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295932022-05-17Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman (M-4092).Faridpur DivisionPDF
292462022-05-12Supply of 80 Pieces Personal Computers, 80 Pieces Offline UPS & 20 Pieces LASER Printers on Several Branches of BKB Faridpur Division.Faridpur DivisionPDF
273752022-04-06Passport Approval of Ms.Rasheda Khatun (R-1045).Faridpur DivisionPDF
270562022-03-24Passport Approval of Mr. Rezaul(R-1875)Faridpur DivisionPDF
265572022-03-09Passport Approval of Mr. Somorendra Das Nath (S-2945).Faridpur DivisionPDF
261172022-02-16Passport Approval of Mr. S.M. Shahnewaz (S-4960).Faridpur DivisionPDF
260642022-02-09Change in Telephon No. of DAO, Faridpur.Faridpur Division
260592022-02-09Regarding Change In Telephone Number of Divisional Office, Faridpur.Faridpur DivisionPDF
260562022-02-09Joining Letter of Md. Khorshed Alam (K-877), GM (In charge), Faridpur.Faridpur DivisionPDF
259842022-02-03Passport Approval of Shamima Sharmin Lopa (S-4464).Faridpur DivisionPDF
257112022-01-17Condolence Letter on Death of Mr. Shekh Altap Hossain, Honorable GM (In Charge), Faridpur Division.Faridpur DivisionPDF
248452021-12-06Invitation for Tender: Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Money Counting & Fake Note Detecting Machine for the Branches of BKB Faridpur Division.Faridpur DivisionPDF
237242021-09-27Invitation for Tender for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 46.00 Set CCTV Surveillance System for Offices & Branches of BKB Faridpur Division.Faridpur DivisionPDF
235492021-09-20Passport Approval of Mr. Sahabuddin Fakir (S-4257).Faridpur DivisionPDF
217552021-06-15Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Mobarok Ali (M-4176).Faridpur DivisionPDF
214612021-05-12LTM Notice For CC TV CameraFaridpur DivisionPDF
201272021-03-11Joining Letter of Md. Abdul Wahab (A-6143), CRM, Faridpur.Faridpur DivisionPDF
200052021-03-01Joining Letter of Shekh Altap Hossain (A-6135), CRM, Faridpur.Faridpur DivisionPDF
196322021-01-24Joining Letter of Laskar Saidur Rahman (S-3140), DGM.Faridpur DivisionPDF
195972021-01-20Passport Approval of Hemonto Sarker (H-1059).Faridpur DivisionPDF
194142021-01-04Passport Approval of Md. Shariful Islam (S-3587).Faridpur DivisionPDF
182572020-11-10Passport Approval of Mustafizur Rahman (M-3587).Faridpur DivisionPDF
181522020-11-01Passport Approval of Mohammad Mustafizur Rahman (M-3672).Faridpur DivisionPDF
176622020-10-05Invitation for Tender (LTM) for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of PC for BKB Branches of Faridpur Division.Faridpur DivisionPDF
157242020-03-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Arun Kumar Saha (A-6251).Faridpur DivisionPDF
151162020-01-21Passport Approval of A.H.M. Rafiqul Islam (R-973).Faridpur DivisionPDF
147662020-01-01Passport approval of Shikder Khurshid Alam (K-1000).Faridpur DivisionPDF
147642020-01-01Passport approval of Rozina Akhter (R-1697).Faridpur DivisionPDF
147622020-01-01Passport approval of Md. Kobad Hossain Talukder (K-650).Faridpur DivisionPDF
147592019-12-31Passport approval of Biswas Md. Hafizur Rahman (H-943).Faridpur DivisionPDF
145922019-12-24Supply, Installation & Commissioning of CCTV Camera for the Branches of BKB Faridpur Division.Faridpur DivisionPDF
141002019-11-25 “Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer Hardware for Branches of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.” is locked Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Personal Computer(PC) & Offline UPS for the Branches of Faridpur Division of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.Faridpur DivisionPDF
139762019-11-17Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Latif (A-6230).Faridpur DivisionPDF
136712019-10-16Passport Approval of Md. Saiful Islam (S-4048).Faridpur DivisionPDF
136312019-10-15Passport Apporval of Md. Mostafizur Rahman (M-4092).Faridpur DivisionPDF
135782019-10-10Passport Approval of Md. Mohidur Rahman (M-3975).Faridpur DivisionPDF
131792019-09-17Passport Approval of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-2238).Faridpur DivisionPDF
130302019-09-05Passport Approval of Md. Iskandar Ali (I-284).Faridpur DivisionPDF
129422019-08-29Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Anisur Rahman(A-7792).Faridpur DivisionPDF
129082019-08-27Passport Approval of Md. Arif Hasan (A-7515).Faridpur DivisionPDF
129062019-08-27Passport Approval of Mohammad Harun-Ur-Rashid (H-915).Faridpur DivisionPDF
126672019-08-04Passport Approval of Md. Tajul Islam (T-366).Faridpur DivisionPDF
126652019-08-04Passport Approval of Md. Aiyub Ali (A-7772).Faridpur DivisionPDF
126632019-08-04Passport Approval of Md. Arifuzzaman (A-7772).Faridpur DivisionPDF
125412019-07-18Passport Approval of Md. Abdul Haq Mia (A-6329).Faridpur DivisionPDF
119942019-06-12Passport Approval of Jubayer Alam (J-439).Faridpur DivisionPDF
119912019-06-12Passport Approval of Mosiur Rahman (M-3000).Faridpur DivisionPDF
119592019-06-09Passport Approval of A S M Golam Shahid Akondo (G-469).Faridpur DivisionPDF
116672019-05-07Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer Hardware for BranchesFaridpur DivisionPDF
115982019-04-30Passport Approval of Abul Bashar (A-6248).Faridpur DivisionPDF
115962019-04-30Passport Approval of Ibrahim Mia (I-287).Faridpur DivisionPDF
115942019-04-30Passport Approval of Md. Arifuzzaman (A-7772)Faridpur DivisionPDF
114092019-04-07Passport Approval of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-2238).Faridpur DivisionPDF
114072019-04-07Passport Approval of Md. Moksed Ali Chowdhury (M-2999).Faridpur DivisionPDF
114052019-04-07Passport Approval of Md. Hafizur Rahman (H-943).Faridpur DivisionPDF
113242019-04-01Supply & Installation of Petrol Generator for Branches of Faridpur DivisionFaridpur DivisionPDF
109052019-02-24Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Faridpur Division.Faridpur DivisionPDF
107732019-02-12Passport Approval of Narayan Chandra Mondol(N-1144).Faridpur DivisionPDF
107062019-02-07Passport Approval of Md. Feroz Khan(F-575).Faridpur DivisionPDF

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