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Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) Account

Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) Account
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For opening a Fixed Deposit Account, any individual or a group of individuals can step into any Branch of BKB.

  • Fill out a form.
  • Deposit cash or easily cashable instrument of any amount.
  • Finally receive a Fixed Deposit Receipt.

Customer Benefit

  • very quick & easy processing.
  • Interest Rate :
  • From 03(three) months and above but less than 06(six) months – 5.75%
  • From 06(six) months and above but less than 01(one) year – 5.85%
  • From 01(one) year but less than 03(Three) years – 6.00% 


  • Minimum Age : 18
  • Citizen of Bangladesh

Document Required

  1. Duly filled Fixed Deposit Receipt(FDR) Account Opening Form.
  2. Two passport sized copies of the applicant’s recent photograph duly attested by an introducer who must have an account in any Branch of BKB.
  3. Attested copy of Valid NID/ Bangladesh Passport/ Driving License of the applicant.
  4. Attested copy of Valid e-TIN Certificate.
  5. One copy Photograph of Nominee.
  6. Attested copy of Valid NID of Nominee.

* All required information as per terms mentioned in the Account Opening Form.

**For any further query please contact your nearest Krishi Bank Branch.

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