Notice & Circular

1.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Rajib Saha (R-1404).HRMD122-06-2017
2.PRL Order of Shamim Ara Banu (S-3484).HRMD222-06-2017
3.Regarding Bank's Security during Eid-ul-Fitr Vacation.BCBD22-06-2017
4.A 2(Two) days work Plan for Year Closing June-2017 of BKB Online Branches.ICT22-06-2017
5.Transfer Order of SPO (22-06-17).HRMD222-06-2017
6.Transfer Order of DGM.HRMD221-06-2017
7.Custom House & Customs Station related branch open on 23-25 june'2017.BCBD21-06-2017
8.Readymade Garments related branch open on 23 & 24 june'2017.BCBD21-06-2017
9.Foreign Remittance related branch open on 24 june'2017.BCBD21-06-2017
10.Admin Circular-11/2017: Regarding Pension for the month june'17.HRMD221-06-2017
11.Regarding stop temporarily loan recovery.LRD21-06-2017
12.Amendment in Yearly Closing Circular -30th June, 2017.CAD120-06-2017
13.Regarding preparing 43rd CL Description.LCD20-06-2017
14.Planning Circular-08/2017: Foreign Remittance Target determination & achievement.FRMD20-06-2017
15.Transfer Order of AGM (19-06-2017).HRMD220-06-2017
16.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Shahidul Alam (S-1357).HRMD219-06-2017
17.Regarding New Innovation Idea.ICT19-06-2017
18.Promotion Order from Doptary to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD119-06-2017
19.Promotion Order from Pion to Doptary.HRMD119-06-2017
20.Regarding not to leave Head Quarter on 30-06-2017 & 01-07-2017.HRMD219-06-2017
21.Regarding CL Details Sending in MS Excel Format.LCD18-06-2017
22.PRL Order of Monindra Chandra Mondol, Dulal Chandra Mondol, Md. Akbar Ali, Didarul Alam Chowdhury, DGM.HRMD218-06-2017
23.Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (15-06-2017).HRMD215-06-2017
24.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Ashish Kumar Das (A-7240).HRMD215-06-2017
25.Regarding Loan Ledger Memorandum of Interest.LRD14-06-2017
26.Loan Recovery Circular-03/2017: Loan Recovery Target determination & achievement.LRD14-06-2017
27.Promotion order from Data entry Operator to Supervisor.HRMD1, Latest News13-06-2017
28.Operation CIrcular-06/2017: Annual Deposit Collection working plan for the year 2017-18.BCBD13-06-2017
29.Accounts Circular-06/2017: Profit Target determination & achievement for branch in the year 2017-18.CAD113-06-2017
30.Promotion Order from Supervisor To Officer (12-06-2017)HRMD112-06-2017
31.Admin Circular-10/2017 : Suspension of advance Installment deduction in June'17.HRMD212-06-2017
32.Amendment order in distribution of various department in Head Office.MPD12-06-2017
33.Regarding Electronic Payment System acceleration.TMD11-06-2017
34.Release Order of Mr. Md. Abul Hossain, DMD.HRMD211-06-2017
35.Loan Recovery Circular-01/2017: Regarding CL Loan Target determination & Achievement.LCD08-06-2017
36.Regarding Income Tax (Salary) for the fiscal year 2016-2017.CAD108-06-2017
37.HRMD-2/3(1)Part/2016-17/3862: Employee's Transfer related.HRMD208-06-2017
38.Planning Circular-05/2017: Regarding Annual credit distribution targets under SMEsSME08-06-2017
39.Regarding Minutes of 20th Meeting held on 08-05-2017.ICD05-06-2017
40.Admin Circular-09/2017: Regarding Exgratia for the fiscal Year 2015-2016.HRMD231-05-2017
41.PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-493).HRMD231-05-2017
42.Admin Circular-08/2017: Regarding Foreign Tour instructions.HRMD230-05-2017
43.Regarding Interest subsidy for the fiscal year 2013-14,2014-15 & 2015-16.CAD130-05-2017
44.Accounts1 Circular-05/2017: Yearly Closing Circular-30th June, 2017.CAD130-05-2017
45.Regarding Self-Assessment of Anti-Fraud Internal Controls october-december'2016 Querterly Report.ICD29-05-2017
46.Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of AGM (28-05-2017).HRMD228-05-2017
47.Promotion Order from Officer to Senior Officer (27-05-2017).HRMD127-05-2017
48.Regarding Re-determination of Loan Recovery Target, 2017LRD24-05-2017
49.Determination of Office schedule in Ramazan, 2017.BCBD23-05-2017
50.HO/CL-3(Part-1)/2016-17/1175: Regarding CL Description Soft copy sending.LCD23-05-2017
