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696552022-08-08HRMD 1-293: PRL Order of Mr. Muhammad Kamrul Hasan(Q-24)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
685402022-08-04HRMD 1-257: PRL Order of Mr. Md. Nijam Uddin(N-609)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
385672022-07-07HRMD 1-46: PRL Order of Mr. Md. Nurul Islam(N-922)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
379302022-07-05HTMD 1-30: PRL Order of Mr. Abdul Mannan Kobir(A-3672)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
339442022-06-16TMD-982: Joining Letter of Mr. K.M. Habib-Un-Nobi(H-890),DGM(Additional Charge).Personal Letters, TMDPDF
331742022-06-15BKS-3135: Announcement regarding removal from service.Personal Letters, Sylhet DivisionPDF
308672022-06-01Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Hasan Tarek (H-1047).Cumilla Division, Personal LettersPDF
300412022-05-22PRL Order of Mr. Md. Siddikur Rahman (S-1724).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
300392022-05-22PRL Order of Mr. Md. Golam Mostafa (G-236).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
300372022-05-22PRL Order of Mr. Bijon Kanti Ray (B-371),HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
290832022-05-09PRL Order of Ms. Tapoti Purakayestho (T-224), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
290192022-05-09PRL Order of Mr. Md Khurshid Alam (K-232).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
289722022-05-08Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mr. Md. Hafizur Rahman (H-605).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
274382022-04-10PRL Order of Samir Kumar Bawali (S-2971), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
274282022-04-07PRL Order of Ms. Sutpa Dey (S-1883).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
270922022-03-28PRL Order of Mr. A.N.M Saifuddin(S-1535)HRMD1, Personal Letters
270112022-03-22HRMD 2-2367: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
270092022-03-22HRMD 2-2366: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
267752022-03-16Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mr. Md. Abdul Jalil Mia (J-743).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
266772022-03-14Passport Approval of Mr. Samir Kumar Bishwas (S-3879), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
266742022-03-14PRL Order of Mr. Md. Abdul Kader (K-2781).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
266172022-03-09PRL Order of Mr. Uttam Kumar Mazumder (U-55).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
265322022-03-08PRL Order of Mr. M M Shahidul Islam (M-1830), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
263522022-03-06PRL Order of Mr. Mahabubul Alam (M-1225)Personal LettersPDF
262462022-02-28PRL Order of Mr. Moha. Mizanur Rahman (M-2941).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
262302022-02-27PRL Order of Mr. Md. Saiful Islam (S-3256)HRMD1, Personal Letters
262282022-02-27PRL Order of Mr. Abdur Rahim (A-6547).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
261392022-02-17PRL Order of Mr. Priyotosh Deb (P-111).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
261192022-02-16Leave Encashment of Late Md. Saifullah Momin Shahin (S-3770).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
261112022-02-15PRL Order of Mr. Atiar Rahman Shekh (A-6037).HRMD1, Personal Letters
260892022-02-13PRL Order of Mr. Apu Datta (A-3428).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
260302022-02-07PRL Order of Mr. Md. Abdul Latif (A-4569).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
260062022-02-06PRL Order of Mr. Md. Ahsan Ullah (A-6554), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
258572022-01-24PRL Order of Mr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman (M-1806).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
257772022-01-19PRL Order of Mr. MD. Ibrahim(I-294),ManagerHRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
257752022-01-19Regarding Dismisssal Order of Mr. Masudur RahmanHRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
257272022-01-17HRMD1-1390:PRL Order of Mr. Md. Shamsul Haq (S-3308)HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
257252022-01-17HRMD1-1389: PRL Order of Mr. A.K.M. Nurul Islam (N-1299).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
253572022-01-04PRL Order of Mr. Pradip Talukder (P-158), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
253552022-01-04PRL Order of Mr. Md. Kabir Hossain (K-252), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
253312022-01-03PRL Order of Khondoker Iqbal Masum (I-120).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
253282022-01-03PRL Order of Mr. Bishwajit Kumar Mondol (B-330).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
