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ATM Service

ATM Service
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Bangladesh Krishi Bank has established 06 ATM booths of it’s own and maintaining a strong Q-Cash ATM network all over the country to enhance the plastic payment card system. BKB is active member of NPSB (National Payment System of Bangladesh) since 2015. At present BKB has introduced Debit Card facility.
Schedule of Charges:
ATM Card Transaction Charges: ATM Card Issuance & Maintenance Charges:
Withdrawal Amount Tk. Card Issue Charge Tk.500/-
Own ATM No Charge Renewal Charge Tk.500/-
Q-Cash ATM Tk.10+Vat Duplicate Card Issue Charge Tk.300/-
NPSB Tk. 22.50 (Customer Tk.15+ Bank Tk.7.50). Duplicate Pin Issue Charge Tk.150/-

User can change password twice a day and can withdraw maximum Tk.20,000/- per day (Maximum 4times) with his/her debit card.
User awareness:
1 Become familiar to use of ATM and be able to recognize any changes of the machine.
2 Inform the Card Department when the card is stolen or lost.
3 If you’re visiting an unfamiliar ATM machine that is not inside a bank, examine it carefully for devices. Card or cash trapping devices need to be glued or taped to the card reader or cash dispenser. Look for ‘extra’ cameras beyond the basic and generally obvious ATM security camera.
4 Report confiscated cards immediately. If you can, don’t leave the machine. Instead call the bank from the ATM where your card was taken using a cell phone.
5 Never rely on the help of strangers to retrieve a confiscated card.
6 Be Careful about to follow a link in email which ask you to change your PIN.
7 Never Write PIN number anywhere in Plain text. Especially with the Card or in the Card

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