Notice & Circular

112082019-03-24Planning & Operation Circular No-03/2019: Regarding Increasing Loan Ceiling & Payment Duration for Primary Teachers.CREDIT2
112002019-03-21Regarding Declaration of General Holiday on 24 March,2019 for Upazila Parishad Election(3rd Phase) on Concerned Branches.BCBD, Latest News
111912019-03-21Regarding Assigning Liaison/Protocol Officer.HRMD1, Latest News
111842019-03-20Regarding Trainee Nomination for Guidelines on Internal Credit Risk Rating System for BanksSTAFF COLLEGE
111742019-03-19Circular Regarding Military PensionersBCBD
111652019-03-19Charge of Protocol/Liaison Officer to Kazi Mohammad Nazre Main(K-883), AGM (Joint Secretary).HRMD1
111632019-03-19HRMD 1- 2945: Transfer Order AGM & SPO.HRMD1
111592019-03-19Regarding Difficulty on Transaction of Tk 1000 (Red Note) & Tk 500 (Pink Note).BCBD
111552019-03-19Tour Schedule of Honorable MD Sir for March/2019.MD Secretariat
111472019-03-18Regarding Sending Military Pensioner Information Directly on LPO.BCBD
111452019-03-18Joining Letter of Md. Billal Hossain Bhuiyan (B-164), AGM, HRMD-1HRMD1
111362019-03-14Regarding Ensuring Overall Security of Bank Regarding Holiday.BCBD
111312019-03-14Accounts Circular Letter 16/2019: Monthly Closing CircularCentral Accounts Department
111232019-03-13Transfer order of AGM (2922)HRMD1, HRMD2
111152019-03-13Charge Handover of Md. Shariat Hossain(S-2076).LPO(GB)
111082019-03-13Regarding Inclusion of Debtors' Information on CIB Database .RSD
110842019-03-12Anti Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing Manual-2018Policy & Guideline, RMD
110792019-03-12Regarding Implementation of 33 Meeting Minutes' Decision Held on 07-03-2019.Implementation
110762019-03-12Regarding Nomination for Guidelines on Internal Credit Risk Rating System for Banks.STAFF COLLEGE
110662019-03-10Regarding Opening Sub-head for Money Gram & First Security Islami Exchange Italy s.r.I.Central Accounts Department
110572019-03-07Training Regarding SWIFT OperationITD
110382019-03-07Regarding VAT Collection: Services Taken From Out Side Of BangladeshCentral Accounts Department
110332019-03-07HRMD-1: Transfer Order of AGM (2855(4))HRMD1
110312019-03-07Charge Handover Of Golam Hossein Majumder (G-505), AGM, Procurement & EWTD, To Md. Khursed Rashid (K-715), SPO. & Release LetterEWTD, PROCUREMENT
110242019-03-06Regarding Correct and Complete Information Based CTR/STR .RMD
110192019-03-05Banking Diploma July/2019 Exam Notice & Schedule.HRMD1
110112019-03-05Participation on Online Reporting Foreign Exchange TrainingSTAFF COLLEGE
110092019-03-04Charge Handover to & Joining of Md. Abu Jafar Hawladar (A-4625), DGM, PRD.PRD
110072019-03-04Regarding Issuing PF Index to Recently Recruited Data Entry/ Control Operator & Officer(Cash)Central Accounts Department
110032019-03-04HRMD-1: Transfer Order of DGM,AGM & SPOHRMD1
110002019-03-04Regarding Implementation of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act-2010TMD
109982019-03-03Tour Plan of Honorable Managing Director of Bangladesh Krishi Bank for the month of March/2019.MD Secretariat
109962019-03-03Accounts Circular No- 15/2019: Determination of Revised Rate form BKB Locker Service.Central Accounts Department
109842019-03-03Regarding Customer Harassment by Imposing Additional Interest on Loan Accounts.VSD
109672019-02-27Regarding Sending User Information of All Branches to Conduct Holy Hajj Related Activities.ITD
109642019-02-27Keeping Branches Closed on 28th February, 2019 Thursday in DNCC, DSCC, Different Pourashavas & Union Parishads.BCBD
109602019-02-27Revised date of viva for the post of Officer-cash (Combined) of to be held on 16 April, 2019 instead of 28th February,2019.HRMD1
109582019-02-27Planning & Operation Circular No-29/2019: Regarding Considering Remittance Cash Payment Voucher as System Generated Cash Payment Voucher.FRMD
109522019-02-26HRMD 2- 2767: Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD1
109502019-02-26Admin(MPD) Circular No- 09/2019: Reallocation of Different Divisions/Departments, Staff College & LPO.Latest News, MPD
109472019-02-26HRMD 1- 2766: Charge of DGM to Mahmud Ahmed Chowdhury(M-3207).HRMD1
109442019-02-26HRMD 1- 2766: Charge of AGM to Tariqul Islam(T-409).HRMD1
109332019-02-25Admin (MPD) Circular No- 08/2019: Regarding Name Changing & Work Re-allocation of Different Departments.MPD
109282019-02-25RMD: Credit Risk Management Guideline-2018Policy & Guideline, RMD
109202019-02-24ITD-1210:Regarding Receiving Money for Holy Hajj-2019 Purpose under Government Management.ITD
108962019-02-24CAD 1: Account Sub-head Opening for Instant Cash FZE to launch Remittance Service on EFT System.CAD1
108932019-02-20HRMD 2-2648(27): Transfer/Reshuffling Order of DGMs of HO.HRMD1, Latest News
108832019-02-20Admin Circular No-07/2019: Temporary Merging of Different Departments of Head Office.Latest News, MPD
108792019-02-19RMCD-647: Disbursed Loan Recovery Given Under Swanirvar Bangladesh.RMCD
108742019-02-19২১ ফেব্রুয়ারি মহান শহীদ দিবস ও আন্তর্জাতিক মাতৃভাষা দিবস উপলক্ষে কেন্দ্রীয় শহীদ মিনারে পুষ্পার্ঘ্য অর্পণ র‌্যালীতে অংশগ্রহণের আহবানDepartment/Division
108692019-02-19Accounts Circular No- 14/2019: Interest Rate Re-fixation of General Accounts.CAD1
108672019-02-19Regarding Selling Ticket of Professor(Dr) Obayedullah Ferdousi Foundation Cancer Hospital & Research Institute Lottery-2019.BCBD
108632019-02-18HRMD 1: 4503- Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
108552019-02-18Pricing of Tractor (Model' ACE') Sobhan Trading Company Limited.CREDIT1
108532019-02-18HRMD 2: 2622(08)- Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD2
108502019-02-18Regarding Case Related Information Entry & Correction on DCMS SoftwareLAW
108352019-02-17Admin(MPD) Circular No-06/2019: Correction on Admin(MPD) Circular No-04/2019.MPD
108312019-02-17HRMD 1: 4473- Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
108262019-02-17SME Loan Recovery Target Division-wise in 2018-2019 Fiscal YearSME
108002019-02-13Viva Schedule for the post of Officer(Cash) of Combined 3 Banks.Career, HRMD1
107812019-02-12Nomination For Foundation Training -Officer(Revised).STAFF COLLEGE
107792019-02-12BCBD-1253: Promoters List for Regular Monitoring of All Business Activities of Region/Branches.BCBD
107612019-02-11NOC Of Md. Afzal Karim,DMD-2 Sir For Official Passport
107572019-02-11HRMD 2- 2505: Charge of DGM, Credit-2 to Md. Lokman Hossain(L-208).HRMD2
107542019-02-11HRMD 2-2474: Regarding Sending ACR within Scheduled Time.HRMD2
107522019-02-11Charge of DGM, Barishal Divisional Office to Bishwas Md. Ruhul Amin (R-1145).Barishal Division, HRMD2
107502019-02-11HRMD 2- 2496: Transfer Order of SPO.HRMD2
107482019-02-11Nomination For Foundation Training (Officer).STAFF COLLEGE
107362019-02-10Regarding Fixing Amount of BKB Monthly Savings Scheme after Maturity.BCBD
107322019-02-10Admin Circular No-05/2019(ICC Manual): Internal Control & Compliance Manual-2018.MPD
107302019-02-10BCBD-1238: Regarding Sending Army Pension Adjustment Bills Without Proper Checking.BCBD
107282019-02-10Circular Letter No- 01/2019: Regarding Nomination for Public Administration Award-2019.HRMD2
107222019-02-07Nomination For Foundation Training (Officer).STAFF COLLEGE
107202019-02-07Joining Letter & Charge Taken Over By Md. Shariat Hossain(S-2076).LPO(GB)
107182019-02-07Joining Letter & Charge Taken Over By Md. Zahirul Islam Bhuiyan(Z-371).LPO(GB)
107132019-02-07Regarding Taking Prevention to Avoid Phishing Attack while Using E-mail System.ICT (System), ICT Guidelines
107082019-02-07Regarding Sending Information of Honorable GMs for Promotion on the Post of DMD.HRMD2
107032019-02-06Regarding participating on the viva voce for the post of General ManagerHRMD2
106932019-02-06Regarding Sending Monthly Statement of Exchanging Damaged Notes.BCBD
106902019-02-05HRMD 2- 2466(07): Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD2
106862019-02-05BCBD-1231: Promoters List for Regular Monitoring of All Business Activities of Region/Branches.BCBD
106832019-02-05CAD 2-1651: Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.CAD2
106812019-02-05HRMD 2-2458: Recruitment of ICT Consultant(Full-time).Career, HRMD2
106682019-02-05Regarding Nomination of Participants for Branch Management & Professional Development Training.STAFF COLLEGE
106532019-02-03ICD- 738: Regarding Implementation of 32 Meeting Minutes' Decision Held on 17-01-2019.ICD
106492019-02-03HRMD 1- 3305: Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
106232019-01-31Board Circular No-01/2019: Regarding Foreign Trade Related Business Power.BOARD
106202019-01-30HRMD 2:2420-Transfer Order-AGM & SPO.HRMD2
106072019-01-30HRMD2- 2403:Charge of DGM, Dhaka Division to Md. Shahid Ullah (S-1380).HRMD2
106052019-01-30Assignment of Additional Charge of Principal(GM), Staff College to Honorable GM Md. Azizul Bari.HRMD2, STAFF COLLEGE
105962019-01-29Assignment of Additional Charge of Audit & Internal Control Division to Honorable GM Md. Shahidul Islam.HRMD2
105672019-01-28HRMD 2-2379(2): Transfer Order of DGM.HRMD2
105572019-01-28Transfer order of DGM (27-01-19).HRMD2
105542019-01-27Information Related to Current Employee, Pensioner and DependentHRMD1
105512019-01-27International and Accounts Division DistributionMPD
105452019-01-27Acceptance of Issued Letters Through E-Nothi System on Audit & Other Activities.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy
105432019-01-27RMD-1436(1250): Honorable Managing Director's Commitment Regarding Implementation of Money Laundering & Anti Terrorism Activities Financing Prevention Activities.RMD
105392019-01-27ICD-708 : Regarding Implementation of 32 Meeting Minutes Held on 17.01.2018.ICD
105222019-01-24HRMD 1- 4091: Regarding Salary Fixation of BKB Drivers(Light Class License Holders) on 11th Grade.HRMD1
105152019-01-24Charge Handover of Raunak Sad Ferdousi(R-628), DGM, RMD to Md. Amjad Hossain.RMD
105082019-01-23HRMD 1-4071:Urgency Letter-Information About All Current & Retired Officers/ Empolyees.HRMD1
104822019-01-21List of Primarily Selected Candidates & Viva Schedule for Driver Recruitment.Career, HRMD1
104772019-01-21HRMD 1-4022: Regarding Providing Information About All Pensioner Officers/ Empolyees.HRMD1
104732019-01-21Admin(MPD) Circular No-04/2019: Partial Reformation of Tender Opening & Evaluation Committee According to Public Procurement Rules-2008.MPD
104662019-01-20Transfer order of AGM & SPO (2310(05)HRMD2
104612019-01-17Regarding Name Changing of Zianagar Branch, Pirojpur to Indurkani Branch, Pirojpur.BCBD
104552019-01-17HRMD 2- 2298(11): Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD2
104462019-01-17ICT Division Circular No-01/2019: Regarding Increasing Price of MICR/ Non MICR Cheque Books.PROCUREMENT
104442019-01-17Tour Schedule of Honorable Managing Director Md. Ali Hossain Prodhania for the Month of January/2019.MD Secretariat
104412019-01-17CAD 1-609: Regarding Sending Letter About Unclaimed Deposit According to Bank Company Act-1995 & BRPD Circular No-10/2018.CAD1
104012019-01-14HRMD 2- 2251(7): Transfer Order of DGM & AGM.HRMD2
103992019-01-14Charge Handover to Mohammad Mainul Islam Khan(M-3509) & Joining as DGM(In Charge), ITDITD
103972019-01-14SME-182:Regarding Simplification of SME Loan Disbursement Process.SME
103932019-01-14Joining Letter of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM, Audit & Internal Control Division.HRMD2
103902019-01-13Joining Letter of Jafrul Hasan(J-621), DGM, SME.SME
103852019-01-13HRMD 2- 2236(02): Transfer Order, DGM.HRMD2
103812019-01-13ICD-648(68)- Regarding Verification of Quarterly Operations Report(DCFCL) on 24 Articles.ICD
103772019-01-13HRMD2- 2231:Charge of DGM, Staff College to Muhammad Mazharul Islam (M-3510).HRMD2
103712019-01-13HRMD2- 2221:Additional Charge of DGM, SME to Jafrul Hasan (J-621), DGM,PCD.HRMD2
103662019-01-10Rumabi- 505: Determination of Loan Disbursement Target for January-December'2019 to Tk 10 Account Holders Under Financial Inclusion Scheme.RMCD
103622019-01-10Charge Handover of Md. Mozibur Rahman Chowdhury(M-1671), DGM,SME to Sandha Rani Pal(S-3259).SME
103602019-01-10Charge Handover of Ahsan-Al-Rashid (A-4663), DGM, ITD to Jinat Shafin Wadud(J-472).ITD
103542019-01-10Admin Circular No-03/2019: Regarding Gazette for Change of 5 Districts English Names Spelling.HRMD2
103502019-01-10HRMD 2- 2213: Assignment of Additional Charge of DGM, FRMD to Rowshon Ara Akter Mobassera(R-1092), DGM, HRMD 4.HRMD2
103462019-01-09HRMD2-2201(10): Transfer Order AGM, SPO.HRMD2
102942019-01-08Regarding Opening & Operating Non-Operation Current Collection Account of Prime Islami Life Insurance Limited.BCBD
102882019-01-07ICD-612(68)- Regarding Sending Quarterly Operations Report(DCFCL) on 24 Articles.ICD
102862019-01-07BCBD-1084- Minutes of 2nd Quarterly Integrity Committee Meeting (October,2018- December,2018)BCBD, National Integrity Strategy
102812019-01-07Charge Handover of Md. Zahir Iqbal to Lutfun Nahar Naz, DGM, HRMD 3.HRMD2
102672019-01-06RMCD-496: Disbursed Loan Recovery Given Under Swanirvar Bangladesh.RMCD
102632019-01-06Charge Handover of Md. Liakat Ali,GM,LPO.LPO(GB)
102612019-01-06Joining Letter of Belal Uddin(B-595), DGM(Additional Duty), Reconciliation Department.RECONCILIATION
102592019-01-06Regarding Sending December/2018 Based Half-yearly Self Assessment of Anti Fraud Internal Controls Report.ICD
102552019-01-06MPD-106: Correction Distribution of Divisions/Offices for Honorable DMDs.MPD
102522019-01-06Regarding Changing School Banking Account Type into General Savings Account Type.BCBD
102502019-01-06HRMD 2: 2142- Transfer order of AGM and SPO(03.01.2019)HRMD2
