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233022021-09-01Accounts Circular No- 07/2021: Regarding Target Determination & Achievement of Loan Interest Income, Deposit Interest Cost, Ancillary Business Income & Operational Profit for 2021-2022 FY.Central Accounts Department, UncategorizedPDF
231642021-08-25Acc2-121: Regarding Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.CAD2, Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
227142021-07-28Accounts-43: Regarding Change in Income Tax Rebate.Central Accounts Department, UncategorizedPDF
226462021-07-25Accounts-39: Letter About Rate of Source Tax Deduction for the Financial Year 2021-2022.Central Accounts Department, UncategorizedPDF
225522021-07-14Accounts1-30: Regarding Income Tax Return for fiscal year 2020-2021.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
225492021-07-14Accounts1-31: Regarding Income Tax information sending for fiscal year 2020-2021.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
223822021-07-01Accounts-03: Letter About Deduction and Collection of Source TaxCentral Accounts DepartmentPDF
222132021-06-28Accounts Circular No- 04/2021: Regarding Combined (General Banking & Foreign Exchange Banking) Schedule of Charges 2021.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
222082021-06-28Accounts-3877: Regarding Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
222062021-06-28Accounts-3877: Regarding Special Student Scholarship-2021 (Exam-H.S.C 2020).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
221792021-06-27Accounts-1031: Regarding Opening Sub-Head Account for BFC Bank Limited (EzRemit).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
217272021-06-10Accounts Circular No: 03/2021 - Annual Closing Circular-2021.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
216322021-06-08Accounts-982: Regarding Up-keeping & Displaying 30.06.2020 Based Balance-sheet, Profit Loss Account & Highlights on Overall Banking Activities Related Information on Branches.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
216222021-06-07Accounts-898: Regarding Interest Remission Account Adjustments Process for COVID-19 on May & April, 2020Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
215692021-05-31CAD-3686: Regarding Issuing PF Index of Senior Officer , Officer (Cash) & Assistant Engineer(Civil).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
215072021-05-23Accounts-3632: Regarding Proper Implantation of Instructions on Different Advises Sent from Branches.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
214642021-05-12Accounts-885:Letter on deducting Accounts Maintenance fee on December'21 except on June'21(For 2021 Calender year)Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
214392021-05-11Accounts-878: Regarding Opening New Sub-heads for NEC Money Transfer Limited, UK.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
214332021-05-09Accounts-876: Regarding Deduction of Income Tax for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 (Tax Year 2021-2022).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
213342021-04-28Accounts-865: Requste for EOI (Expression of Interest)- Selection of External Auditors for Auditing BKB Annual Accounts for the year Ended 30.06.21,2020-21).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
213002021-04-26Accounts-3458: Karmachari Kalyan (Bodanno) Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
212622021-04-22Acc1-859: Unclaimed Deposit List upto 30/06/2018.CAD1, Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
199162021-02-22CAD-2834: Regarding Issuing PF Index of Senior Officer , Security Officer (SO) & Officer (Cash).Central Accounts Department
196962021-01-31Acc2-2547: Karmachari Kalyan (Bodanno) Tahobil-(31-01-2021).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
193542020-12-31Joining Letter of Khan Tamjid Ahmed (T-437), DGM, AccountsCentral Accounts DepartmentPDF
192522020-12-23Accounts-536: About sending Bangladesh Bank's BACH charge on 1110-Online General account instead of 1114-General account.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
191032020-12-14Half Yearly Closing-2020 circularCentral Accounts DepartmentPDF
184242020-11-29Acc-2/1815: Issuing PF Index No.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
182492020-11-09Acc1-1536: Special Student Scholarship/2020 (S.S.C Ex-2020).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
182412020-11-09Acc2-1537: Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
173092020-09-23Acc1-257: Deduction of Source tax in fiscal year 2020-21.CAD1, Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
169302020-08-18Acc2-377: বিকেবি, কর্মচারী কল্যাণ(বদান্য) তহবিল থেকে ব্যাংকের অবসরপ্রাপ্ত কর্মকর্তা/কর্মচারীদের এককালীন অনুদানের অর্থ মঞ্জুরী প্রদান প্রসঙ্গে।CAD2, Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
163272020-06-25Regarding Sending Final Income Tax Statement on Excel Format for the Fiscal Year 2019-2020.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
162822020-06-18Excise dutyCentral Accounts DepartmentPDF
162592020-06-15Accounts Circular No-04/2020: About Accounting Procedure of 4% Interest Loan.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
162562020-06-15Accounts-974: About Vat deduction Rules, 2020Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
161242020-05-20Accounts Circular No-02/2020: নভেল করোনা ভাইরাস এর প্রাদূর্ভাবের কারণে সৃষ্ট ব্যবসায়িক পরিস্থিতি বিবেচনায় ব্যাংক ঋণ/বিনিয়োগের উপর আরোপিত/আরোপযোগ্য সুদ/মুনাফা সুদবিহীন ব্লকড হিসেবে স্থানান্তরের লক্ষ্যে এর হিসাবায়ন পদ্ধতি প্রসঙ্গে।Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
160672020-05-12Regarding deduction of salary tax (tax year 2020-2021, fiscal year 2019-2020)Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
159732020-04-28About cancellation of monthly installments for 4 months(April,20 to July,20)due to Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha and another two months for Covid-19CAD2, Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
151882020-01-28CAD-2224: Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