51.PRL Order of Md. Abdul Latif (A-4084).HRMD222-05-2017
52.PRL Order of A B M Khorshed Alam (K-351).HRMD222-05-2017
53.Regarding Tea Loan application fee & Interest Rate.CREDIT122-05-2017
54.Confirmation of AGM (21-05-2017).HRMD222-05-2017
55.Joining letter of Mohammadul Amin, Officer at MD's Secretariat.21-05-2017
56.Joining Letter of Chief Staff Officer of Managing Director's Secretariat.21-05-2017
57.Reschedule Viva for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer (18-05-2017).HRMD118-05-2017
58.Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of Chief Staff Officer at MD's Secretariat.HRMD218-05-2017
59.Due to humanitarian aid appeal.HRMD117-05-2017
60.Charge Handover of Managing Director 's Chief Staff Officer.17-05-2017
61.Regarding Impose Additional Charge of DGM, Credit-2.HRMD216-05-2017
62.Transfer Order of AGM, SPO(16-05-2017).HRMD216-05-2017
63.Transfer Order of SPO Ajoy Kumar Roy (A-6763).HRMD215-05-2017
64.PRL Order of Rahima Khatun (R-1016), AGM.HRMD215-05-2017
65.Transfer Order of SPO (14-05-2017).HRMD214-05-2017
66.Regarding Viva Schedule for promotion of Omar Faruq Mesbah Uddin(M-3225).HRMD111-05-2017
67.Recovery-8(62)MOUBB/2016-17/897: Regarding CL loan & Recovery activities.LRD11-05-2017
68.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Shyamol Kanti Chowdhury (S-1618).HRMD211-05-2017
69.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Amzad Hossain (A-6121).HRMD211-05-2017
70.Recruitment Result of Programmer, Assistant Programmer, Assistant Engineer (Civil), Assistant Engineer (Electrical) and Computer Operator.HRMD1, Latest News09-05-2017
71.Joining Letter of Md. Rafikul Islam,GM.HRMD208-05-2017
72.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Yeahea Bhuiyan (E-337)HRMD208-05-2017
73.Due to humanitarian aid appeal.HRMD107-05-2017
74.List of selected candidates for recruitment from reserved panel.HRMD107-05-2017
75.Regarding the traditional internal audit report in a timely and effective way.VAD207-05-2017
76.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Shamir Chakma (S-3375)HRMD207-05-2017
77.About "Modhumela Anushthan" from 15-05-2017 to 25-05-2017.LRD04-05-2017
78.Reschedule Viva for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD104-05-2017
79.Recovery-1(58)/Monitoring/2016-17/865: Regarding 100% target achievement for Loan Recovery.LRD03-05-2017
80.Viva Schedule for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD103-05-2017
81.Promotion order from PO to SPO (02/05/2017).HRMD102-05-2017
82.Transfer Order of GM (02-05-2017).HRMD202-05-2017
83.PMD-05(794)Part-1/2016-17/443: Recovery Statement from Top-25(Case) & Top-25(Without Case) Defaulters as on 31.03.2017.PMD27-04-2017
84.PMD-05(5338)/2016-17/447: Recovery Statement from top-100 defaulters as on 31-03-2017.PMD27-04-2017
85.Promotion Order from SO to PO(26-04-2017).HRMD1, Latest News26-04-2017
86.PRL Order of Jagodish Chandra Sarkar (J-152).HRMD226-04-2017
87.Regarding agricultural Loan facilities for the farmers of recently flood affected Haor Areas.BCBD25-04-2017
88.Accounts Circular : 04/2017, Regarding Karmochari Kollan Tahabil Nitimala-2012 Revised RateCAD225-04-2017
89.Transfer Order (25-04-2017).HRMD225-04-2017
90.Admin Circular-07/2017: Regarding Pension "Bangla Noboborsho Vhata".HRMD224-04-2017
91.Pronibi-2/nirikha-24/2016-17/2187: Crash Program.VAD224-04-2017
92.PMD-05(5338)/2016-17/432: Regarding discussion meeting with defaulter Loanee.PMD24-04-2017
93.Cancellation of Transfer Order (23-04-2017).HRMD224-04-2017
94.Accounts-1/Kar Br.-05/2016-17/1088: Regarding E-BIN use.CAD123-04-2017
95.Recovery-2(1)/Interest Remission/2016-17/843(1200): Regarding Timely Presentation of Interest Remission proposal.LRD23-04-2017
96.PRL Order of Md. Atahar Uddin (A-6853), DGM.HRMD223-04-2017
97.PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman (H-456), DGM.HRMD223-04-2017
98.Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (23-04-2017).HRMD223-04-2017
99.Transfer Order of AGM (19-04-2017).HRMD220-04-2017
