Personal Letters

128072019-08-19PRL Order of Lutfun Nahar Naz (L-229) DGM, HRMD-2HRMD2, Personal Letters
128052019-08-19PRL Order of Poresh Chandra sarkar (P-282) DGM Loan Recovery Dept.HRMD2, Personal Letters
127812019-08-18PRL Order of Md. Habibur Rahman (H-317).HRMD1, Personal Letters
127792019-08-18Retirement Order of Md. Zillul Haq (Z-141), AGM, DAO, Sylhet.HRMD1, Personal Letters
127772019-08-18PRL Order of Mohammad Modasser Hossain (M-1650), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
127722019-08-18PRL Order of Nishi Kanto Dey (N-445).HRMD1, Personal Letters
127642019-08-14PRL Order of Md. Shahidul Islam (S-1485), Honoravble GM (Planning & Operation)..HRMD1, Personal Letters
127462019-08-08PRL Order of Sadekur Rahman(S-1256).HRMD1, Personal Letters
126942019-08-05Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sankari Bala Debi (S-3330).HRMD1, Personal Letters
126602019-08-04Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Zahid Hossain (Z-410), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters, Uncategorized
126472019-07-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Jharna Rani Das (J-151), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
126412019-07-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khaleda Akter (K-1025).HRMD1, Personal Letters
126342019-07-30PRL Order of Md. Motiur Rahman (M-1281).HRMD1, Personal Letters
126322019-07-30PRL Order of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-1757), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
126012019-07-25Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Keshab Bhattacharjee(K-422).HRMD1, Personal Letters
125902019-07-25Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Akter Hossain (A-7234), AGM, RMD.HRMD1, Personal Letters
125752019-07-24Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Ahad Khan (A-7242),AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
125632019-07-22PRL Order of Mohammad Nurunnabi (N-1278), DGM, Chittagong Division.HRMD1, Personal Letters
125622019-07-22PRL Order of Md. Azmol Hossain (A-6826), DGM, Dhaka Divsion.HRMD1, Personal Letters
125292019-07-17Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Faruque(F-531).HRMD1, Personal Letters
125232019-07-17PRL Order of Md. Lokman Hossain (L-208), AGM (CAD).HRMD1, Personal Letters
125172019-07-16Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Jasim Uddin(J-757).HRMD1, Personal Letters
125062019-07-16HRMD 2- 3735: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
125042019-07-16HRMD 2- 3681: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
125022019-07-16HRMD 2- 3582: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
125002019-07-16HRMD 2- 3475: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
124922019-07-15Office Memorandum of Four Officials for Attending "International Financial Crime Forum 2019" at Malaysia.HRMD2, Personal Letters
124882019-07-15PRL & Release Order of Narayan Chandra Mondol, Honorable GM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
124862019-07-15HRMD 2- 3857: Disciplinary Action.HRMD1, Personal Letters
124792019-07-14Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Lutfur Rahman (L-102).HRMD1, Personal Letters
124772019-07-14PRL Order of Md. Aminur Rahman(A-2168).HRMD1, Personal Letters
124582019-07-14Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Harunur Rashid(H-835).HRMD1, Personal Letters
124382019-07-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Afzal Karim, Honorable DMD.HRMD1, Personal Letters
124142019-07-10PRL Order of A.N.M Habib Ahsan(H-218)HRMD1, Personal Letters
124122019-07-10PRL Order of Md. Abdur Rashid (A-2654).HRMD1, Personal Letters
123702019-07-07PRL Order of Md. Omar Faruque O-108, AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
123552019-07-04Charge Handover Between Honorable GM Md. Abul Halim & Md. Azizul Bari.HRMD1, Personal Letters
123482019-07-04Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Rafiuddin (R-1258).HRMD1, Personal Letters
123462019-07-04Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Nurul Islam Bhuiyan (N-699).HRMD1, Personal Letters
123442019-07-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Hafizur Rahman (H-319).HRMD1, Personal Letters
123422019-07-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abdur Rahim (A-6547).HRMD1, Personal Letters
123392019-07-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Alamgir Kabir (A-6060), AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
123372019-07-03PRL Order of Anima Chakroborty (A-3436), AGM, CRM, Chittagong(West).HRMD1, Personal Letters
123312019-07-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Shah Alam (S-3289).HRMD1, Personal Letters
123282019-07-03HRMD 2 -3889: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
123262019-07-03HRMD 2-3877: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
123242019-07-03HRMD 2-3586: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
123222019-07-03HRMD 2-3682: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
123202019-07-03HRMD 2-3803: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
123182019-07-03HRMD 2-3804: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
123082019-07-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sk Shamsur Rahman (S-3043).HRMD1, Personal Letters
123062019-07-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Obayed Ullah (O-44), AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
123012019-07-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Tanjina Begum (T-435).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122992019-07-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Nasima Akter (N-832).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122972019-07-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Rafiqul Islam (R-1066).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122952019-07-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Mahbubur Rahman (M-3258), DGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122932019-07-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mirza Arifuzzaman (A-6104), DGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122912019-07-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Zahirul Islam Bhuiyan (Z-371), DGM (GM In-Charge).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122882019-07-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Nazir Ahmed (N-1270), DGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122842019-07-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sheikh Mahmood Kamal, Honorable GM (Accounts & International Division).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122822019-07-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sahabuddin Ahmed (S-3358), DGM(Reconciliation) ,HRMD1, Personal Letters
122752019-07-01Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Kazi Md. Moninul Islam(M-1199).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122712019-07-01Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-3213), DGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122692019-07-01Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abdur Rouf Bhuiyan (A-6681), DGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122342019-06-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rukeya Parvin (R-1206).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122322019-06-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abdul Zabbar (A-3474).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122302019-06-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abdus Salam (A-2108).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122282019-06-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Shah Alam Sarker (S-3514), AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122262019-06-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Jahangir Hossain (J-576), AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122242019-06-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Kazi Omor Faruque (O-31), AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122222019-06-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of A.H.M. Mahabubul Alam (M-3084), AGM (PRL)..HRMD1, Personal Letters
122202019-06-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Raqfiqul Islam (R-1147), AGM (PRL)..HRMD1, Personal Letters
122042019-06-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Golam Mostofa (G-491).HRMD1, Personal Letters
122022019-06-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mr. Abdul Aziz (A-6441).HRMD1, Personal Letters
121872019-06-26PRL Order of Mohammad Akhtarul Alam (A-6787), DGM, Divisional Office, Dhaka.HRMD1, Personal Letters
121512019-06-24Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Masudur Rashid (M-3451).HRMD1, Personal Letters
121232019-06-23PRL Order of Md. Abul Kalam (A-2374).HRMD1, Personal Letters
121172019-06-23Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sukomal Acharjee (S-1052).HRMD1, Personal Letters
121132019-06-23HRMD 2- 3427(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
121112019-06-23HRMD 2- 3674(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
121092019-06-23HRMD 2- 3477(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
121072019-06-23HRMD 2- 3587(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
121052019-06-23HRMD 2- 3734(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
