ICT Guidelines

93072018-10-15ICT/Cyber/2(63)/2018-19/480: Regarding Implementation of Honorable MD Sir's Instructions on Facing Emerging Cyber Security Risk on Banking Sector.ICT (System), ICT Guidelines
91252018-10-02ICT Circular No- 03/2018: Bangladesh Krishi Bank "Information Technology Property- User Manual".ICT (System), ICT Guidelines
71642018-04-23ICT Circular-02/2018: Regarding SMS Service & SMS Transaction charge for the customers of Online Branches.ICT (System), ICT Guidelines
28852017-03-28ICT Circular-02/2017: In the context of the overall security and ensuring data preservation.ICT (Operation), ICT Guidelines, Policy & Guideline
24082017-02-01ICT Circular-01-2017: Redetermination of Online Transaction charge.ICT (Operation), ICT Guidelines, Policy & Guideline
17192016-11-23ICT Circular 07/2013ICT Guidelines
17182016-11-23ICT Circular No: 02/2015ICT Guidelines
17172016-11-23ICT Circular No: 02/2012ICT Guidelines
17162016-11-23ICT Circular No:01/2012ICT Guidelines
17142016-11-23ICT Circulars (Old)ICT Guidelines
8182016-09-07ICT Security PolicyICT Guidelines
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