100.DO letter of Managing DirectorBCBD, Latest News19-04-2017
101.PRL Order of Rupen Kanti Dhor(R-1164), Feni.HRMD219-04-2017
102.PRL Order of Md. Zakir Hossain Mollik (Z-362), Khulna.HRMD219-04-2017
103.PRL Order of Md. Faruk Khan (F-633), Patuakhali.HRMD219-04-2017
104.Planning Circular-04/2017: Regarding Moratorium time granted for frozen shrimp factory.CREDIT118-04-2017
105.Valuation method of mortgage property against Bank Loan.CREDIT118-04-2017
106.Transfer Order of AGM.HRMD217-04-2017
107.Regarding "Uniform Account Opening Form" fillup.ICD13-04-2017
108.Accounts-1/Tax-05/2016-17/1065: Regarding VAT, Excise Duty & Source Tax.CAD113-04-2017
109.Revised Viva Schedule for promotion from SO to PO (13-04-2017).HRMD113-04-2017
110.Regarding Financial Power of DGM(Admin & Operation) in Barisal Divisional Office.HRMD213-04-2017
111.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Khan Tamzid Ahmed (T-437).HRMD211-04-2017
112.Transfer order (10-04-2017).HRMD211-04-2017
113.PRL Order of Md. Abdul Kaiyum (A-6340), Sherpur.HRMD209-04-2017
114.PRL Order of Subroto Ranjan Das (S-1784), Sylhet.HRMD209-04-2017
115.TMD(RTGS)/prosha-17/2016-17/637: Regarding RTGS Customes E-Payment Piloting.TMD09-04-2017
116.HRMD-2/21(3)/2016-17/3115: Regarding Attendence in workplace.HRMD203-04-2017
117.Planning Circular-03/2017: Regarding Schedule of Charges.SME03-04-2017
118.BCBD-1(102)mc-16/2016-17/1172: Regarding 75 Days Working Plan.BCBD02-04-2017
119.PRL Order of Md. Israil Khan(I-79), Bhupendro Chandra Paul(B-535), Md. Ibrahim Hossain(I-275).HRMD230-03-2017
120.HRMD-2/3(1)/2016-17/3072: Regarding Protocol Officer of BKB.HRMD230-03-2017
121.HRMD-2/21(3)/2016-17/3049: Regarding PRL Application.HRMD230-03-2017
122.Admin Circular-06/2017 : Re-formation of Tender Opening & Evaluation Committee.MPD29-03-2017
123.Transfer Order of SPO (29-03-2017).HRMD229-03-2017
124.Promotion viva withdrawal of Nahid Fatema(N-1546).HRMD129-03-2017
125.PRL Order of Md. Shohrab Uddin Mia (S-927).HRMD228-03-2017
126.Accounts Circular-03/2017 : Re-determination of Employees Superannuation fund fees .CAD228-03-2017
127.PRL Order of Akhil Chandra Dutta(A-6271), AGM.HRMD228-03-2017
128.ICT Circular-02/2017: In the context of the overall security and ensuring data preservation.ICT, Policy & Guideline28-03-2017
129.Viva schedule for the post(s) of Programmer, Assistant Engineer (Civil), Assistant Programmer, Assistant Engineer (Electrical) & Computer Operator.HRMD1, Latest News28-03-2017
130.Regarding Issuing PF Index No of newly joined Senior Officers & officers.CAD228-03-2017
131.PRL Order of Md. Shohrab Hossain Mia(S-3228), SPO.HRMD228-03-2017
132.PRL Order of A T M Kamruzzaman (K-672), SPO.HRMD228-03-2017
133.Regarding RTGS Transaction for increasing Income.TMD27-03-2017
134.PRL Order of Rowshon Sultana (R-1049).HRMD223-03-2017
135.Invitation of participation in rally on the occasion of the Independence and National Day on 26 th March, 2017.EWTD22-03-2017
136.Joining Letter of Qureshi Mahmud Hasan, GM.HRMD220-03-2017
137.PRL Order of Parimal Kanti Bhowal (P-128), DAO.HRMD219-03-2017
138.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Khurshed Rashid (K-715).HRMD219-03-2017
139.Release Order of Dr. Md. Shahjahan, GM.HRMD216-03-2017
140.Transfer Order of GM (16-03-2017).HRMD216-03-2017
141.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Shahriar Mahmud Hasan (S-3883).HRMD215-03-2017
142.Regarding Protocol Officer of BKB.HRMD215-03-2017
143.Filing of money code cases in persuance of section-14 of the Arthorin Adalat Ain-2003 as well as preparing the list of mortgaged properties acquired under 33(5) and 33(7) of the said Act.LAW14-03-2017
144.Transfer Order of Md. Abdul Mannan(A-6197), SPO.HRMD213-03-2017
145.ITD-1(05)/2016-17/1722: Regarding BB-AD Forum decisions.ITD12-03-2017
146.Transfer order (09-03-2017).HRMD209-03-2017
147.Joining letter of Md. Khazamuddin Talukdar, GM (09-03-2017).HRMD209-03-2017
148.Transfer order of SPO (09-03-2017).HRMD209-03-2017