102402019-01-03Transfer Order of GM & DGM /2141HRMD2, Latest News
102362019-01-03MPD-105: Regarding Distribution of Divisions/Offices for Honorable DMDs.Latest News, MPD
102342019-01-03Nomination For Foundation Training (Officer).STAFF COLLEGE
102262019-01-03Charge Handover of Monir Uddin, DGM, Credit 1.CREDIT1
102182019-01-02Appointment notice for Assistant Engineer (Civil) 02-01-19.HRMD1
102162019-01-022nd Quarterly Meeting Minutes of CCC Held on 27-12-2018 to Prevent Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing.RMD
102142019-01-02Schedule for Participating on Driving Test for Selected Candidates.Career, HRMD1
102122019-01-02Admin Circular No-02/2019- Correction on Article 19(4th Line) of Service(Bank, Insurance, FI's) (Salary Allowances) Order, 2015.HRMD2
102102019-01-02Admin Circular No-01/2019- List of Admin Circulars & Circular Letters Issued by HRMD-2.HRMD2
101972019-01-02Regarding Sending December2018 Based Half-yearly Self Assessment of Anti Fraud Internal Controls Report to prevent Fraud-forgery.ICD
101762018-12-31Transfer Order of DGM (2096)HRMD2
101652018-12-31Promotion Order Officer to Senior Officer 3545HRMD1
101612018-12-27Branch security in holidaysBCBD
101552018-12-27Regarding Refund of Military Pension Bill Without Proper Checking.LPO(GB)
101472018-12-27Credit-1/06(2018)/18-19/399: Regarding Bangladesh Bank's 32nd detail inspection report implementation.CREDIT1
101452018-12-27Nomination for Foundation Training of Newly Recruited Officers.STAFF COLLEGE
101372018-12-26Regarding Declaration of Holiday on 30 December, 2018 for 11 National Parliament Election on Scheduled Banks.BCBD
101262018-12-24Regarding Selling of Bangladesh Cancer Society Hospital & Welfare Home Lottery Ticket-2018.BCBD
101222018-12-24Regarding Half Yearly Closing of Scheduled Banks on 27/12/2018.BCBD
101092018-12-24HRMD 2: 2041- Transfrer Order of GM.HRMD2
101052018-12-24HRMD 2- 2036: Regarding Assigning Charge of DGM, Sylhet Corporate Branch to Tapati Purkayosto(T-224).HRMD2
100932018-12-23HRMD 1-3490: Regarding Sending Interest Remission Application of House Building Advance.HRMD1
100802018-12-20Rescheduling of Agri LoanCREDIT1
100762018-12-20Credit 1- Circular Letter No-388(1100).CREDIT1
100662018-12-19Operation & Planning Circular No-28: Regarding Price Determination Method of Mortgage Property against Bank Loan.CREDIT1
100352018-12-18Regarding Caution & Observation on Transaction for Upcoming National Parliament Election.RMD
100202018-12-17Regarding Preparation of 46th 31.12.2018 based Loan Classification List.LCD
99922018-12-12Regarding observing victory day on 16th December , 2018EWTD
99832018-12-12Rmd-1135: Sending information of customer for making central database.RMD
99762018-12-12BCBD-984: Preservation of Metal Coin According to DCM Circular No-12/2015.BCBD
99742018-12-12RMD-1128: Satisfactory Improvement of Branches Rating on Implementing Instructions to Prevent Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing.RMD
99582018-12-11Planning & Operation Circular No-27: Inauguration of Remittance Transaction through EFT with Agrani Remittance House Pte. Ltd.FRMD
99552018-12-10Regarding Necessary Initiative Taking for Increasing Inter-bank Transaction through RTGS.TMD
99522018-12-09RMCD-390: Disbursed Loan Recovery Given Under Swanirvar Bangladesh.RMCD
99482018-12-09Half Yearly Closing Circular-2018CAD1
99172018-12-05Charge Handover & Release of Md. Mofizur Rahman(M-3099), DGM,PRD.PRD
99112018-12-04BCBD:505-Regarding Lose of IO Receipt Pages.BCBD
99092018-12-04Regarding Adjustment of All Unbalanced Entries of Recoverable Head(131).CAD1
98942018-12-03HRMD2-1837 :Assignment of Additional Duty to A.K.M. Amirul Manzur (DGM, Secretariat) as DGM In charge of PRD.HRMD2
98922018-12-03CAD 2:1212-Special Student Scholarship (S.S.C-2018 & H.S.C-2018)CAD2
98902018-12-03CAD 2: 1211- Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.CAD2
98882018-12-03Regarding Sending Job Duration & Seniority List Related Papers of DGM's for Promotion on the Post of GM.HRMD2
98832018-12-02ICT(Systems)-776:Necessary Acts of Online Branches Regarding Half Yearly Closing-2018.ICT (System)
98812018-12-02HRMD 1: 3141-Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
98682018-12-02ICD-509 : Regarding Implementation of 31 Meeting Minutes Held on 20.11.2018.ICD
98662018-12-02HRMD1:3231-Driver Recruitment: List of Primarily Selected Candidates on Written Test & Driving Test Schedule.Career, HRMD1
98352018-11-28Appointment of Officer(Cash).Career, HRMD1
98332018-11-28Promotion Order Peon to Daptori.HRMD1
98312018-11-28Promotion Order Daptori to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1
98292018-11-28Promotion Order Data Entry/Control Operator to Data Entry Supervisor.HRMD1
98272018-11-27Regarding Compliance of Firearms License Supply, Renewal & Use Policy-2016.PROCUREMENT
98252018-11-27Regarding Postponing Foundation Training of Newly Recruited Data Entry/ Control Operator.STAFF COLLEGE
97992018-11-26Regarding Taking Necessary Steps to Prevent Circulation of Fake Notes.BCBD
97972018-11-26Regarding Sending Scheduled Banks Branch-wise Monthly Balance Statement of Metal Coins.BCBD
97952018-11-26Regarding Submission of November/18 & December/18 CTR.RMD
97932018-11-26Planning & Operation Circular No-26/2018: Guidelines on Internal Credit Risk Rating System for Banks.CREDIT1
97832018-11-26Regarding Providing Loan-Defaulter Related Information for 11th National Parliament Election.BCBD
97812018-11-26Regarding Implementation & Compliance on Improvement of CAMELS Rating & Risk Management Rating Values up to Satisfactory Level According to Board Risk Management Meeting.RMD
97782018-11-26Regarding Recommencement of Pension.HRMD4
97742018-11-25Nomination for Foundation Training (Data Entry/Control Operator).STAFF COLLEGE
97672018-11-22Advertisement for downloading admit card for the post of 'Assistant Maintenance Engineer/Hardware Engineer/Assistant Engineer (IT)' of 5 Banks.Career, HRMD1
97632018-11-22HRMD 1: 3005-Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
97372018-11-20BCBD-864: Regarding Print & Supply of Specimen Signatures of BKB Officers.BCBD
97342018-11-20HRMD2-1641 :Assignment of Additional Duty to Dinesh Chandra Biswas (DGM, LCD) as DGM In charge of RSD.HRMD2
96972018-11-15Regarding Opening Sub-head for Carrying Out Service Charge Expenditure of Using Bangladesh Election Commission's Database Information.CAD1
96952018-11-15Advertisement for Downloading Admit Card for the Post of 'Assistant Programmer' of 3 Banks (SBL, RBL & BKB) .Career, HRMD1
96652018-11-15Officer to Senior Officer Promotion Order.HRMD1
96492018-11-13Regarding Formation of Customer Serivce & Complain Cell at Regional & Branch Level.VSD
96452018-11-12Admin Circular No- 15/2018: Regarding Reinstatement of Pension.HRMD2
96332018-11-11Circular Letter No: 01/457(1250): Deduction of Classified Loan according to Law of Ortho Rin Adalat, 2003LAW
96312018-11-11HRMD-1488 :Assignment of Additional Duty to Md. Azizul Bari(GM, Admin) as GM In charge of LPO.HRMD2
96292018-11-11Loan Disbursement Program for Potato Seed Production among Contracted Farmers of BADC.CREDIT1
96192018-11-08Transfer Order SPO 1446HRMD2
96122018-11-08RMCD: Regarding Recovery of Disbursed Loan under Swanirvor Project Recommended by Swanirvor Bangladesh.RMCD
95842018-11-07Division-wise SME Loan Disbursement & Recovery Achievement on FY 2018-19 Against Target.SME
95822018-11-07Written Exam schedule & Seat Plan for the Post of Officer (Cash) Combined of 3 Banks(Corrected).Career, HRMD1
95772018-11-06Credit 1- 306(1100): Regarding Fixing Prize of Tractor.CREDIT1
95622018-11-06HRMD 2- 1457: Regarding Assigning Charge of AGM to Juwela Khatun(J-233).HRMD2
95582018-11-05Written Exam schedule for the Post of Officer (Cash) Combined of 3 BanksCareer, HRMD1
95412018-11-04Written Exam Schedule & Center for Recruitment on the Post of Driver.Career, HRMD1
95272018-11-04Circular Letter No- 294: Regarding Compliance of Previously Imposed Rules on Loan Renewal Proposals.CREDIT1
95252018-11-04Planning & Operation Circular No:23/2018- Credit Policy & Guideline for Farm Mechanization.CREDIT1
95232018-11-01Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO
94972018-11-01Promotion Order Supervisor/Cashier to Officer.HRMD1
94912018-10-31CL-24/18-18/214: Regarding Deposit Collection, Loan Disbursement & target achievement.LCD
94892018-10-31CL-1/2018-19/213: Regarding Loan Classification & Provisioning regulations.LCD
94742018-10-30Office Memorandum-1480.HRMD4
94642018-10-30Appointment of Civil EngineersHRMD1
94512018-10-29Regarding Generator purchase for branches of BKB.EED
94452018-10-28BCBD-718: Regarding Issuing Permission Letter for Noakhali Bazar Branch, Sunamganj.BCBD
94372018-10-28Tour Schedule of Honorable Managing Director Mr. Md. Ali Hossain Prodhania for the month of October-December/2018.MD Secretariat
94352018-10-28HRMD 1: 2640(371)- Viva Schedule for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1
94282018-10-25Joining Letter of Md. Monir Uddin (M-3158), DGM, Credit 2 (Additional Duty).CREDIT2
94192018-10-25HRMD 2 - 1144: Transfer order of AGM, SPO (24-10-18).HRMD2
94162018-10-24Assignment of Additional Duty to Paresh Chandra Sarker & Monir Uddin, DGM.HRMD2
94002018-10-23Nomination for Foundation Training(12 Officers).STAFF COLLEGE
93982018-10-23Regarding Following Proper Instructions on Forwarding Government/ Personal Purpose Abroad Tour Proposals. .HRMD2
93922018-10-22HRMD 2- 1123: Pay Fixation of Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-1543), DGM.HRMD2
93892018-10-22HRMD 1: 2546- Transfer Order(Officer).HRMD1
93872018-10-22Recruitment of Legal Adviser (Full-time).Career, HRMD2
93742018-10-21BCBD : FPAB Lottery Ticket-2018.BCBD
93672018-10-18HRMD1 : 2504- Officer's Performance for Promotion Purpose.HRMD1
93572018-10-18BCBD: 674(1250)- Regarding Change of Telephone No. of Shamoli Branch.BCBD
93522018-10-18Charge Handover & Release Order of Md. Mamunur Rashid (M-3665), DGM, ICT Systems, Card & Mobile Banking Department.ICT (System)
93472018-10-18HRMD 1: 2476(26)- Promotion Order SO to PO.HRMD1
93452018-10-17CAD 1: 374(1250)- Regarding Sending Information about Dormant Accounts according to Bank Company Act-1991 & BRPD Circular-10/2018.CAD1
93392018-10-17CAD 1: 377(1250)- Letter about new Source tax Information.CAD1
93322018-10-17HRMD 2- 1078: Humanitarian Help.HRMD2
93302018-10-17CAD 2: PF Index of Officer(Cash)CAD2
93272018-10-16Nomination for Foundation Training (Officer)STAFF COLLEGE
93242018-10-16HRMD 2-1070: Pay Fixation of DGM.HRMD2
93112018-10-15Recruitment for the post of Senior Officer(General) of Combined (8 Banks).Career, HRMD1
93072018-10-15ICT/Cyber/2(63)/2018-19/480: Regarding Implementation of Honorable MD Sir's Instructions on Facing Emerging Cyber Security Risk on Banking Sector.ICT (System), ICT Guidelines
93052018-10-15HRMD 1- 2432: Promotion Order PO to SPO.HRMD1
92982018-10-15HRMD 2- 1051: Regarding Assigning Charge of DGM, ICT(Systems) Department.HRMD2, ICT (System)
92802018-10-14Charge Handover & Release of Mohammad Faruquzzaman (F-559), DGM, Staff College.STAFF COLLEGE
92752018-10-14Nomination fro Foundation Training.STAFF COLLEGE
92732018-10-14HRMD 2: 1027- Pay Fixation of DGM.HRMD2
92652018-10-11Supervisor/cashier's performance statement for promotion purposeHRMD1
92622018-10-11PF Index of Newly Recruited Senior Officer, Officer, Officer(Cash), Data Entry Control Operator & Electrician.CAD2
92552018-10-11HRMD 2: 1018- Charge Handover of DGM, VSD.HRMD2
92522018-10-10HRMD 2:1010- Transfer Order DGM,AGM.HRMD2
92492018-10-10HRMD 1: 2367- Humanitarian Help.HRMD1
92272018-10-09Regarding Nomination for Training on Collateral Information System.STAFF COLLEGE
92192018-10-09Planning & Operation Circular No.-04: Recordnotes of BB AD Forum 19th Meeting.ITD
92112018-10-09Integrity Award Giving Ceremony 2017 & WorkshopBCBD
92042018-10-08promotion VIVA schedule for SO to POHRMD1
91982018-10-08Promotion VIVA schedule for PO to SPOHRMD1
91942018-10-08HRMD 2-966: Transfer Order of AGM, SPO.HRMD2
91902018-10-08Regarding Formation of Committee for Tender Opening & Evaluation through E-tendering.MPD
91842018-10-08HRMD 2-955:Transfer Order of SPO.HRMD2
91732018-10-07EED- 210(68): Regarding Purchase of Generator for Uninterrupted Power Supply to All Branches.EED
91712018-10-07HRMD 2- 937 : Pay Fixation of Newly Promoted DGMs'.HRMD2
91552018-10-04TMD-289: Regarding RTGS Transaction Increase.TMD
91532018-10-04RMCD-221: Disbursed Loan Recovery Under Recommendation of Swanirvar Bangladesh.RMCD
91472018-10-03MCQ Test Time Schedule & Center List for the Post of Officer (Cash) Combined of 3 Banks.Career, HRMD1
91452018-10-03CAD 1-324: Regarding Opening Sub Head for Remittance Exchange with Agrani Remittance House Pte Ltd, Singapopre.CAD1
91272018-10-03Planning & Operation Circular No-22/2018: Regulations for Loan Sanction & Extension over Tk 2 Crore.CREDIT1
91232018-10-02Adjustment of All Unadjusted Entry of Receivable Head (131).CAD1
91142018-10-01HRMD 2- 894(2) : Transfer Order AGM & SPO.HRMD2
91122018-10-01CAD 2-743: Karmachari Kalyan TahobilCAD2
91102018-10-01SME: 72(1250)- DGM's Charge Handover.SME
91062018-09-30HRMD -02- 882(9): Transfer Order- DGM, AGM.HRMD2
90942018-09-30Credtit Circular- 211: Regarding Loan Processing/Recommendation/Sanction/ Time on Different LevelsCREDIT1
90922018-09-30Accounts Circular No-12/2018: FDR Interest Rate Re-fixation.TMD
90882018-09-27Promotion Order from SPO to AGM (866)HRMD2
90782018-09-27Charge Handover of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharjee, (GM, ICT) to Md. Azizul Bari (GM, Admin).HRMD2
