Personal Letters

67542018-03-20PRL Order of Md. Khademul Islam (K-791).HRMD2, Personal Letters
67422018-03-19PRL Order Provas Kumar Mazumder (P-134).HRMD2, Personal Letters
67352018-03-19Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Jasim Uddin (J-244).HRMD2, Personal Letters
67282018-03-18Abroad Earned Leave of Sharmila Palit (S-4057).HRMD1, Personal Letters
67262018-03-18Abroad Earned Leave of Md Habibur Rahman (H-953).HRMD1, Personal Letters
67162018-03-18Joining Letter of Md. Ataur Rahman Prodhan, GM, Divisional Office, Khulna.HRMD2, Personal Letters
67152018-03-18Joining Letter of Md. Nurul Islam, GM Divisional Office, KushtiaHRMD2, Personal Letters
67132018-03-18Joining Letter of A R M Salar E Jahan, GM, Chittagong.HRMD2, Personal Letters
67022018-03-15Abroad Earned Leave of Muhammad Mahmud Hasan (M-1701).HRMD2, Personal Letters
67002018-03-15Abroad Earned Leave of Shamim Uddin (S-3817).HRMD2, Personal Letters
66982018-03-15Abroad Earned Leave of Ruhul Amin (R-1245)HRMD2, Personal Letters
66962018-03-15Abroad Earned Leave of Bijon Bishwas (B-663).HRMD2, Personal Letters
66742018-03-13Joining Letter of Farida Parvin, GMHRMD2, Personal Letters
66582018-03-12Joining Letter of Md. Ataur Rahman Prodhan, GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
66392018-03-12PRL Order Kazi Nazrul Islam (N-828)HRMD2, Personal Letters
66372018-03-12PRL Order Md. Shahjahan (S-701)HRMD2, Personal Letters
66352018-03-12PRL Order of Ashok Kumar Saha (A-3469).HRMD2, Personal Letters
66242018-03-11PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman (H-330).HRMD2, Personal Letters
66092018-03-08Joining Letter of Md. Mojibur Rahman (M-32710), DGM, Vigilance & Audit Department-1.Personal Letters, VAD1
65982018-03-07PRL Order of Md. Nasir Uddin Khan (N-679).HRMD2, Personal Letters
64682018-02-25Abroad Earned Leave of Protap Kumar Biswas (P-336).HRMD2, Personal Letters
64242018-02-19Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Ziaur Rahman (Z-417).HRMD2, Personal Letters
64222018-02-19Abroad Earned Leave of Golam Mostofa Khan (G-224), DGM, EED.HRMD2, Personal Letters
63482018-02-15Abroad Earned Leave of Farida Siddiqa (F-631).HRMD2, Personal Letters
61132018-01-31Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Mamunur Rashid (M-3665), DGM, ICT Systems, Card & Mobile Banking Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
60292018-01-28Abroad Tour Permission Letter of Debdash Sarker (D-507).HRMD2, Personal Letters
59462018-01-21Abroad Earned Leave Sanction of Md. Ziaur Rahman(Z-417).HRMD2, Personal Letters
57462018-01-10Abroad Earn Leave Sanction of Shahriar Mahmud (S-3883)HRMD2, Personal Letters
57152018-01-09Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Quamrun Nahar (Q-25), GM, ICT Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
56902018-01-08Abroad Tour Permission letter of Biman Bkash Sarkar (B-587).Mymensingh Division, Personal Letters
55922018-01-03Abroad Earn Leave Sanction of Alok Chandra Sarker (A-7498)Mymensingh Division, Personal Letters
54722017-12-31Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Md. Abdul Mannan (A-6197).HRMD2, Personal Letters
53442017-12-20Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Abdur Rashid Mia(A-3674), AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
53212017-12-19Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Md. Afzal Karim, GM, Administration Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
52592017-12-12Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. K. M Mahmudul Hasan (M-2052), CRM, Madaripur.HRMD2, Personal Letters
52222017-12-10Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Nazmul Alam (N-720).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52202017-12-07Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Mominul Islam Talukder (M-3256).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52182017-12-07Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Azhar Ali (A-6449).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52162017-12-07Abroad Tour Permission letter of Nazir Ahmed (N-1270).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52022017-12-06Abroad Tour Permission letter of Ratan Kumar Das (R-1044).Faridpur Division, Personal Letters
35192017-06-15Abroad Tour Permission letter of Ashish Kumar Das (A-7240).HRMD2, Personal Letters
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