149.Regarding provide Financial & Administrative Power.HRMD208-03-2017
150.Transfer Order of SPO (08-03-2017)HRMD208-03-2017
151.Admin Circular-05/2017: Promotion, Recruitment related notifications for the post of MD, DMD & GM.HRMD207-03-2017
152.Regarding provide update information for promotion from GM to DMD.HRMD206-03-2017
153.In the context of the suspension of the activities of Mobile BankingICT06-03-2017
154.PRL Order of H M Abdul Wadud, Md. Shahidullah, GM.HRMD205-03-2017
155.PRL Order of Md. Mosleh Uddin Ahmed (M-1425).HRMD205-03-2017
156.Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (05-03-2017).HRMD205-03-2017
157.Admin Circular-04/2017: Regarding Suspension of Admin Circular-04/2012.HRMD205-03-2017
158.PRL Order of Md. Nurul Amin (N-408), Sunamgonj.HRMD205-03-2017
159.Transfer Order of AGM (02-03-2017).HRMD202-03-2017
160.Joining Letter of Md. Nurul Islam, Noni Gopal Datta (N-782), GM.HRMD202-03-2017
161.List of Primarily Selected Candidates for the post Officer (Cash).HRMD102-03-2017
162.Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (01-03-2017).HRMD201-03-2017
163.Shok Songbad.EWTD01-03-2017
164.Transfer Order of SPO (01-03-2017).HRMD201-03-2017
165.Additional Financial Power have been provided to Md. Abul Kashem (A-4156), SPO, Laksam.HRMD201-03-2017
166.Release Order of Md. Yunus Ali, GM, Khulna, (28-02-2017).HRMD228-02-2017
167.PRL Order of Ratan Kumar Datta (R-270).HRMD228-02-2017
168.PRL Order of Md. Rafikul Islam(R-1137), Khandoker Abdur Rouf (A-4631).HRMD227-02-2017
169.PRL Order of Md. Habibur Rahman (H-741).HRMD227-02-2017
170.Planning and Management circular No-02/2017: About the 13th Meeting of the AD Forum decisions taken by the Bangladesh Bank.ITD27-02-2017
171.PRL Order of Shahjahan Fakir (S-897).HRMD227-02-2017
172.Joining Letter of Md. Khazamuddin Talukder, Noni Gopal Dutta, Md. Nurul Islam, GM (26-02-2017).HRMD226-02-2017
173.PRL Order of Sankar Lal Roy(S-1225), Jamalpur.HRMD226-02-2017
174.PRL Order of Gourango Sarkar(G-485), Md. Azizur Rahman(A-6020), Md. Robiul Islam(R-1031), Md. Nazrul Islam(N-1384), AGM.HRMD226-02-2017
175.Suspension of 'Karmoprerona award policy for collecting deposit' (23-02-2017).CAD123-02-2017
176.Transfer Order of GM (23-02-2017).HRMD223-02-2017
177.Joining Letter of Mr. Thakur Das Kundu, GM.HRMD223-02-2017
178.Joining Letter of Mr. Md. Afzal Karim, GM.HRMD223-02-2017
179.PRL Order of AGM Swapon Kumar Saha (S-1810),HRMD222-02-2017
180.PRL Order of S. M. Saiduzzaman (S-1919).HRMD222-02-2017
181.Audit Circular-02/2017: Regarding Broadsheet answer.VAD122-02-2017
182.Audit Circular-01/2017: Regarding compliance/Re-compliance report for the settlement of objections raised in Bangladesh Bank inspection report.VAD122-02-2017
183.Amendment order in distribution of various department of Head Office (22-02-2017).MPD22-02-2017
184.Transfer order of DGM.HRMD222-02-2017
185.PRL Order of Juthika Rani Karmaker (J-166).HRMD222-02-2017
186.Manpower Distribution of ICT Department.HRMD1, HRMD222-02-2017
187.Transfer order of SPO (20-02-2017).HRMD222-02-2017
188.Transfer order of GMHRMD2, Latest News20-02-2017
189.PRL Order of Anis Ahmed (A-2937).HRMD220-02-2017
190.Planning Circular-01/2017: Revised Interest Rate of Various Savings Scheme.BCBD16-02-2017
191.Revised Target of Loan Disbursement.RMCD16-02-2017
192.Transfer Order of Mohammad Moinul Islam, SPO.HRMD216-02-2017
193.Suspension of 'Karmoprerona award policy for collecting deposit' (14-02-2017).CAD116-02-2017
194.Transfer Order of DGM Md. Ferdouse(F-263), Mrs. Farida Siddika(F-631) And AGM Ali Akkas Patwary(A-2024).HRMD216-02-2017
195.Regarding distribution of Loan, Recovery & Profit related activities monitoring.BCBD15-02-2017
196.Regarding Annual Target of School Banking, Financial Service.BCBD14-02-2017
197.Viva Schedule for Promotion from PO to SPO for Uttam Datta Chowdhury(U-58) and Md. Mahfuzur Rahman.(M-3578).HRMD114-02-2017
198.Regarding Uniform a/c opening Form & KYC Profile Form-issue.RMD14-02-2017
199.Transfer Order of AGM 13-02-2017HRMD214-02-2017