121032019-06-23HRMD 2- 3802(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
120672019-06-19Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Honorable DMD (PRL) Md. Liakat Hossain Moral (L-101).HRMD1, Personal Letters
120652019-06-19Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Mofizul Islam (M-1507) AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
120632019-06-19Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Nirmal Kumar Saha (N-1103), AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
120612019-06-19Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Chaina Rani Kundu (C-113), AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
120472019-06-17Ex-Bangladesh Leave of Bijon Bishwas, Manager, Kotchandpur Branch to visit IndiaHRMD1, Personal Letters
120082019-06-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ruhul Amin (R-1245).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119772019-06-10HRMD 2- 3550(3): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119752019-06-10HRMD 2- 3550(2): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119732019-06-10HRMD 2- 3550(1): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119712019-06-10HRMD 2- 3476: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119692019-06-10HRMD 2- 3675: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119672019-06-10HRMD 2- 3474: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119652019-06-10HRMD 2- 3433 & 3434: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119632019-06-10HRMD 2- 3428: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119612019-06-10HRMD 2- 3426: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
119512019-06-09PRL Order of Sirajul Islam Siddiqui (S-1228).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119142019-05-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abu Bakar Saiduzzaman (A-7437).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119122019-05-30PRL Order of Gobinda lal Roy(G-170).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119102019-05-30PRL Order of Mohammad Enamul Haq Mia (E-74).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119082019-05-30Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of A H M Kamruzzaman (K-896).HRMD1, Personal Letters
119062019-05-29PRL Order of DGM Md. Nur Sayed(N-1158)HRMD1, Latest News, Personal Letters
119042019-05-29PRL Order of Kazi Robiul Haque(R-335).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118992019-05-28PRL Order of Subrata Kumar Dey (S-1255), AGM, DAO, Sylhet.HRMD1, Personal Letters
118822019-05-26PRL Order of Mohammad Ali (M-2106), DGM (Implementation).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118772019-05-26Joining Letter of Md Shaha Alam (S-1201), AGM (In Charge of DGM).LPO(GB), Personal Letters
118512019-05-22PRL Order of MD Shahidul Haque (S-1152).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118422019-05-22Joining Letter of Mohammad Mainul Islam Khan (M-3509), AGM (In Charge of DGM).LPO(FOREX), Personal Letters
118372019-05-22Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Aparesh Chandra Das (A-3642), AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118302019-05-21PRL Order of Rasheda Akhter (R-521).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118282019-05-21PRL Order of Rajendra Chandra Ray (R-364).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118232019-05-21Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman (A-3294).HRMD1, Personal Letters
118072019-05-20PRL Order of Sree Nironjon Chandra Nath (N-419), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
118032019-05-19Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khalekuzzaman Yeamin (K-888).HRMD1, Personal Letters
117972019-05-19PRL Order of Anima Rani Mistri (A-2213).HRMD1, Personal Letters
117942019-05-19PRL Order of Abu Bakkar Siddique (A-2941).HRMD1, Personal Letters
117912019-05-19Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammed Nazrul Islam (N-1407).HRMD1, Personal Letters
117822019-05-16PRL Order of A.H.M. Mahabubul Alam(M-3084), AGM (ICT Operation).HRMD1, Personal Letters
117072019-05-12Office Memorandum of Md. Abu Mahmud, AGM for Attending Second International ADR Conference in Thailand.HRMD2, Personal Letters
116922019-05-09PRL Order of Md. Lutfor Rahman(L-102).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116872019-05-09HRMD 2- 3415: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal Letters
116772019-05-08PRL Order of Samir Chakma (S-3375), AGM, RAO, Chittagong.HRMD1, Personal Letters
116462019-05-05Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sultan Ahmed(S-3818).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116442019-05-05Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Solaiman (S-3941).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116422019-05-05PRL Order of Shibdah Roy (S-3032).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116352019-05-05Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Alauddin (A-6683), AGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116302019-05-02Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ram Chandra Sarker (R-1082), DGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
116282019-05-02Release Order Of Md. Jahir Iqbal (J-353), Honorable GM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
115102019-04-18PRL Order of Farid Ahmed (F-615), DGM, RMD.HRMD1, Personal Letters
115082019-04-18PRL Order of Dinesh Chandra Bishwas (D-417), DGM,LCD.HRMD1, Personal Letters
114612019-04-15Release Order of Md. Billal Hossain Bhuyan (3148), AGM, HRMD 1HRMD1, Personal Letters
114472019-04-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rajib Saha (R-1404).HRMD1, Personal Letters
114252019-04-10PRL Order of Kazi Ruhul Hossain (R-296).HRMD1, Personal Letters
114132019-04-08Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Bijon Biswas (B-663).HRMD1, Personal Letters
114112019-04-08Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Raihana Begum(R-1261).HRMD1, Personal Letters
113392019-04-02PRL Order of Santosh Kumar Dakua (S-3041), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
113372019-04-02PRL Order of Md. Nazim Uddin Bhiuyan (N-550).HRMD1, Personal Letters
113122019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abu Bakker Siddique (A-7333).HRMD1, Personal Letters
113102019-03-31PRL Order of Shekh Abul Khoyer Mostafa (A-3297), AGMHRMD1, Personal Letters
113082019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Shah Alam (S-3760), AGM, ICT Systems.HRMD1, Personal Letters
113062019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ram Proshad Ghosh (R-629), AGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, Personal Letters
112972019-03-31Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Tuhin Ikram (T-449).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112902019-03-28Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khurshed Alam (K-905).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112522019-03-27PRL Order of Golam Mohammad Hawlader (G-468).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112472019-03-27PRL Order of Md. Shahid Ullah Bhuiyan(S-1138).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112432019-03-25PRL Order of Md. Abu Jafar Hawlader (A-4625), DGM, PRD.HRMD1, Personal Letters
112242019-03-24Ex- Bangladesh Leave Permission of Kazi Ruhul Hasan(R-296).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112132019-03-24Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Taslim Uddin (T-387), DGM(PRL).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112112019-03-24PRL Order of B. M. Waliar Rahman (W-56).HRMD1, Personal Letters
112052019-03-24PRL Order of Md. Billal Hossain Bhuiyan(B-164), AGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, Personal Letters
111972019-03-21Ex-Bangladesh Leave of Sheikh Mahmood Kamal, Honorable GM, Accounts & International Division.HRMD1, Personal Letters
111952019-03-21PRL Order of Md. Abdur Rouf Bhuiyan (A-6681), DGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, Personal Letters
111822019-03-20PRL Order of Sorojit Kumar Chowdhury (S-3016).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111802019-03-20Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khondker Mobarra Halim (M-2938).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111692019-03-19Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sheikh Mizanur Rahman (M-2935), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters
111512019-03-18Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Shamim Uddin(S-3817).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111492019-03-18Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Syed Md. Rafiq Uddin (R-1105).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111292019-03-14Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Monika Biswas (M-3913).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111212019-03-13PRL Order of Himangshu Shekhar Pal (H-233).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111112019-03-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Keshab Bhattacharjee (K-422).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111062019-03-13PRL Order of Md. Hamidur Rahman(H-732).HRMD1, Personal Letters
111022019-03-13Disciplinary ActionHRMD3, Personal Letters
110982019-03-13PRL Order of Md. Moazzem Hossain(M-947).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110962019-03-13Disciplinary ActionHRMD2, Personal Letters
