11143.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 60 Branches for 24 Months.ICT (System)2019-03-1809-04-2019
11036.Invitation of Tender for Civil, electrical & other necessary works at Locker Room in Local Principal Office. BKBEED2019-03-0701/04/2019, 2.30 PM
10955.Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Sylhet Division.Sylhet Division2019-02-2721-03-2019
10910.Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Hybrid IP PABX Exchange with Necessary Accesories at Head Office.PROCUREMENT2019-02-2413-03-2019
10905.Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Faridpur Division.Faridpur Division2019-02-2418-03-2019
10845.Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Mymensingh Division.Mymensingh Division2019-02-1812-03-2019
10796.Invitation of Tender for Printing & Supply of Two Different Printable Items.PROCUREMENT2019-02-1227-02-2019
10764.Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Khulna Division.Khulna Division2019-02-1206-03-2019
10697.Invitation for EnlistmentPROCUREMENT2019-02-0625-02-2019
10675.Construction of Boundary Wall at Sonotia Bazar Branch, Jamalpur, Mymensingh.EED2019-02-0525-02-2019
10644.Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Chattogram Division.Chattogram Division2019-02-03
10591.Repair & Renovation Works with All Accessories at Common Bathoom of 6th Floor(East Side), HO.EED2019-01-29
10559.Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Barishal Division.Barishal Division2019-01-28
10335.Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Dhaka Division.Dhaka Division2019-01-09
10333.Invitaion fo Tender for Printing & Supply of 8 Different Printable Items,PROCUREMENT2019-01-0928-01-2019
10331.Invitation for Enlistment.ICT (Operation)2019-01-0931-01-2019
10153.Supply, Installation & Implementation of Computer Hardware for Several Branches of Cumilla DivsionCumilla Division2018-12-2722-01-2019
10117.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 114 Branches.ICT (System)2018-12-2415-01-2019
10064.Renovation Work of Shifting DAO & RAO office at GM & CRM Office, Sylhet.EED2018-12-1908-01-2019
9914.Tender Invitation for 5 Lac Saving Check Book Printing in 70 GSM Offset Papers.PROCUREMENT2018-12-0423-12-2018
9846.Supply & Installation Thai Glass Partition & Tempered Door with at Treasury Management Department.EED2018-11-2820.12.2018
9802.Tender for Renting Micro-bus(Duel AC) on Monthly Basis for DGMs' & AGMs'.EWTD2018-11-2610-12-2018
9453.Invitation for auction of Motorgari.EWTD2018-10-29
9449.Invitation for Tender for Motorgari.EWTD2018-10-2928-11-18
9371.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1 Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 84 Branches for 24 Months.ICT (System)2018-10-1805-11-2018
9206.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Dedicated Broadband & Data Connectivity as Secondary Connectivity for 14 Branches.ICT (System)2018-10-0921-10-2018
9008.Invitation of Tenders for Printing Wall Calendar 2019.PROCUREMENT2018-09-1908-10-2018
8919.Construction of Gypsum Board Ceiling with LED Louver Shade with All Accessories at Ground Floor & 1st Floor(LPO) of BKB, HO.EED2018-09-1315-10-2018
8802.Renovation Work of BKB, Training Institute Branch, Mirpur, Dhaka.EED2018-09-0524-09-2018
8707.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps Dedicated Connectivity of 360 Links of BKB for 24 Months.ICT (System)2018-08-2825-09-2018
8667.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer Hardware for 200 Branches of BKB.ICT (Operation)2018-08-2025-09-2018
8180.Advertisement for Enlistment.EWTD2018-07-15
8145.Advertisement of Expression of InterestCAD22018-07-15