200.PRL Order of Md. Lutfor Rahman Molla (L-207).HRMD213-02-2017
201.Regarding Finance Loan act-2003(Revised-2010).LAW13-02-2017
202.About rent of BKB Uttara dormatory's room.PROCUREMENT12-02-2017
203.PRL Order of AGM Gias Uddin Ahmed(G-169), Narayanganj.HRMD212-02-2017
204.Transfer Order of AGM 11-02-2017HRMD2, Latest News11-02-2017
205.SPO to AGM Promotion Order 2017HRMD2, Latest News11-02-2017
206.Accounts-2-13(Anudan): BKB Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil (Badanna).CAD209-02-2017
207.Revised Viva Schedule for promotion from PO to SPO (08-02-2017).HRMD109-02-2017
208.PRL order of K M Yusuf Harun (Y-162), Md. Sanowar Jamal (S-1055).HRMD209-02-2017
209.PRL Order of SPO Moni Mohon Sarker (M-2991), Md Abu bakar Siddik (A-3843).HRMD208-02-2017
210.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Akinjon Biswas (A-7288).HRMD208-02-2017
211.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Rafiq Uddin (R-1105).HRMD208-02-2017
212.Circular No-HO/Cre:B:-1/3(7)/2016-17/442: Fee reduction in renewal of Working Capital/Cash Credit/Continous Loan.CREDIT107-02-2017
213.PRL Order of AGM Sukumar Das (S-1612), Md. Abdul Kuddus (A-3067).HRMD207-02-2017
214.PRL related announcement of Monowarul Kabir Khandoker (M-1139).HRMD106-02-2017
215.Viva Reschedule for Promotion from SPO to AGM (06-02-2017).HRMD206-02-2017
216.PRL Order of SPO Md. Shahjahan Sarker(S-804).HRMD205-02-2017
217.Transfer Order of DGM Md. Mahtab Uddin(M-1489), AGM Md. Nurul Amin (N-457).HRMD205-02-2017
218.Adjustment Transfer Order of AGM.HRMD204-02-2017
219.Adjustment Transfer Order of DGM.HRMD204-02-2017
220.Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (02-02-2017).HRMD202-02-2017
221.PRL Order of DGM Md. Monir Hosen (M-1852)Dhaka, Md. Khalilur Rahman (K-364) Moulvibazar, Md. Abdul Ohab (A-3871) Dhaka.HRMD202-02-2017
222.PRL Order of AGM S.M Farid Uddin (F-565) Patuakhali.HRMD202-02-2017
223.PRL Order of SPO Anisur Rahman (A-2048).HRMD201-02-2017
224.Managing Director's Commitment on preventing Money Laundering activities & financing in terrorism.RMD01-02-2017
225.ICT Circular-01-2017: Redetermination of Online Transaction charge.ICT, Policy & Guideline01-02-2017
226.Planning Circular-22/2017: Redetermination of Deposit Interest Rate.CREDIT131-01-2017
227.Joining letter of Sheikh Mahmood Kamal, Md. Shamsur Rahman, Md. Habib Ullah, GM.30-01-2017
228.PRL Order of SPO Abul Hasan Miah(H-277).HRMD229-01-2017
229.Transfer Order of AGM & SPO (29-01-2017)HRMD229-01-2017
230.In the context of the redistribution order of the bank's headquarters allocate division.MPD, Uncategorized26-01-2017
231.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Mozibur Rahman (M-3017).HRMD226-01-2017
232.BCBD-1(56)/2016-17/895(1250): Regarding Deposit Collection.BCBD25-01-2017
233.Admin Circular-03/2017: Redistribution of Man Power.MPD25-01-2017
234.Due to humanitarian aid appealHRMD125-01-2017
235.Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO (24-01-2017).HRMD225-01-2017
236.PRL Order of SPO Noimur Rashid (N-1262)Rangamati, Ranojit Chandra Dey (R-1091) ChandpurHRMD224-01-2017
237.Revised MPD/Circular-24/2016: Redistribution of different divisions & departments of Head OfficeMPD24-01-2017
238.Viva Schedule for Promotion from SPO to AGM.HRMD223-01-2017
239.Viva Schedule for Promotion from AGM to DGM.HRMD223-01-2017
240.Abroad Tour Permission letter of China Rani Kundu(C-113).HRMD219-01-2017
241.Regarding Weapon License, Renewal & Use Regulation-2016.PROCUREMENT19-01-2017
242.Additional Charge Notice.HRMD217-01-2017
243.PRL Order of Md Showkotozzaman(S-3224), AGM.HRMD217-01-2017
244.Release Order of Md. Shamsur Rahman, GM (16-01-2017).HRMD217-01-2017
245.Joining Letter of Sheikh Mahmud Kamal, GM.HRMD217-01-2017
246.Circular No-01/2017 : Original Dalil Withdraw from Sub-Register's Office.HRMD216-01-2017
247.Transfer Order of GM (15-01-2017).HRMD216-01-2017
248.Joining Letter of H M Abdul Wadud (W-61), GM.HRMD216-01-2017
249.Joining Letter of Md. Shohidullah, Md. Rakibur Rahman Khandoker, Md. Yunus Ali, GM.HRMD216-01-2017
