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BKB Gets New Chairman Md. Nasiruzzaman.

Md. Nasiruzzaman, former Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture joined Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) as Chairman on December 14, 2020. Mr. Nasiruzzaman prior to his successful Secretarial job of two years in the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, he was the Chairman of Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC). Before joining BKB he also served in different posts in field administration including Deputy Commissioner in Sherpur District. Besides, he performed duties in different positions in Finance Division, Economic Relations Division, Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Md. Nasiruzzaman obtained graduation in Social welfare from the University of Dhaka, MBA from Northern University and MSc. in Environmental Science from State University of Bangladesh. He has also taken professional training from Duke University of Durham from USA, University of Wolverhampton, UK and Harvard University, USA. In his professional career, he participated in different important development programs in home and abroad. He travelled a number of countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, North America and Africa. Throughout his career, he got the opportunity to devote himself in sports and cultural activities, associated with different socio-cultural organizations.

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