253262022-01-03PRL Order of Ms Salma Begum (S-1798).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
252922022-01-02PRL Order of Mr. Mrinal Kanti Singha (M-1655), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
252052021-12-28PRL Order of Mr. Mohammad Didarul Islam Mazumder (D-450), Honorable GM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
252032021-12-28PRL Order of Mr. Razzakul Haidar Chowdhury (R-1128), Honorbale GM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
252012021-12-28PRL Order of Debashish Paul (D-235).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
251992021-12-28PRL Order of A.N.M. Hafizur Rahman (H-504).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
251842021-12-27PRL Order of Mr. Md. Anisur Rahman (A-6493).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
251682021-12-26PRL Order of Rozina Tasmeen (R-625).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
251002021-12-21PRL Order of Mr. Md. Imam Hossain (I-289), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
248802021-12-08PRL Order of Md. Ala Uddin Bepari (A-4319).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
248562021-12-07PRL Order of Mr. Md. Rezaul Haq (R-1061), DGM, PRD.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
247792021-12-01PRL Order of Mr. Md. Abul Hossain (A-4142).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
247762021-11-30PRL Order of Mr. Suranjan Kumar Mondol (S-1468).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
247742021-11-30PRL Order of Mr. Mohammad Ahsan Ullah (A-2812), RAO (AGM), Narsingdi.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
247492021-11-29PRL Order of Mr. Mahabub Alam (M-3044), DGM, Staff College.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
247272021-11-25PRL Order of Mr. Farid Ahmed (F-259).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
247252021-11-25PRL Order of Mr. B.M. Afroza (A-3184).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
247222021-11-25PRL Order of Mr. Mohammad Shafik Ullah (S-1237).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
247202021-11-25PRL Order of Mr. Bhabatsah Chandra Das (B-286).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
247102021-11-24PRL Order of Mr. Md. Kamal Uddin Sarkar (K-240).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
247082021-11-24PRL Order of Mr. Jotish Chandra Ray (J-345), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
247062021-11-24PRL Order of Mr. Mohammad Latifur Rahman (L-204), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
246932021-11-23PRL Order of Khandakar Mobarra Halim (M-2938), AGM, Cental Accounts Department.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
246732021-11-21PRL Order of Sapan Kumar Saha (S-1823).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
246712021-11-21PRL Order of Md. Siddikur Rahman (S-1620), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
246702021-11-21PRL Order of Md. Abdul Hamid Gazi (A-3207), DAO (In Charge- AGM), Cumilla.HRMD1, Personal Letters
246652021-11-18PRL Order of Milan Kanti Dey (M-1649).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
246612021-11-18PRL Order of Mohammad Mohsin (M-1873), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
246592021-11-18PRL Order of Bodhipriyo Mutsuddi (B-584), DAO (DGM), Chattogram Division.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
246252021-11-16PRL Order of Md. Murad Hossain Khan (M-1748).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
246162021-11-16PRL Order of Ali Mahmud Khan (A-2825).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
245912021-11-14PRL Order of Mr. Md. Tarikul Islam (T-409), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
245022021-11-04PRL Order of mohammad Nazrul Islam Hawladar (N-1106), RAO (AGM), Khulna.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
244572021-11-03PRL Order of Md. Nozmul Haq (N-561).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
243782021-10-27PRL Order of Md. Abul Fazal (A-2592).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
243332021-10-21Joining Letter of Mr. Adhir Chandra Das (A-4169), DGM.Audit, Personal LettersPDF
242802021-10-18PRL Order of Dilara Begum (D-176).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
242762021-10-18PRL Order of Mr. Md. Sirajul Islam (S-3334), AGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
242352021-10-13PRL Order of Sudip Kumar Barua (S-3372), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
242332021-10-13PRL Order of Tarun Kanti Kundu (T-412), CRM (DGM), Bagerhat.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
238452021-09-30PRL Order of Md. Nurul Islam Bhuiyan (N-699).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