250.Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mohammad Moinul Islam(M-3508).HRMD216-01-2017
251.Transfer Order of General Manager Md. Habib ullah.HRMD212-01-2017
252.Advances against pledge property as collateral obstacles to build a house, including in the context of refund anticipation LeavesHRMD212-01-2017
253.PRL Order of Md. Motahar Hossain(M-1492), Md. Malek Newaz(M-1583), Nasima Begum(N-661), Md. Riaz Uddin Mia(R-411), GM.HRMD212-01-2017
254.PRL Order of Abul Kalam Azad (A-6069)HRMD212-01-2017
255.PRL Order of Md. Abdul Mannan (A-6109).HRMD211-01-2017
256.Transfer Order of General Manager (09-01-2017).HRMD210-01-2017
257.PRL Order of Md. Nazrul Islam (N-1298)HRMD209-01-2017
258.PRL Order of H.M.Abdul Wadud (W-61),DGM, Dhaka.HRMD208-01-2017
259.Joining Letter of GM, Md. Yunus Ali, Md. Rakibur Rahman Khandokar.HRMD208-01-2017
260.Regarding Income Tax Return.CAD108-01-2017
261.Transfer Order of GM Md. Yunus Ali, Md. Rakibur Rahman Khandokar.HRMD208-01-2017
262.Admin Circular-02/2017: Circular related Travelling Allowance.HRMD205-01-2017
263.Planning Circular-21/2017: Increasing Ceiling of Primary School Teachers Loan Scheme.RMCD05-01-2017
264.Transfer Order of DGM (03-01-2017).HRMD203-01-2017
265.Admin Circular-01/2017: List of Admin Circular & Circular Letters.HRMD203-01-2017
266.PRL Order of Md. Ruhul Amin, S A M Nurul Hoque Khandaker, Md. Anowar Hossain, Sharif Ikbal Hamid, DGM.HRMD203-01-2017
267.PRL Order of A.K.M Manjurul Alam(M-1542).HRMD201-01-2017
268.PRL Order of Md. Alauddin(A-2892), Kushtia.HRMD201-01-2017
269.Due to humanitarian aid appeal.HRMD129-12-2016
270.Transfer Order of AGM A.K. M Mahmudul Hasan (M-2052).HRMD229-12-2016
271.Transfer Order of DGM Md. Jashmat Ali (J-412),Md.Mahbubur Rahman(M-3258)HRMD229-12-2016
272.PRL Order of Sachindra Nath Das (S-3203),SPO,Barishal.HRMD229-12-2016
273.PRL Order of Md. Nurul Amin(N-1302),AGM,Khulna.HRMD227-12-2016
274.PRL Order of Md. Abdul Matin Chowdhury(A-6672), AGM, Dhaka.HRMD227-12-2016
275.PRL Order of Dulal Chandra Sarker (D-213), GM , Dhaka.HRMD227-12-2016
276.BB Circular No-03: Regarding Effluent Treatment Plant treatment plant erecting.PCD27-12-2016
277.Transfer Order of AGM Md. Zakir Hosen Mollick(Z-362),Md Mosiul Ajom(M-3304) and SPO Farid Ahammed Choudhury(F-146).HRMD227-12-2016
278.Admin Circular-21/2016: Revised House Building Loan Ceiling.HRMD227-12-2016
279.PRL Order of Md. Meser Uddin Mia(M-1783), DGM.HRMD226-12-2016
280.Admin Circular No-20/2016: Redetermination of Store Keeper's Wages Rate.HRMD226-12-2016
281.PRL Order of AGM Dr.Md.Yunus Miah(Y-165)Comilla,Mahmuda Begum(M-3284)Dhaka.HRMD222-12-2016
282.Related Bank Branch will be closed for Narayangong City Corporation Election on 22 December, 2016.BCBD21-12-2016
283.HRMD-2 Circular no. 04/2016: About after the payment of advances granted to build a house as collateral mortgaged property in advance of releasing a full refund and related documents approved.HRMD221-12-2016
284.HRMD-2 Circular No-05/2016: In the context of the task force to implement the verdict of the lower departmental disciplinary casesHRMD221-12-2016
285.PRL Order of DGM Md. Shahjahan (S-3505)Barishal, Md. Abdul Kuddus Miah(A-2077) Dhaka.HRMD221-12-2016
286.PRL Order of SPO Mahmud Shokrana(M-802),Md. Ruhul Amin(R-1053), Md. Iftekhar Hossen Miah(I-299)HRMD221-12-2016
287.PRL Order of Md.Yusuf (Y-110) GM Comilla.HRMD2, Uncategorized21-12-2016
288.Transfer Order of SPO.HRMD220-12-2016
289.Transfer Order of AGM, SPO.HRMD220-12-2016
290.Transfer Order of DGM, AGM.HRMD220-12-2016
291.Transfer Order of GM.HRMD220-12-2016
292.PRL Order of Borhan Uddin Ahmed(B-563), Md. Mojibur Rahman(M-3017), Saleha Khatun(S-3098), AGM.HRMD219-12-2016
293.PRL Order of Md. Shafiqur Rahman(S-1247), Md. Anowarul Kabir(A-4592), Din Mohammad(D-191), Md. Abdus Salam(A-4593), DGM.HRMD219-12-2016
294.Accounts-1 Circular No-27/2016: About Sending credit advice for centrally deposit Vat, Source Tax and Excise Duty.CAD118-12-2016