151332020-01-22Accounts-729: Regarding Reduction & Deposition of Source Tax Imposed on Different Deposit/ Saving Scheme Interests.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
145002019-12-19Account Circular-22/2019: Regarding Calculation of Loan Account According to BRPD-5 Circular.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
143462019-12-12Accounts Circular No: 21/2019 - Half-Yearly Closing-2019Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
143402019-12-12Regarding Opening Sub-Account for Money Drawing Arrangement by EFT with Worldwide Cash Express Ltd.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
142882019-12-09CAD: Regarding Issuing PF Index for Newly Recruited Officer & Officer (Cash).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
141802019-12-02Regarding Re-fixing Schedule of Charges (Account Maintenance Fee).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
140832019-11-24CAD:1363-Special Student Scholarship (S.S.C-2019 & H.S.C-2019)Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
140812019-11-24CAD-1362: Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
139792019-11-17PF Index of Newly Recruited Senior Officer (2019).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
132172019-09-18CAD-737: Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
131492019-09-15Accounts Circular -19/2019: Superanuation Rate Change Circular.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
130872019-09-09Regarding Opening Sub-Account for Money Drawing Arragement by EFTN with Southeasl Exchange Company Ltd.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
130702019-09-08Regarding Issuing PF Index to Assistant Programmer & Assistant Maintenance EngineerCentral Accounts DepartmentPDF
129762019-09-03CAD-203: Regarding Opening Sub-head.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
129722019-09-03Regarding Depositing Unclaimed Deposits to Government Fund.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
128182019-08-20Regarding Bangladesh Krishi Bank VAT Registration Certificate.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
126962019-08-06Regarding Fund Transfer for Employees Welfare Fund to Return Contributions with Profit.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
126382019-07-30Regarding Deduction Rate of Source Tax for FY 2019-2020Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
126432019-07-30Accounts Circular No- 18/2019: Regarding Determination & Accomplishment of Operational Profit Target for FY 2019-20.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
125372019-07-17Special Student Scholarship-2019(J.S.C & P.E.C Examination-2018)Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
125322019-07-17CAD-178: Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
124952019-07-16Regarding Sending Application for Employees Welfare Fund.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
123772019-07-07Regarding Sending Corrected Salary Computation Sheet & Income Tax Final Statement on Excel Format for the Fiscal Year 2018-19.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
123682019-07-07Central Accounts Department:18 - Financial Statement of 2017-18 FY.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
123602019-07-07Central Accounts- Audited Financial Report of 2017-18 FY.Central Accounts Department
123352019-07-03Regarding Submission of Tax Return on Salary Income for the FY 2018-19.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
123332019-07-03Regarding Change Vat Deduction Rate on Budget of 201-19 FY.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
122062019-06-30Regarding Issuing PF Index to Newly Recruited Assistant Engineer(Civil).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
121692019-06-25Regarding Proper Calculation of IBTA Interest.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
121152019-06-23Regarding Sending Interest Remission Advice.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
120692019-06-19Regarding Sending Information About Welfare Fund Contribution.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
120032019-06-13Accounts Circular No: 17/2019 - Annual Closing-2019Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
118732019-05-23CAD-2776: Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
118672019-05-23Regarding Opening New Loan Head for Inland Bill Purchase (IBP).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
118652019-05-23Regarding Remission of Interest at Branch Level.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
118252019-05-21Regarding Income Tax Deduction on Salary for the fiscal year 2018-2019.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
116612019-05-06Regarding Opening New Sub-heads for Daytona Capital Management Limited.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
115812019-04-29List of Ten Years or Above Unclaimed Deposit Transferred to Bangladesh Bank.Central Accounts Department
115472019-04-24Regarding Opening New Sub-heads for Remitix Limited (Mukuru), UK & Aftab Currency Exchange Limited, UK.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
115342019-04-24Regarding Issuing PF Index of Newly Recruited Drivers.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
113912019-04-07CAD- Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
112362019-03-25Regarding Issuing PF Index of Newly Recruited Assistant Engineers(Civil).Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
111312019-03-14Accounts Circular Letter 16/2019: Monthly Closing CircularCentral Accounts DepartmentPDF
110662019-03-10Regarding Opening Sub-head for Money Gram & First Security Islami Exchange Italy s.r.I.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
110382019-03-07Regarding VAT Collection: Services Taken From Out Side Of BangladeshCentral Accounts DepartmentPDF
110072019-03-04Regarding Issuing PF Index to Recently Recruited Data Entry/ Control Operator & Officer(Cash)Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
109962019-03-03Accounts Circular No- 15/2019: Determination of Revised Rate form BKB Locker Service.Central Accounts DepartmentPDF
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