110942019-03-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sweta Pal (S-1530).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110682019-03-11PRL Order of Md. Anowar Hossain(A-2955).HRMD2, Personal Letters
110642019-03-10PRL Order of Chaina Rani Kundu(C-113), AGM, Implementation Department.HRMD1, Personal Letters
110632019-03-10PRL Order of Hajari Lal De(H-715), AGMHRMD1, Personal Letters
110552019-03-07Abroad Leave Permission of Manjuman Ara (M-3701).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110502019-03-07Abroad Leave Permission of Syed Shakil Ahmad Alamgir (S-3960).HRMD1, Personal Letters
110462019-03-07PRL Order of Md. Shariyat Hossain (S-2076), DGM, LPO, DhakaHRMD1, Personal Letters
110442019-03-07PRL Order of Kamalesh Chandra Sardar (K-653), DGM, Khulna Divisional Office.HRMD1, Personal Letters
110402019-03-07PRL Order of Md. Abdul Matin Bhuiyan (A-6701), DGM, BKB Staff College, DhakaHRMD1, Personal Letters
109942019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Anowar Hossain (A-2995).HRMD1, Personal Letters
109922019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Monir Ahammed.HRMD1, Personal Letters
109892019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mahbuba Khatun (M-3692).HRMD1, Personal Letters
109862019-03-03Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-3710).HRMD1, Personal Letters
109692019-02-27HRMD 3: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
109232019-02-25Joining Letter & Charge Handover to Shahabuddin Ahmed (S-3358), DGM, Reconciliation.Personal Letters, RECONCILIATION
109142019-02-24PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1072),HRMD2, Personal Letters
109082019-02-24PRL Order of Ram Chandra Sarker(R-1082), DGM, Dhaka Division.HRMD1, Personal Letters
108812019-02-19PRL & Release Order of Md. Solaiman(S-1748), Honorable GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
108722019-02-19PRL Order 0f Md. Shah Alam Sarkar(S-3514).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108572019-02-18PRL Order of S.M. Bashir Uddin(B-195).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108332019-02-17Release Order of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, Honorable GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
108222019-02-14Office Memorandum for Mohammad Afzal Karim(Honorable DMD), K.M. Nuruddin Sarawar(AGM), Md. Farid Hasan(AGM).HRMD4, Personal Letters
108202019-02-14PRL Order of Md. Afsar Uddin(A-6398).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108162019-02-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Aminul Islam(A-7435).HRMD1, Personal Letters
108142019-02-13PRL Order of Bishwanath Das(B-512).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108122019-02-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mst. Anguri Parvin (A-7558).HRMD1, Personal Letters
108082019-02-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Afruza Jahan (A-7340).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108062019-02-13PRL Order of Pradip Kumar Pal (P-78).HRMD2, Personal Letters
108042019-02-13PRL Order of Md. Tipu Sultan(T-352), DGM, CRM Khulna.HRMD2, Personal Letters
107922019-02-12Joining Letter of Md. Lokman Hossain (L-208), DGM (In Charge), Credit-2CREDIT2, Personal Letters
107902019-02-12PRL Order of Dulal Chandra Ray(D-420).HRMD2, Personal Letters
107672019-02-12PRL Order of Md. Abul Kashem(A-2286).HRMD2, Personal Letters
107452019-02-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rowshon Ara Akhter Mobashera(R-1092).HRMD2, Personal Letters
107432019-02-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Mosharraf Hossain (M-2937), DGM(PRL).HRMD2, Personal Letters
107382019-02-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Shamim Ara Tania(S-3738).HRMD1, Personal Letters
107112019-02-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Arifur Rahman(A-7319).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106772019-02-05Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khondker Rafiqul Islam (K-894).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106722019-02-05HRMD 3- 2368(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106702019-02-05HRMD 3- 2369(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106632019-02-04Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Aheaul Islam(A-7302).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106602019-02-04PRL Order of Md. Mozammel Haque(M-1382).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106582019-02-04PRL Order of Tapan Kumar Deb(T-227).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106512019-02-03PRL Order of Md. Amez Uddin(A-6517), DGM, CRM, Tangail(North).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106422019-01-31PRL Order of Md. Amjad Hossain(A-6121).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106412019-01-31PRL Order of Nikhil Kumar Ghosh(N-1110).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106182019-01-30HRMD 3-2216(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106162019-01-30HRMD 3-2262(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106142019-01-30HRMD 3-2212(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106122019-01-30HRMD 3-2211(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
106102019-01-30HRMD 3-1944(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105982019-01-29Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Bikash Dominic Costa(B-680).HRMD1, Personal Letters
105942019-01-29PRL Order of Nirmal Kumar Saha(N-1103).HRMD2, Personal Letters
105872019-01-28HRMD 3-2251(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105852019-01-28HRMD 3-2250(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105832019-01-28HRMD 3-2249(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105812019-01-28HRMD 3-2248(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105792019-01-28HRMD 3-2247(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105772019-01-28HRMD 3-2238(07): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105752019-01-28HRMD 3-2237(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105732019-01-28HRMD 3-2235(10): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105712019-01-28HRMD 3- 2252(6):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
105642019-01-28PRL Order of Kamal Uddin (K-335), DGM, Credit-2.HRMD2, Personal Letters
105612019-01-28Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Somit Sarker(S-4013).Faridpur Division, HRMD1, Personal Letters
105412019-01-27PRL Order of Mohang Ezharul Haque Bhuiyan(E-327), DGM, LRD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
105312019-01-27PRL Order of Mahmud Ahmed Chowdhury(M-3207).HRMD2, Personal Letters
105292019-01-27PRL Order of Golam Hossain Mojumder(G-505).HRMD2, Personal Letters
105242019-01-24Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mahtab Al Rashedi(M-3272), DGM, CRM, Narayangonj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
105132019-01-24PRL Order of Bishwanath Das(B-216).HRMD2, Personal Letters
105102019-01-24PRL Order of M. D. Mofez Ali Hawlader(M-3016).HRMD2, Personal Letters
105062019-01-23PRL Order of Sunil Kumar Mondol(S-1251).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104992019-01-22Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Shamal Kanti Chowdhury(S-1618).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104752019-01-21PRL Order of Sahab Uddin Bhuiyan(S-939).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104712019-01-21PRL Order of Md. Shahedul Alam(S-3425).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104532019-01-17PRL Order of Shankar Chandra Roy(S-1464).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104292019-01-15Joining Letter of Rowshon Ara Akter Mobashera(R-1092),DGM, FRMD.FRMD, Personal Letters
104222019-01-15Joining Letter of Mohammad Monirul Islam(M-3200), DGM, BCBD.BCBD, Personal Letters
104052019-01-15PRL Order of Md. Alauddin(A-6815).HRMD2, Personal Letters
104032019-01-15PRL Order of Raunak Sad Ferdousi(R-628).HRMD2, Personal Letters
103952019-01-14PRL Order of Masuda Begum(M-946).HRMD2, Personal Letters
103832019-01-13PRL Order of Arbinda Kumar Sarker(A-6220).HRMD2, Personal Letters
103792019-01-13PRL Order of Uttam Datta Chowdhury(U-58).HRMD2, Personal Letters
103742019-01-13PRL Order of Md. Abdul Jabbar(A-3474).HRMD2, Personal Letters
103642019-01-10Joining Letter of Lutfun Nahar Naz(L-229), DGM, HRMD 3.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103412019-01-09PRL Order of Md. Mobarak Hossain(M-1246).HRMD2, Personal Letters
103392019-01-09PRL Order of Ahsan-Al-Rashid (A-4663), DGM, ITD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
103252019-01-09HRMD3-1958(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103232019-01-09HRMD3-1957(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103212019-01-09HRMD3-1955(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103192019-01-09HRMD3-1941(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103172019-01-09HRMD3-1938(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103152019-01-09HRMD3-1937(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103132019-01-09HRMD3-1937(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103112019-01-09HRMD3-1929(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103092019-01-09HRMD3-1928(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103072019-01-09HRMD3-1927(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103052019-01-09HRMD3-1926(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