295.PRL Order of SPO Md. Abul Hosen(A-6472),Md. Mofizul Islam(M-1476),Monju Rudra(M-865).HRMD218-12-2016
296.PRL Order of Sorowar Mohammad Shahriar(S-3370), AGM.HRMD218-12-2016
297.Transfer Order of AGM S.M Shahidullah(S-1453), A.K.M Aminul Islam(A-1580).HRMD218-12-2016
298.About Preparing 42 nd Classified Loan Statement.LCD15-12-2016
299.PRL Order of S M Shahjahan(S-3346), AGM, Sylhet.HRMD214-12-2016
300.PRL Order of S.M.Mahbubur Rahman(M-1652),Md. Abul Hosen(A-4107), Md.Jashmat Ali(J-412), DGM.HRMD214-12-2016
301.PRL Order of Md.Abdul Kuddus Howladar(A-2376),Md. Golam Mostafa(G-100)HRMD212-12-2016
302.PRL Order of Md. Shah Alam (S-3392),Md. Shahidullah (s-1453)HRMD212-12-2016
303.Transfer Order of DGM Md. A. Halim, Md. Fazlur Rahman, MD. Gias UddinHRMD212-12-2016
304.PRL Order of A.S.M. Moshihur Rahman (M-1511).HRMD212-12-2016
305.BCBD-Office Order-617(270).BCBD11-12-2016
306.Accounts1 Circular-26/2016: Half Yearly Closing Circular-31 December, 2016.CAD111-12-2016
307.PRL Order of Md. Saiful Islam (S-1486).HRMD208-12-2016
308.PRL Order of Md. Robiul Hoque(R-1025), Md. Shifatullah(S-3084), Md. Jahid Hosen(J-560).HRMD208-12-2016
309.PRL Order of Farid Ahmed Chowdhury, Md. Khorshed Alam Bhuiya, Amol Chandra Ghosh.HRMD206-12-2016
310.Planning Circular-20/2016 : Re-Rating of Interest Rate on "BKB Mashik Profit Scheme" and "BKB M.S.S"BCBD06-12-2016
311.120 Days Work Plan From December 2016 To March 2017(Correction)PMD04-12-2016
312.Minute of CCU's quarterly meeting held on 28-11-2016.RMD01-12-2016
313.Regarding Deposit Collection.BCBD01-12-2016
314.PRL Order of Mohon Chandra Chowdhury.HRMD201-12-2016
315.29th & 30th November All Branch Open Up to 8.00PMBCBD30-11-2016
316.120 Days Work Plan From December 2016 To March 2017BCBD30-11-2016
317.PRL Order of Narendra Kumar Shil, A.F.M Nurul Alam, Priyobrato Barua, A.K.M Aminul Islam.HRMD230-11-2016
318.Transfer Order of AGM- Md.A.K.M Monjurul ALam, Md Joynul Abedin.HRMD230-11-2016
319.PRL Order of Md. Abu taher, Sunil Kanti Das, Md. Humayun Kabir, Abdul kader.HRMD230-11-2016
320.PRL Order of Md. Alauddin Biswas & Sattajit Sarkar, DGM.HRMD229-11-2016
321.Minutes of Promoters & Executives.BCBD29-11-2016
322.Circular No- 309/2016-2017 : Regarding Renewable Current Capital Loan.CREDIT129-11-2016
323.Travelling to abroad Permission letter of Ashim Bhushan Kundu.HRMD228-11-2016
324.Regarding Income Tax regulation No: 52(R)(1).CAD128-11-2016
325.Travelling to abroad Permission letter of Jogodish Chandra Haoladar.HRMD228-11-2016
326.Travelling to abroad Permission letter of Md. Delwar Hosen.HRMD228-11-2016
327.PRL Order Of S.M Nuruzzaman.HRMD223-11-2016
328.PRL Order Of Kazi Shahidul Haque.HRMD223-11-2016
329.PRL Order Of Md. Abdul latif.HRMD223-11-2016
330.ICT Circular 07/2013Policy & Guideline23-11-2016
331.Company officials against the target of achieving 08 participation upcoming promotion and annual performance evaluation of the progress made in the context of the successes achieved under the agreement.HRMD222-11-2016
332.About Suddenly able to go to the retirement of an officer / staff of the regulatory office in the context of transferHRMD222-11-2016
333."Dukdho Utpadon & Krittim Projonon khat" refinance scheme loan statement update.PCD22-11-2016
334.Karmachari Kallyan Tahabil (21-11-2016).CAD222-11-2016
335.About Birthdate, PF index with Signature book volume-4 of Employees of BKB.BCBD22-11-2016
336.Admin Circular no.19/2016: About new ceiling on Motor Cycle LoanEWTD22-11-2016
337.Joining Letter of Managing Director, BKB.21-11-2016
338."Dukdho Utpadon & Krittim Projonon khat" refinance scheme loan statement update.PCD20-11-2016
339.Lost of FDD, FTTBCBD17-11-2016
340.About Deduction of Source Tax on profit for any kind of Savings scheme.CAD117-11-2016
341.Regarding Green Banking Loan Distribution target achievement for 2016-2017.PCD17-11-2016
342.Travelling to abroad Permission letter of Masuda Begom.HRMD215-11-2016
343.Regarding Self Assessment Quarterly Report.RMD15-11-2016