90732018-09-26ICD- 268(14) : Regarding Implementation of 30 Meeting Minutes Held on 11.09.2018.ICD
90712018-09-26ICD- 267(58) : Regarding Implementation of 30 Meeting Minutes Held on 11.09.2018.ICD
90702018-09-26Regarding Innovation Idea (Reminder-2).ICT (Operation)
90642018-09-25Recruitment of Legal Adviser (Full-time).Career, HRMD2
90402018-09-24Joining Letter of Md. Mojibur Rahman Chowdhury(M-1671), DGM, SME.SME
90372018-09-24VSD: 137- DGM's Charge Handover.VSD
90352018-09-23Promotion Order AGM to DGMHRMD2
90322018-09-23CAD 1 : 274- Regarding Opening Sub-Heads.CAD1
90262018-09-23HRMD 2: 826- Transfer Order (SPO).HRMD2
90192018-09-20Regarding Nomination for Independence Award- 2019HRMD2
90042018-09-19Regarding Sending Branch wise Updated Cash Vault Limit.TMD
90012018-09-19Circular Letter No: 03/2018: Overdue Bill of Entry & EXP Information.ITD
89992018-09-19ICD-249: 30th Meeting Minutes Held on 11-09-2018.ICD
89962018-09-19HRMD 2 : 789- Regarding Interview for Promotion from the post of AGM to DGM & SPO to AGM .HRMD2
89942018-09-18Hand Over of Responsibilities(786)HRMD2
89922018-09-18Transfer Order of SPO(793)HRMD2
89902018-09-18Credit Circular No- 201(1250) : Regarding Taking Effective Initiative for Increasing Loans on Field Levels.CREDIT1
89562018-09-17Charge Handover to Md. Jahir Iqbal, DGM.HRMD3
89522018-09-17BCBD-540: Promoter's ListBCBD
89462018-09-17Tour Schedule of Honorable MD Sir September 2018MD Secretariat
89422018-09-16HRMD 2: 767-Transfer Order (SPO).HRMD2
89402018-09-16Additional Duty Allotment to Md. Jahir Iqbal, DGM, HRMD-2.HRMD2
89372018-09-16BKB Integrity Award 2016-2017BCBD
89312018-09-16Regarding Name Changing of "Ichapura Bazar Branch, Narayanganj" to "Purbachol Branch, Narayanganj".BCBD
89252018-09-13Viva Schedule for Promotion from SPO to AGM.HRMD2
89212018-09-13Viva Schedule for Promotion from AGM to DGM.HRMD2
89152018-09-13BCBD- 512(1250): Double Profit Scheme (6 Year) on 12.25% Rate.BCBD
89062018-09-12Transfer Order of AGM & SPO-742(3)HRMD2
88842018-09-11Audit -2: 441(1250): Branch Audit.VAD1
88812018-09-11Regarding Sending Copy of IBTA GL based on Annual Closing of 30.06.2017 & 30.06.2018.CAD1
88662018-09-10Seniority List of Officer(Equivalent) based on 30.06.2018.HRMD1
88642018-09-10Seniority List of Supervisor(Equivalent) based on 30.06.2018.HRMD1
88552018-09-10HRMD 2 : 714(03)- Transfer Order (AGM, SPO).HRMD2
88532018-09-10HRMD 2: 713(02) - Transfer order (AGM)HRMD2
88472018-09-09Regarding Sending ACF-91 & Cash Fund Information Report of Branches.TMD
88452018-09-09Regarding Sending Updated Information about 5 Crore & above DepositTMD
88372018-09-09Regarding Selling ENT & Head-Neck Cancer Hospital & Institute Lottery Ticket/ 2018.BCBD
88272018-09-06Explanation Called due to Non-payment of Foreign Remittance by Harirampur Branch, Manikganj.FRMD
88262018-09-06Explanation Called due to Non-payment of Foreign Remittance by Majhiali Branch, Mymensingh.FRMD
88242018-09-06Explanation Called due to Non-payment of Foreign Remittance by Nagura Branch, Habiganj.FRMD
88222018-09-06Explanation Called due to Non-payment of Foreign Remittance by Thanchi Branch, Bandarban.FRMD
88182018-09-06Training Schedule of SBS-2,3 and ISS ReportingSTAFF COLLEGE
88052018-09-05Human Resource Management Department -2 Order(685)HRMD2
87782018-09-04Regarding Sending 30 June, 2017 based IBTA Statement of 2016-2017 FY.CAD1
87752018-09-04Joining of Md. Abu Sadek Mia, AGM (DGM in charge), VSD.VSD
87692018-09-03Regarding Leaving Workplace with Approval of AuthoritiesHRMD2
87662018-09-03HRMD 1: Humanitarian HelpHRMD1
87642018-09-03Charge Handover of Md Sogir Ahammod, DGM, Staff CollegeSTAFF COLLEGE
87582018-08-30Explanation Called due to Non-payment of Foreign Remittance by Keshabpur Br., Patuakhali.FRMD
87472018-08-30Regarding Determination of Revised Target for Tk 10 Account Holder under Re-financing Scheme of Loan Disbursement for 2018 Covered by Financial Inclusion ProgramRMD
87352018-08-29Assignment of Additional Duty to Honorable GM (Admin) Md. Azizul Bari,HRMD2
87262018-08-29Regarding Branch wise Providing Information of Interest Subsidy for Remission of Interest Rate on Agriculture Loan on FY 2016-2017.CAD1
87162018-08-28Tour Schedule of Honorable MD Sir of September/2018.MD Secretariat
86992018-08-27Regarding Mentioning CIB Report wise Loan Related Information of other Bank on All Loan Proposals.CREDIT1
86942018-08-27Regarding Regular Branch Visit by CRM/RM.BCBD
86872018-08-26Regarding Assigning Additional Charge of DGM TO Bishwas Md. Ruhul Amin (R-1145), AGM, Divisional Office, Barishal.Barishal Division, HRMD2
86852018-08-26Transfer Order- 610(5)HRMD2
86832018-08-26Planning Circular- 21/2018: Regarding Increasing Recommendation Power of Supervisors.CREDIT1
86812018-08-26Planning Circular- 20/2018: Credit policy and Guideline for Bagda Shrimp Culture.CREDIT1
86792018-08-26Planning Circular- 19/2018: Credit policy and Guideline for Crab Culture.CREDIT1
86772018-08-26Planning Circular- 18/2018: Credit policy and Guideline for Poultry Broiler Farm.CREDIT1
86752018-08-26Planning Circular- 17/2018: Credit policy and Guideline for Poultry Layer Farm.CREDIT1
86642018-08-20Changes of Interest Rate on Loans & AdvancesTMD
86602018-08-20Regarding Verification of Educational & Freedom Fighter Certificate of Newly Recruited Officers/Employees.HRMD1
86512018-08-20Regarding Implementation of 396 Meeting Minutes.BCBD
86362018-08-16Regarding Keeping Readymade Garments Adjacent Branch open on 18-08-2018.BCBD
86322018-08-16Regarding Opening Sub-head for BKB Integrity Award.CAD1
86272018-08-14Admin Circular(11/2018) about salary payment of employees(11th grade to 20th grade)HRMD2
86242018-08-14Nomination for Foundation Training (Officer Cash)STAFF COLLEGE
86012018-08-13Regarding Observation of National Mourning Day being included with respective District & Upazilla Level Programs.EWTD
85872018-08-12Agri Credit Policy for the FY 2018-2019BCBD, Policy & Guideline
85842018-08-12Regarding Foreign Remittance & Accountability of CRM/RM & Branch Managers.FRMD
85802018-08-09Recruitment on the Post of Assistant Maintenance Engineer/Assistant Hardware Engineer/Assistant Engineer(IT).Career, HRMD1
85772018-08-09HRMD -527(2) : Additional Duty to Mr Dilip Kumar Bhattacharaya as GM In charge of LPO.HRMD2, Personal Letters
85732018-08-09Office Memorandum of Md. Mostafizur Rahman to visit Singapore & Malaysia.HRMD4, Personal Letters
85672018-08-09Joining Letter of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharya, GM, ICT Division.HRMD2
85642018-08-09SME-37: Regarding Goal Achievement & Bringing Mobility on SME Loan Disbursement on 2018-19.SME
85582018-08-08Nomination for Training-Data Entry/ Control Operators.HRMD1
85352018-08-07Circular No-02/2018 : Interest Remission CircularLRD
85332018-08-07Opening of SND Accounts of Government , Semi-government, Autonomous Organizations .TMD
85272018-08-06Division-wise SME Loan Recovery Target for 2018-2019 Fiscal Year.SME
85042018-08-06Circular No- 10/2018 : Target LetterCAD1, CAD2
84982018-08-05HRMD : 457- Additional Duty of DGM.HRMD2
84912018-08-02Transfer Order DGM, AGM, SPO 446(110)HRMD2
84892018-08-02HRMD 1- 670(60):Transfer Order Officer.HRMD1
84622018-08-01Regarding Achievement of Annual Loan Disbursement Target under SME on 2018-19.SME
84392018-08-01Accounts 2: 133- Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.CAD2
84372018-08-01Accounts 2: 233- Special Student Scholarship-2018 (J.S.C & P.E.C Examination-2017CAD2
84322018-07-31Transfer Order of DGM 423HRMD2
84182018-07-30HRMD 2 - 400(5): Transfer Order AGM, SPO.HRMD2
84152018-07-30Joining Letter of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
84132018-07-30Joining Letter of Mir Mofazzol Hossain, GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
84112018-07-30Foreign Remittance Month from 01 August,2018 to 31 August,2018.FRMD
84092018-07-30HRMD 2-401(4): Transfer Order of GM.HRMD2
84072018-07-30Meeting Minutes Regarding Observation of 15 August,2018- 'National Mourning Day' with due RespectEWTD
84032018-07-29Regarding Renewal of TT Discounting Facilities through Sonali Bank Limited.TMD
83962018-07-26Regarding Accomplishment of Particular Important Tasks on Field On July-August, 2018LRD
83872018-07-26MD's Letter to All Concerns Regarding Foreign Remittance.Latest News, MD Secretariat
83822018-07-26Law Department: Charge HandoverLAW, Personal Letters
83682018-07-26Circular No- 02/2018BOARD
83592018-07-25Regarding Declaration of General Holiday for Rajshahi, Barishal & Sylhet City Coporation Election on 30 July,2018.BCBD
83252018-07-24Regarding Declaration of General Holiday for Upazila Parishad Election on 25July,2018.BCBD
83162018-07-2429 Meeting MinutesICD
82982018-07-22Admin Circular-06/2018 : Regarding Withhold of Advance Installment Deduction in July 2018 Due to Upcoming Eid-Ul-AdhaHRMD2
82942018-07-22HRMD 2: 290(27)- Transfer Order DGM, AGM, SPO.HRMD2
82782018-07-22Regarding Use of 'BKB Janala" Mobile Apps.ICT (Operation)
82712018-07-22Planning & Development Circular No-12/2018: Target for Region wise Remittance Collection on 2018-2019 Fiscal Year.FRMD
82732018-07-22Regarding Innovation Idea (Reminder).ICT (Operation)
82682018-07-19About Implementing Transfer OrderHRMD2, Latest News
82612018-07-19Credit 1 : Circular Letter No: 51 - Regarding bringing Mobility on Banking Activities.CREDIT1
82592018-07-19Regarding Collection of Credit Report according to GFET-2018 Guideline.ITD
82572018-07-19Regarding Implementation of Central Task force Meeting Minutes to Prevent Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing.RMD
82532018-07-19MPD-09 : Office OrderMPD
82472018-07-18Regarding Verification of Quarterly Operation Report (DCFCL).ICD
82452018-07-18Regarding Change of Branch name- Chesrakhali to Adarshanagar, Netrokona.BCBD, Mymensingh Division
82402018-07-18Tour Schedule of Managing Director for the month of July,2018.MD Secretariat
82362018-07-17Transfer Order of DGM 235(2)HRMD2
82322018-07-17HRMD2-234: Charge Handover of GM.HRMD2
82042018-07-17CAD 1- Regarding Sending Annual Account Closing Related Certificate according to CircularCAD1
81982018-07-16Regarding Implementation of 14 & 15 Meeting Minutes of Board Risk Management Committee Held on 21/03/18.ICD
81912018-07-16Regarding NBR Certificate Collection for Abroad Transaction for Tax Deduction on Reduced Rate under Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.CAD1
81862018-07-15Regarding Income Tax Return.CAD1
81822018-07-15Regarding Sending ACR of 2017-18 Fiscal Year.HRMD1
81622018-07-15HRMD 2: 178- Regarding Sending ACR.HRMD2
81422018-07-12Transfer Order of SPO & Responsibility Handover of CRM, ShariatpurHRMD2
81272018-07-12Regarding Implementation of 14 & 15 Meeting Minutes.ICD
81192018-07-12Credit 1 : 604 : Regarding Sending 4% Loan Statement Claiming Subsidy Against Closed Loan AccountCREDIT1
80892018-07-11MPD: 06(17)- Regarding Sending Regional Branch Related Information.MPD
80812018-07-11Regarding 18th Meeting Recordnotes of Bangladesh Bank AD Forum.ITD
80452018-07-09Regarding Instructuion on deduction of VAT from Source.CAD1
80432018-07-09Appointment of Data Entry Control Operator, Electrician.Career, HRMD1
80192018-07-05HRMD-2-77(6): Transfer Order.HRMD2
80132018-07-05Regarding Loan Classification & Provisioning.LCD
80062018-07-05Regularization of faults at the time of inspection by the Internal Control Team.ICD
79792018-07-03Regarding Selling of Lottery Ticket(worth 20 Taka each) of Bangladesh Welfare Society of Disability.BCBD
79722018-07-03Regarding Implementation of Meeting Minutes of BKB Risk Management Unit Committee -May/2018ICD
79682018-07-03Appointment of Senior Officer from Waiting List.Career, HRMD1
79642018-07-02HRMD-2: 29(6) -Transfer OrderHRMD2
79232018-06-28Transfer Order of DGM, AGM (28-06-18)HRMD2
79182018-06-28Regarding Additional Charge as Principal (General Manager) of Staff college.HRMD2
79142018-06-28Regarding Nomination for Foundation Training of Officer (Cash) from 08.07.2018 to 16.08.2018.STAFF COLLEGE
79042018-06-28BCBD-1-1136: Regarding Income Tax, VAT deposit related Branch be remained open in 30 June, 2018.BCBD
79022018-06-28HRMD2-4728: About Staying in own workplace during 29 & 30 June and 1st July,2018 for fulfilling Annual Closing works.HRMD2
78662018-06-26Promotion Order Peon To Daptari (6324)HRMD1
78642018-06-26Promotion Order Officer To Senior Officer(6322)HRMD1
78592018-06-26Regarding Sending June2018 based Half-yearly Self Assesment of Anti Fraud Internal Control Report.ICD
78552018-06-264698- Pay Fixation of DGM.HRMD2
78532018-06-26Regarding General Holiday Declaration For Tangail Basail Municipality Election.BCBD
78512018-06-26Circular No-09/2018: Regarding Re-schedule of deduction Rate of Contribution on Employees Superannuation Fund.CAD2
78402018-06-25Regarding Keeping Branches Closed for Gazipur City Corporation Election on 26 June, 2018.BCBD
77892018-06-25CL-3(Part-1)/2017-18/817: Branchwise Union & Village name list in XL Format for preparing Borrowers list, Demand Notice and Legal Notice.LCD
77832018-06-24Regarding Income Tax Deduction on Salary for the fiscal year 2017-2018.CAD1
77752018-06-24Regarding BKB Integrity Award 2016-17.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy
77722018-06-24Admin Circular No: 10/2018- Regarding Providing Ex-Gratia to the Employees for the Fiscal Year 2016-2017.HRMD2
77642018-06-21Regarding Cancellation of Sample Signature (Serial No:- 4310, 4312, 7224).BCBD
77442018-06-19Preparing CL Statement Based on 30-06-2018.LCD
77402018-06-19Regarding DCMS Software Case Related Data Entry & Correction .LAW