7912.836: Advertisement of Re tender on Purchase of Motor Vehicle.EWTD2018-06-28
7729.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 1Mbps Dedicated Internet & Data Connectivity for 103 Branches for 36 Months.ICT (System)2018-06-19
7712.Repair & Renovation Works of BKB, Karkhana Branch Building, Patuakhali.EED2018-06-14
7657.Re-Tender Notice: construction of Gypsum Board Ceiling with LED Louver Shade at LPO.EED2018-06-11
7324.Re-TENDER NOTICE.EED2018-05-13
7209.Expression Of Interest(EOI).EED2018-04-2505-05-2018
7085.Invitation of Expression & Interest(Repair & renovation works with interior design).EED2018-04-1805-05-2018
7083.Invitation for Expression of Interest(Preparation of "As Built" drawing and "Detailed Engineering Assessment-DEA").EED2018-04-1805-05-2018
7081.Invitation for Enlistment.EED2018-04-1810-05-2018
6844.International Tender Notice for Supply of 4000 Reams CBS1 Security Cheque PaperPROCUREMENT2018-03-2909-05-2018
6693.Re-Tender Advertisement for recruitting Private Security Guard through outsourcingPROCUREMENT2018-03-1411-04-2018
6672.Tender Advertisement for selling Mottor Vehicle-665.EWTD2018-03-1309.04.2018
6654.Regarding List of Enlisted Vendor-2018.ICT (System)2018-03-1201-01-2019
6227.Construction of 1 x 2 Storied Building of Bangladesh Krishi Bank at Chuntia Bazar, Jamalpur.EED2018-02-0826-02-2018
6161.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Dedicated Internet Connectivity and Data Connectivity of 01 Mbps Bandwidth as Primary Connectivity and Secondary Connectivity for 50(Fifty) Branches of Bangladesh Krishi Bank for 36 Months.ICT (System)2018-02-0526-02-2018
6144.Construction of Gypsum Board Ceiling with LED Louver Shade with all accessories at ground Floor & 1st Floor (LPO).EED2018-02-0404-03-2018
5760.Tender for Microbus(AC) for the transportation of DGM & AGMEWTD2018-01-1129-01-2018
5673.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Online UPS for 126 Branches.ICT (System)2018-01-0723-01-2018
5633.Construction of retaining wall at west side of BKB's own land of RangamatiEED2018-01-0429/01/2018
5615.Repair & Renovation Works of BKB, Sholoshahar Br, Chittagong.EED2018-01-0305-02-2018
5336.Enlistment of Suppliers.ICT (Operation)2017-12-2009-01-2018
5237.Procure-03/2017-18/509: Invitation of tender for Printing Some Item of Bank.PROCUREMENT2017-12-1128-12-2017
5114.Re-Tender for Recruiting Security Guard .PROCUREMENT2017-11-2827-12-2017
4735.Re-Tender for selling Motor Car.EWTD2017-10-2212-11-2017
4650.Tender Invitation for 5 Lac Saving Check Print in 70 GSM Offset Paper.PROCUREMENT2017-10-1206-11-2017
4473.Re-Tender NoticeEED2017-09-2725/10/2017
4471.Tender NoticeEED2017-09-2701-11-2017
4376.Invitation for Maintenance, Operation & Servicing work of 2 Haushahn Brand Passenger Lift (1030Kg).EED2017-09-2019-10-2017
4341.Re-Tender NoticeEED2017-09-18
4306.Construction of Retaining Wall at West Side of BKB's own land of Rangamati.EED2017-09-1223-10-2017
4289.Invitation of tender for Microbus for carrying DGM & AGMEWTD2017-09-1109-10-2017
4279.দরপত্র আহবান: ব্যাংকের দেয়াল ক্যালেন্ডার মুদ্রণ ।PROCUREMENT2017-09-1003-10-2017
4176.Invitation for Supply of CCD Color Camera, Offline UPS, LED Color Monitor and accessories with Installation, Testing & Commissioning.EED2017-08-2828-09-2017
4090.Supply & Installation of 21 Nos single Phase engine generator set each capacity 6.5 KW.EED2017-08-2026-09-2017
4044.Repair & Renovation works of office building at BKB, divisional office, Khulna.EED2017-08-1018-09-2017
4042.Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Network Equipments, Online UPS & Automatic voltage Regulator for 121 Branches of BKB.ICT (System)2017-08-1013-09-2017
3956.ব্যাংকের কয়েকটি আইটেম মুদ্রণ।PROCUREMENT2017-08-0121-08-2017
