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211832021-04-15LPO-6639: Regarding Providing Clearing Transaction(BACPS & BEFTN) Related Information to BACH Branches.LPO(GB)PDF
203582021-03-25LPO-6236: Regarding Samorik Pension Bill sending.LPO(GB)PDF
200892021-03-08LPO-2592: Provide Pension service through EFT for Bangladesh Biman Bahini.LPO(GB)PDF
198922021-02-18LPO-5923: Regarding Stopping Military Pension from 28.02.2021.LPO(GB)PDF
196512021-01-26LPO-2655: Regarding Sending Branch Based Information (DFS Pay 2 Office, Dhaka) of Army Pensioners.LPO(GB)PDF
196462021-01-26LPO-2629: Regarding Sending Complete Information of Army Pensioners.LPO(GB)PDF
194902021-01-10LPO-5058: Regarding Navy Pension Payment through EFT.LPO(FOREX), LPO(GB)PDF
192802020-12-24LPO-2118: Regarding Settlement of Bangladesh Bank's BACH charge on 1110-Online General Account instead of 1114-General Account Advice.LPO(GB)PDF
181702020-11-02Joining Letter of Sheikh Altap Hossain (A-6135), GM (In Charge), LPO.LPO(GB)PDF
177632020-10-07LPO-1239: Regarding Implementation of Government Decision of Giving Pension to Navy Pensioner by EFT.LPO(GB)PDF
175122020-09-30Regarding Sending Necessary Documents for Monthly Pension EFT of Air Force Pensioner.LPO(GB)PDF
157582020-03-15Joining Letter of Sheikh Alauddin(A-6222), AGM (DGM In charge), LPO.LPO(GB)PDF
144682019-12-18LPO prosha(Bach)/2019-20/10683: Regarding EFTN , HV, RV- Net settlement amount CBS posting.LPO(GB)PDF
141912019-12-02Regarding Adjusting BKB-DBBL Mobile Banking AccountsLPO(GB)
138472019-10-31LPO-5613: Regarding Responding on Debit Advice for on Military Pension .LPO(GB)PDF
137312019-10-22Charge Handover of Md. Shah Alam (S-1201), DGM (LPO) to Mohammad Sarkar Faruq Faisal(S-3805)LPO(GB)PDF
136842019-10-17Regarding Issuing DD Only From BACH Branches & MICR PO instead of MICR DD.LPO(GB)PDF
132922019-09-24Regarding EFTN, HV & RV Net Settlement Amount Posting on LPO.LPO(GB)PDF
132662019-09-22Joining Letter of Md. Shah Alam (S-1201), DGM, LPO.LPO(GB), Personal LettersPDF
124972019-07-16Regarding Initiating Second Stage BACH-II (Go Live) Operation.LPO(GB)PDF
118772019-05-26Joining Letter of Md Shaha Alam (S-1201), AGM (In Charge of DGM).LPO(GB), Personal LettersPDF
111152019-03-13Charge Handover of Md. Shariat Hossain(S-2076).LPO(GB)PDF
107202019-02-07Joining Letter & Charge Taken Over By Md. Shariat Hossain(S-2076).LPO(GB)PDF
107182019-02-07Joining Letter & Charge Taken Over By Md. Zahirul Islam Bhuiyan(Z-371).LPO(GB)PDF
102632019-01-06Charge Handover of Md. Liakat Ali,GM,LPO.LPO(GB)PDF
102232019-01-03Joining Letter of Monir Uddin (M-3158), DGM, LPO.LPO(GB), Personal LettersPDF
101552018-12-27Regarding Refund of Military Pension Bill Without Proper Checking.LPO(GB)PDF
63522018-02-15Regarding Continous Checking of Branch Mails & Messages of BACH & Responding.LPO(GB)PDF
53772017-12-21LPO Prosha(BACH)/3(9)/1487: Regarding BEFTN Information.LPO(GB)PDF
43012017-09-12সামরিক পেনশন পুন্ঃভরন বিল প্রেরণ প্রসংগে ।LPO(GB)PDF
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