77222018-06-18Transfer Order-4522, 18-06-18.HRMD2
77202018-06-18Office MemorandumHRMD4
77182018-06-14Tour Schedule of Honorable MD of BKB- June/2018MD Secretariat
77142018-06-14Joining Letter of Mohammad Fakhrul Alam, DMD.HRMD2, Personal Letters
77092018-06-14Transfer Order-4499(3)- 14.06.18HRMD2
77072018-06-14Transfer Order-4500(7)- 14.06.18HRMD2
76982018-06-12MPD-68-Part(2)/17-18/237: Regarding Redistribution of Responsibilities for Divisions (12-06-18).MPD
76902018-06-12Transfer Order-4480 (12.06.2018).HRMD2
76842018-06-121184: Regarding Implementation of 14th Meeting Minutes of Secretariat Risk Management Unit Committee.BCBD
76822018-06-121183: Regarding Implementation of April/2018 Meeting Minutes of Risk Management Unit Committee.ICD
76802018-06-12Regarding Keeping Readymade Garments related Branch Open on 13 June, 2018.BCBD
76722018-06-12Release Order of Md. Fazlul Haque, DMD.HRMD2
76692018-06-11Transfer order of AGMHRMD2
76602018-06-11Admin Circular No:09/2018- Transfer Policy-2018.HRMD2, Policy & Guideline
76522018-06-10Admin Circular: 08/2018- Regarding Increasing Night Duty Bill of Security Guard.HRMD2
76502018-06-10Admin Circular No:07/2018-Regarding Increasing Reward Money for Banking Diploma Passed Employees.HRMD2
76482018-06-10HRMD-2/4409, 07/06/2018.HRMD2, VAD2
76452018-06-07Humanitarian Help- 6094.HRMD2
76382018-06-07Regarding allocation of works to Treasury Mangement Department which was formerly performed by Central Accounts-1.CAD1, TMD
76262018-06-0528th Meeting MinutesICD
76062018-06-04Accounts 2-4045: Karmachari Kalyan Tahobil.CAD2
75942018-06-03Circular No: 08/2018 - Annual Closing-2018CAD1
75872018-05-31Tour Schedule of Honorable MD of BKB- June/2018MD Secretariat
75842018-05-31BKB Integriy Evaluation Form.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy
75822018-05-31Regarding Clarification on giving Bangladesh Krishi Bank Integrity Award 2016-17.BCBD, National Integrity Strategy
75792018-05-31Transfer Order 4269(14).HRMD2
75742018-05-31Regarding ACR Evaluation on the Basis of Target Achievement.HRMD2
75612018-05-30Circular No: 01/2018 - Guidelines for giving Bangladesh Krishi Bank Integrity Award-2018BCBD, National Integrity Strategy, Policy & Guideline
75582018-05-30Regarding Ensuring Security of Bank on the Vacation of Upcoming Holy Eid-Ul-Fitr.BCBD
75492018-05-30Regarding Increasing Festival Bonus of 100% pension surrendering Stuffs on 5% rate.HRMD2
75432018-05-30Regarding taking necessary actions for reducing Cash Carrying Risk under the governance of CRM/RM Offices.Latest News, PROCUREMENT
75142018-05-28Regarding Establishment of Poster on AML/CFT.RMD
75032018-05-27Transfer Order 4215(2)HRMD2
74972018-05-27Regarding Income Tax (Salary) Deduction for the fiscal year 2017-2018.CAD1
74742018-05-24Regarding Disciplinary Action of HRMD 3-4049HRMD3
74672018-05-23Transfer Order 4165(6) of DGM, AGM & SPOHRMD2
74432018-05-23Admin Circular-04/2018 : Regarding Withhold of Advance Installment Deduction in May 2018 Due to Upcoming Eid-Ul-Fitre..HRMD2
74212018-05-21Charge handover and takeoverITD
74052018-05-21Tour plan of Dr. Md. Liakat Hossain Moral,DMD-2 on May,2018.
74022018-05-20Revised Transfer Order of DGM Md. Daud Khan Mahfuz.HRMD2
74002018-05-20Trainee nomination for two training courses on "International Trade & Foreign Exchange" and "Project Financing".STAFF COLLEGE
73912018-05-20Downloading the Applicants Copy/Admit Card for the viva of DEO & Electrician.Career, HRMD1
73782018-05-17Regarding Trainee selection.STAFF COLLEGE
73712018-05-16Letter No-730(25): Tour Program of Managing Director,16-05-2018.MD Secretariat
73652018-05-15HRMD-2 (4062)HRMD2
73632018-05-15Transfer Order HRMD-2HRMD2
73502018-05-15Office Time Schedule for Holy Ramadan.BCBD
73472018-05-14Notice No-76/2018: Viva Schedule for the post of Officer (Cash).Career, HRMD1
73432018-05-14General Leave for Electoral Area on 15th May,2018 .BCBD
73362018-05-13Joining Letter of Md. Azizul Bari, General Manager, Administration Division.HRMD2
73342018-05-13Transfer Order of Md. Abdul Halim, General Manager.HRMD2
73322018-05-13Joining Letter of Md. Abdul Halim, General Manager.HRMD2
72982018-05-09Naming BKB "Jamalganj Branch,Sunamganj" in lieu of "Shachnabazar Branch,Sunamganj".BCBD
72792018-05-07Transfer order of AGM 3951(5)HRMD2
72772018-05-07Transfer order of AGM 3950(2)HRMD2
72742018-05-06Circular no-63/2018:Viva Schedule for the post of Assistant Engineer (Civil).Career
72682018-05-03Circular letter-01/2018 0f ITDITD
72652018-05-03Hrmd2-3895: Joining Letter of Md. Afzal Karim, Deputy Managing Director (30-04-18).HRMD2
72632018-05-03MPD-68/17-18/224: Regarding Redistribution of Responsibilities for Divisions (30-04-18).MPD
72582018-05-03Hrmd2-3894: Joining Letter of Dr. Md. Liakat Hossain Moral, Deputy Managing Director (30-04-18).HRMD2
72522018-05-03HRMD2/3896: Transfer Order of General Manager (30-04-18).HRMD2
72462018-04-30Release Letter of Mr. Thakur Das Kundu(T-203),GM.HRMD2
72422018-04-30Letter no-3882: Additional Charge for Project Monitoring Department.HRMD2
72392018-04-26Transfer Order 3879HRMD2
72372018-04-26Tour Program of Honorable Managing Director (26-04-2018).MD Secretariat
72112018-04-25Regarding accurate provision of interest on fixed deposit & other schemes during half-yearly & yearly closing.CAD1
71952018-04-24Letter no-959: Regarding necessary steps to prevent convection of fake-note.BCBD
71852018-04-24Regarding Salary Day for the online branches & the controlling offices of online branches.ICT (System)
71332018-04-22Circular No. Credit-1/9(41)/2017-18/528: Loan proposal in due time.CREDIT1
71312018-04-19Transfer Order OF DGM &AGM(3756)HRMD2
71142018-04-19Promotion Order From Peon to Doptori.HRMD1
71102018-04-19Promotion Order from Doptori to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1
71082018-04-19Promotion Order from Data Entry Operator(DEO) to Data Entry Supervisor(DES).HRMD1
70782018-04-18Minutes of meeting held on 05-04-2018 about commercial audit.CAD1
70742018-04-18Minutes of 27th meeting held on 05-04-2018 of Internal Control & Compliance ,HO.ICD
70712018-04-18Promotion Order From Supervisor To officer.HRMD1
70492018-04-15Regarding Non-operative current BM collection account & Non-operative current devoid BM collection account opening & managing.BCBD
70282018-04-12PF Index of Newly Recruited Senior Officer, Officer.CAD1
70112018-04-10Meeting Minutes of 14th Meeting of Secretariat Risk Management Committee held on 21/03/2018ICD
70082018-04-10Regarding Contacting With TMD Instead of CAD-1 on Sending Report About Deposit & Fund & Weekly Report from Field Level Branches.TMD
70062018-04-10Punishment Order-3509ICD, Personal Letters
69952018-04-10Transfer Order DGM, AGM, SPO- 3579.HRMD2
69812018-04-09Karmachari Kalyan TahobilCAD2
69752018-04-09Result of the Written Test for Recruitment on the post of Data Entry, Control Operator, Electrician.Career, HRMD1
69662018-04-08Regarding Disciplinary Action of HRMD 3-3511HRMD3
69622018-04-08Regarding Disciplinary Action of HRMD3- 3510.HRMD3
69302018-04-05Regarding Upgrading Implementation of Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing Prevention Related Instructions to Satisfactory Level.RMD
69282018-04-05Regarding Opening Sub-Section on Personal Loan Scheme.CAD1
69262018-04-05Regarding Opening Sub-Section for 2 Exchange Companies (Max Money Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia, Placid NK Corporation (Placid Express), USACAD1
69232018-04-04Regarding Nomination for Foundation Training (Senior Officer).STAFF COLLEGE
69142018-04-04ICD-1007-Regarding Implementation of 391th Meeting's Minutes.ICD
69122018-04-04ICD-1006-Regarding Implementation of 391th Meeting's Minutes.ICD
69062018-04-04Advertisement Regarding Written Exam Schedule & Center of the MCQ Passed Candidates for the Recruitment of Data Entry/Control Operator & Electrician of BKB.Career, HRMD1
68652018-04-01Admin Circular : 04/2018-Regarding Correction/Simplification of House Building Loan Advance Rules.HRMD2, Policy & Guideline
68552018-03-29Tour Program of Honorable Managing DirectorMD Secretariat
68502018-03-29Regarding Selling Lottery Ticket of Bangladesh Football Federation.BCBD
68412018-03-29Regarding Sending Transfer ApplicationHRMD2
68372018-03-29Regarding arrangement of Foundation Training for the Post of Assistant Programmer, Assistant Engineer, Senior OfficerSTAFF COLLEGE
68282018-03-28Transfer Order- AGM, SPO (3380).HRMD2
68182018-03-27Pay Fixation of Promoted DGM-3367HRMD2
68132018-03-27Regarding Sending Soft copy of March Based CL.LCD
68082018-03-27Humanitarian HelpHRMD1
68062018-03-25Activities of 26 March, Independence Day
68042018-03-25Branch Information of fiscal year2016-2017CAD1
68012018-03-25Auditor's Report and Audited Financial Statements of BKB(2016-2017)CAD1, Policy & Guideline
67762018-03-22Re-distribution of various Divisions, Departments of HO, Staff College & LPO.MPD
67742018-03-21Regarding Impication of minutes of 391th Meeting held on 15-03-2018.ICD
67712018-03-21Pay Fixation of promoted DGM-3304HRMD2
67662018-03-21Circular Letter No-03/2018 :Regarding Attesting, Signing of Specific Authority on the Application/ Declaration Letter for the Approval of Final Settlement/ Grant from WF/PF & Pension.HRMD2
67612018-03-21Tour Schedule of MD,BKB, March-2018.PRD
67572018-03-21Regarding 17th Meeting Record Notes of Bangladesh Bank Authorised Dealers' Forum .ITD
67492018-03-20Regarding Posting of Recruited Senior Officers, Officers on 2016-17 Session.HRMD1
67442018-03-20Transfer Order AGM, SPO-3275.HRMD2
67402018-03-19Transsfer Order DGM- 3257(2).HRMD2
67302018-03-18Regarding Maintaining Provision Against Unclassified HBL.LCD
67072018-03-18Explanation Call of DGM A H M Golam Kibria Khan, Manager of BKB Banani Corporate BranchHRMD2
67052018-03-18স্বল্পোন্নত দেশের স্ট্যাটাস হতে বাংলাদেশের উত্তরণের যোগ্যতা অর্জনের ঐতিহাসিক সাফল্য উদযাপন উপলক্ষ্যে কর্মপরিকল্পনা ও বাস্তবায়ন রূপরেখা।BCBD
66672018-03-12Transfer Order of DGMHRMD2
66602018-03-12MPD-79(Part-1)/17-18/189: Amendment in Internal Control Manual-2017.MPD
66562018-03-12Interest Remission Format of HBL.HRMD1
66502018-03-12Regarding Compliance & Implementation 31st Detailed Inspection Report of Bangladesh Bank regarding BKB.CREDIT1
66472018-03-12Regarding Edition, Correction of Rough Credit Policy & Operation Manual-2017.MPD
66332018-03-12HRMD-2: Office Order-3192HRMD2
66282018-03-11Transfer and posting order of General Manger.HRMD2
66222018-03-11Fixation of DGM- 3154.HRMD2
66142018-03-11Tour Schedule of MD, BKB- March/2018.PRD
66122018-03-08Transfer Order PD2 3151HRMD2
65962018-03-07Regarding Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) 2010.TMD
65912018-03-06Posting Order of GMHRMD2
65892018-03-06Transfer Order of GMHRMD2
65872018-03-06Joining Letter of Md. Ezharul Haque Bhuiyan, DGM, Loan Recovery Department .LRD
65852018-03-06Joining Letter of Monir Uddin (M-3158), DGM, Law Department.LAW
65832018-03-06Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Ali Akkas Patowari (A-2024).HRMD2
65812018-03-06Joining Letter of Parvin Akter, GM.HRMD2
65672018-03-05Regarding Fulfilling Target by Quick expedition of Cases filed on Finance Law Court.LAW
65642018-03-05Transfer Order of DGM, AGM-05/03/2018HRMD2
65612018-03-05Promotion Order from AGM to DGM -05/03/2018.HRMD2
65552018-03-05Joining Letter of A R M Salar E Jahan,GM.HRMD2
65532018-03-05Message from Honorable MD, BKB.MD Secretariat
65492018-03-05Regarding Sign Board Sample of BKB Branches/ Offices.PROCUREMENT
65352018-03-02Code of ConductHRMD1
65302018-03-01Accounts Circular-07/2018: Re-fixation of Deposit Interest Rate.TMD
65272018-03-01Rumabi-325/2017-18/272: Determination of Micro Credit disbursement target for January-December'2018.RMCD
65252018-03-01Suspension order of Md. Hafiz Ullah (H-852) for taking illegal gratification.Cumilla Division
65212018-03-01PRL Order Of Md. Delowar Hossain (D-421).HRMD2
65182018-03-01PRL Order of Md. Habib Ullah (H-462), GM, Loan Recovery Division.HRMD2
65162018-03-01181- Redistribution of Different Divisions,Departments of Head Office, Staff College and LPO.MPD
65112018-02-28PRL Order of Anowara Begum (A-6858).HRMD2
64982018-02-28Charge Handover of Abdur Rahman Mamun, GM, ICT Division.ICT (Operation)
64952018-02-27Transfer Order - 2966.HRMD2
64902018-02-27Accounts-2: Regarding Providing Permission for After Death Monthly Grant from Employee Welfare Fund.CAD2
64872018-02-27Accounts-2/2943: Regarding Providing permission for One-Time Grants to Retired Officers/Employees from BKB Employee Welfare Fund.CAD2
64842018-02-27Accounts-2/2999: Regarding Providing "Special Education Scholarship-2017" from Employee Welfare FundCAD2
64762018-02-26Circular Letter No: 02/2018 - Regarding Maintaining Secrecy of Information.HRMD2
64712018-02-26Tour Schedule for February,2018 of Honorable MD, BKB.PRD
64682018-02-25Abroad Earned Leave of Protap Kumar Biswas (P-336).HRMD2, Personal Letters
64592018-02-25Regarding Invitation for Writings from Officers & Employees about the Historic 7th March's Speech of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.PRD
64582018-02-25PRL Order of Md. Kamal Beg (K-794).HRMD2
64482018-02-22Regarding Opening Account Subhead on the heading " Purchase of Parts & Goods for Car & Other Vehicles".VehiclesCAD2
64422018-02-22PRL Order of Md. Akter Hossain (A-6846).Sylhet Division
64332018-02-19Joining Letter of Md. Azizul Bari, GM, Mymensingh Division.HRMD2
64312018-02-19Joining Letter of Nani Gopal Datta, GM, Audit & Internal Control Division.HRMD2
64292018-02-19Regrading Supply of Internal Control & Compliance Manual-2017.MPD
