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1187482022-08-16CRM(Narsingdi)-228: Passport Approval of Mr. Shammi Akter (S-3978)Dhaka DivisionPDF
1176812022-08-16Khulna-438: Passport Approval of Mr. Achia Khanam(A-6945)Khulna DivisionPDF
1045592022-08-14Dhaka-227:Passport Approval of Mr. Mahdi Hasan(M-3754)Dhaka Division
1027872022-08-14Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Money Counting Machines for 65(Sixty Five) Branches of BKB, Mymensingh Division.Mymensingh DivisionPDF
839372022-08-11Mymensingh-633: Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Khalilur Rahman(K-812)Mymensingh DivisionPDF
834232022-08-11Sylhet-343: Passport Approval of Mr. Abdur Rohim(R-1711)Sylhet DivisionPDF
833912022-08-11Sylhet-342: Passport Approval of Mr. Kazi Moinul Hossain(M-3650)Sylhet DivisionPDF
825482022-08-11Faridpur-323: Passport Approval of Mr. Rupa Nandi(R-1445)Faridpur DivisionPDF
692562022-08-08Barishal-2676: Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Saiful Islam(S-4351)Barishal DivisionPDF
692522022-08-08বনানী-১২৫ঃ উপব্যবস্থাপক পদে দায়িত্বভার হস্তান্তর ও গ্রহণ প্রসঙ্গে।Dhaka DivisionPDF
692502022-08-08বিকাখু-৩৩৮ঃ জনাব মোঃ মুনসুর রহমান(এম-৩৫৩২) মুখ্য আঞ্চলিক ব্যবস্থাপক(উপ-মহাব্যবস্থাপক) পদে যোগদান প্রসঙ্গে।Khulna DivisionPDF
692392022-08-07CRM(Narayangonj)-355: Passport Approval of Mr. Siddiq Maruf Salahuddin Ahmed(M-4556)Dhaka DivisionPDF
692362022-08-07Dhaka-560: Passport Approval of Mr. Shammi Akhter(S-3978).Dhaka DivisionPDF
685922022-08-04CRM(Gazipur)-181: Passport Approval of Mr. Romija Khatun(R-1075)Dhaka DivisionPDF
685902022-08-04Joining Letter of Kazi Kamruzzaman at CRM Office, Bhola.Barishal DivisionPDF
685722022-08-04মুঃআঃকা(ফেনী)-১৬১ঃ মুখ্য আঞ্চলিক ব্যবস্থাপক পদে দায়িত্বভার হস্তান্তর ও গ্রহণ প্রসঙ্গে।Chattogram DivisionPDF
644612022-08-03Barishal-280: Passport Approval of Mr. Nazmun Nahar(N-1019)Barishal DivisionPDF
596262022-08-02কুমিল্লা-৩০৯ঃ মুখ্য আঞ্চলিক ব্যবস্থাপক পদে যোগদান প্রসঙ্গে।Cumilla DivisionPDF
585952022-08-02নিবি-১৮৫ঃ বিভাগীয় নিরীক্ষা কর্মকর্তা(উপমহাব্যবস্থাপক) পদে যোগদান প্রসঙ্গে।Mymensingh DivisionPDF
584862022-08-02Barishal-256: Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Golam Kibria(K-827)Barishal DivisionPDF
584792022-08-02Barishal-254: Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Delwar Hossain(D-525)Barishal DivisionPDF
573732022-08-01কুমিল্লা-২৮৮ঃ মুখ্য আঞ্চলিক ব্যবস্থাপক(দায়িত্বে) হিসেবে যোগদান প্রসঙ্গে।Cumilla DivisionPDF
573702022-08-01কুমিল্লা-২৮৭ঃ সহকারী মহাব্যবস্থাপক হিসেবে যোগদান প্রসঙ্গে।Cumilla DivisionPDF
573682022-08-01ফরিদ-২৫২ঃ মুখ্য আঞ্চলিক ব্যবস্থাপক(দায়িত্বে) হিসেবে যোগদান প্রসঙ্গে।Faridpur DivisionPDF
573282022-08-01CRM(Habi)-125: Changed Telephone Number of Chief Regional Office, Habiganj.Sylhet DivisionPDF
573222022-07-31Barishal-234: Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Omar Faruk(O-168)Barishal DivisionPDF
573182022-07-31ফরিদ-২২২ঃ মুখ্য আঞ্চলিক ব্যবস্থাপক(দায়িত্বে) হিসেবে যোগদান প্রসঙ্গে।Faridpur DivisionPDF
573082022-07-31মুঃআঃকাঃ(চাঁদ)-২৪০ঃ মুখ্য আঞ্চলিক ব্যবস্থাপক(দায়িত্বে) পদে দায়িত্বভার হস্তান্তর ও গ্রহণ প্রসঙ্গে।Cumilla DivisionPDF
521362022-07-27Dhaka-379: Passport Approval of Mr. Siddique Maruf Salauddin Ahmed (M-4556)Dhaka DivisionPDF
