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School Banking

School Banking
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BKB School Banking Account is a special type of banking towards the school going children and their parents to know about the banking systems that helps to make a habit of savings from the early age of children. School banking account is a savings deposit account heading with the name of student and to be operated jointly in collaboration with guardian’s signature who can be the nominee of the account.
Rules and regulations of school banking in Bangladesh
Rules and regulation regarding School Banking was 1st established in Bangladesh by Bangladesh Bank under its Green Banking and CSR department on 28th October 2013. Main components of this ordinance
1.Account open: students aged from 6 to 18 will be applicable to open account.
2.Management of account: The account will be managed by the parents or guardians of the students.
3.Filling form: Both the students and the guardians should fill the form with personal information and signed by legal guardians.
4.Account type: This is a savings account. Savings can be transferred to open new savings scheme.
5.Minimum opening balance: Initial deposit minimum Tk.100
6.Nationality: The students and the guardians/ legal guardians both should be citizen of Bangladesh.
7.Important documents for opening account: Copy of Birth certificates, academic certificates, and transcripts must be submitted into the bank.
8.Account holders earning source: The issue related with the Legality of the sources of deposited amount should be certain.
9.Service charge/ Fee: There will be an exercise of government fee only in this type of account.
10.Deposit of scholarship/ stipends money: students will deposit the amount got from scholarship or stipends into their account but there will be an agreement between the bank and the government, semi- government, independent, or non-government organizations who will give the amount.
11.Education insurance: Students will get the education insurance facility under this account if their education is hampered by financial crisis for any family or natural issue.

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