64242018-02-19Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Ziaur Rahman (Z-417).HRMD2, Personal Letters
64222018-02-19Abroad Earned Leave of Golam Mostofa Khan (G-224), DGM, EED.HRMD2, Personal Letters
64172018-02-19Regarding Humanitarian Help-4444HRMD1
63962018-02-18Accounts-2-pf/Option-92/Part-3(1)/17-18/2928: Regarding Newly Joined Senior Officer, Officer, Officer (Cash) and Computer Operator PF Index No.CAD2
63842018-02-18Joining Letter of MD. ALI HOSSAIN PRODHANIA, Managing Director (14-02-2018).MD Secretariat
63762018-02-18PRL Order of Ranjan Kumar Saha (R-1159), Md. Abdul Haque Bhuiyan (A-4105), Nazmul Alam (N-720), DGM.HRMD2
63722018-02-18Transfer Order of AGM (15-02-2018).HRMD2
63702018-02-187(60)/2017-18/881: Regarding Online Activities for Branches.ICT (System)
63682018-02-15Joining Letter of Nitai Chandra Roy GM, BKB Staff CollegeHRMD2
63642018-02-15Joining Letter of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharya, GM, Sylhet Division.HRMD2
63592018-02-15Joining Letter of Md. Shahidul Islam, GM, Chittagong DivisionHRMD2
63602018-02-15Sc-5(18)/406:Regarding Foundation Training.STAFF COLLEGE
63522018-02-15Regarding Continous Checking of Branch Mails & Messages of BACH & Responding.LPO(GB)
63502018-02-15PRL Order of Md. Nazrul Islam (N-272).HRMD2
63482018-02-15Abroad Earned Leave of Farida Siddiqa (F-631).HRMD2, Personal Letters
63462018-02-15PRL Order of Mohammad Helal Uddin, MD.HRMD2
63442018-02-15SC-5(18)/2017-18/404: Regarding Trainee Nomination.STAFF COLLEGE
63412018-02-14Transfer Order, AGM (14-02-18).HRMD2
63382018-02-14PRL Order of Md. Joynul Abedin (J-567).HRMD2
63362018-02-14PRL Order of Sirajul Haque (S-1514).HRMD2
63342018-02-14PRL Order of Shafiqul Alam (S-680).HRMD2
63282018-02-14Joining Letter of Mohammadul Amin (M-3842), SO, MD's Secretariat.MD Secretariat
63152018-02-13Promotion Order of Officer to Senior Officer (13-02-18).HRMD1
63072018-02-13Transfer Order Of DGM (13-02-18)HRMD2
63012018-02-13Transfer Order DGM, AGM & SPO (13-02-2018)HRMD2
62902018-02-13Regarding AML/CFT Poster Establishment.RMD
62882018-02-13Release Order of Md. Abdul Malek (A-6722), DGM.PROCUREMENT
62852018-02-13Procurement-704: Regarding Charge HandoverPROCUREMENT
62832018-02-13Joining Letter of Md. Abu Jafor Hawlader (A-4625), DGM, Procurement.PROCUREMENT
62782018-02-13PRL Order of A F S Enamul Haque (E-303).HRMD2
62722018-02-12Joining Letter of Shekh Mahmud Kamal, GM.HRMD2
62502018-02-11PRL Order of Md. Mezbah Uddin(M-3269).HRMD2
62482018-02-11PRL Order of Md. Ashraf Ali Bishawas (A-2905).HRMD2
62462018-02-11PRL Order of Md. Mosharrof Hossain (M-1943).HRMD2
62392018-02-11Joining Letter of Hasan Rafiqul Haque, Supervisor, MD's Secretariat.MD Secretariat
62372018-02-11Joining Letter of Mr. A. K. M Amirul Monjur, DGM.BOARD
62312018-02-08Admin Circular : 03/2018- Redistribution of Different Divisions,Departments of Head Office, Staff College and LPOMPD, Uncategorized
62252018-02-08Joining Letter of Abdur Rahman Mamun (A-3467), GM, ICT Department.HRMD2
62172018-02-08Regarding Proper Sending of the Pension Applications of Retired Officers/Employees.HRMD4
62152018-02-08Release Order of Md. Rokibur Rahman Khandaker, GM.HRMD2
62132018-02-07Transfer order from PD-02HRMD2
62062018-02-07Joining Letter of Khairunnesa Ahmed (K-354), DGM, Credit Division-1.CREDIT1
62022018-02-07Joining Letter of Md. Azizul Bari(A-4069), Md. Liakot ALi (L-124), Md. Solaiman(S-1748), Dilip Kumar Bhattacharya, GM.HRMD2
62002018-02-06Transfer order of DGM, AGM & SPOHRMD2
61982018-02-06Promotion Order from AGM to DGM (06-02-2018).HRMD2
61962018-02-06Transfer Order of GM.HRMD2
61932018-02-06Administrative Work InstructionsHRMD2
61902018-02-06Joining Letter of Md. Shahidul Islam (S-1485), GMHRMD2
61882018-02-06Joining Letter of Nitai Chondro Ray (N-820), GMHRMD2
61862018-02-06Joining Letter of Abdur Rahman Mamun (A-3467), GMHRMD2
61832018-02-06PRL Order of Md. Shahidul Islam(S-1357)HRMD2
61812018-02-06PRL Order of Nur Jahan Begum (N-1166)HRMD2
61792018-02-06Regarding Lost Payment orderBCBD
61732018-02-06Charge handover of MD. Mahtab Uddin, DGM, CAD-1.CAD1
61702018-02-06PRL Order of Jannatul Baki(J-224)HRMD2
61662018-02-05Regarding Maintenance of General Provision Against Issued L.C's on favor of Fast Track Power Plant ProjectsLCD
61642018-02-05PRL Order of Tapan Kumar Bhoumick (T-388), DGMHRMD2
61592018-02-05Regarding Activation of E-payment Method through RTGS for the Paymetnt of Customs Duty & Vat.TMD
61522018-02-05Release Order of Md. Mahtab Uddin, DGM & Md. Zahir Raihan, DGM.HRMD2
61422018-02-04Accounts-1/1(24)/2017-18/909: Regarding Outsourcing for Data Entry.CAD1
61402018-02-04জাল-জালিয়াতি/অর্থ আত্মসাৎ বিষয়ক সাবধানতা অবলম্বন প্রসঙ্গে।ICT (System)
61322018-02-04HRMD-2/DGM/2017-18/2551: Fixation from AGM to DGM (25-01-2018).HRMD2
61292018-02-01Operation Circular-08/2018: Regarding Demand Loan.ITD
61272018-02-01Viva Schedule for Promotion from Officer to Senior Officer.HRMD1
61252018-02-01Regarding Lost I O ReceiptBCBD
61232018-02-01Joining Letter of Md. Fazlul Haque, DMD.HRMD2
61132018-01-31Abroad Earned Leave of Md. Mamunur Rashid (M-3665), DGM, ICT Systems, Card & Mobile Banking Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
61112018-01-31PRL order of Quareshi Mahmud Hasan (Q-29), GMHRMD2
61082018-01-31Circular No- 01/2018: Bangladesh Krishi Bank Credit Card Policy-2018.ICT (System)
61062018-01-31PRL order of Md. Ruhul Amin (R-1129)HRMD2
61042018-01-31PRL order of K M Rokibul Islam (R-1027)HRMD2
60992018-01-31The Managing Director's Commitment on the Prevention of Financing on Money Laundering & Terrorist Activities.RMD
60892018-01-30Regarding Disciplinary Action of HRMD3.HRMD3
60862018-01-30Regarding Nomination for Public Administration Award-2018HRMD2
60832018-01-30Regarding Approval of Study Leave of Aminul Islam (A-7496)Dhaka Division
60722018-01-29Transfer order of AGM, SPO (29-01-18).HRMD2
60692018-01-29PRL Order of Md. Zakir Hossain (Z-162).HRMD2
60672018-01-29PRL Order of Abu Noman Mohammad Abdul Motin (A-6599).HRMD2
60472018-01-29PRL Order of Md. Moshiul Azam, DGM, Kushtia Division (M-3304).HRMD2
60332018-01-28Regarding Formulation of Refinance Scheme on 5% interest for making Bangladesh self-sufficient on Milk production.PCD
60312018-01-28PRL order of Abul Azad Kalam, DGM (A-3869).HRMD2
60292018-01-28Abroad Tour Permission Letter of Debdash Sarker (D-507).HRMD2, Personal Letters
60162018-01-25PRL order of Rohini Kumar Paul, General Manager (R-502).HRMD2
60062018-01-24Joining Letter of Md. Mujibor Rahman, DGM, RMD (M-3270)RMD
60042018-01-23Transfer order of DGM, AGM & SPOHRMD2
60022018-01-23PRL Order of Mrinal Kanti De (M-1002).HRMD2
59982018-01-23Joining Letter of Md. Mosharraf Hossain, DGM, HRMD3 (M-2937)HRMD3
59962018-01-23Regarding Proper Sending of Pension Documents of Retired EmployeesHRMD4
59942018-01-23PRL order of Molla Habibur Rahman (H-717)HRMD2
59912018-01-23PRL order of Jagadish Chandra Howladar(J-273)HRMD2
59892018-01-23PRL order of Md. Almas Ali (A-2178)HRMD2
59842018-01-22Transfer Order of GM, Barisal (22-01-2018).HRMD2
59812018-01-22Promotion order from AGM to DGM (22-01-2018).HRMD2
59722018-01-22BCBD Circular No:681- Regarding Promoters' Duty.BCBD
59692018-01-22BCBD Circular No:682- Regarding Loan Monitoring.BCBD
59602018-01-22Planning & Operation Circular-05/2018: Regarding Personal Loan Scheme.Policy & Guideline, RMCD
59662018-01-22PRL Order of Md. Abdul Mazid(A-6834)HRMD2
59612018-01-22Viva Schedule for selected candidates for the Post of Officer
59582018-01-22PRL order of Dilip Kumar Kundu (D-407)HRMD2
59552018-01-22PRL order of Md. Nurul Amin (N-457)HRMD2
59542018-01-22PRL order of Md. Shafiqul Islam (S-3179)HRMD2
59522018-01-21MPD-153: Regarding Meeting of Credit Committee.MPD
59502018-01-21Transfer Order of DGM, AGM, SPO (21-01-2018).HRMD2
59462018-01-21Abroad Earned Leave Sanction of Md. Ziaur Rahman(Z-417).HRMD2, Personal Letters
59322018-01-21Regarding Re-determination of Interest rates for DepositsCREDIT1
59232018-01-18PRL order of Mohammad Ali (M-3266), SPO.HRMD2
59212018-01-18BCBD-676: Regarding selling of Dhaka Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital Lottery-2018.BCBD
59192018-01-18HRMD-02(105): Regarding Charge HandoverHRMD3
58642018-01-18Accounts-1/1(24)/2017-18/845: Regarding distinct Account opening for Land & Building sector.CAD1
58622018-01-17Release Order of Mahtab Zabin, DMDHRMD2
58522018-01-17Circular No: 06/2018: Regarding Code of Conduct for Bangkadesh Krishi Bank.BCBD
57812018-01-15Admin Circular : 02/2018- List of Notice & Circular issued by AdmininstrationHRMD2
57762018-01-14Rough Credit Policy & Operation Manual-2017 CorrectionMPD
57742018-01-14Transfer order of AGM & SPO (14-01-2018).HRMD2
57722018-01-14PRL order of Md. Anwar Hossain (A-6169)HRMD2
57502018-01-11Joining Letter of Md. Abdul Malek (A-6722), DGM, Procurement DepartmentPROCUREMENT
57462018-01-10Abroad Earn Leave Sanction of Shahriar Mahmud (S-3883)HRMD2, Personal Letters
57392018-01-10Promotion Order from PO to SPO (09-01-2018).HRMD1
57322018-01-10Joining Letter of Md. Shamsul Haque (S-3411), DGM, Reconciliation Department.RECONCILIATION
57292018-01-10Joining Letter of Md. Mofizur Rahman (M-3099), DGM, Public Relations and Protocol Department.PRD
57142018-01-09PRL order of Somesh Kumar Debnath (S-1795)HRMD2
57152018-01-09Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Quamrun Nahar (Q-25), GM, ICT Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
57122018-01-09PO to SPO Viva Schedule for Promotion 09/01/2018HRMD1
57042018-01-09PRL Order of Dhirendra Nath Roy (D-423).HRMD2
57002018-01-08Transfer Order of AGM (08-01-2018).HRMD2
56982018-01-08HO/MPD-54(Part-1)/2017-18/141: Credit Policy & Operation Manual-2017MPD, Policy & Guideline
56942018-01-08Promotion Order from AGM to DGM (08-01-2018).HRMD2
56922018-01-08Joining letter of Belal Ahmed, DGM, Man Power Planning and Development department.MPD
56902018-01-08Abroad Tour Permission letter of Biman Bkash Sarkar (B-587).Mymensingh Division, Personal Letters
56832018-01-08GM Viva Schedule (08-01-2018).HRMD2
56752018-01-07Viva Schedule for SO to PO (07-01-2018).HRMD1
56702018-01-07Admin Circular : 01/2018 Redistribution of different Divisions of Head Office, Staff College and LPOMPD
56682018-01-07Joining Letter of Jafrul Hasan (J-621), DGM, PCD.PCD
56592018-01-07Joining Letter of Lutfun Nahar Naz (L-229), DGM, ICDICD
56372018-01-04Transfer order of DGM, AGM & SPO (04-01-2018).HRMD2
56402018-01-04Procure-598(1250) : Regarding Firearm LicensePROCUREMENT
56312018-01-04Viva Schedule for Promotion from PO to SPO (04-01-2018).HRMD1
56122018-01-03Circular No-01/2018: Regarding increase business power of branch managers.BOARD
56042018-01-03Seniority list of SO/Assistant Engineer/Asssistant Programmer (30-11-2017 wise).HRMD1
55972018-01-03EWTD-1(4)part-3/2017-18/425: Regarding 7th March, 1971 Speech of Bongabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has been Enlisted in World Documentary Heritage.EWTD
55942018-01-03Joining Letter of Md. Khazamuddin Talukdar, GM, Divisional Office, Khulna.HRMD2
55922018-01-03Abroad Earn Leave Sanction of Alok Chandra Sarker (A-7498)Mymensingh Division, Personal Letters
55892018-01-0344 CL GuidilineLCD
55862018-01-03Joining Letter of Rozina Parvin (R-527), DGM, SMESME
55722018-01-02Joinin Letter of Mirza Arifuzzaman (A-6104), DGM, SMESME
55702018-01-02Operation Circular No: 04/2018: Regarding Artificial Insemination Loan
55572018-01-02Joining letter of F M A Rahim, Chief Staff Officer, MD Secretariat.MD Secretariat
55552018-01-02Joining letter of Mohammad Helal Uddin, Managing Director, BKB.MD Secretariat
55432018-01-02Sending Credit advise for VAT, Tax & Excise DutyCAD1
55482018-01-02PRL Order of Amit Kumar Guha (A-6131).HRMD2, Uncategorized
55462018-01-02PRL Order of Md. Ataur Rahman (A-4360).HRMD2
55442018-01-02PRL Order of Md. Akkas Ali Patowari (A-2024).HRMD2
55272018-01-01Admin Circular-21/2017: Redistribution of different Division and LPO.HRMD2
55242018-01-01PRL Order of Md. Zahidul Islam (Z-378).HRMD2
55162018-01-01PRL Order of Shikha Rani Pal (S-699).HRMD2
55142018-01-01Promotion Order from SPO to AGM (01-01-2018).HRMD2
55112018-01-01Promotion Order from AGM to DGM (01-01-2018).HRMD2
55012018-01-01PRL Order of Mr. Mohammad Ismail Hossain, Managing Director.HRMD2
54902018-01-01Operation Circular No. 01/2018: Regarding rules & regulation for loanCREDIT1
54882018-01-01Operation Circular No. 02/2018: Regarding rules & regulation for PiscicultureCREDIT1
54842018-01-01Operation Circular No. 03/2018: Regarding mortage value determination.CREDIT1
54822018-01-01Circular Letter No: c-1/3(7)/2017-18/335: Regarding Loan Proposal.CREDIT1
54802018-01-01Circular Letter No: c-1/3(7)/2017-18/334: Regarding deduction of renewal fees for Current Capital.CREDIT1
54722017-12-31Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Md. Abdul Mannan (A-6197).HRMD2, Personal Letters
54702017-12-31PRL Order of Mr. Tazrina Ferdausi, DMD.HRMD2
54682017-12-31PRL Order of Mr. Quamrun Nahar, GM, ICT Division.HRMD2
54662017-12-31Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (28-12-2017).HRMD2
54642017-12-31Promotion order from AGM to DGM (31-12-2017).HRMD2
54622017-12-31Promotion Order from SPO to AGM (31-12-2017).HRMD2
54602017-12-31Operation Circular-27/2017ITD
54582017-12-31Prl Order of Md. Syeduzzaman (S-1848).HRMD2
54562017-12-31Joining Letter of Md. Afzal Karim, GM, Administration Division.HRMD2
54532017-12-31Prl Order of Sagufta Tasnim (S-1772), Md. Shamsul Haque (S-3411), DGM.HRMD2
54472017-12-31Charge Handover & Taken of ICT Division.
