National Integrity Strategy (NIS)

140712019-11-21BCBD Circular No- 01/2018: Rules Regarding Integrity Award.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
140732019-11-20Regarding BKB Integrity Award 2018-19.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
138652019-10-31Name of Focal Point & Alternate Focal Point of Bangladesh National Digital ArchitectureNational Integrity Strategy (NIS)
138642019-10-31National Integrity Hot LineNational Integrity Strategy (NIS)
133732019-09-30National Integrity Strategy Working Plan & Implementation Report (July-September/19).National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
133432019-09-26Integrity Award Winners of 2017-2018.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
128242019-08-20Integrity Award Winners of 2016-17.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
122182019-06-30জাতীয় শুদ্ধাচার কৌশল কর্মপরিকল্পনা ২০১৯-২০২০ (বাংলাদেশ কৃষি ব্যাংক)National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
116752019-05-08BCBD-1662- Minutes of 3rd Quarterly Integrity Committee Meeting (January,2019- March,2019)BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
105452019-01-27Acceptance of Issued Letters Through E-Nothi System on Audit & Other Activities.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
105372019-01-27Secretariat Instructions-2014National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
105352019-01-27ICT ACT-2006National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
102862019-01-07BCBD-1084- Minutes of 2nd Quarterly Integrity Committee Meeting (October,2018- December,2018)BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
83842018-07-26National Integrity Strategy Planning & Implementation Framework 2018-2019.National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
77752018-06-24Regarding BKB Integrity Award 2016-17.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
75842018-05-31BKB Integriy Evaluation Form.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
75822018-05-31Regarding Clarification on giving Bangladesh Krishi Bank Integrity Award 2016-17.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
75612018-05-30Circular No: 01/2018 - Guidelines for giving Bangladesh Krishi Bank Integrity Award-2018BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS) , Policy & GuidelinePDF
65352018-03-02HRMD-1/9(1)/17-18/4622: National Integrity Code of Conduct warning notice.HRMD1, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
58522018-01-17Operation Circular No: 06/2018: Regarding National Integrity Code of Conduct for Bangladesh Krishi Bank.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
38472017-07-20National Integrity Strategy: 2017-2018BCBD, National Integrity Strategy (NIS)PDF
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Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) is a 100% government owned specialized Bank in Bangladesh.