103032019-01-09HRMD3-1925(7):Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
102982019-01-09HRMD3-1930(9): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
102962019-01-08PRL Order of Md. Taslim Uddin(T-387), DGM, Cumilla Divison.HRMD2, Personal Letters
102922019-01-08Joining Letter of Md. Mominul Islam Talukder (M-3256), DGM(In Charge), EWTD.EWTD, Personal Letters
102902019-01-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mostarin Khanam(M-3515).HRMD1, Personal Letters
102842019-01-07Joioning Letter of Md. Khorshed Anwar, DGM(In Charge), Procurement.Personal Letters, PROCUREMENT & EWTD
102772019-01-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Moinul Islam(M-3508).HRMD2, Personal Letters
102752019-01-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Ahad Khan(A-7242).HRMD2, Personal Letters
102732019-01-07PRL Order of Md. Mozibur Rahman Chowdhury(M-1671), DGM, SME.HRMD2, Personal Letters
102702019-01-06PRL Order of Badal Krisna Kundu(B-84), DGM, Divisional Office, Barisal.HRMD2, Personal Letters
102652019-01-06PRL Order of Aporesh Chandra Das (A-3642).HRMD2, Personal Letters
102322019-01-03PRL Order of Ferdous Ara Begum(F-271).HRMD2, Personal Letters
102232019-01-03Joining Letter of Monir Uddin (M-3158), DGM, LPO.LPO(GB), Personal Letters
102082019-01-02PRL Order of Md. Abul Kashem(A-6855).HRMD2, Personal Letters
102062019-01-02PRL Order of Manoz Kanti Acharjee(M-1445).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101932019-01-01Joining Letter of Legal Adviser.LAW, Personal Letters
101912019-01-01PRL Order of Md. Sofi Uddin(S-3304).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101822018-12-31PRL Order of Honorable GM Md. Liakat AliHRMD2, Personal Letters
101802018-12-31PRL Order of Honorable GM A.R.M. Salar-E JahanHRMD2, Personal Letters
101782018-12-31PRL Order of SPO Kanij Rasul(K-248)HRMD2, Personal Letters
101732018-12-31PRL & Release Order of Honorable DMD Dr. Md. Liakat Hossain Moral.HRMD2, Personal Letters
101712018-12-31PRL Order of Honorable GM Nani Gopal DattaHRMD2, Personal Letters
101692018-12-31PRL Order of SPO Md. Bodi Uzzaman(B-339)HRMD2, Personal Letters
101672018-12-31Release Order of DGM Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-3213)BCBD, Personal Letters
101502018-12-27Joining Letter of Salara Jahan, GM, Loan Recovery Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
101352018-12-26PRL Order of Md. Habibur Rahman(H-323).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101192018-12-24PRL Order of Md. Yunus Ali Akon(Y-81).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101152018-12-24PRL Order of Irin Nasim(I-97).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101132018-12-24PRL Order of Gayanath Karmoker(G-163).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101112018-12-24PRL Order of Nazma Salam(N-1232).HRMD2, Personal Letters
101072018-12-24HRMD 3: 1818(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
100742018-12-20PRL Order of Md. Abdus Sobhan(A-3865).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100722018-12-20PRL Order of Md. Mahbubur Rahman(M-3258), DGM, Procurement.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100692018-12-19PRL Order of Abu Bakar Siddique(A-2314).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100552018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Abul Kalam Bhuiyan(A-6725), DGM,VAD-2.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100532018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Abdul Malek(A-6722), DGM(Reconciliation).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100512018-12-18PRL Order of Suresh Chandra Pal(S-1447).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100492018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Rezauddoula Khan(R-1022).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100472018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1125), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100452018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Nazib-Ud-doula(N-1236), DAO(DGM), Comilla.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100432018-12-18PRL Order of Mohang Ali Ashraf, DAO(DGM), Dhaka.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100412018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Anwarul Islam(A-6101), DAO(DGM), Khulna.HRMD2, Personal Letters
100392018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Ainul Haque(A-3931).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100372018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Anwar Hossain(A-2955).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100272018-12-17PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman(H-319).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100252018-12-17PRL Order of Kazi Omar Faruq(O-31).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100102018-12-13PRL Order of Md. Shahidul Islam (S-3395).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100042018-12-13PRL Order of Syamol Kumar Khan (S-3186), Mohang Golam Sobhan (G-500), Khaleda Khanom(K-688).HRMD2, Personal Letters
100012018-12-13PRL Order of Tipu Sultan Gazi (T-359).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99992018-12-13PRL Order of Md. Murad Ali (M-1248).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99852018-12-12PRL Order of Ratan Kumar Devnath (R-441).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99702018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Jahangir Hossain(J-576).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99682018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Abdul Halim(A-6816).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99662018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Nuruzzaman Hawlader(N-867).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99642018-12-11PRL Order of Mir Bahauddin Ahmed(B-228).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99622018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam(A-6525).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99502018-12-09PRL Order of Md. Mofizul Islam(M-1507).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99442018-12-09PRL Order of Md. Tofayel Ahommod(T-143).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99392018-12-06HRMD 3-1666(11): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
99372018-12-06HRMD 3-1667(10): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
99352018-12-06HRMD 3-1668(10): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
99292018-12-05PRL Order of Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-3213), DGM, BCBD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
99272018-12-05PRL Order of Md. Samsuddin(S-1435), DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
99232018-12-05PRL Order of Diba Roy(D-155).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99212018-12-05PRL Order of Md. Mofizur Rahman Patwary(M-958).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99192018-12-05PRL Order of Taslim Uddin (T-165).HRMD2, Personal Letters
99062018-12-04HRMD 3-1310(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
99022018-12-04HRMD 3-1309(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
99032018-12-04HRMD 3-1326(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
98992018-12-04HRMD 3-1329(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
98982018-12-04HRMD 3-1330(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
98962018-12-04HRMD 3-1307(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
98852018-12-02PRL Order of Md. Siddikur Rahman(S-1558).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98642018-11-29PRL Order of Mohammad Alauddin(A-6683).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98602018-11-29PRL Order of Md. Nurul Amin(n-575).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98582018-11-29PRL Order of Md. Taslim Hossain(T-396).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98562018-11-29PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan Jomaddar(S-3114).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98502018-11-29PRL Order of Mohammad Jamal Uddin(J-634), DGM, Divisional Office, Chittagong.HRMD2, Personal Letters
98482018-11-29PRL Order of Ranjit Kumar Mondol(R-356).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98442018-11-28PRL Order of Obayed Ullah(O-44).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98422018-11-28PRL Order of Din Mohammad(D-110).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98402018-11-28PRL Order of MD. Shahidul Islam(S-3254).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98232018-11-27PRL Order of Farida Siddika(F-631), DGM, Dhaka Divisional Office.HRMD2, Personal Letters
98082018-11-26PRL Order of Abdul Qaiyum(A-6568).HRMD2, Personal Letters
98062018-11-26PRL Order of Md. Mofizur Rahman,DGM, PRD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
97652018-11-22PRL Order of Mohammad Shahadat Hossain Akhon(S-1367).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97612018-11-22PRL Order of Imtiaz Khan(I-301).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97472018-11-20Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Ahad Khan(A-7242).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97452018-11-20PRL Order of Marufa Banu(M-725).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97432018-11-20PRL Order of Md. Humayun Kabir(H-487).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97412018-11-20PRL Order of Arun Kanti Talukder(A-2370).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97242018-11-19PRL Order of A.K.M. Samsul Alam(S-805).HRMD2, Personal Letters