54412017-12-28Joining Letter of Kazi Mohammad Nazre Moin(K-883).BOARD
54392017-12-28Promotion Order of Senior System Analyst (28-12-2017).HRMD2
54342017-12-28Promotion Order from SPO to AGM (28-12-2017).HRMD2
54292017-12-28২০১৭-২০১৮ অর্থ বছরের ৩০.১১.২০১৭ পর্যন্ত বিভাগওয়ারী এসএমই ঋণ বিতরণ ও আদায় এর বার্ষিক লক্ষ্যমাত্রার বিপরীতে আনুপাতিক লক্ষ্যমাত্রা অর্জনের অগ্রগতি প্রসংগে।SME
54272017-12-28প্রধানমন্ত্রীর কার্যালয়ে আয়োজিত উন্নয়ন মেলা সংক্রান্ত আন্তঃমন্ত্রণালয় সভার সিদ্ধান্ত বাস্তবায়ন প্রসঙ্গে।BCBD
54192017-12-27Joining Letter of Mr. Mohammad Ali (A-2106)RSD
54132017-12-27হিসাব-১/করশাখা-৩/২০১৭-২০১৮/৭৪৫(১২৫০):Income Tax Ordiance,1984(XXXVI of 1984) এর section 50 অনুযায়ী Salary Tax Deduction সম্পর্কিত বিবরনী ও 50(1B) অনুযায়ী বৈতনিক আয়কর কর্তন সম্পর্কিত সার্টিফিকেট প্রদান প্রসংগে।CAD1
54112017-12-27Joining Letter of A.K.M.Amirul Monjur (A-6939), DGM.LRD
54092017-12-26Transfer Order 2235(3) (26-12-2017)HRMD2
54072017-12-26Transfer Order (26-12-2017)HRMD2
53982017-12-26Release Order of A.K.M Amirul Manjur (A-6939), DGM.BOARD
53952017-12-24Viva Schedule for promotion from SPO to AGM (24-12-2017).HRMD2
53912017-12-23AGM to DGM promotion order - 2017.HRMD2
53872017-12-21RSD/Collateral/520: Regarding Collateral/Security Database.RSD
53852017-12-21SC-5(18)/322: Regarding Foundation Training of "Officer".STAFF COLLEGE
53822017-12-21Revised Viva Schedule for promotion from AGM to DGM (21-12-2017).HRMD2
53772017-12-21LPO Prosha(BACH)/3(9)/1487: Regarding BEFTN Information.LPO(GB)
53732017-12-21SC-5(18)/323: Regarding a2i Programme Training.STAFF COLLEGE
53532017-12-20PRL Order of Md. Lutful Kabir (L-201).HRMD2
53442017-12-20Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Abdur Rashid Mia(A-3674), AGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
53382017-12-20PRL Order of Biswas Ranjan Ali (R-1014), Sheikh Ismail Hossain (I-74), Md. Abdur Rahman Mia (A-4218), Md. Motaharul Islam (M-3009), Md. Jashim Uddin (J-637), Md. Bashir Ahmed (B-581).HRMD2
53302017-12-20CL-3(P-1)/2017-18/507: Regarding CL Form-1 to CL Form-5 Excel Format.LCD
53272017-12-19Final Selection List for the post of "Officer" and "Officer(Cash)".Career, HRMD1
53212017-12-19Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Md. Afzal Karim, GM, Administration Division.HRMD2, Personal Letters
53192017-12-18Transfer Order (18.12.2017)HRMD2
53082017-12-17Transfer Order of Mr. Md. Khazamuddin Talukdar, GM (17-12-2017).HRMD2
53062017-12-17Transfer Order (17-12-2017).HRMD2
53042017-12-17Accounts-1/1(4)/2017-18/705: Half-Yearly Closing Circular 31 December, 2017.CAD1
53022017-12-17ICD-42/2017-18/626: Regarding Self Assessment of Anti Fraud Internal Controls Report.ICD
52852017-12-14Newly Recruited "Officer (Cash)" (14-12-17).Career, HRMD1
52742017-12-14Due to humanitarian aid appeal (13-12-2017).HRMD1
52702017-12-13HRMD-1/9(1)/2017-18/3212: Joining of newly Recruited "Senior Officer" (13-12-17).Career, HRMD1
52622017-12-13Procure/4(17)/2017-18/479: Regarding weapons licence, renewal & uses regulations-2016.PROCUREMENT
52592017-12-12Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. K. M Mahmudul Hasan (M-2052), CRM, Madaripur.HRMD2, Personal Letters
52522017-12-12Credit-1/15(45)/part-4/2017-18/285: Regarding amendment at Circular No- 15/2017.CREDIT1, Uncategorized
52412017-12-11HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/2126: Regarding Transfer Order, Financial & Administrative Power.HRMD2
52392017-12-11ICD-587: Regarding DCFCL sending.ICD
52282017-12-10Bcbd-1(51)/2017-18/524(1200): Regarding reduction in use of tobacco in Bangladesh.BCBD
52242017-12-10Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (10-12-2017).HRMD2
52222017-12-10Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mr. Nazmul Alam (N-720).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52202017-12-07Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Mominul Islam Talukder (M-3256).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52182017-12-07Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Azhar Ali (A-6449).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52162017-12-07Abroad Tour Permission letter of Nazir Ahmed (N-1270).HRMD2, Personal Letters
52022017-12-06Abroad Tour Permission letter of Ratan Kumar Das (R-1044).Faridpur Division, Personal Letters
51982017-12-05SC-2017-18/296: Regarding Training nomination.STAFF COLLEGE
51962017-12-05PRL Order of Md. Abul Kalam Azad (A-6204), Nikungo Bihari Sheel (N-1295), Md. Jalal Uddin Khandoker (J-665).HRMD2
51942017-12-05PRL Order of Mohang Borhan Uddin (B-582), Mahbuba Aktery Khanom (M-3011). .HRMD2
51922017-12-05Transfer Order of DGM, SPO (05-12-2017).HRMD2
51782017-12-04BCBD-3(10)Part-6/2017-18/502: Regarding Prize bond prize.BCBD
51682017-12-04Procure-15(02)/Part-24/2017-18/484: Regarding Format for Requisition of Wall Calender-2018.PROCUREMENT
51622017-12-04Abroad Tour Permission letter of Kazi Mirjahan Begum (M-3146).HRMD1
51482017-11-30HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/2034: Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of Research & Statistics Department.HRMD2
51462017-11-30Transfer Order of Mohammad Ahad Khan (A-7242), SPO.HRMD2
51442017-11-30PRL Order of Shyamol Kumar Biswas (S-3058).HRMD2
51412017-11-30EWTD-50(3)Part-10/2017-18/322: Regarding Unique Application form for Medical Allowance.EWTD
51372017-11-30PRL Order of Chakra Pani De (C-45),Tushar Kanti Sarkar (T-362).HRMD2
51352017-11-29HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/2017: Regarding Additional Charge of FRMD, HRMD-1 & Divisional Office, Kushtia.HRMD2
51282017-11-29BCBD-1(33)/2017-18/480(1250): Branch will remain Open till 8.00 PM in 29th & 30th November, 2017.BCBD
51202017-11-29Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mahtab Ali Rashedi (M-3272).HRMD2
51162017-11-28Abroad Tour Permission letter of Jhorna Rani Das (J-151).HRMD2
51122017-11-28PRL Order of M.A. Kaiyum (A-2154).HRMD2
50972017-11-26PRL Order of Md. Mozammel Haque (M-3208).HRMD2
50902017-11-26PRL Order of Md. Rais Uddin (R-1058), Md. Aminul Islam Akondo(A-2878).HRMD2
50862017-11-26এইচআরএমডি-২/৩৭(১)(২২)/২০১৭-১৮/১৯৬৬ঃ অগ্নিকান্ড থেকে সুরক্ষা প্রসঙ্গে।HRMD2
50812017-11-23Regarding PRL of Mr. Mohammad Awal Khan (A-2909), Managing Director.HRMD2
50742017-11-23PRL Order of S M Abul Kalam Azad (A-6216) & Md. Harunur Rashid (H-738).HRMD2
50702017-11-23Admin Circular-20/2017: Regarding 2(two) Bonus for 100% Pensioner.HRMD2
50622017-11-22PRL Order of Subir Ranjan Das (S-1806).HRMD2
50572017-11-22Accounts-1/Tax-3/2017-18/580: Regarding 12 disit E-TIN taken Mandatory.CAD1
50542017-11-21PRL Order of Md. Shamsur Rahman, GM, BKB, HO, Dhaka.HRMD2
50522017-11-21HRMD-2/37(2)(28)/2017-18/1925: Regarding Half-Yearly target Achievement.HRMD2
50502017-11-21Transfer Order of DGM, AGM ,SPO (21-11-2017).HRMD2
50482017-11-21Accounts-2PF/Option-92/Part-3(1)/2017-18/1813: Regarding PF Index No issue of newly joined SO, Officer, Officer(Cash).CAD2
50372017-11-20PRL Order of Gourchand Das (G-496).HRMD2
50352017-11-20Abroad Tour Permission letter of A H M Golam Kibria Khan (G-533).HRMD2
50332017-11-20Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Golam Mortoza (G-455).HRMD2
50312017-11-20BCBD-1(59)/2017-18/437: Regarding School Banking Account.BCBD
50282017-11-20Circular No- 06/2017: Regarding Transfer Order implementation.HRMD2
50262017-11-20HRMD-2/75(2)(40)/2017-18/1898: Regarding House Building Loan Mortgage.HRMD2
50192017-11-19PRL Order of Md. Mahtabur Rahman (M-3287), Mrinal Kanti Mitra (M-1765).HRMD2
50162017-11-16PRL Order of Md. Abul Kashem (A-4156).HRMD2
50122017-11-16PRL Order of Mostak Ahmed Chowdhury (M-1181).HRMD2
50002017-11-16PRL Order of Mir Md. Reza-ul-Karim (R-1083), Md. Awlad Hossain (A-1569).HRMD2
49952017-11-16Abroad Tour Permission letter of Mohammad Enamul Haque (A-7280).HRMD2
49932017-11-16এসএমই-৬(১)/১৭-১৮/১১৭ ঃ কটেজ, ক্ষুদ্র খাতের উদ্যোক্তাদের চলতি ঋণ মঞ্জুর, দীর্ঘেময়াদী ঋণ আদায়ের ক্ষেত্রে গ্রেস পিরিয়ড প্রদান প্রস েঙ্গ।SME
49902017-11-15Abroad Tour Permission letter of S M Golam Mostafa (G-456).HRMD2
49662017-11-13HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/1822: Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of Barisal Divisional Office.HRMD2
49592017-11-13PRL Order of Md. Ferdaus (F-263), Md. Jahangir Alam Talukder (J-368).HRMD2
49572017-11-13BCBD-1(21)/2017-18/411: Regarding 21st Red Crecent Lottary Ticket selling.BCBD
49552017-11-12Abroad Tour Permission letter of Jahanara Khatun (J-575).Faridpur Division
49532017-11-12Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Raju Ahmed (R-1391).Faridpur Division
49512017-11-12PRL Order of Md. Monoarul Islam (M-1337), Sankar Kumar Roy (S-1509), Amol Krisno Ghosh (A-6075).HRMD2
49492017-11-12Recon-74/BKB-DBBL/17-18/279: Regarding 1112 BKB-DBBL Mobile Banking a/c reconciliation report.RECONCILIATION
49472017-11-12Abroad Tour Permission letter of Most. Rasheda Khatun (R-1045).Faridpur Division
49452017-11-12Operation Circular-16/2017: Implementation of Accounting system of foreign export bill purchase.ITD
49432017-11-12স্কুল ব্যাংকিং, আর্থিক সেবা ও আর্থিক স্বাক্ষরতা/শিক্ষা কর্মসূচীর বার্ষিক লক্ষ্যমাত্রা(২০১৮ সনের জানুয়ারী -ডিসেম্বর) প্রেরণ প্রসঙ্গে।BCBD
49362017-11-12Abroad Tour Permission letter of Monika Biswas (M-3913)HRMD1
49332017-11-12Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (09-11-2017).HRMD2
49312017-11-12PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam Khan (A-6295).HRMD2
49262017-11-09PRL Order of K. M. Yakub Ali (Y-176), Md. Ataur Rahman (A-6450).HRMD2
49242017-11-09PRL Order of Mahbuba Khanom (M-1426), Md. Shahjahan (S-2164), Md. Abdullah Sabbir (A-2879), S M A Khalek (K-343), DGM.HRMD2
49182017-11-09Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-1066), DGM.HRMD2
49132017-11-08Transfer Order of Protap Kumar Biswas, SPO.HRMD2
49112017-11-08Transfer Order of Mohammad Nazrul Islam Hawlader, SPO.HRMD2
49092017-11-08HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/1771: Regarding Divisional Charge of Human Resource Management Department-1.HRMD2
49072017-11-08পরিকল্পনা ও পরিচালন পরিপত্র নং-১৫/২০১৭ : আলু বীজ উৎপাদনের জন্য কৃষি ঋণ প্রদান কর্মসূচী ।CREDIT1
49022017-11-08Transfer Order of AGM, Chittagong (07-11-2017).HRMD2
49002017-11-07PRL Order of Mohammad mohiuddin Azad (M-3197), Md. Taslim Chowdhury (T-135), Kazi Mohammad Mostafa (M-751), Dilip Krisno Mandal (D-480), Md. Jahangir Alam (J-631), Md. Osman Goni (O-39), Subodh Ranjan Acharya (S-1230), Md. Modassir Rahman (M-970).HRMD2
48962017-11-07Charge Handover & Taken of Human Resource Management Department-1.HRMD1
48942017-11-07ICD-prosha-49/2017-18/500(1250): Implementation of decisions taken in 11th meeting of BKB RMU.ICD
48912017-11-06Abroad Tour Permission letter of Tazrina Ferdausi, DMD.HRMD2
48852017-11-06PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan Siraj (S-1350).HRMD2
48832017-11-06PRL Order of Md. Moniruzzaman (M-2970).HRMD2
48702017-11-05PRL Order of Md. Ismail (I-191), Ahmed Kabir (A-4591), Md. Abu Hanifa (A-4028), Uttom Kumar Kundu (U-18), Md. Kamrul Ahsan (K-684), DGM. .HRMD2
