingh Division
87042018-08-28Passport Approval of Anwar Hossen (A-7565).Mymensingh Division
86562018-08-20Passport Approval of Sayedatunnesa (S-4086).Mymensingh Division
86542018-08-20Passport Approval of Mohammad Kamruzzaman(K-913).Mymensingh Division
84812018-08-02Passport Approval of Md. Zakaria Rahman(Z-442).Mymensingh Division
84682018-08-01Passport Approval of Sunmoon Ray (S-4082)Mymensingh Division
83552018-07-25Passport Approval of Md. Alinur Hossain (A-4205).Mymensingh Division
83102018-07-23Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Awal (A-4577).Mymensingh Division
82452018-07-18Regarding Change of Branch name- Chesrakhali to Adarshanagar, Netrokona.BCBD, Mymensingh Division
81352018-07-12Passport Approval of Humayun Kabir (H-1022).Mymensingh Division
81332018-07-12Passport Approval of Zulfikar Ali Hyder (Z-85).Mymensingh Division
76302018-06-05Passport Approval of Fatema Nasrin (F-716).Mymensingh Division
75202018-05-29Passport Approval of Md. Ismail Hossain (I-345).Mymensingh Division
73952018-05-20Passport Approval of Md. Sarwar Alam(S-3664)Mymensingh Division
73212018-05-13Passport Approval of A.N.M. Mahbubul Alam(M-3054).Mymensingh Division
72502018-04-30Abroad Earned Leave of Nilufar Rahman(N-1188).Mymensingh Division, Personal Letters
72352018-04-26Passport Approval of Prodip Kumar Das(P-273).Mymensingh Division
72332018-04-26Passport Approval of Lutfun Nahar(L-264).Mymensingh Division
72312018-04-26Passport Approval of Faysal Uddin (F-784).Mymensingh Division
72272018-04-26Passport Approval of Kajol Chandra Sarkar(K-282).Mymensingh Division
72252018-04-26Passport Approval of Md. Mozammel Haque(M-3704).Mymensingh Division
72232018-04-26Passport Approval of Shahinur Alam(S-4452).Mymensingh Division
69592018-04-08Passport Approval of Md. Shahnewz Mondol Sajib (S-4104).Mymensingh Division
67472018-03-20Passport Approval of Jamil Imtiaz (J-579).Mymensingh Division
65142018-03-01Passport Approval of Tanzil Ahmed (T-255).Mymensingh Division
65012018-02-28Passport Approval of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-3433).Mymensingh Division
64802018-02-27Passport Approval of Md. Delowar Hossain (D-236).Mymensingh Division
64192018-02-19Passport Approval of Sumon Das(S-3953).Mymensingh Division
60232018-01-28Passport Approval of Md. Shafiqul Islam Bhuiyan (S-3650)Mymensingh Division
59792018-01-22Passport Approval of Md. Habibullah(H-875).Mymensingh Division
56902018-01-08Abroad Tour Permission letter of Biman Bkash Sarkar (B-587).Mymensingh Division, Personal Letters
55922018-01-03Abroad Earn Leave Sanction of Alok Chandra Sarker (A-7498)Mymensingh Division, Personal Letters
53232017-12-19Passport Approval of Pranob Kanti Bhowmik (P-268).Mymensingh Division
52932017-12-17Passport Approval of Md. Mokhlesur Rahman (M-3086), Md. Shomsher Rahman Khan (S-3590), Nilufar Rahman (N-1188).Mymensingh Division
50052017-11-16Passport Approval of Sanjiban Sarkar (S-3223).Mymensingh Division
49352017-11-12Passport Approval of Nurun Nahar (N-1172).Mymensingh Division
47312017-10-22Passport Approval of Nayan Kumar Ghose (N-1616).Mymensingh Division
46852017-10-17Passport Approval of Jibun Nahar (J-601).Mymensingh Division
46432017-10-12Passport Approval of Kaiser Ahmed Shahid (K-433).Mymensingh Division
45232017-10-03Passport Approval of Utpal Gour (U-83)Mymensingh Division
45112017-10-02Passport Approval of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1227)Mymensingh Division
45082017-09-28Passport Approval of Mr. Mujibor Rahman, OfficerMymensingh Division
45052017-09-28Passport Approval of Mr.Limon Chanda, POMymensingh Division
44042017-09-21Passport Approval of Momtaz Begum (M-3370).Mymensingh Division
43092017-09-13Passport Approval of Mohammad Ali (M-3456).Mymensingh Division
42912017-09-11Passport Approval of Md. Faisal Uddin (F-784).Mymensingh Division
41332017-08-24Passport Approval of Rifat Sultana (R-1437).Mymensingh Division
40832017-08-20Passport Approval of Md. Ariful Islam (A-7633)Mymensingh Division
40212017-08-09Passport Approval of Md. Faisal Uddin (F-784).Mymensingh Division
40182017-08-09Passport Approval of Nazmunnahar (N-1367).Mymensingh Division
40102017-08-09Passport Approval of Khakon Mia (K-918).Mymensingh Division
38832017-07-24Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Hamid (A-6344).Mymensingh Division
38632017-07-23Passport Approval of Nurul Amin (N-1194).Mymensingh Division
35212017-06-15Passport approval of Abul Kalam Akando (K-955).Mymensingh Division
34822017-06-13Passport approval of Debraj Roy (D-424).Mymensingh Division
34612017-06-08Passport approval of Biman Bikash Sarker (B-587).Mymensingh Division
33322017-05-18Passport Approval of Horidas Datta (H-757).Mymensingh Division
32762017-05-14Passport Approval of Md. Rashedul Islam Torofder (R-1500).Mymensingh Division
31412017-04-24Passport Approval of Md. Shahidul Islam (S-3826).Mymensingh Division
31132017-04-23Passport Approval of Md. Aminul Islam (A-3418), Sherpur.Mymensingh Division
30052017-04-12Passport Approval of Md. Shafiqul Islam Bhuiyan (S-3650), Netrokona.Mymensingh Division
29932017-04-11Passport Approval of Md. Fakruzzaman (F-358), Jamalpur.Mymensingh Division
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