97222018-11-19PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-1001), DGM, RSD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
97152018-11-18HRMD 3-1390(10): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
97132018-11-18HRMD 3-1489(10): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
97112018-11-18HRMD 3-1488(9): Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
96992018-11-15PRL Order of Sheikh Md. Delwar Hossain(D-406).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96712018-11-15PRL Order of Md. Mosharrof Hossain Talukder(M-3152).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96682018-11-15Ex- Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Nazrul Islam (N-1426).HRMD1, Personal Letters
96632018-11-14PRL Order of Md. Ahidul Haq(A-6352), DGM, DAO, Mymensingh.HRMD2, Personal Letters
96612018-11-14PRL Order of Azaharul Islam Mia(A-4060), DGM, DAO, Sylhet.HRMD2, Personal Letters
96592018-11-14PRL Order of Md. Salah Uddin(S-3374), DGM, DAO, Chittagong.HRMD2, Personal Letters
96432018-11-12Release Order of Shyamal Kanti Chowdhury (S-1618).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96272018-11-11PRL Order of Engr. Md. Shahidul Islam(S-3515), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal Letters
96252018-11-11PRL Order of Nazir Ahmed(N-1270), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal Letters
96172018-11-08Ex Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rajib Saha(R-1404).HRMD1, Personal Letters
96152018-11-08Ex Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Abdus Samad(S-3777).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96102018-11-08PRL Order of Md. Amirul Islam(A-6151).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96082018-11-08PRL Order of Rakibul Hasan(R-1052).HRMD2, Personal Letters
96062018-11-08Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Taslim Uddin(T-387), DGM, Comilla Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
95962018-11-07HRMD3-1345: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95942018-11-07HRMD3-1344: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95922018-11-07HRMD3-1331: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95902018-11-07HRMD 3-1328: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95882018-11-07HRMD 3-1327:Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95862018-11-07HRMD3-1308: Disciplinary Action.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95502018-11-04PRL Order of Mohammad Abdul Jabbar(A-6057).HRMD2, Personal Letters
95482018-11-04PRL Order of Mariam Khatun (M-1081).HRMD2, Personal Letters
95432018-11-04Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Bahram Sarnakar (B-306).HRMD2, Personal Letters
95382018-11-04HRMD 3: 1312(7): Punishment Order .HRMD3, Personal Letters
95352018-11-04HRMD 3: 1293(7): Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
95132018-11-01PRL Order of Md. Abu Newaz Sarowar Siddiqui(S-3321), DGM, Comilla.HRMD2, Personal Letters
94832018-10-31PRL Order of Shyamol Kanti Chowdhury (S-1618).HRMD2, Personal Letters
94552018-10-30PRL Order of Md. Shafiqul Islam (S-1619).HRMD2, Personal Letters
94432018-10-28Abroad Leave Permission of Tasif Tanha Chowdhury (T-468).HRMD1, Personal Letters
94412018-10-28PRL Order of Milan Kanti Bishwas (M-3278), DGM, Chittagong Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
94062018-10-24PRL Order of Ramesh Chandra Baral (R-1036).HRMD2, Personal Letters
94042018-10-24Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Jasim Uddin (J-637).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93842018-10-22PRL Order of Md. Nuruzzaman, DMD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
93772018-10-21PRL Order of S.M. Mushfiqur Rahman (M-852).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93632018-10-18PRL Order of Md. Mohiuddin Chowdhury (M-1151).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93612018-10-18PRL Order of Md. Iskandar Ali Shikder (I-286).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93492018-10-18Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Enamul Hossain (E-347).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93412018-10-17PRL Order of Md. Wahid Murad(W-52).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93372018-10-17HRMD 3: 1005(7)- Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
93352018-10-17HRMD 3: 1006(8): Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
93092018-10-15PRL Order of Ramesh Chandra Halder(R-490).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93032018-10-15PRL Order of Amirul Hasan(A-5963).HRMD2, Personal Letters
93012018-10-15PRL Order of Md. Abdur Rashid Akand (A-2698).HRMD2, Personal Letters
92962018-10-15Joining Letter of Engr. Shahidul Islam ,DGM, Staff College.Personal Letters, STAFF COLLEGE
92922018-10-14Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Mofizul Islam (M-3209), DGM(PRL), Audit-2.HRMD2, Personal Letters
92882018-10-14PRL Order of Md. Shafiqul Islam(S-995).HRMD2, Personal Letters
92592018-10-11PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman(H-735).HRMD2, Personal Letters
92572018-10-11PRL Order of Ajit Kumar Halder(A-6822).HRMD2, Personal Letters
92322018-10-10Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ruhul Amin(R-1245).HRMD2, Personal Letters
92152018-10-09PRL Order of Md. Formuzol Haque (F-853).HRMD2, Personal Letters
91922018-10-08Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rita Dhar (R-1000).HRMD2, Personal Letters
91862018-10-08PRL Order of Mohammad Farukuzzaman (F-559), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal Letters
91822018-10-08PRL Order of Md. Golam Mostafa Khan(G-224), DGM, EED.HRMD2, Personal Letters
91802018-10-08PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1007), DGM, Credit-2HRMD2, Personal Letters
91782018-10-08PRL Order of Mirza Arifuzzaman(A-6104), DGM, RMCD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
91762018-10-08Joining of Md. Shahidul Islam (S-1485), GM after Ex-Bangladesh Earned Leave.HRMD2, Personal Letters
91632018-10-07PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam (A-2108).HRMD2, Personal Letters
91582018-10-04PRL Order of Syed Mohammad Jakir Hossain(S-1006), DGM, VSD.Personal Letters, VSD
91432018-10-03PRL Order of Ranjit Kumar Bhattacharya (R-309).HRMD2, Personal Letters
91402018-10-03Joining Letter of Ahsan-aL-Rashid, DGM, ITD.ITD, Personal Letters
91382018-10-03PRL Order of Md. Abdul Hai Bhiyan(A-4262).HRMD2, Personal Letters
91322018-10-03Joining Letter of Mirza Arifuzzaman (A-6104), DGM, RMCDPersonal Letters, RMCD
91292018-10-03Relase Order of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharjee, GM, ICT.HRMD2, Personal Letters
90512018-09-24Ex- Bangladesh Leave Permission of Diba Roy (D-155).HRMD2, Personal Letters
90482018-09-24Ex Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ashim Bhushan Kundu(A-6333).HRMD2, Personal Letters
90172018-09-20PRL Order of Md. Nurul Absar (N-541).HRMD2, Personal Letters
90112018-09-19PRL Order of Sultana Farida Khatun(S-3225), DGM, RMCD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
89882018-09-18PRL Order of Mohammad Abbas Ali (A-2390).HRMD3, Personal Letters
89842018-09-18PRL Order of Md. Shamsul Haque(S-2009).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89822018-09-18PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1147).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89782018-09-18PRL Order of Muhammad Shamsul Islam (S-3417), DGM, Sylhet Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
89762018-09-18PRL Order of Md. Bahauddin Khan (B-234).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89742018-09-18HRMD 3: 4372(7)- Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
89722018-09-18HRMD 3: 23(7)- Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
89682018-09-18HRMD 3: 4370(8)- Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
89642018-09-18PRL Order of A.S.M. Abdul Ohab Akon (A-2863).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89502018-09-17PRL Order of Sukomol Saha (S-1192).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89442018-09-16PRL Order of A.N.K. Nizam Uddin (N-599).HRMD2, Personal Letters
89172018-09-13Ex Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Shahidul Islam(S-3515), DGM, Divisional Office, Khulna.HRMD2, Personal Letters
88732018-09-10PRL Order of Tarun Kumar Kundu(T-365).HRMD2, Personal Letters
88672018-09-10PRL Order of Md. Kamarul Islam (K-247).HRMD2, Personal Letters
88592018-09-10HRMD 3 : 575(7) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
88572018-09-10HRMD 3 : 574(7) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
87902018-09-05Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Eunus Miah (Y-80).HRMD2, Personal Letters
87452018-08-30PRL Order of Dipon Kumar Dey (D-252).HRMD2, Personal Letters
87432018-08-30PRL Order of Rais Uddin Ahmed (R-542), DGM, VSD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
87412018-08-30PRL Order of Md. Alamgir Kabir (A-6060), AGM, LPO.HRMD2, Personal Letters
87392018-08-30PRL Order of Golder Jahatap Uddin (J-553), AGM (CRM, Gopalganj).HRMD2, Personal Letters