48652017-11-02HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/1715: Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of Loan Recovery Department.HRMD2
48592017-11-01প্রকা/হিসাব-১১৭(৪৯)/২০১৭-১৮/৫০৪ঃ ২০১৭-১৮ অর্থবছরে ব্যাংকের মুনাফা অর্জনের ক্ষেত্রে ০১-০৭-২০১৭ হতে................মাস পর্যন্ত ক্রমপুঞ্জিভুত বিবরনী ।CREDIT1
48572017-11-01প্রকাঃঅনিবি-প্রশা-৩৯/২০১৭-২০১৮/৪৮৯: ব্যাংকের পরিচালনা পর্ষদের অডিট কমিটির সভার সিদ্ধান্ত অনুযায়ী অভ্যন্তরীণ নিয়ন্ত্রন ও পরিপালন ঝুঁকি ব্যবস্থাপনা সংক্রান্ত কার্যক্রম বাস্তবায়ন ও পরিপালন প্রসঙ্গে।ICD
48552017-11-0140 Days Working Plan From 12 th November to 21 th December for the fiscal year 2017-2018.BCBD
48532017-11-01সার্কুলার লেটার নং-প্রকা/ক্রেঃবিঃ-১/৯(৪১)/২০১৭-১৮/২২১(১২৫০): নির্ধারিত সময়ের মধ্যে চলতি মূলধন/ নগদ ঋণ নবায়ন/ বর্ধিতকরণ প্রস্তাব প্রেরণ প্রসঙ্গে।CREDIT1
48512017-11-01Charge Handover & Taken of Central Accounts-2 department.CAD2
48462017-10-31Charge Handover & Taken of loan Recovery department.LRD
48382017-10-30PRL Order of Samir Kumar Saha (S-3236).HRMD2
48332017-10-30Transfer Order of DGM (29-10-2017).HRMD2
48312017-10-29PRL Order of Md. Abdul Karim (A-4057), Bhobesh Mukherjee (B-304), Ajoy Kumar Saha (A-3234).HRMD2
48262017-10-26PRL Order of Dilip Chandra Das (D-242).HRMD2
48242017-10-26স্বাধীনতা পুরষ্কার-২০১৮ এর মনোনয়ন প্রস্তাব প্রেরণ প্রসঙ্গে।HRMD2
48182017-10-26Abroad Tour Permission letter of AKM Zahidul Islam (Z-416)HRMD2
48082017-10-26Accounts-1/VAT-Tax-6(48)/2017-18/464: Regarding Source Tax.CAD1
48072017-10-26PRL Order of Abu Yusuf (A-1781)HRMD2
48012017-10-26Transfer Order of SPO (26-10-2017).HRMD2
47992017-10-26PRL Order of Shekh Redowan Ali (R-275).HRMD2
47942017-10-25PRL Order of Ashutosh Chakma (A-6669).HRMD2
47922017-10-25PRL Order of Bashir Ahmed Khan (B-593).HRMD2
47802017-10-24Recovery-8(59)/2017-2018/349: Regarding Loan Recovery Camp/Mohacamp.LRD
47762017-10-24Transfer Order of Md. Emtiaz Ali (E-148), DGM (24-10-2017).HRMD2
47662017-10-24সার্কুলার নং-০৪/২০১৭: রোহিঙ্গা শরনার্থিদের আর্থিক সহায়তা প্রদানের লক্ষ্যে ১(এক) দিনের বেতন প্রদান প্রসঙ্গে।HRMD2
47532017-10-23Loan Recovery Circular-06/2017: Interest Remission regulations.LRD
47512017-10-23PRL Order of Md. Abdul Alim (A-6074), Md. Azhar Ali Bhuiyan (A-6449), Syed Monowar Hasan (M-3110).HRMD2
47452017-10-23Pronibi-2/Audit-01(MCC)/2017-18/867: Regarding implementation of 389th meeting of MCC.VAD2
47432017-10-23PRL Order of Nirmol Chandra Chowdhury (N-707).HRMD2
47332017-10-22Recovery-8(59)/2017-18/341: Regarding arrangment of Camp/mohacamp for Loan Recovery of the fiscal year 2017-2018.LRD
47252017-10-19PRL Order of Md. Abdus Sabur Mia (A-6479), Kazi Masudul Haque (M-3022), Abdul Malek (A-2448).HRMD2
47232017-10-19Charge Handover & Taken of Procurement Department.PROCUREMENT
47172017-10-19Loan Recovery Circular-05/2017: Regarding classified loan Revised target determination & achievement.LCD
47132017-10-19Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO (18-10-2017).HRMD2
47102017-10-19PRL Order of Md. Alamgir Islam (A-6649), Md. Rabiul Alam (R-545), DGM.HRMD2
47082017-10-19Abroad Tour Permission letter of Nitai Chandra Roy (N-820).HRMD2
47002017-10-18Abroad Tour Permission letter of K. M Nafis Shahriar (N-1444).HRMD2
46972017-10-18Audit-2/01(MCC)/2017-18/831: Regarding Time barred Loan.VAD2
46952017-10-18Abroad Tour Permission letter of Sushil Kumar Biswas (S-1965).HRMD2, Uncategorized
46882017-10-17PRL Order of Pranab Ranjon Bosu (P-145), Md. Abdul Wadud (A-6809), AGM.HRMD2
46822017-10-17SMEB-7(5)/2017-18/92: Implementation of decisions taken in Annual Conference-2017.SME
46802017-10-16ICD-Admin-48/2017-2018/259(64): Regarding Quarterly Operations Report (DCFCL).ICD
46732017-10-16PRL Order of Abdus Samad (A-2250), Munshiganj.HRMD2
46712017-10-16Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (16-10-2017).HRMD2
46632017-10-16Accounts-2:133/2017-18/1278: Karmachari Kalyan (Bodanno) Tahobil-(12-10-2017).CAD2
46612017-10-16Circular No-03/2017: Regarding Half-Yearly Business target achievement & maintain discipline.HRMD2
46482017-10-12Regarding Training on a2i Program under Prime Minister's Office.STAFF COLLEGE
46392017-10-11Schedule of MCQ Test for the post of Officer (Cash) (10-10-2017).Career, HRMD1
46312017-10-10PRL order of A M M Kaiser Ahmed Manik (K-692).HRMD2
46292017-10-10Charge Handover & Taken .ICD
46242017-10-10HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/1430: Regarding additional Charge of Manpower Planning & Development Department.HRMD2
46152017-10-09Regarding Loan Classification & Provisioning policy.LCD
46102017-10-09PRL Order of Md. Emtiaz Ali (E-148), DGM.HRMD2
46012017-10-09প্রশাসন পরিপত্র নং-১৯/২০১৭: শতভাগ পেনশন সমর্পনকারী অবসরপ্রাপ্ত কর্মচারীর মৃত্যুর পর তার বিধবা স্ত্রী/বিপত্নীক স্বামী ও প্রতিবন্ধী সন্তানের চিকিৎসা ভাতা ও উৎসব প্রাপ্যতা প্রসংগে।HRMD2
45982017-10-08Transfer OrderHRMD2
45962017-10-08Foundation training of Newly Recruited OfficersSTAFF COLLEGE
45682017-10-05PRL Order of Sudhir Chandra Nath (S-806).HRMD2
45662017-10-05Loan Recovery Circular-04/2017: Revised Loan Recovery Target determination & achievement.LRD
45642017-10-05PRL Order of Md. Delowar Hosen Miah (Fredom Fighter)(D-73).HRMD2
45532017-10-05আরএমডি(৩০)/অংশ-৭/২০১৭-১৮/৪৪০(১২৫০): মানিলন্ডারিং ও সন্ত্রাসী কার্যে অর্থায়ন প্রতিরোধে তফসিলী ব্যাংকসমূহের জন্য অনুসরনীয় নির্দেশনা জারীকরণ প্রসঙ্গে।RMD
45502017-10-04Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Amzad Hosen (A-6121).HRMD2
45482017-10-04Loan Recovery Circular-04/2017: Loan Recovery Target determination & achievement.LRD
45452017-10-04Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Nurul Islam(GM).HRMD2
45312017-10-03হিসাব-১/ভ্যাট-৬(৪৮)/২০১৭-১৮/৩৮২: কর্তনকৃত মূসক এর এডভাইস মাসিক ভিত্তিতে প্রধান কার্যালয়ে প্রেরণ প্রসঙ্গে।CAD1
45272017-10-03Joining Letter of Md. Afzal Karim (GM Admin) at the end of the Recreation Leave.HRMD2
45252017-10-03Abroad Tour Permission letter of Manishita Biswas (M-3788)HRMD1
45132017-10-02PRL Order of Md. Jehadul Islam (J-585).HRMD2
45022017-09-28Release OrderMPD
45002017-09-28Charge Handover & TakeoverMPD
44952017-09-28PRL Order of Mr.Priolal Mondol(P-261)HRMD2
44932017-09-28Seniority List of Principal Officer(PO)/Equivalent based on 31.08.2017HRMD1
44912017-09-28Joining Letter of Mr.Md.Shamsur Rahman, General Manager(GM)HRMD2
44862017-09-27Joining Letter of Mr.Shomesh Kumar Debnath, General Manager(GM)HRMD2
44842017-09-27DMD Circular No-14/2002 about Contractual Appointment of Lawyer and re-fixation of feeLAW
44772017-09-27PRL Order of Mr.Jaker Hossain Ahmed (PF-Z-92)HRMD2
44752017-09-27SME Loan Recovery Target Divisionwise in 2017-2018 Fiscal YearSME
44542017-09-25PRL Order of Delruba Akter (D-430).HRMD2
44372017-09-24Transfer Order of AGM and SPO (24-09-2017).HRMD2
44352017-09-24Transfer Order of GM (24-09-2017).HRMD2
44302017-09-24কর্তনকৃত আবগারী শুল্কের এ্যাডভাইস মাসিক ভিত্তিতে প্রধান কার্যালয়ে প্রেরণ প্রসঙ্গে।CAD1
44262017-09-24সাম্প্রতিক বন্যার ক্ষতিগ্রস্থ স্বল্প মেয়াদী কৃষি ও ক্ষুদ্র ঋণ এবং এসএমই খাতের কুটির ও মাইক্রো ঋণ পুনঃতফসিলকরণ প্রসঙ্গে।CREDIT1
44102017-09-24List of primarily selected candidates for the post of 'Senior Officer'(3rd Phase) of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.Career, HRMD1
43952017-09-20Abroad Tour Permission letter of Taposh Kumar Mandal (T-463).HRMD1
43902017-09-20Seniority list of DGM (19-09-2017).HRMD2
43882017-09-20Seniority list of AGM (19-09-2017).HRMD2
43862017-09-20Seniority list of SPO (19-09-2017).HRMD2
43842017-09-20PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-486), Md. Khalilur Rahman Bhuiyan (K-385), Md. Humayun Khalid (H-552), DGM.HRMD2
43822017-09-20Regarding ACR for the FY 2016-2017.HRMD2
43782017-09-20PRL Order of Md. Abdul Halim(A-4607).HRMD2
43732017-09-19PRL Order of Mohammad Delwar Hosen (D-403)HRMD2
43662017-09-19মানস-মাদকদ্রব্য ও নেশা নিরোধ সংস্থা লটারী/২০১৭ এর লটারীর টিকেট বিক্রয় প্রসঙ্গে।BCBD
43632017-09-19Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Mofizul Islam(M-3209).HRMD2
43572017-09-18Charge Handover & Taken.HRMD2
43552017-09-18Transfer Order of AGM & SPO (18-09-2017).HRMD2
43522017-09-18০৫-০৯-২০১৭ ও ১০-০৮-২০১৭ তারিখে যোগদানকৃত প্রোগ্রামার, সহকারী প্রোগ্রামার,সহকারী প্রকৌশলী(ইলেকট্রিক্যাল),কম্পিউটার অপারেটর ও কর্মকর্তার নামে ভবিষ্য তহবিল সূচক নম্বর ইস্যুকরণ প্রসঙ্গে।CAD2
43492017-09-18PRL Order of Md. Abdul Wahab. (A-6055).HRMD2
43472017-09-18Operation & Planning Circular-13/2017: Regarding procedure of processing the pre-approval of loan in light of the existing policies of the bank.PCD
43372017-09-17Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Mofizur Rahman (M-3099).HRMD2
43332017-09-14Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md Nurul Amin (N-1302).HRMD2
43302017-09-14Transfer Order of AGM & SPO (14-09-2017).HRMD2
43042017-09-12Regarding Loan Recovery target achievement for the FY 2017-2018.LRD
43012017-09-12সামরিক পেনশন পুন্ঃভরন বিল প্রেরণ প্রসংগে ।LPO(GB)
42992017-09-12Recruitment Circular for the post of "Officer (cash)" in 2017.Career, HRMD1
42872017-09-11Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO (11-09-2017).HRMD2
42822017-09-11Regarding Inspection Report on Internal Control & Compliance Base date of Inspection: 31-12-2016.ICD
42732017-09-10Regarding Specimen Signature of officers.BCBD
42622017-09-07Abroad Tour Permission letter of Lutfun Nahar Naz (L-229).HRMD2
42532017-09-06Regarding Internal Control & Risk management.ICD
42512017-09-06Abroad Tour Permission letter of Nur Nahar Josna (N-1292).HRMD2
42382017-09-05Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Abdul Halim (A-6816).HRMD2
42352017-09-05Regarding Refinance Scheme.PCD
42322017-09-04Joining Letter of Mohammad Ismail Hossain, Managing Director.MD Secretariat
42262017-09-04PRL Order of Gourdas Ghose (G-459), CRM.HRMD2
42222017-08-31Regarding Weekly Bulletin against 15 Business Target for FY 2017-2018.BCBD
42202017-08-31List of primarily selected candidates for the post of 'Senior Officer' of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.Career, HRMD1
42152017-08-31Charge Handover & Taken.CAD1
42022017-08-30Abroad Tour Permission letter of Salina Khatun (S-1900).HRMD2
42002017-08-30Regarding Bank's Security during Eid-Ul-Adha vacation.BCBD
41942017-08-30Recreation Leave of Md. Abu Hasem Mia (H-887), SPO.HRMD2
41922017-08-30Regarding House Building Loan sanction of Md Riazul Islam(R-1241), Mohammad Mosawar Hossain (M-3627), Rabiul Haque (R-1240).HRMD2
41892017-08-30PF Index No of Newly recruited Officer.CAD2
41872017-08-30PF Index No of Newly recruited Officer(Cash).CAD2
41722017-08-28Employee Announcement (28-08-2017)HRMD2
41642017-08-28List of selected candidates for the post of "Officer"recruitment from panel.Career, HRMD1
41582017-08-28Release Order of Md Shahjahan Ali Siraji (S-1695), DGM.MPD
41532017-08-27Recruitment Circular for the post of 'Senior Officer' of Bangladesh Krishi Bank(BKB).Career, HRMD1
41512017-08-27Abroad Tour Permission letter of Shahriar Mahmud Hasan (S-3883).HRMD2
41422017-08-24Loan recovery target & achievement policy for solving loan cases.LAW
41402017-08-24Admin Circular-18/2017: Regarding Salary of August'17 for all non-gazetted staff & pensioner.HRMD2