344.Admin Circular-18/2016: Revised House Building Loan Ceiling.HRMD215-11-2016
345.About Monthly Meeting Minutes Of Krishi Loan.PCD14-11-2016
346.Minutes of Meeting of Promoters held on 01-11-2016.BCBD14-11-2016
347.PRL Order Of Gourango Chandra Sarker.HRMD213-11-2016
348.PRL Order Of Dhirendra Nath Das.HRMD213-11-2016
349.PRL Order Of Morsheda Khanom.HRMD213-11-2016
350.PRL Order Of Md. Anowarul Islam.HRMD213-11-2016
351.About DCFCL.ICD13-11-2016
352.PRL Order Of Salim Uddin.HRMD213-11-2016
353.Transfer Order of SPO, PO.HRMD213-11-2016
354.Approval Letter for going to abroad.HRMD210-11-2016
355.PRL Order of Md. Yunus.HRMD210-11-2016
356.PRL Order of Md. Jalil Dewan.HRMD210-11-2016
357.MPD-54(part-1): About Correction of Credit Policy And Operation Manual-2016MPD10-11-2016
358.PRL Order of Md.Ataur Rahman,Md. Nur Nabi, Md. Shahjahan.HRMD209-11-2016
359.Seniority List Of SPO (08/11/2016)HRMD209-11-2016
360.Seniority List of DGM (08-11-16).HRMD209-11-2016
361.Seniority List of AGM (08-11-16).HRMD209-11-2016
362.PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman, Md. Nawshad Ali, Sushanto Kumar Roy.HRMD209-11-2016
363.About sending ACR of fiscal year 2015-2016.HRMD208-11-2016
364.Credit Circular-1/15(87)/2016-17/264: Consumer Credit Related Circular Letter.CREDIT108-11-2016
365.Planning Circular-19/2016: Regarding Loan Ceiling Increased.CREDIT108-11-2016
366.Upgrading Regulations against money laundering.RMD07-11-2016
367.Implementation of decisions taken on Social Security Activities allowance related Meeting.BCBD07-11-2016
368.Minutes of Internal control Meeting held on 30-10-2016.ICD07-11-2016
369.Release Order of Koraisi Mahmud Hasan, Divisional Audit Office, Khulna.HRMD207-11-2016
370.Weekly MIS Report sending.LRD03-11-2016
371.PF Final list according to PF Trusty Board 88th Meeting held on 27.10.2016CAD203-11-2016
372.Recovery Circular- 02/2016: Revised Achievement of Loan Recovery target.LRD03-11-2016
373.PRL Order of Md. Rohomot ullah, CRM Office, Jhinaidah.HRMD203-11-2016
374.PRL Order of Md. Rais uddin Biswas, DGM.HRMD203-11-2016
375.Transfer Order of DGM, AGM.HRMD203-11-2016
376.Transfer Order of AGM, SPO.HRMD203-11-2016
377.Lost of FDR & MTDR by Basic Bank Limited & Union Bank Limited.BCBD02-11-2016
378.Concerned Bank Branches of BKB will be Closed for Election.BCBD30-10-2016
379.About Reformation of CCU.RMD27-10-2016
380.Sending Report about Implementation of Social Security activities for fiscal year 2014-2015.BCBD26-10-2016
381.Monitoring of loan distribution, Loan Recovery and Profit achievement.BCBD26-10-2016
382.Minutes of Internal Control meeting held on 20-10-2016.ICD26-10-2016
383.Regarding Reconciliation of 1112 BKB-DBBL Mobile Banking general Account.RECONCILIATION25-10-2016
384.Regarding Implementation of instruction from Prime Minister.BCBD24-10-2016
385.Prl Order of Md. Wahiduzzaman, SPO, CRM Office, Rajbari.HRMD224-10-2016
386.Transfer Order, AGM.HRMD223-10-2016
387.Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of DGM, Kawranbazar Corporate Branch, Dhaka.HRMD220-10-2016
388.Admin Circular-17/2016: Clarification of National Payscale-2015.HRMD220-10-2016
389.Regarding Lost of Debit cash Voucher.BCBD20-10-2016
390.Source tax deduction/collection of FY-2016-2017 of LTU.CAD120-10-2016
391.PRL order of Md. Abdul Mannan, AGM.HRMD219-10-2016
392.Regarding Monitoring Bank account Transaction.RMD19-10-2016
393.PRL Order of Md. Sadek Hossain, CRM office, Gazipur.HRMD219-10-2016
394.Revised list of promoters for monitoring activitiesBCBD18-10-2016
395.Accounts Circular-25/2016: Regarding 1112 BKB-DBBL Mobile Banking General Account reconciliation.RECONCILIATION18-10-2016
396.Joining Letter of Md. Zahir Iqbal, DGM, HRMD-2 Department, HO.HRMD218-10-2016
397.PRL Order of Nitai Podo Saha, SPO, CRM, Rajbari.HRMD218-10-2016
398.Minutes of the meeting of Integrity & Morality Committee of HO,BKBBCBD17-10-2016
399.PRL order of Md. Nasir Uddin, DGMHRMD217-10-2016
400.PRL order of Md. Lutfor Rahman, DGMHRMD217-10-2016
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