87222018-08-29Ex Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mosa. Akhiara Khanam(A-7241), AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
87142018-08-28PRL Order of Ashish Kumar Chowdhury (A-2744).HRMD2, Personal Letters
87122018-08-28PRL Order of Md. Motiur Rahman (M-1202).HRMD2, Personal Letters
87102018-08-28PRL Order of Bikash Chandra Chowdhury(B-143)HRMD2, Personal Letters
86622018-08-20PRL Order of Md. Motiur Rahman(M-2131), AGM, LPO.HRMD2, Personal Letters
86492018-08-20PRL Order of Md. Mosharrof Hossain (M-2937), DGM, HRMD-3HRMD2, Personal Letters
86432018-08-19Joining Letter of Shudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM, Faridpur Division (Additional Duty).HRMD2, Personal Letters
86302018-08-16PRL Order of Md. Shawkat Ali Khan(S-1628).HRMD2, Personal Letters
86222018-08-14Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Sukomal Acharjee (S-1052).HRMD2, Personal Letters
86182018-08-14Joining Letter of Md. Nurul Islam, GM, Dhaka Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
86102018-08-13Abroad Leave Permission of Noni Gopal Datta(N-782), GM, Dhaka Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
86082018-08-13Joining Letter of Md. Afzal Karim, DMD after Ex-Bangladesh Leave.HRMD2, Personal Letters
86062018-08-13PRL Order of Md. Golam Mortoza (G-455).HRMD2, Personal Letters
86042018-08-13PRL Order of Md. Kabir Hossain (K-781).HRMD2, Personal Letters
85822018-08-09Joining Letter of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM, Kustia Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
85772018-08-09HRMD -527(2) : Additional Duty to Mr Dilip Kumar Bhattacharaya as GM In charge of LPO.HRMD2, Personal Letters
85732018-08-09Office Memorandum of Md. Mostafizur Rahman to visit Singapore & Malaysia.HRMD4, Personal Letters
85712018-08-09Office Memorandum of Mr. Sheikh Mahmood Kamal, GM to Visit Thailand from 12 to 14 AugustHRMD4, Personal Letters
85692018-08-09Release Order of Khazamuddin Talukder, GM, ICT.HRMD2, Personal Letters
85542018-08-08Abroad Leave Permission of Md. Mafizul Islam(M-3209), DGM, VAD-2HRMD2, Personal Letters
85432018-08-07PRL Order of Md. Abdur Rahim (A-3938), DGM, Divisional Office, Dhaka.HRMD2, Personal Letters
85412018-08-07PRL Order of Md Sagir Ahommod (A-3185), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal Letters
85372018-08-07PRL Order of A.T.M. Waliur Rahman(W-58).HRMD2, Personal Letters
85252018-08-06PRL Order of Mahabubur Rahman (M-1063).HRMD2, Personal Letters
85202018-08-06Office Memorandum Regarding Official Abroad Tour of Mr. Md. Shahidul Islam, GM.HRMD4, Personal Letters
85182018-08-06Office Memorandum Regarding Official Abroad Tour of Mr. Md. Ali Hossain Prodhania, Managing Director, BKB.HRMD4, Personal Letters
85152018-08-06Abroad Leave Permission of Shahriar Mahmud Hasan(S-3883).HRMD2, Personal Letters
85002018-08-05Abroad Leave Permission of Md. Zahid Hossain(Z-410).HRMD2, Personal Letters
84792018-08-02PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-1066), DGM, Divisional Office, Dhaka.HRMD2, Personal Letters
84772018-08-02PRL Order of K.M.Mahmudul Hasan(M-2052), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal Letters
84712018-08-02HRMD:3: 229(6) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters, Uncategorized
84642018-08-01PRL Order of Mohammad Faridul Alam(F-622).HRMD2, Personal Letters
84592018-08-01HRMD:3: 4380(7) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
84572018-08-01HRMD:3: 228(6) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
84552018-08-01HRMD:3: 230(7) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
84532018-08-01HRMD:3: 4379(7) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
84512018-08-01Joining Letter of Paresh Chandra Sarker(P-282), DGM, Project Monitoring Department.Personal Letters, PMD
84302018-07-31PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan Mia(S-1384)HRMD2, Personal Letters
84262018-07-31PRL Order of Md. Moinul Islam(M-1510).HRMD2, Personal Letters
84242018-07-31PRL Order of Dijoy Kumar Ray(D-209)HRMD2, Personal Letters
84152018-07-30Joining Letter of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
84132018-07-30Joining Letter of Mir Mofazzol Hossain, GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
84002018-07-29PRL Order of Md. Masukur Rahman(M-1208).HRMD2, Personal Letters
83912018-07-26PRL Order of Biren Das(B-586),HRMD2, Personal Letters
83892018-07-26Abroad Leave Permission of Shyamal Kumar Khan(S-3186).HRMD2, Personal Letters
83822018-07-26Law Department: Charge HandoverLAW, Personal Letters
83782018-07-26PRL Order of Md. Jahangir Hossain(J-556).HRMD2, Personal Letters
83762018-07-26PRL Order of Md. Mozibur Rahman(M-3270), DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
83652018-07-25PRL Order of Md. Abul Bashar(A-6028).HRMD2, Personal Letters
83612018-07-25Abroad Leave Permission of Md. Shamsul Hoq(S-2009).HRMD2, Personal Letters
83482018-07-25Abroad Leave Permission of Salma Akter (S-3399).HRMD2, Personal Letters
83452018-07-24Abroad Leave Permission of Md. Moktar Hossain(M-1784).HRMD2, Personal Letters
83432018-07-24Abroad Leave Permission of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharjee (D-217), GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
83412018-07-24Abroad Leave Permission of Rozina Parvin (R-527), DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
83272018-07-24Joining Letter of Monir Uddin (M-3158), DGM, Credit 1CREDIT1, Personal Letters
83122018-07-23Abroad Leave Permission of A.H.M Kamruzzaman(K-896).HRMD2, Personal Letters
83082018-07-23PRL Order of Arun Kumar Das, DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters, STAFF COLLEGE
83062018-07-23PRL Order of Laxmi Narayan Nath (L-206).HRMD2, Personal Letters
82962018-07-22HRMD 2 : 288- Employee Related Declaration.HRMD2, Personal Letters
82922018-07-22Credit 1 -Release order of Khairunnesa Ahmed(K-354), DGM.CREDIT1, Personal Letters
82842018-07-22Abroad Leave Permission of Md. Nurul Islam, AGM(PRL) (N-1227).HRMD2, Personal Letters
82822018-07-22Abroad Leave Permission of Md. Nasiruddin Khan, AGM(PRL) (N-679).HRMD2, Personal Letters
82802018-07-22PRL Order of Md, Rezaul Karim (R-351).HRMD2, Personal Letters
82662018-07-19Abroad Tour Permission of Md. Fakhrul Alam Bhuyea(F-620), SPO, Naryanganj RAO OfficeHRMD2, Personal Letters
82552018-07-19Abroad Tour Permission of Mohammad Helal Uddin, Managing Directior(PRL).HRMD2, Personal Letters
82342018-07-17Abroad Leave Permission of Mohammad Liakat Ali(L-124).HRMD2, Personal Letters
82302018-07-17PRL Order of Khayrunnesa Ahmed (K-354).HRMD2, Personal Letters
82182018-07-17Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Ferdous Alam(F-608).Cumilla Division, Personal Letters
82162018-07-17Abroad Earned Leave of Kazi Zahirul Islam(Z-401).Cumilla Division, Personal Letters
82142018-07-17Abroad Earned Leave of Ali Ahmed Khan(A-6749).Cumilla Division, Personal Letters
82122018-07-17Abroad Earned Leave of Shahin Akter(S-3723).Cumilla Division, Personal Letters
82022018-07-16HRMD 2: 149(11)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
82002018-07-16HRMD 2: 212(21)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81962018-07-16HRMD 2: 192(22)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81942018-07-16PRL Order of Ranjit Kumar Roy (R-1135), DGM, Reconciliation Department.HRMD2, Personal Letters, RECONCILIATION
81842018-07-15HRMD 2- 194- Increment of DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81782018-07-15HRMD 2: 45(33)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81762018-07-15HRMD 2: 118(28)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81742018-07-15HRMD 2: 73(16)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81722018-07-15HRMD 2: 82(13)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81682018-07-15Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Anwar Hossain (A-2995) for Performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81672018-07-15Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Shahab Uddin(S-3342) for Performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81602018-07-15HRMD 2: 175- Increment of DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81582018-07-15HRMD2 : 186- Increment of DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81562018-07-15HRMD2 : 187- Increment of DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81532018-07-15Release Order of Md. Nazrul Islam(N-1341) for Performing Holy Hajj.HRMD1, Personal Letters
81442018-07-15Release Order of Mahbubur Rahman Khan (M-3102), DGM, PMDPersonal Letters, PMD
81392018-07-12Abroad Leave Permission of Md. Jahangir Alam (J-746).HRMD1, Personal Letters
81372018-07-12Abroad Leave Permission of Mohammad Afzal Karim, DMD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81302018-07-12HRMD:3: 26(9) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
81282018-07-12HRMD:3: 25(9) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
81242018-07-12HRMD:3: 24(8) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
81222018-07-12HRMD:3: 27(8) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
81152018-07-11HRMD: 2 :76- Increment of DGM- 05/07/18HRMD2, Personal Letters
81132018-07-11HRMD:3: 45(9) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
81112018-07-11HRMD:3: 43(7) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
81092018-07-11HRMD:3: 46(8) - Punishment Order.HRMD2, Personal Letters