520962022-07-27Passport Approval of Mr. Tamanna Rahman(T-484)Dhaka DivisionPDF
470712022-07-26Dhaka-389: Passport Approval of Mr. Sima Rani Paul(S-5468)Dhaka DivisionPDF
461472022-07-26ডিএমডি ৩-৩৮ঃ বিভাগীয় নিরীক্ষা কর্মকর্তা পদে যোগদান প্রসঙ্গে।Dhaka DivisionPDF
431562022-07-25Dhaka-344: Passport Approval of Mr. Tapos Kumar Sorkar(T-460)Dhaka DivisionPDF
430792022-07-25Dhaka-6658: Passport Aproval of Mr. Mohammad Hasanuzzaman Khan (H-940)Dhaka DivisionPDF
430772022-07-25Dhaka-335: Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Alomgir Hossain(A-7392).Dhaka DivisionPDF
430672022-07-25মুআকাসু-১৬৫ঃ দায়িত্বভার হস্তান্তর ও গ্রহণ এবং ছাড়পত্র জনাব মোহাম্মদ ফয়জুর রহমান শহীর(উপ-মহাব্যবস্থাপক)Sylhet DivisionPDF
430502022-07-24মুআকা(নরসিংদী)-মুখ্য আঞ্চলিক ব্যবস্থাপক(উপমহাব্যবস্থাপক) পদে যোগদান প্রসঙ্গে।Dhaka Division
430322022-07-21সিলেট-১৯৪ঃ মুখ্য আঞ্চলিক ব্যবস্থাপক(উপমহাব্যবস্থাপক) পদে যোগদান প্রসঙ্গে।Sylhet Division
422892022-07-20Barishal-119: Passport Approval of Mr. Mostofa Main Khan(M-3023)Barishal DivisionPDF
422852022-07-20Barishal-125: Passport Approval of Mr. Zebunnesa Khan(J-582)Barishal DivisionPDF
405942022-07-19Dhaka-213: Passport Approval of Mr. Bipul Kumar Ghosh(B-802)Dhaka DivisionPDF
405922022-07-19Dhaka-202: Passport Approval of Mr. Ramija Khatun(R-1075)Dhaka DivisionPDF
405902022-07-19Dhaka-201: Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Raju Ahmed(R-1703)Dhaka DivisionPDF
405702022-07-19Dhaka-200: Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Zahir Uddin(Z-347)Dhaka DivisionPDF
402922022-07-18Suply, Installation and Commissioning of CCTV Surveillance System(Camera, DVR, HDD, Monitor etc.) in 49 Branches of BKB, Barishal Division.Barishal DivisionPDF
385912022-07-07Dhaka-104: Passport Approval of Mr. Sima Rani Pal(S-5468)Dhaka DivisionPDF
379282022-07-05Mymensingh-30: Passport Approval of Mr. Rimon Chandro Sorkar(R-1400)Mymensingh DivisionPDF
368452022-07-04Chattogram-15: Passport Approval of Mr. Mohammad Soukot Hossain(S-4270)Chattogram DivisionPDF
363282022-06-29Dhaka-7130: Passport Approval of Mr. Ishrat Jahan Eva(I-435)Dhaka DivisionPDF
363262022-06-29Dhaka-7130: Passport Approval of Mr. Siddiqa Marufa Sumiya Bintay Ahmed(M-4802)Dhaka DivisionPDF
361222022-06-27e-Tender Notice(OTM) for Tender ID: 713453, 714247, 714270.Sylhet DivisionPDF
360352022-06-27Faridpur-3174: Passport Approval of Mr. Sanjoy Sarker(S-4251).Faridpur DivisionPDF
360222022-06-26নিবি-২৪৯৭ঃ বিভাগীয় নিরীক্ষা কর্মকর্তা পদে যোগদান প্রসঙ্গে।Barishal DivisionPDF
345452022-06-19Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Mamunur Rashid(M-4137)Khulna DivisionPDF
339582022-06-16Passport Approval of Mr. Puja Chowdhury(P-437)Chattogram DivisionPDF
334172022-06-15Passport Approval of Mr. Roton Kumar Bisshas(R-722)Khulna DivisionPDF
331742022-06-15BKS-3135: Announcement regarding removal from service.Personal Letters, Sylhet DivisionPDF
320462022-06-14Passport Approval of Mr. Kalidas Bisshas(K-1086)Khulna DivisionPDF
320432022-06-14e-Tender Notice (OTM)- Tender ID-709066: Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 50 nos Personal Computer (PC) for Several Branches of BKB, Cumilla Division.Cumilla DivisionPDF
