100 Years of Mujib

NIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.

212212021-04-193rd Quarter Achievement of NISNIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
212192021-04-19New NIS CommitteeNIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
200752021-03-07Awareness of Covid-19NIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
200732021-03-07NIS Meeting MinutesNIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
200712021-03-07NIS Report #rd QuerterNIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
185572020-12-01Minutes 2nd QuarterNIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
185552020-12-01Achievement Of 2nd Quarter NISNIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
184902020-11-30Minutes for 1st querter NISNIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
184872020-11-30NIS Report fo First Querter of 2020-2021NIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
177832020-10-07Minutes of Video Conference of General Manager with the CRMS' of Faridpur DivisionNIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
177812020-10-07Achievement under National Integrity Strategy (NIS) for First quarter (July 2020 to September 2020))NIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
177762020-10-07Minutes of National Integrity Strategy Committee Meeting of 1st quarter (July-2020 to September-2020))NIS_Divisional Office, Faridpur.PDF
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Bangladesh Krishi Bank
Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) is a 100% government owned specialized Bank in Bangladesh.