81072018-07-11HRMD:3: 44(8) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
81052018-07-11HRMD:3: 19(7) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
81012018-07-11HRMD:3: 21(6) - Punishment Order.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80992018-07-11HRMD:3: 4375(7) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
80972018-07-11HRMD:3: 4374(7) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
80952018-07-11HRMD:3: 4376(6) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
80932018-07-11HRMD:3: 4378(6) - Punishment Order.HRMD3, Personal Letters
80912018-07-11Abroad Leave Permission of Morsheda Begum (M-3480) for Performing Holy HajjHRMD1, Personal Letters
80852018-07-11PRL Order of Mahbubur Rahman Khan (M-3102), DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80792018-07-10Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Monir Ahmed(M-1036) for Performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80762018-07-10Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Amir Hossain(A-2718) for Performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80682018-07-10Abroad Earned Leave of Shaikh Shahjahan Ali(S-3029) for Performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80662018-07-10HRMD 2 : 109 - Increment of DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80632018-07-10Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad A Satter Biswas (A-6273), DGM for performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80552018-07-09Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Zakaria (Z-372) for performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80532018-07-09Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Ali Akkas Patwary (A-2024) for performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80512018-07-09Abroad Earned Leave of Md.Abdul Halim (A-6816) for performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80472018-07-09Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Anower Arif (A-3792), ) for performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80412018-07-09Abroad Leave Permission of Anjan Kumar Saha (A-7623).HRMD1, Personal Letters
80392018-07-09Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Kamrul Ahsan (K-684), DGM(PRL) for performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80372018-07-09PRL Order of Niranjan Kumar Sarker(N-884).HRMD2, Personal Letters
80312018-07-08Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Abul Kalam Bhuiyan (A-6725), DGM for performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80282018-07-08Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Abdur Rashid (A-2654) for performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80252018-07-08Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Abdullah (A-2993) for performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80232018-07-08Abroad Earned Leave of Moasmmet Habiba Sultana Reba (H-906) for performing Holy Hajj.HRMD2, Personal Letters
80162018-07-05Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Shahidullah Khan(S-3737).HRMD1, Personal Letters
80112018-07-05PRL Order of Md. Zakir Hossain Bhuiyan(Z-114).HRMD2, Personal Letters
80002018-07-05Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Abul Kashem(A-6645).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79982018-07-05Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Alam(M-2078).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79962018-07-04Abroad Earned Leave of Mahmuda Begum(M-3143).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79942018-07-04Abroad Earned Leave of Rais Uddin Ahmed (R-542).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79922018-07-04Abroad Earned Leave of Quamrun Nahar (Q-25).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79902018-07-04Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Daud Khan Mahfuz(D-222).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79812018-07-04Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Masud Hossain(M-1618).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79702018-07-03Release Order Of Md. Daud Khan Mahfuz, DGM (D-222).Personal Letters
79612018-07-02Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Borhan Uddin(B-582).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79592018-07-02Abroad Earned Leave of Rawshan Ara Akter Mobasshera(R-1092).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79572018-07-02Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Farukuzzaman (F-559).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79552018-07-02Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Ismail (I-191).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79532018-07-02Abroad Earned Leave of A H M Golam Kibria Khan(G-533)HRMD2, Personal Letters
79512018-07-02Abroad Earned Leave of Belal Ahmed (B-595).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79492018-07-02Abroad Earned Leave of M A N Sarwar Siddiki(S-3321).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79472018-07-02Abroad Earned Leave of A M Shamsul Islam (3417).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79452018-07-02Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Abdul Motin Bhuiyan(A-6701).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79392018-07-02HRMD 3: 4353- Employee Related Declaration.HRMD3, Personal Letters
79342018-07-01Joining Letter of Parvin Akter,GM, Comilla Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
79312018-07-01Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Ahad Khan (A-7242).HRMD2, Personal Letters
79292018-07-01PRL Order of Nitai Chandra Roy, GM(Principal), Staff College.HRMD2, Personal Letters
78992018-06-27Release Order of Md. Jamal Uddin(J-341), GM(PRL).HRMD2, Personal Letters
78892018-06-27Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Alamgir Islam (A-6649), DGM(PRL).HRMD2, Personal Letters
78872018-06-27Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Shahidul Islam (S-1485), GM, Dhaka Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
78842018-06-27Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Zakir Hossain (Z-162).HRMD2, Personal Letters
78612018-06-26Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Sakir Salehin (S-4476).HRMD1, Personal Letters
78572018-06-26Joining Letter of Md. Nurul Islam, GM, Faridpur Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
78462018-06-25PRL Order A.H.M. Golam Kibria Khan(G-533).HRMD2, Personal Letters
78442018-06-25PRL Order of A Sottar Bishwas (A-6273).HRMD2, Personal Letters
78422018-06-25PRL Order of Md. Firoz Khan (F-581).HRMD2, Personal Letters
77852018-06-24Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-1543).HRMD2, Personal Letters
77772018-06-24Release Order of Dulal Chandra Debnath (D-416).HRMD2, Personal Letters
77692018-06-21Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammed Salim Khan (S-3109).HRMD2, Personal Letters
77672018-06-21Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Nazrul Islam (N-272).HRMD2, Personal Letters
77622018-06-21Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Mostafizur Rahman (M-1155).HRMD2, Personal Letters
77602018-06-21Joining Letter of Md. Liakat Ali (L-124), GM, LPO.HRMD2, Personal Letters
77532018-06-20Joining Letter of Md. Daud Khan Mahfuz (D-222), DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
77322018-06-19PRL Order of Bijoy Krishna Debnath (B-603), DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
77162018-06-14PRL Order of Kazi Shah Alam (S-3359), DGM, FRMD.FRMD, Personal Letters
77142018-06-14Joining Letter of Mohammad Fakhrul Alam, DMD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
76962018-06-12PRL Order of Md. Daud Khan Mahfuz (D-222), DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
76882018-06-12PRL Cancellation Order of Md. Ismail Mia (I-157).HRMD2, Personal Letters
76762018-06-12Abroad Earned Leave of Zaki Uddin Ahmed (Z-67).HRMD2, Personal Letters
76642018-06-11PRL Order of md. Mojammel Haque (M-1201).HRMD2, Personal Letters
76622018-06-11PRL Order of Sanjit Kumar Chakroborty (S-1304).HRMD2, Personal Letters
76552018-06-11PRL Order of AFM Dabir Uddin Chowdhury (D-443), DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
76422018-06-07Abroad Earned Leave of Sharif Kamrul Alam (K-448).HRMD2, Personal Letters
76402018-06-07PRL Order of Abul Basar Mohammad Abdul Sabur (A-6347).HRMD2, Personal Letters
76332018-06-06HRMD 2 - 4401HRMD2, Personal Letters
76212018-06-05Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Anowar Hossen (A-6691).HRMD2, Personal Letters
76152018-06-04PRL Order of Md. Zahir Raihan(Z-130).HRMD2, Personal Letters
75562018-05-30PRL Order of Md. Abdullah (A-2993).HRMD2, Personal Letters
75512018-05-30PRL Order of Chitra Sarker (C-13).HRMD2, Personal Letters
75482018-05-30Joining Letter of Md. Jahir Raihan, GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
75362018-05-29PRL Order of Ibrahim Khalil(I-283).HRMD2, Personal Letters
75342018-05-29PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan Kabir (S-3380).HRMD2, Personal Letters
75302018-05-29PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-316).HRMD2, Personal Letters
75262018-05-29PRL Order of Mohammad Ali (M-1041).HRMD2, Personal Letters
75222018-05-29PRL Order of Tarun Kanti Das(T-88).HRMD2, Personal Letters
75072018-05-28Abroad Earned Leave of Jannatul Baki (J-224).HRMD2, Personal Letters
