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218272021-06-20Recovery-1712: Regarding Arranging Mohacamp on 24 June,2021 & Special Programs for Loan disbursement, Recovery & Deposit Collection.LRDPDF
215502021-05-30Recovery-1644: Regarding Arranging Mohacamp on 16 June,2021 & Special Programs for Loan disbursement, Recovery & Deposit Collection.LRDPDF
214142021-05-06LRD-1580: Regarding Arranging "Modhumela" at All Branches on 24.05.2021.LRDPDF
205492021-03-28LRD-1435: Regarding Organizing "Shuvo Halkhata" Program at All Branches on 13.04.2021 in Mujib Borsho.LRDPDF
202032021-03-18LRD-1389: Letter about Reconfirming Reschedule & WCL Loan Amount and Take Necessary Action to Recover These Loan.LRDPDF
201012021-03-08Recovery-1342: Regarding Arranging Mohacamp on 24 March,2021 & Special Programs for Loan disbursement, Recovery & Deposit Collection.LRDPDF
199942021-02-28Joining Letter & Charge Handover to Mohammad Azizur Rahman Fakir (A-7264), DGM, LRD.LRDPDF
199602021-02-24Loan Recovery Circular-01/2021: Clarification of 02/2018 circular.LRDPDF
198872021-02-18Recovery-1206: Regarding Arranging Mohacamp on 24 Feb,2021 & Special Programs for Loan disbursement, Recovery & Deposit Collection.LRDPDF
198252021-02-15LRD- Regarding Sending Interest Remission Proposal for Farmers.LRDPDF
198142021-02-14Recovery-1167: Regarding Mohacamp at 24 Feb,2021 for Loan disbursement, Recovery, deposit collection.LRDPDF
197342021-02-01Joining Letter of Md. Sazzad Hossain (S-3781) as DGM of LRD.LRDPDF
197122021-02-01Charge Handover & Release Letter of Asim Bhusan Kundu (A-6333), DGM, LRD.LRDPDF
195032021-01-12Recovery-1025: Regarding Accomplishment of Important Tasks at Field Level.LRDPDF
194822021-01-07Recovery-1008: Regarding Arranging Special Deposit Collection & Loan Disbursement,Recovery Program & Holding Mohacamp on 27 January,2021 on all Branches.LRDPDF
192292020-12-21Recovery-846: Regarding Informing About Actual Amount of Classified Loan (Including Rescheduled) on 2020-21 FY.LRDPDF
190012020-12-09Recovery-760: Regarding Arranging Special Deposit Collection & Loan Disbursement,Recovery Program & Holding Mohacamp on 23 December,2020 on all Branches.LRDPDF
183662020-11-23Recovery-623: Regarding Arranging Special Deposit Collection & Loan Disbursement,Recovery Program from 16.11.2020 to 02.12.2020 & Helding Mohacamp on 02 December,2020 on all Branches for Nobanno.LRDPDF
182902020-11-15Joining Letter & Charge Handover to Asim Bhushan Kundu (A-6333), DGM, LRD.LRDPDF
182202020-11-08LRD-564:Regarding Settlement of Filed Certificate Cases Within December-2020.LRDPDF
182172020-11-08Recovery-556: Regarding Nabanno ceremony arrangement on 16 november, 2020.LRDPDF
172032020-09-10Charge Handover of Razzakual Haider Chowdhury (R-1128), DGM, LRD.LRDPDF
166282020-07-29Regarding Accomplishment of Important Work on Field Level During August 2020.LRDPDF
166132020-07-29Loan Recovery Circular No-02/2020: Regarding Target About Loan Recovery, Reschedule Loan , Written off Loans and 52 Interest for FY2020-21.LRDPDF
158502020-03-24Recovery-2381: Regarding 13 April 'Shuvo Halkhata' occassion withheld.LRDPDF
157932020-03-18Recovery Circular-01/2020: Increase Sanction power in field level.LRDPDF
134682019-09-30Regarding Organizing Loan Recovery Camp/ Mohacamp for 2019-20 FY.LRDPDF
131452019-09-15Regarding Informing About Implementation of Interest Remission Decision from July/17-December/18 & January/19-June/19.LRDPDF
126192019-07-28Loan Recovery Target 2019-2020LRDPDF
118532019-05-23Regarding Providing Agricultural Loan Facility to Rehabilitate Farmers Affected by Cyclone Fani.LRDPDF
117412019-05-13Regarding Helding "Modhumela" on 20-06-2019.LRDPDF
85352018-08-07Circular No-02/2018 : Interest Remission CircularLRDPDF
83962018-07-26Regarding Accomplishment of Particular Important Tasks on Field On July-August, 2018LRDPDF
65872018-03-06Joining Letter of Md. Ezharul Haque Bhuiyan, DGM, Loan Recovery Department .LRDPDF
54112017-12-27Joining Letter of A.K.M.Amirul Monjur (A-6939), DGM.LRDPDF
48462017-10-31Charge Handover & Taken of loan Recovery department.LRDPDF
47802017-10-24Recovery-8(59)/2017-2018/349: Regarding Loan Recovery Camp/Mohacamp.LRDPDF
47532017-10-23Loan Recovery Circular-06/2017: Interest Remission regulations.LRDPDF
47332017-10-22Recovery-8(59)/2017-18/341: Regarding arrangment of Camp/mohacamp for Loan Recovery of the fiscal year 2017-2018.LRDPDF
45662017-10-05Loan Recovery Circular-04/2017: Revised Loan Recovery Target determination & achievement.LRDPDF
45482017-10-04Loan Recovery Circular-04/2017: Loan Recovery Target determination & achievement.LRDPDF
43042017-09-12Regarding Loan Recovery target achievement for the FY 2017-2018.LRDPDF
36472017-07-02Regarding weekly report sending.LRDPDF
36452017-07-02Regarding CL, WCL-1, WCL-2 Report.LRDPDF
36432017-07-02Regarding July-August, 2017 important activities for field level.LRDPDF
36412017-07-02Regarding monitoring of Loan Recovery, Deposit collection target.LRDPDF
35832017-06-21Regarding stop temporarily loan recovery.LRDPDF
35102017-06-14Regarding Loan Ledger Memorandum of Interest.LRDPDF
35082017-06-14Loan Recovery Circular-03/2017: Loan Recovery Target determination & achievement.LRDPDF
33712017-05-24Regarding Re-determination of Loan Recovery Target, 2017LRDPDF
32682017-05-11Recovery-8(62)MOUBB/2016-17/897: Regarding CL loan & Recovery activities.LRDPDF
32252017-05-04About "Modhumela Anushthan" from 15-05-2017 to 25-05-2017.LRDPDF
32172017-05-03Recovery-1(58)/Monitoring/2016-17/865: Regarding 100% target achievement for Loan Recovery.LRDPDF
31192017-04-23Recovery-2(1)/Interest Remission/2016-17/843(1200): Regarding Timely Presentation of Interest Remission proposal.LRDPDF
14592016-11-03Weekly MIS Report sending.LRDPDF
14552016-11-03Recovery Circular- 02/2016: Revised Achievement of Loan Recovery target.LRDPDF
12382016-10-10Regarding arrangement of Loan Recovery Camping.LRDPDF
10342016-09-26Loan Recovery Calendar wise Loan Recovery Camping.LRDPDF
10162016-09-26Interest Remission Request Sending.LRDPDF
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