311872022-06-09Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Rahat Kaiyum(R-1568)Barishal DivisionPDF
310972022-06-08Passport Approval of Mr. Ratul Kumar Das(R-1569)Sylhet Division, UncategorizedPDF
309772022-06-07Passport Approval of Mr. Munija Begum(M-3427)Dhaka Division, UncategorizedPDF
309352022-06-06Passport Approval of Mr. Sadia Parveen Poly(S-4250)Faridpur Division, UncategorizedPDF
309122022-06-06Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Abu Syed(S-3596)Dhaka Division, UncategorizedPDF
308672022-06-01Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Hasan Tarek (H-1047).Cumilla Division, Personal LettersPDF
308542022-06-01Passport Approval of Mr. Jihad Uddin (J-1032).Kushtia DivisionPDF
307182022-05-31Passport Approval of Mr. Seikh Mamunur Rashid (M-4353).Faridpur DivisionPDF
306962022-05-30eTender Notice (OTM) for Supply of Personal Computer, Offline UPS, Printer & Online UPS for several branches of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.Chattogram DivisionPDF
306912022-05-29Passport Approval of Ms. Tahmina Akhter (T-741), Mr. Tapas Mozumder (T-633), Ms. Shayla Chowdhury (S-4618).Dhaka DivisionPDF
304972022-05-26Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Tareq Parvez Khan (T-517).Mymensingh DivisionPDF
302482022-05-24Passport Approval of Mr. Hasan Muhammad Al Juhan (H-1026).Mymensingh DivisionPDF
302432022-05-24Passport Approval of Ms. Rashmi Rani Dhali (R-1210).Khulna DivisionPDF
302412022-05-24Passport Approval of Ms. Sharmin Syed Supti (S-4703).Mymensingh DivisionPDF
302392022-05-23Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Abdur Rafiq (A-6503).Mymensingh DivisionPDF
300272022-05-22Passport Approval of Mr. Solil Roy (S-5078).Sylhet DivisionPDF
300252022-05-22Passport Approval of Mr. Golam Rasul (G-630).Sylhet DivisionPDF
295972022-05-18Passport Approval of Mr. Faisal Uz Zaman (F-973).Barishal DivisionPDF
295952022-05-17Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Saiful Islam (S-4351).Barishal DivisionPDF
295622022-05-17Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Fakhrul Alam (F-584).Barishal DivisionPDF
295932022-05-17Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman (M-4092).Faridpur DivisionPDF
293322022-05-16Regarding Change in Telephone Number of CRM Office, SunamgonjSylhet DivisionPDF
292702022-05-16Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Billal Hossain (B-638).Dhaka DivisionPDF
292462022-05-12Supply of 80 Pieces Personal Computers, 80 Pieces Offline UPS & 20 Pieces LASER Printers on Several Branches of BKB Faridpur Division.Faridpur DivisionPDF
292412022-05-12Regarding Change in Telephone Number of CRM Office, Cumilla.Cumilla DivisionPDF
292142022-05-11Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Karimuzzaman (K-855).Mymensingh DivisionPDF
292012022-05-11Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Money Counting Machine for 61 Branches of BKB, Dhaka Division.Dhaka DivisionPDF
291992022-05-11Passport Approval of Ms. Sultana Jafrin (S-4630).Sylhet DivisionPDF
290532022-05-09Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Billal Hossain (B-638)Dhaka DivisionPDF