238432021-09-30PRL Order of Mohammad Zoynal Abedin (Z-358).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
237972021-09-29PRL Order of Md. Mustafizur Rahman(M-3259), CRM (DGM), Feni. HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
237312021-09-27PRL Order of Ajay Kumar Ray (A-6763), RAO (AGM), B.Baria.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
235842021-09-21PRL Order of Rupak Kumar Bishwangri (R-1131).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
234192021-09-12PRL Order of Shekh Alaudding (A-6222), DGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
233612021-09-07PRL Order of Md. Nurul Haq (N-1206).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
233502021-09-06PRL Order of Mohammad Abdur Rashid (A-6065), RAO (AGM), Jhenaidah.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
233062021-09-01PRL Order of Shamal Kumar Bhattacharjya (S-1834).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
232442021-08-26PRL Order of Sheikh Shamsur Rahman(S-3043)HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
230412021-08-18PRL Order of Md. Mostafa Kalam(M-2963).Kushtia Division, Personal LettersPDF
229942021-08-16PRL Order of Jhosna Begum(J-418). HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
229092021-08-11PRL Order of Md. Qayum Khan (Q-26).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
229072021-08-11PRL Order of Md. Mahbubur Rahman Bhuiyan (M-3247), RAO(AGM), Chandpur.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
228592021-08-09PRL Order of Al Mamun Harunur Rashid (A-3013).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
228512021-08-09PRL Order of Md. Faruk Hossain Khan (F-219).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
228492021-08-09PRL Order of Amal Chandra Debnath (A-3000).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
228452021-08-09PRL Order of Md. Mostafizur Rahman (M-1155), CRM(DGM), Cumilla.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
228332021-08-05PRL Order of Khandaker Moshiur Rahman (M-2914), AGM.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
227402021-07-29PRL Order of A.K.M. Zakir Hossain (Z-138), RAO (AGM).HRMD1, Personal Letters
226582021-07-27PRL Order of Md. Abu Sadek Mia (A-6662), DGM, HRMD-1.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
226072021-07-18HRMD-1(Section-2)/60: PRL Order of Durga Prashad Kar (D-419).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
226052021-07-18HRMD-1(Section-2)/61: PRL Order of Md. Amzed Hossain (A-3348).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
225882021-07-15PRL Order of Haradhon Chandra Das (H-423).HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
225852021-07-15PRL Order of Md. Dulal Mia (D-182), AGM, Audit Department.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
225672021-07-15Leave Encashment of Mahtab Al Rashedi (M-3272), Honorable GM.HRMD1, Personal Letters, UncategorizedPDF
225562021-07-14HRMD1(Section-2)-47: ছুটি নগদায়ন বাবদ প্রাপ্ত টাকা মঞ্জুর প্রসঙ্গে। HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
225282021-07-08PRL Order of Mohammad Abdul Mazid (A-6528), DGM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
225252021-07-08PRL Order of Md. Abdul Kader (A-2781).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
216702021-06-10Leave Encashment of Md. Mosharraf Hossain (M-3298), Honorable GM.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
216052021-06-03PRL Order of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-1543), CRM(DGM), Khulna.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
215922021-06-02PRL Order of Abul Kalam Azad (A-3062), SPO.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
215452021-05-30HRMD 2- 3206: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
215382021-05-27PRL Order of Pushpal Barua (P-305).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
215292021-05-25PRL Order of Md. Abdul Malek (A-6176), DAO(DGM), Kushtia.HRMD1, Personal Letters
215242021-05-24PRL Order of Sushil Kumar Bishwas (S-1965), RAO(AGM), Rangamati.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
215032021-05-20PRL Order of Tarok Chandra Mondol (T-353).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
214292021-05-09PRL Order of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-3005), CRM (DGM), Kishorganj.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
214272021-05-09PRL Order of Shilu Deb (S-944).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
214042021-05-04PRL Order of Md. A. Salam (A-6330), CRM(DGM), Jhalakathi.HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF
213472021-04-29PRL Order of Md. Jasim Uddin (J-244).HRMD1, Personal LettersPDF