41362017-08-24Joining Letter of Md. Khazamuddin Talukdar, GM, BKB Staff College.HRMD2
41312017-08-23Charge Handover letter of Muhammad Awal Khan, Managing Director of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.MD Secretariat
41292017-08-23Regarding departmental Charge of Manpower Planning & Development Department.HRMD2
41202017-08-23PRL Order of Kazi Md. Wahidul Islam (W-166).HRMD2
41182017-08-23Office Memorandum for abroad Tour.HRMD4
41152017-08-23MCQ test Results for the post of "Officer".Career, HRMD1
41072017-08-22PRL Order of Md. Mofizur Rahman (M-844), Norendra Chandra Debnath (N-1162), AGM.HRMD2
41052017-08-22Admin Circular-17/17: Regarding Anudan project after death.EWTD
41012017-08-21Regarding ACR for the FY 2016-2017.HRMD2
40992017-08-21Regarding Foundation Training of newly recruited "Officer".STAFF COLLEGE
40942017-08-21PRL Order of Md. Eskander Ali (E-136).HRMD2
40882017-08-20Circular-02/2017: Regarding suspension of different advance Installment for Eid-Ul-Adha.HRMD2
40862017-08-20Admin Circular-16/2017: Regarding 5% increment for pensioner.HRMD2
40812017-08-20Agricultural and Rural Credit Policy and Program for the FY 2017-2018.BCBD
40772017-08-17Regarding accelerating use of RTGS for inter-bank transactions.TMD
40612017-08-16PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan Ali Siraji(S-1695).HRMD2
40522017-08-13Transfer Order of DGM, AGM, SPO (10-08-2017).HRMD2
40502017-08-13Transfer Order of SPO (10-08-2017).HRMD2
40482017-08-13PRL Order of Muhammad Awal Khan(A-2909), Managing Director.HRMD2
40462017-08-10Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Al Mamun (A-7294).HRMD2
40372017-08-10২০১৭-২০১৮ অর্থবছরে ব্যাংকের মাঠ পর্যায়ে সুদ আয়, সুদ ব্যয়, Ancillary Business হতে আয় এবং মুনাফা লক্ষ্যমাত্রা নির্ধারণ প্রসঙ্গে।CAD1
40352017-08-10Regarding Deposit Collection target of Head Office for the fiscal year 2017-2018.BCBD
40322017-08-10শ্রান্তি বিনোদন ভাতা প্রদানের জন্য একটি হিসাব খাত খোলা প্রসংঙ্গ।CAD1
40282017-08-09Promoter's List for monitoring Loss BranchesBCBD
40252017-08-09Abroad Tour Permission letter of Fahmida Tabassum (F-750).HRMD1
40162017-08-09Abroad Tour Permission letter of Tasif Tanha Chowdhury (T-468).HRMD1
40132017-08-09Regarding Self-Assessment of Anti-Fraud Internal Controls.ICD
40032017-08-07Administrative Approval of M A Kaium (A-2154) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2
40012017-08-07Recruitment advertisement for the post of "Data Entry/Control Operator & Electrician".Career, HRMD1
39992017-08-07Administrative Approval of Md. Mahfuzur Rahman (M-1938) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2
39922017-08-06Transfer Order AGM, SPO (06-08-2017).HRMD2
39902017-08-061st 100 Days working Plan for the fiscal year 2017-2018.BCBD
39832017-08-03Amendment in Redistribution order of Head Office.MPD
39802017-08-02Working Plan of fiscal year 2017-2018.BCBD
39782017-08-02Regarding ACR of fiscal year 2016-2017.HRMD1
39762017-08-02Administrative Approval of Md. Golam Mahbub (G-564) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2
39732017-08-02Administrative Approval of Md. Akhter Hossain (A-7234) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2
39692017-08-01Transfer Order of DGM.HRMD2
39672017-08-01Transfer Order of GM.HRMD2
39652017-08-01Joining Letter of Golam Mostofa Khan (G-244), DGM.EED
39532017-08-01PRL Order of Muhammad Mahmud Hasan(M-1701), GM, Audit & Internal Control Division.HRMD2
39492017-07-31Admin Circular-15/2017: Regarding Sranty Binodon vacation regulations, 2017.HRMD2
39462017-07-30Credit & Advance related branch irregularity.ICD
39422017-07-30Joining Letter of DGM, Law Dept.LAW
39372017-07-27Transfer Order AGM & SPOHRMD2
39312017-07-27Regarding moratorium time sanction.CREDIT1
39322017-07-27Regarding "Crash Program" information collection.BCBD
39272017-07-27Regarding "Crash Program Support Team".BCBD
39232017-07-26Transfer Order (26-07-2017)HRMD2
39202017-07-26Regarding Loan disbursement, Recovery related Monitoring.BCBD
39162017-07-26PRL Order of Md. Nurul Akhter (N-1296).HRMD2
39122017-07-26Charge handover for Hajj.HRMD2
39062017-07-25Regarding DGM to GM Promotion Viva.HRMD2
38992017-07-25Special Agricultural Credit at 4% concessional Interest Rate Loan Disbursement target for FY 2017-2018.BCBD
38972017-07-25Regarding SME determination and Loancing.SME
38952017-07-25Joining Letter of Quraishi Mahmud Hassan, GM.HRMD2
38932017-07-24Regarding SME Loan disbursement Target achievement.SME
38912017-07-24Administrative Approval of Mohammad Sohrab Hossain Mia (S-3228) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2
38882017-07-24Administrative Approval of M. A. Mamin(A-6892) & Md. Shahedul Alam(S-3425) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2
38862017-07-24Administrative Approval of Jesmin Ara Begum(J-651) & Md. Johirul Haque Bhuiyan(J-642) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2
38702017-07-23Administrative Approval for Participating Holy Hajj of Bhuiyan Anowar Hossain, S.M Delwar Hossain, A.M.M Kaiser Ahmed Manik, Md. Lutfor Rahman Molla, Md. Majibur Rahman, Rasheda Akhter, Md. Shaukat Ali Khan, Md. Shafiqur Rahman, Md. Siddiqur Rahman, Syed Md. Zakir Hossain, Md. Abu Sadek.HRMD2
38652017-07-23PRL Order of Abdur Rashid Mia(A-3674), AGM.HRMD2
38582017-07-23MPD-68(Part-2): Amendment in Redistribution order of Departments of Head Office.MPD
38562017-07-23PRL Order of Md. Khalilur Rahman (K-290), S. M. Abdul Haque (A-6849), AGM.HRMD2
38542017-07-20Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (20-07-2017).HRMD2
38492017-07-20PRL Order of Mohammad Alam (M-2078).HRMD2
38432017-07-20Transfer Order of DGM, AGM (20-07-2017).HRMD2
38352017-07-20Regarding Risk management related implementation decisions.ICD
38282017-07-18Regarding Newly Joined Senior Officer's PF Index No.CAD2
38232017-07-18Transfer Order of Newly recruited Officer(Cash).HRMD1
38212017-07-18Operation & Planning Circular-12/2017: Regarding Biogas Plant Loan grant.PCD
38162017-07-17Charge Handover & TakeoverMPD
38142017-07-17PRL order of Mr. Samir Chakma (S-3373)HRMD2
38112017-07-17PRL Order of Mr.Abul Kalam Azad (A-2324)HRMD2
37972017-07-17Reminder LetterCAD1
37932017-07-17Regarding Vat Order & Excise DutyCAD1
37912017-07-17Admin (MPD) Circular-13/2017: Redistribution of Divisions, Departments, Staff College and Local Principal Office of Head OfficeMPD
37892017-07-16Re-schedule of transfer orderHRMD1
37872017-07-16PRL Order of Mr. Parimol Kanti Achrya (P-62)HRMD2
37852017-07-16Administration Circular No-14/2017 about Amendment of Service Rules-2008HRMD2
37832017-07-16Implementation of decision of BKB Risk Management Unit (11th meeting))ICD
37812017-07-16Planning and Management Circular for jewelry business loanSME, Uncategorized
37732017-07-16Release Order of Md.Abdul Latif (A-4084)HRMD2
37702017-07-16Release Order of DGM Md.Abdul Latif (A-4084)HRMD2
37652017-07-13Credit Policy & Operation Manual-2017 Amendment.MPD
37632017-07-13Regarding Income Tax deduction related advice.CAD1
37602017-07-12Joining Letter of Md. Nuruzzaman & Mrs. Tazrina Ferdousi, DMD.HRMD2
37582017-07-12Joining Letter of Md. Khazamuddin Talukdar, GM.HRMD2
37562017-07-12Regarding Target determination & achievement for the year 2017-2018.
37472017-07-11Regarding Challan no for submitting Income Tax return.CAD1
37372017-07-09Joining Letter of Nani Gopal Datta, GM.HRMD2
37322017-07-09PRL Order of Md. Mosharraf Hossain (M-1720).HRMD2
37282017-07-06Bangladesh Thelasemia Samity Hospital Lottary/2017 ticket selling.BCBD
37252017-07-06Regarding CIB Inquiry & Database Form & Rules.RSD
37182017-07-05Planning Circular-10/2017: Refixation of Interest Rate of Agriculture and Rural Credit.CREDIT1
37152017-07-05Transfer Order (05-07-2017).HRMD2
37122017-07-05About Sending the Quarterly Operations Report based on June/2017.
36962017-07-05Transfer Order of GM (05-07-2017).HRMD2
36752017-07-05PRL Cancellation Order of Ratan Kumar Datta, Md. Abul hosen Faruki, Md. Roise Uddin Biswas, Md. Abdul Matin Chowdhury, Md. Mosharraf Hosen, Krishna Das Ghosh, Bashir Ahmed, A T M Anisur Rahman, Khandokar Abdur Rouf, Prodip Kumar Datta, Paromal Kanti Vawal, Kazi Nurul Islam, Md. Nowshad Ali, Zuthika Rani Karmokar, Md. Enayet Hosen Mridha, A F M Imdadul Haque, Dhirendra Nath Das, Debproshad Basu, Nitai Chandra Kar.HRMD2
36622017-07-03Newly recruited 'Officer(Cash)' detail List in July, 2017HRMD1
36472017-07-02Regarding weekly report sending.LRD
36452017-07-02Regarding CL, WCL-1, WCL-2 Report.LRD
36432017-07-02Regarding July-August, 2017 important activities for field level.LRD
36412017-07-02Regarding monitoring of Loan Recovery, Deposit collection target.LRD
36372017-06-29Promotion order from Officer to SO (29-06-2017).HRMD1
36352017-06-29Promotion order from PO to SPO (29-06-2017).HRMD1
36332017-06-29Newly recruited 'Officer' detail List in June, 2017.Career, HRMD1
36252017-06-29Charge Handover & Taken.MPD
36212017-06-28Related Branch Open on 30th June'2017 for yearly closing.BCBD
36122017-06-22Abroad Tour Permission letter of Rajib Saha (R-1404).HRMD1
36092017-06-22PRL Order of Shamim Ara Banu (S-3484).HRMD2
36032017-06-22Regarding Bank's Security during Eid-ul-Fitr Vacation.BCBD
36012017-06-22A 2(Two) days work Plan for Year Closing June-2017 of BKB Online Branches.ICT (Operation)
35992017-06-22Transfer Order of SPO (22-06-17).HRMD2
35952017-06-21Transfer Order of DGM.HRMD2
35912017-06-21Custom House & Customs Station related branch open on 23-25 june'2017.BCBD
35892017-06-21Readymade Garments related branch open on 23 & 24 june'2017.BCBD
35872017-06-21Foreign Remittance related branch open on 24 june'2017.BCBD
35852017-06-21Admin Circular-11/2017: Regarding Pension for the month june'17.HRMD2
35832017-06-21Regarding stop temporarily loan recovery.LRD
35782017-06-20Amendment in Yearly Closing Circular -30th June, 2017.CAD1
35762017-06-20Regarding preparing 43rd CL Description.LCD
35692017-06-20Planning Circular-08/2017: Foreign Remittance Target determination & achievement.FRMD
35642017-06-20Transfer Order of AGM (19-06-2017).HRMD2
35622017-06-19Abroad Tour Permission letter of Md. Shahidul Alam (S-1357).HRMD2
35572017-06-19Regarding New Innovation Idea.ICT (Operation)
35552017-06-19Promotion Order from Doptary to Assistant Caretaker.HRMD1
35532017-06-19Promotion Order from Pion to Doptary.HRMD1
35442017-06-19Regarding not to leave Head Quarter on 30-06-2017 & 01-07-2017.HRMD2
35332017-06-18Regarding CL Details Sending in MS Excel Format.LCD
35302017-06-18PRL Order of Monindra Chandra Mondol, Dulal Chandra Mondol, Md. Akbar Ali, Didarul Alam Chowdhury, DGM.HRMD2
35232017-06-15Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (15-06-2017).HRMD2
35102017-06-14Regarding Loan Ledger Memorandum of Interest.LRD
35082017-06-14Loan Recovery Circular-03/2017: Loan Recovery Target determination & achievement.LRD
34862017-06-13Operation CIrcular-06/2017: Annual Deposit Collection working plan for the year 2017-18.BCBD
34842017-06-13Accounts Circular-06/2017: Profit Target determination & achievement