74822018-05-27Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Abdur Rashid (A-6065).HRMD2, Personal Letters
74812018-05-27Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Abdur Rob Sheikh (A-2142).HRMD2, Personal Letters
74792018-05-27Abroad Earned Leave of Muhammad Shahadat Hossain Akhon (S-1367).HRMD2, Personal Letters
74772018-05-24Abroad Earned Leave of Mohammad Ahad Khan (A-7242).HRMD2, Personal Letters
74512018-05-23PRL Order of Nepal Chandra Bhowmick (N-1313).HRMD2, Personal Letters
74162018-05-21Joining Letter of Mr. Md. Abdul Halim(A-3463) As General Manager.HRMD2, Personal Letters
74142018-05-21Forced Retirement Order of M. Shushuma Afroz Rozi(S-1835).HRMD3, Personal Letters
74072018-05-21Abroad Earned Leave of Mr. Tarun Kumar Kundu(T-365).HRMD2, Personal Letters
73982018-05-20PRL Order of Kazi Jasim Uddin(J-256).HRMD2, Personal Letters
73872018-05-17PRL Order of Scholastica Gomej(S-854).HRMD2, Personal Letters
73852018-05-17PRL Order of Dulal Chandra Debnath(D-416) ,AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
73562018-05-15Abroad Earned leave of Mohammad Anwarul Haque Jamadar(A-7330).HRMD2, Personal Letters
73542018-05-15PRL Order of K. M. Zakaria(Freedom Fighter)(Z-364),AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
73452018-05-14Abroad Earned leave of Md. Akter Hossain(A-7234).HRMD2, Personal Letters
73282018-05-13PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam(A-6115).HRMD2, Personal Letters
73122018-05-10PRL Order of Abdur Rahman(A-6590).HRMD2, Personal Letters
73102018-05-10PRL Order of Md. Abdul Malek(A-2316).HRMD2, Personal Letters
73022018-05-09Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Nasir Uddin Khan(N-679).HRMD2, Personal Letters
73002018-05-09PRL order of Dipok Kumar Shaha (D-440).HRMD2, Personal Letters
72932018-05-09Joining letter of Md. Shahidul Islam(S-1485) as General Manager.LCD, Personal Letters
72722018-05-06Joining letter of Md. Shahidul Islam(S-1485) as General Manager.HRMD2, Personal Letters
72502018-04-30Abroad Earned Leave of Nilufar Rahman(N-1188).Mymensingh Division, Personal Letters
72482018-04-30PRL order of Mr. Sheikh Motiar Rahman(M-1468).HRMD2, Personal Letters
72292018-04-26Abroad Earned Leave of Paresh Ranjan Das(P-82).HRMD2, Personal Letters
72152018-04-25Abroad Earned leave of Shahriar Mahmud Hasan (S-3883).HRMD2, Personal Letters
71902018-04-24PRL Order of Md. Riaz Uddin (R-167).HRMD1, Personal Letters
71742018-04-23Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Mijanur Rahman(M-3710).Dhaka Division, Personal Letters
71612018-04-23PRL Order of Mohammad Abdul Kuddus(A-6678).HRMD2, Personal Letters
71592018-04-23PRL Order of Md. Mofijul Islam(M-3209).HRMD2, Personal Letters
71202018-04-19Abroad Earned Leave of Sheikh Shamsur Rahman(S-3043).HRMD2, Personal Letters
71182018-04-19Release Letter Of Nahid Ara Jafori(N-1168),DGM for PRL.Personal Letters, PMD
71162018-04-19PRL Order of Kazi Ashkar Hossain(A-6059).HRMD2, Personal Letters
70912018-04-18PRL Order of Bilkis Ahsan(B-314)HRMD2, Personal Letters
70882018-04-18Charge Handover to Md. Moniruzzaman( DGM,HRMD-2).Personal Letters, RECONCILIATION
70632018-04-16PRL Order of Md. Nurul Islam(N-1227).HRMD2, Personal Letters
70442018-04-15PRL order of A.T.M Rafiqul Islam(R-1069)HRMD2, Personal Letters
70172018-04-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave of Sadikul Islam (S-3819).HRMD2, Personal Letters
70132018-04-10PRL Order of Md. Zakaria (Z-372).HRMD2, Personal Letters
70062018-04-10Punishment Order-3509ICD, Personal Letters
69972018-04-10PRL Order of Zokiuddin Ahmed (Z-67).HRMD2, Personal Letters
69882018-04-09PRL Order of Md. Anowarul Islam (A-6658).HRMD2, Personal Letters
69862018-04-09PRL Order of Md. Nur Islam (N-826).HRMD2, Personal Letters
69842018-04-09PRL Order of Md. Abdul Motaleb Khan (M-1582).HRMD2, Personal Letters
69682018-04-08PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan (S-3194).HRMD2, Personal Letters
69202018-04-04PRL Order of Ananta Prasad Bhowmick (A-6467), DGM, Divisional Office, Kushtia.HRMD2, Personal Letters
69182018-04-04PRL Order of Nahid Ara Jafry(N-1168), DGM, PCD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
69162018-04-04PRL Order of Shekh Khalekuzzaman (K-406), DGM, LPO.HRMD2, Personal Letters
69032018-04-03PRL Order of Khan Nasir Uddin (N-1102).HRMD2, Personal Letters
68862018-04-02PRL Order of Md. Munirul Haque (M-3210).HRMD2, Personal Letters
68462018-03-29Abroad Tour Permission of Tapan Kumar Bhowmick (T-388), DGM(Retired).HRMD2, Personal Letters
68152018-03-27Joining Letter of Md. Khazmuddin Talukder, GM, ICT Department.HRMD2, Personal Letters
68112018-03-27PRL Order of Abdur Rahman Mamun, GM, ICT Department.HRMD2, Personal Letters
67992018-03-25PRL Order Of Md. Moniruzzaman,DGM(M-3140)HRMD2, Personal Letters
67972018-03-25PRL Order Of Md. Fazlur Rahman, DGM(F-632)HRMD2, Personal Letters
67692018-03-21PRL Order of Md Ismail Mia (I-157).HRMD2, Personal Letters
67642018-03-21Joining Letter of Md. Shahidul Islam, GM, LRD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
67542018-03-20PRL Order of Md. Khademul Islam (K-791).HRMD2, Personal Letters
67422018-03-19PRL Order Provas Kumar Mazumder (P-134).HRMD2, Personal Letters
67352018-03-19Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Jasim Uddin (J-244).HRMD2, Personal Letters
67282018-03-18Abroad Earned Leave of Sharmila Palit (S-4057).HRMD1, Personal Letters
67262018-03-18Abroad Earned Leave of Md Habibur Rahman (H-953).HRMD1, Personal Letters
67162018-03-18Joining Letter of Md. Ataur Rahman Prodhan, GM, Divisional Office, Khulna.HRMD2, Personal Letters
67152018-03-18Joining Letter of Md. Nurul Islam, GM Divisional Office, KushtiaHRMD2, Personal Letters
67132018-03-18Joining Letter of A R M Salar E Jahan, GM, Chittagong.HRMD2, Personal Letters
67022018-03-15Abroad Earned Leave of Muhammad Mahmud Hasan (M-1701).HRMD2, Personal Letters
67002018-03-15Abroad Earned Leave of Shamim Uddin (S-3817).HRMD2, Personal Letters
66982018-03-15Abroad Earned Leave of Ruhul Amin (R-1245)HRMD2, Personal Letters
66962018-03-15Abroad Earned Leave of Bijon Bishwas (B-663).HRMD2, Personal Letters
66742018-03-13Joining Letter of Farida Parvin, GMHRMD2, Personal Letters
66582018-03-12Joining Letter of Md. Ataur Rahman Prodhan, GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
66392018-03-12PRL Order Kazi Nazrul Islam (N-828)HRMD2, Personal Letters
66372018-03-12PRL Order Md. Shahjahan (S-701)HRMD2, Personal Letters
66352018-03-12PRL Order of Ashok Kumar Saha (A-3469).HRMD2, Personal Letters
66242018-03-11PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman (H-330).HRMD2, Personal Letters
66092018-03-08Joining Letter of Md. Mojibur Rahman (M-32710), DGM, Vigilance & Audit Department-1.Personal Letters, VAD1
65982018-03-07PRL Order of Md. Nasir Uddin Khan (N-679).HRMD2, Personal Letters
64682018-02-25Abroad Earned Leave of Protap Kumar Biswas (P-336).HRMD2, Personal Letters
64242018-02-19Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Ziaur Rahman (Z-417).HRMD2, Personal Letters
64222018-02-19Abroad Earned Leave of Golam Mostofa Khan (G-224), DGM, EED.HRMD2, Personal Letters
63482018-02-15Abroad Earned Leave of Farida Siddiqa (F-631).HRMD2, Personal Letters
61132018-01-31Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Mamunur Rashid (M-3665), DGM, ICT Systems, Card & Mobile Banking Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
60292018-01-28Abroad Tour Permission Letter of Debdash Sarker (D-507).HRMD2, Personal Letters
59462018-01-21Abroad Earned Leave Sanction of Md. Ziaur Rahman(Z-417).HRMD2, Personal Letters
57462018-01-10Abroad Earn Leave Sanction of Shahriar Mahmud (S-3883)HRMD2, Personal Letters
57152018-01-09Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Quamrun Nahar (Q-25), GM, ICT Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
56902018-01-08Abroad Tour Permission letter of Biman Bkash Sarkar (B-587).Mymensingh Division, Personal Letters
55922018-01-03Abroad Earn Leave Sanction of Alok Chandra Sarker (A-7498)Mymensingh Division, Personal Letters
54722017-12-31Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Md. Abdul Mannan (A-6197).HRMD2, Personal Letters
53442017-12-20Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Abdur Rashid Mia(A-3674), AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
53212017-12-19Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Md. Afzal Karim, GM, Administration Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
52592017-12-12Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. K. M Mahmudul Hasan (M-2052), CRM, Madaripur.HRMD2, Personal Letters
52222017-12-10Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Nazmul Alam (N-720).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52202017-12-07Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Mominul Islam Talukder (M-3256).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52182017-12-07Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Azhar Ali (A-6449).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52162017-12-07Abroad Tour Permission letter of Nazir Ahmed (N-1270).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52022017-12-06Abroad Tour Permission letter of Ratan Kumar Das (R-1044).Faridpur Division, Personal Letters
35192017-06-15Abroad Tour Permission letter of Ashish Kumar Das (A-7240).HRMD2, Personal Letters
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