3826.Tender notice for recruitment of Security Guard through outsourcing.PROCUREMENT2017-07-1817-08-2017
3658.Supply of Computer Hardware for Branches, Divisional Offices and Head Office.ICT (Operation)2017-07-0308-08-2017
3650.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Server, Server Rack, NOS , RDBMS and HSM, Online UPS for BACH upgradation.ICT (Operation)2017-07-0318-07-2017
3619.Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Implementation of Banking Application Software for 200 Branches.ICT (Operation)2017-06-2831-07-2017
3607.Invitation for Maintenance, Operation & Servicing work of two schindler brand passenger Lift at 85 motijheel, Dhaka.EED2017-06-2218-07-2017
3605.Invitation of tender for selling BKB's motor vehicle.EWTD2017-06-2231-07-2017
3516.Enlistment for Procurement of works & Physical Services & Repairing renovation of exiting BKB, own building & other civil works.EED2017-06-1506-07-2017
3440.Enlistment of Curier Service Company.PROCUREMENT2017-06-0503-07-2017
3223.Revised Tender Notice for Recruiting Cleaners through outsourcing.PROCUREMENT2017-05-04
3206.Tender Notice for Recruiting Cleaners through outsourcing.PROCUREMENT2017-05-0223-05-2017
3038.Invitation for Annual Maintenance including Parts, Labour & Device Replacement(IT Enable Services) Branch Switches (12 Gigabit Ethernet Port):Type-A, Branch Switches(24 Gigabit Ethernet Port):Type-B & Branch Routers(with built-in Firewall) of it's 1st phase 40 Online Branches.ICT (Operation)2017-04-1603-05-2017
2960.Tender Advertisement for outsourcing Security Guard.PROCUREMENT2017-04-0609-05-2017
2789.Invitation for Repair & Renovation works of the building of BKB, CRM Office Patuakhali.EED2017-03-1410-04-2017
2775.Supply & Installation of 173 Nos single Phase Petrol Engine Generator.EED2017-03-1219-03-2017
2657.Supply & Installation of 173 Nos. single phase petrol engine generator in 4 lots.EED2017-02-2619-03-2017
2651.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer Hardware for 200 Offline Branches.ICT (Operation)2017-02-2606-03-2017
2410.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer Hardware for 200 Branches.ICT (Operation)2017-02-0106-03-2017
2323.Invitation of tender for Purchasing 03 Nos. of Car.EWTD2017-01-2616-02-2017
2243.Vendor Enlistment Notice.ICT (Operation)2017-01-1717-01-2018
1906.Invitation of tender for some of the items in the bank print work.PROCUREMENT2016-12-1204-01-2017
1858.Invitation for Enlistment of Suppliers.ICT (Operation)2016-12-0428-12-2016
1788.Invitation of Tender for Repair and Renovation Works of the building of BKB, Chief Regional Office, Potuakhali.EED2016-11-3029-12-2016
1696.Invitation of Tender for purchase of car.EWTD2016-11-2215-12-2016
1556.Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Dedicated Internet Connectivity & Data Connectivity for 60 Branches of BKB.ICT (Operation)2016-11-1005-12-2016
1501.Tender for Selling Motor Car.EWTD2016-11-0829-11-2016
1488.Tender for Printing of 3.0 lac Savings Bank Cheque Books on 70 GSM Offset Paper.PROCUREMENT2016-11-0728-11-2016
1419.Invitation for tender on Purchasing Microbus.EWTD2016-10-3128-11-2016
1100.Invitation for Supply, Customization, Installation and Commissioning of Management Information System (MIS) Software with RDBMS & Related Hardware for Bangladesh Krishi Bank.ICT (Operation)2016-09-2819-10-2016
898.Supply & Installation of 173 Nos single phase petrol engine generator set each capacity 7 KW in 4 lots.EED2016-09-1918-10-2016
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Bangladesh Krishi Bank
Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) is a 100% government owned specialized Bank in Bangladesh.